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To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

I hereby promote 
to the Position of Public Relations Head

The Public Relations Head Badge identifies the highest-ranking officer in TG's Public Relations Office (PRO).
The Public Relations Head's (PRH) main duty and responsibility is to control all aspects of TG’s public relations affairs, from the News and Social Media Teams, to managing sponsorships and heading all negotiations for 3rd party hardware and software.
Given under my hand on this 26th day of August Two Thousand and Twenty-One.

TG HaloHobo
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

Letter of Departure: 2nd Corps Commander

To our awesome Tactical Warfare members, especially those in my beloved 2nd Corps: 
I want to start off with the most important part, to me at least... I want to thank the incredible staff and members of 2nd Corps for consistently making TG such a wonderful place to be. I could not be more proud of everything that you put forth every day. Please just know that you are deeply appreciated by me. 
Unfortunately, my time as 2nd Corps Commander is at a close due to the decision to combine the TW Corps for now. It's been an absolute honor in this short time to be your leader, your cheerleader and your comrade. The divisions that comprise 2nd Corps are near and dear to my heart for different reasons. I transferred to APEX when the game originally launched where I was the PS4 BGC and then DO until I moved to TW Head Trainer. Battlefield is a division I worked with on many projects including ATCs and they have some of the greatest quality in terms of leadership that I've ever seen in TG. Finally, Vanguard which I consider my baby has grown up so quickly thanks to the incredible dedication of its staff and members. I am so excited to see the growth continue in the future.
While this road was a bit short, I appreciate everyone putting up with me while I worked with you to keep 2nd Corps strong. Thank you to everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting/gaming with... especially my dear friends... Don't be strangers!
My TG journey is going to take me down a new road next but 2nd Corps will always be my home and I have no doubt I will come home someday. 
I'd like to leave you with a quote from my favorite books: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” - The Fellowship of the Ring
Thank you and I'll see you soon,
Miss V 

Who's Who?

Who's Who ?

Welcome to the first episode of this new series, Who's Who? 
In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions and Legions of Tactical Gaming. This is a monthly series, published towards the end of the month. This interview will focus on the members views and feelings on gaming. 
Today, i have the great pleasure of interviewing a friend and former boss, Master CC84.

TG SmokeyB: First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself? (Such as where you live, hobbies & interests etc..)
Master CC84: I'm a southern lad (Watford, UK) born and bred .
Aside from gaming I spend a lot of time on the ice playing ice hockey or free skating. I'm married and have two boys so a lot of my time is spent doing awesome stuff with the family. I am lucky enough to have a son who shares my passion for ice hockey and another that is football mad! We also recently added an addition of a super crazy puppy to our family called Leo who is a staffy cross and full of beans but so much fun! Oh and I'm a keen Carp fisherman... 
TG SmokeyB: Can you remember the first game you played & what console you played it on? 
Master CC84: Going back many many years (approx. 20 years), I was hooked on a strategy game called Gangsters: Organized Crime. Back then there wasn't much of an online presence for games but Gangsters allowed for 4 people to join a lobby and I spent many hours as a young lad battling to be the best at it. The classics are the best 😉.
TG SmokeyB: What was it that hooked you into gaming as you got older?
Master CC84: I've never really lost the love of gaming, for me it's about meeting lots of people from different backgrounds etc. It helps that my kids have a love for gaming so I get to share the passion. My eldest is quite a dab hand at my current game (COD) so who knows maybe in a few years we might see him join the battalion with old man.
TG SmokeyB: Can you describe the feelings you get from playing a satisfying game? (Such as enjoyment, happiness, escapism etc..)
Master CC84: It really is the sense of zoning out and the fun that it provides. We all live fast paced lives so it's good to be able to let go and be who ever you want to be and being part of a community such as TG was a great help for me during lockdown last year, I've made some great friends here (some of which I genuinely consider closer than some friends outside the gaming world) everyone is there for each other and no matter how down you might feel there's always someone to make you smile and get you in the mood. We have hosted some great nights over the last 12 months and it's something I always strive to do since being BTN staff. Staying in on a Friday is the new "Out out".
TG SmokeyB: In your own words, can you tell us what is your biggest weakness & strengths when gaming?
Master CC84: I beat myself up far to often for not doing as well as I feel I should although I probably do considerably well most of the time. My strength is my ability and passion to help people. I genuinely thrive on helping people through issues whether it is game or real life issues. I often have many of our members knocking on my door for advice and I'll always make myself available. 
One saying that I live by as BTN (as does our glorious CO @TG Badmoon) - he'd be upset if I didn't mention him 😂 is that the members are not here to serve us, we are here to serve them. 
TG SmokeyB: A couple of hard questions now, can you tell us the worst game you've played?
Master CC84: PUBG - it just doesn't do it for me, I've never been a fan of battle royal games (excluding Warzone) I much prefer a respawn.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us about the best game you've played?
Master CC84: Despite the feeling around it, I genuinely love the current COD release: Cold War. Agreeably it is still broken in parts but I've really enjoyed it. I was also hugely into Red Dead Redemption and the GTA series. Always loved the free roam aspect of plant to explore and do. And finally Eve Online, that was a big part of me some years ago, travelling through space finding ways to make in game money to build bigger and better ships.
TG SmokeyB: What is your favorite type of game? (Such as FPS, adventure, simulation, role playing games etc..)
Master CC84: I mainly play and have an interest around FPS and in particular anything war related. It gives more of a sense of realism compared to hoping around a fantasy world on unicorns with Ray guns 🤣. That said I do enjoy the odd racing game too. 
TG SmokeyB: Have you ever played competitively?
Master CC84: I played Gangsters Organized crime on a competitive ladder for about 6 months which was great fun. When I started there were about 100 players active and I managed to work my way to 1st which for me back then was a great achievement. But other than that the competitive scene doesn't interest me much. I class myself as a casual player. 
TG SmokeyB: And just for fun.. You are stuck on a tropical desert island for one month, what 5 items would you take?
Master CC84: A baseball cap (I collect them), my phone (so I can stay tuned on all things TG), salt and vinegar chip sticks crisps (because why wouldn't you), a fishing rod and a picture of Smokey boy to remind me to keep going 😉.
Thank you to @Master CC84 for taking part in this interview. I don't think you'll get a phone signal on the desert island, but the photo of me should do you for all your needs, lol.
Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? in another month!

Social Media Team is now recruiting!

The Social Media Team (SMT) is currently recruiting!
Take a look at any of our social media by clicking on the images below.
Consider the chance to help our SMT and join them!
Interested? Apply below by using the links for already existing applications. If you would like to apply for other platforms or have any ideas or inquiries, please message @toontown0909 here or on Discord [Toontown0909#1375] as the current Social Media Team Leader.
YouTube Application
Instagram Application
Facebook Application

ATO - Paprika

This medal is enthusiastically awarded to Paprika for her diligence and dedication to Tactical Gaming, and her willingness to lead. Over the weekend, I observed, and got to participate, a trio of Raids for Destiny that ran back to back to back. Paprika was kind enough, and patient enough, to explain every phase and mechanic to ensure the team could progress through without any trouble. We completed all three raids successfully, and I wanted to spotlight her leadership which made it possible. I also extend my thanks to the other members of our team, who stayed on to get after it. Semper Fi, Paprika and keep on leading from the front.

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@Paprika and Crayon Soup
I hereby award One (1) Instance of the 

Tactical Adventures Chief of Staff Medal
This appointee has displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Adventures standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Adventures this 8th day of August, 2021.
Signed by:
TG Epsi
General of Tactical Adventures
Chief of Staff

World of Warcraft Review

World of Warcraft is a massive online multiplayer game that was released on 23 November 2004. During the first release they have had over 10 million players playing on a daily basis. This was causing servers to be full, and gamers had a hard time getting into the game. When you were in game, it would cause so much latency that it was very hard to do anything within the game. Blizzard, the owner of World of Warcraft, noticed that the servers were struggling with the capability of holding the amount of current members and with loads more trying to enter the game, they had to increase their servers' limit.
They released The Burning Crusade on 17 January 2007, since that expansion they attracted a lot more players, but surprisingly it did not impact the servers. In the late 2008, they released another expansion called The Wrath Of The Lich King on 13 November 2008. During that expansion a lot more players joined, and it was the most famous one they released. The reason that a lot of people joined this expansion was because they released a new race called "Death Knight" that allowed you to be a tank or a DPS spec. Also, they brought out a new raid where you can beat the boss himself "Lich king". On 7 December 2010, they released Cataclysm, but a lot of players started to quit due to how poorly it was made. For example, they released a patch just before the release date of Cataclysm that reduced everyone's health and armour, changed some skills, and mana bars, etc. During this expansion more and more players were leaving. Blizzard started noticing this and released another expansion called Mist of Pandaria.
Mist of Pandaria was released on the 25 September 2012 and contained a lot of interesting things. One of the main featured items in this release, was the ability to obtain a legendary cape that can make you fly over bridges. This allowed you to be able to defeat a boss within a location called "timeless isle", and it gives you great stats depending on what cape you go for tank, healer, or DPS. In late 2014, they released another expansion called Warlords of Draenor. This was not much better than Cataclysm as people started leaving again during this expansion. This expansion was poorly made and people were finding the story behind it did not make sense and seemed to have ruined the game. In mid 2016, they released another expansion called Legion. This was another favourite of many players with the interesting story behind it. Only thing I can say within the story without spoiling what happens is a NPC back from the first expansion does not survive, but the cutscene behind it is heart breaking. On 14 August 2018, they released another expansion called Battle of Azeroth. 

This is one of the Legendary capes you can obtain within Mist of Pandaria 

This is the armour you can obtain within Battles of Azeroth.
The latest expansion was released in late 2020; it is called Shadowlands. Personally, I have not played this one so will not be able to go into much of detail with this, but I have heard that it is really good. You can find the trailer here for the new expansion if anybody would like to take a look!

1st Corps August Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of the 1st Corps Monthly Newsletter! This newsletter provides a way for you to know what is going on in your corps, milestones people have hit, upcoming events, and more! If there is anything that you'd like to see in the next edition, please let me know!

This month we are taking a look at our Escape from Tarkov (EFT) Division. The game underwent a wipe about a few months ago where everything in the game is completely wiped, and you have to start over as a new player and work back up through the levels. This wipe also includes a variety of updates and new content. I spoke with several members from the division, let's see how things are going since the most recent wipe!
How long have you been playing EFT?
Turbo Snail (SL from IN 1st bat): This is my second wipe currently or about 8 months.
GHOST_LOK1 (SM from 2nd bat): Only for a year I started back Christmas time last year .
ItzBeeDee (SM from 2nd bat):  I started playing Tarkov early January this year, which happened to be the start of the previous wipe (more on that below). It took me a while to get into the game, so it wasn't until I joined the Tarkov division in May that I really started to play more and get better.
davidj123456 (SL from IN 2nd bat): 2 years
 Overall, what are your thoughts on the wipes that the developer does roughly every 6 months? 
Turbo Snail: I don't mind it I think its a good thing that way people wont get bored with the game. Once your at the top that's it. Its good that it resets.
GHOST_LOK1:  I think they're a really good idea. They learn how we play the game, and trading system and how it's going.
ItzBeeDee: Initially I hated the idea of losing all of my progress. Now I've experienced a wipe myself, I've realized they actually make the game a lot more fun. Everyone is on an even playing field again (for a while) and the wipes are always accompanied by some new content. Of course, map and quest knowledge stay, so that also makes things more interesting than when I ran around like a headless chicken in the last wipe 🙂
davidj123456: Recently there have been too many wipes adding very little content
Do you think the latest wipe has been an improvement?
Turbo Snail: Honestly no, when I was introduced to the game it was a bit easier to make money, now its a lot harder. I guess that may be a good thing so we don't have 1000s of billionaires running around in game.
GHOST_LOK1: 50/50 wipe has improved the game, but it's made things very hard this been my first wipe. Before wipe it was easy to level up and make money, but now it's harder to level up and make money.
ItzBeeDee: New content is always an improvement. The Factory map expansion is nice albeit a little smaller than I had hoped. I absolutely love the new concept of Scav Karma, though that also needs quite a bit of work until it really works. Raising the Flea Market level requirement to level 20 has also made things more interesting in my opinion.
davidj123456: Yes by far. Overall player progression now takes longer. Usually I get to the "end-game" within a week, this wipe it took me two weeks. It has been doubled for all my friends too.
What would you like to see the developer bring to the game that they haven't yet? 
Turbo Snail: I would like to see that whole game become a large open world. From what i have read that is in the works for the next few years.
GHOST_LOK1: New maps and server that allow you to play with friends from other countries.
ItzBeeDee: New maps are always great to look forward to, and the upcoming Streets of Tarkov seems like an incredible map. What I look forward to the most though are the plans to make one massive open, interconnected map. I can't wait to see how they'll pull that off.
davidj123456: They have promised map-to-map travel, modular armor system, and interia. I want to see them add it. Also PMC Karma.
Is there anything the developer has removed that you would like back?
Turbo Snail:  I would say access to high end good ammo. It is a lot harder to get a hold of now.
GHOST_LOK1: Black market that was unlocked at level 10 would be nice.
ItzBeeDee: As I've only experienced one full wipe, I can't really think of anything. The one thing that did annoy me was the fact that they added a level 71 requirement for the Kappa Container. This makes it nigh impossible for anyone with a life outside of Tarkov to get this item.
davidj123456: No
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the game and why? 
Turbo Snail: 8. -2 because it is so unforgiving. This game is hardcore.
GHOST_LOK1: 8 it game where you get killed in a stupid way, but it make you want to improve so you don't do that again.
ItzBeeDee:  I'd give it a solid 8. I greatly enjoy the game as it provides an experience unlike any other game. There are still numerous things to improve though, and it needs more content for it to better as well.
davidj123456: 9 very challenging game with a lot of progression. hardcore the way I like it. Amazing gunplay and pvp is easy to come by
"If you want to try a more realistic shooter and test your communication skills, give Tarkov a try! Playing with teammates is incredibly different from your usual CoD or Battlefield as you need great comms to avoid shooting each other in the head (and trust me, that'll happen a few times haha). The thrill of hearing someone running near you just as you got that one quest item you needed is just incredible."- ItzBeeDee
If this game sounds like it is something you'd enjoy, you should check out the EFT LFG channel in the main TG Discord! They are a very active group!
Next month, we will be exploring Call of Duty. See how things have changed over the years that they have been a division and how thigs are currently with the game!

Congratulations to the following on their milestones:
1 year as SL- @MOC1SpurClyde54 (CoD)
1 year as SL - @Apollo (CoD)
6 months as SL- @Toxic (CoD)
6 months as SL- @SwingDynastyヅ (CoD)
Keep up the amazing work!!!

Saturday, August 7th at 3 pm EST/5 pm BST- CoD Prop Hunt and Gun Games Event
Hosted by @Master CC84
For more information and to RSVP, go HERE!
*Event is only open to those in CoD Division*
Saturday, August 14th at 3 pm EST/ 5 pm BST- OW Fun Night (crossplay)
Hosted by @primestrike
For more information and to RSVP, go HERE!
Friday, August 20th at 9 pm EST/ 2 am BST (technically Saturday)- PC Prominence Poker
Hosted by @TG HSquared
For more information and to RSVP, go HERE!
Saturday, August 21st at 3 pm EST/ 8 pm BST- Among Us Night
Hosted by @primestrike
For more information and to RSVP, go HERE!
Saturday, August 28th at noon EST/ 5 pm BST- LoL TFT Tournament
Hosted by @XIERNAS
Must sign up! For more information , go HERE!
*More events will be added to the TG Calendar. Please check it out for more events and to RSVP to the above events*
**All dates and time to subject to change.**
***These events are open to all members in TG unless otherwise noted.***

Happy Birthday to the following members from 1st corps:
1st- @【B○LLISTIC】, @Choiyhobin, @Maelrobot, @TG_ zippy_flat2, and @SixString
2nd- @TG Snakeman, @skwintz8280, 
4th- @IsaacJRobin and @VanTage#11483 
9th- @Beattlemania
10th- @Shams426
13th- @LetsGoSpitfire
14th- @Kalibash
15th- @ArcAngel700 and @Lord Godsdontfail
16th- @papernopen
18th- @fLiPFloP and @Harry_LCFC
19th- @MysticVRB
20th- @ShepTargaryen
21st- @PG
22nd- @Gamer AR70 and @Master CC84
23rd- @Binarygeek010 and @TG XBlazeX
24th- @Cyberlife
26th- @hhh76017, @PEEKMASTER, and @Repptar
28th- @Out4Harambe
30th- @TGxMcshaxx
31st- @Beardiful92

ATO - TG BulletDrop

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG BulletDrop
Tactical Gaming Digital Media Team Leader


in Tactical Gaming.

as such from the 2nd day of August, Two Thousand and Twenty-One.

This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Gaming.

Given under my hand at Tactical Gaming, on this 16th day of April, Two Thousand and Twenty-One.

Signed by:

Web Team Head

Web Team Executive


ATO - Zylo Firefox

The office of Head Trainer is often a thankless responsibility. It requires a vast understanding about networking with leaders and that tasks get accomplished through coordination and communication. This is not a responsibility that can be completed by just one person, it takes a village. For Zylo Firefox, he hit the ground running. From day one, he has expressed a vision of TG that expands beyond Tactical Adventures. His continued effort in data collection, interaction with leaders and members, and patience with administration take a great deal of energy to navigate and coordinate. I have a few tokens below to convey my appreciation for his efforts which I hope denote his dedication to the post, and the community as a whole. These medals are conferred enthusiastically. Make no mistake, Zylo Firefox is getting it done. Oorah!

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@Zylo Firefox

I hereby award One (1) Instance of the 

Tactical Adventures Leadership Medal
One (1) Instances of the 

Training Office Achievement Medal
This appointee has displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Adventures standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Adventures this 29th day of July, 2021.
Signed by:
TG Epsi
General of Tactical Adventures
Chief of Staff

ATO - PoshGirl

Leadership is defined by the Marine Corps as the ability to influence others. That extends toward influencing people to completing a task, to inheriting prominent leadership practices, or to influencing anything really. For PoshGirl, her presence is definitive. She is a constant active presence that not only influences others to follow, but encourages people, and the organization, to grow. This seems an inherent gift to PoshGirl, and I am especially thankful for her dedication to TG by leading from the front and setting the example. Below are a few tokens of my gratitude for her service, conferred enthusiastically for a job well done. Keep up the great work, you're an inspiration for us all.

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

I hereby award One (1) Instance of the 

Tactical Adventures Commander's Medal
Five (5) Instances of the 

Tactical Gaming Outstanding Recruiter Medal
One (1) Instances of the 

Tactical Gaming Medal
This appointee has displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Adventures standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Adventures this 29th day of July, 2021.
Signed by:
TG Epsi
General of Tactical Adventures
Chief of Staff

My Video Game Journey

Little Lotus, at the time a 6 year old, was first introduced to video games thanks to his dad. His dad had been playing games in Arcades since his childhood, which had most certainly left some very happy memories and experiences. Being close to electronics and computers as a whole since his childhood, it wasn't too surprising that this stuff would stick with him for life.
But.. after this very short backstory, back to me. As said earlier, I was introduced to video games and gaming systems when I was very young. My first gaming experience occurred when my dad borrowed a PlayStation 2 from a friend of his in the year 2010. That's where most of the story begins. My first game I played I only vaguely remember, a game with cars, rallies, and derby. It was similar to FlatOut, but not quite there yet. However after trying out a few other titles, there was a game that would spark my interest in video games and the culture as a whole called "Destroy All Humans". It's a rather old game now, released back in 2005 but at the time it was still fairly new. As far as I remember, one of the only games with aliens stealing cows on the market at that time. Sounds great, right? Well I assure you I did have insane amounts of fun back then, you could only imagine how happy I was when I rediscovered it just last year
That was the start of an era for me, the era in which I would begin using computers. Around the Spring of 2012, a game with fairly new ideas emerged around the most of the western gaming world and started becoming increasingly popular, and yeah, even I wasn't left out. The game I'm talking about is, of course, Minecraft. Taking a whole decade by storm and leaving a legacy in its stead. That game would completely suck me in for almost 4 whole years, and with it came uncountable amounts of memories that were and still are just unforgettable. That's not to say I stopped playing it after that period; I actually played it on a bi-daily basis till the end of 2017. Still feels nostalgic just thinking about it, not to mention how quickly time flies when I realize 2016 was 4 whole years ago.
Then came doom, and I'm not talking about the series where you slay demons and other creatures. I'm talking about a game that I hated and loved at the same time, League of Legends, a game that would stick with me from summer 2014 till the present day. and no, even through 7 years of playing, I still suck at the game, so the "pro player" career isn't working out too well for me so far. Relatable, anyone? Anyways, while trying out numerous games such as Hearthstone, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, and others like for example Destiny 2, all of which I had played for a decent amount of time, League still stuck with me through it all. Strangely enough, as much as I hate the feeling of losing in this game that would guide me through my teenage years, it still felt bad not playing it for some time. While sure, I did and still do take breaks every now and then, it would never take too long till I came back. No other game was able to do that consistently.
Since my discovery of video games, I had also been welcomed to the world of arcades. With it also comes my passion of movies based on the video game culture with huge amounts of references to arcades such as Pixels or Ready Player One, to name a couple. I also became a small-time writer of backstories for a couple of characters I've made. Full-on RPG style, with abilities, plot, and the character motivation. This is where I would've showed you an illustration, however I am absolutely horrible at drawing. Character design and voice acting is actually a pretty big hobby of mine, so if you need ideas or are working in a company looking for writers and/or designers... hey 
Well, I guess we're all caught up, and here I am, playing the same game over and over again and slowly getting ready for college, possibly having to abandon my gaming habits due to the preparations, for some time next year. However, I am glad I ended up getting introduced to the wonder of video games and computers so early in my life, and I am very grateful for that thanks to my dad. Funny enough, we still play some games - be it arcades, video games, or board games - together every now and then with my uncles as well. If that isn't family goals, then I don't know what is -- DeathLotus checking out!
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