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Arma Reforger | Road to Arma 4

Arma Reforger, the latest game in the long-running milsim series, has been in Early Access since May last year. The 1.0 update update includes helicopters, a totally revised supply system, and as close to fast travel as the relentlessly realistic shooter will allow. Reforger now includes the UH-1H and Mi-8MT, two real choppers, which have been created with functional cockpit instruments and all-new flight model. Bohemia call it "the most realistic" flight of any Arma game to date, and as the developers of Take On Helicopters one suspects they know their stuff.
Supplies were previously represented in Reforger as a simple points system, but they're now physical objects found within the world that can be transported by vehicle. "Build support structures and fortifications, refuel and repair vehicles, and keep your bases stocked with supplies to strategically expand your foothold on the island." I'm just nuts about games that feature multiplayer logistics, because I long to be as far from the frontline as possible in any military simulation. And let's not forget that Reforger brings together PC and Xbox players together by being crossplatform which fit perfeclty with TG's core value of bringing gamers together from around the world and from multiple platforms 

There's also a new "transport request" system, through which you can travel instantly to the vicinity of your squad leader if you can pinpoint your current coordinates. It's designed to help teams stay together over long matches, but there are limitations in terms of when and how often you can do it to stop people teleporting all the time. You can read more about the above, and find the full changelog, at the Arma site.

Reforger includes a couple of multiplayer modes, as well as a "Game Master" mode where one player can craft encounters for others with a real-time editor. It's also the first Arma game to run on Bohemia's new Enfusion engine, with new mod tools and a new distribution platform. In this way, Bohemia explicitly say Reforger is a bridge towards their next major sequel, Arma 4 (A4).
When comparing ARMA 3 (A3) to Reforger, we can observe the inclusion of features in A3 that were previously lacking, thanks to Bohemian integrating solutions developed by the A3 mod community. For instance:
The introduction of radio communications allows for the use of short-range radios for squad communication and long-range radios for platoon communication, facilitating seamless communication between squads. The ability to jump, vault, and climb over various objects has been significantly improved, making these actions easier to perform. Mod management has been greatly enhanced, with mods being automatically downloaded and installed as soon as you connect to the server. The medical system in Reforger has become more realistic compared to its previous version.  
Speaking of mods, similar to A3, the Reforger mod community has created a plethora of mods that continuously enhance the game, contributing to the longevity of A3 for over 10 years. It is exciting to anticipate what A4 will bring to the table.

7th edition of the Tactical Gaming Newsletter!

Hello TG, welcome to the 7th edition of the Tactical Gaming newsletter!

Recent Announcements
New TG Sponsors program - Help TG keep going for another 20 years! Discussing and Adding New Games to TG
Recent News Articles
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of TG Sphinx on November 14th, 2023.  
Cool Videos
Lackluster win by TG's @Castle Surprise! By TG's @BiggieBicep Ring around the rosie by TG's @ComradeBear77 Rooftop bird watching by TG's @Castle Double trouble by TG's @Castle You ain't hiding behind no fir tree 🎄 by TG's @Castle 4 piece on Scrapyard by TG's @Uucee Peek a boo 👀 by TG's @Castle Perfect position to take out all 4 by @Uucee One shot 2 kills! OMG indeed 😱  By TG's @Uucee Ouuuu buddy, collat again ! By TG's @Uucee Wall bang 🤣🤣 'reported' 🤣by TG's @VENUM Love it when fall from the sky 🤣by TG's @VENOM  

You can find all open positions HERE

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Happy Holidays and happy new year!

Hello all, 
The holiday season and the beginning of a new year is an excellent time to re-evaluate your life, set goals, and work toward them. Whether switching to a healthier diet, exercising more, or recruiting new members 😂, the new year brings 365 days full of opportunities.
So It's so cliché 🙄, but in the last few years, I’ve had health issues that became very serious. I was lucky enough to have the support from my life partner, our families and friends. With my surgery now behind me, I really understand the importance of having them. 
So in 2024, I really hope you all make your health (physical and mental), your family and friends your top priorities. 
I wish you all happy holidays. 🥳 
Since a lot  of people won't be around, Sunday's practice is optional. 

Adding New Games to TG

As posted on our About TG page

People don't realise the various team base genres TG is willing to support. To make it easier for us all to discuss non TG games, we've shifted from the forums to the Non TG Games Discord forum and updated the TG New Game Requirements page.
Let the discussions begin!!!

New TG Sponsors program - Help TG keep going for another 20 years!

As many of your know, TG was created in 2004 (19+ years) and a big part of our success is the donations we've received which help cover the costs of:
Prizes and Sponsorships
Provides real prizes for internal tournaments Provides real prizes for internal contests Provides real sponsorships for our competitive players  
Copyright Protection
Protects all TG content via a registered copyright Secured the expertise of professionals (lawyer & consultants) in copyright infringements  
Recurring costs
All TG domains Game servers Hosting services Purchase costs of various applications  License renewal costs of various applications  Web development projects  
In the past, we only had the Annual Subscription program. Now, we're happy to annouce our new Discord monlthly program. So if you enjoy being part of TG and want to see it going for another 20 years, please donate! You can find all details of both programs HERE

ATO - Order of The Purple Heart TG Sphinx

Tactical Gaming has lost one of their own, TG Sphinx, on November 14th. He has been awarded The Order of The Purple Heart for his dedication and love of all things TG. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts. 
Rest in Peace TG Sphinx

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG Sphinx
I hereby award one Instance of the Order of the Purple Heart
 It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of TG Sphinx on November 14th, 2023.  Life is a precious thing, and you often meet impactful folks who inspire you to be better. TG Sphinx, the man, the Marine, was such a person to look up to. He was the embodiment of dedication, loyalty, selfless service with a ton of care for others around him.
TG Sphinx has been a valued member and friend to many of us inside of Tactical Gaming.  He spent nearly ten years gaming with all of us.  He was the type of person that would give you the honest feedback you requested, even if it was not something you wanted to hear.  His intentions were always focused on impacting others around him first. He is one of the most selfless folks I served with during my time inside of Tactical Gaming.  
May we all put TG Sphinx family in our thoughts over the coming months.  We lost a rock star "noob tube, rocket launching loving" gamer friend...his family lost a father and spouse.  May he rest in peace and know that we shall meet again. Your spirit and legacy will live on inside of Tactical Gaming.

Given under our hands on this 5th day of December, 2023

Signed By Tactical Gaming 

6th Edition of the Tactical Gaming Newsletter!

Hello TG, welcome to the 6th edition of the Tactical Gaming newsletter!

Recent Announcements
Battlefield Recruitment Showdown Discord Invite links now in TG Wide Discord FAQs Holidays and Practice Schedules Improved TG Discord Onboarding  
Recent News Articles
Ark 2 Stuck in a Limbo? Should AAA Developers Follow in Disney's Footsteps?   
Cool Videos 
Liberating towns in ARMA by TG's @TGxBiggy Driving an Invisible Truck on the Highway to Hell  by TG's  @Fugacity_Q Up in smoke by TG's  @Boopity__Doopity Precise tank desctruction in HLL by TG's @ComradeBear77 Great Comms and Teamwork by CoD's New DO @SenileSarge Kaboom by TG's @Fugacity_Q Two birds one stone by TG's @puffyred Uno Reverse by TG's @puffyred Ohhh tank by TG's @BiggieBicep I GOT OUT OF TERMINAL by TG's @hR9 Lessons from tank school by TG's  @BiggieBicep Clearing villages in A3's Takistan by TG's @TGxBiggy  

You can find all open positions HERE

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Battlefield Recruitment Showdown

Attention Battlefield Division,
In light of a recent push by Tactical Gaming Command to build a culture of active recruitment for the sake of the organization and all members within, we are proud to announce the first-ever recruiting showdown within the Battlefield Division.
@TGxN1ck is challenging every squad within the division to a recruiting contest that ends on midnight, New Year's Eve, EST. The concept is relatively straightforward.

Any squad that can collectively recruit more people by midnight on New Year's Eve than TGxN1ck has in the same period of time wins free battle passes for the current or upcoming season. Only players who recruit at least one individual can receive this prize, even if their squad wins.
If TGxN1ck recruits more members during this period than any individual squad, he will be awarded a single copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (gasp!) and no battle passes will be distributed.
Squad staff within the division are expected to discuss this recruiting showdown with their squads, as victory almost certainly depends on full participation.  Remember that only members who recruited at least one individual can receive their battle pass in the event that their squad wins. 
A successful recruit is defined as one who has not attended any practices before Sunday, November 5th, and attends their first practice by New Year's Eve. A total of four practices must be attended by this member by January 8th to be counted. Non-Battlefield Division recruits will be counted, but it is the responsibility of the recruiting member to ensure that these recruits are counted by contacting TGxShadowghost. A single recruit can only be attributed to a single recruiting member. Be sure to use your individual referral link to ensure that you are being credited for your contributions. In the case that a mistake is made, notify CoC.
Squad totals for individual recruits are counted as the total number recruited by individuals who performed the recruiting while a member of that squad. To clarify, moving squads does not mean your recruit count is transferred to the new squad.
This event is being co-sponsored by TGxN1ck and @TGxShadowghost
Let's get to it!

Should AAA Developers Follow in Disney's Footsteps?

Over the last decade of major releases, public opinion of AAA game developers has dropped significantly. Loot crates, game-completing paid DLC, and recent titles starting at $70USD have all been met with vast criticism, yet companies have maintained their courses and continued with these practices. The developers have expressed that the cost of game development has risen sharply during this same time period, which necessitates that they charge more for the same levels of content. 
As developers struggle to release finished games, one has to wonder what they are doing wrong. A recent interview with Disney CEO Robert Iger opened our eyes to greater issues throughout the entertainment industry as a whole. With the increasing rates of production for both the Marvel and Star Wars brands, Iger has publicly recognized that the excess spending on new content is taking a massive toll on the company’s profits.
“I’m really pleased that the support that I’m getting from the content creators of the company is significant and real, and it comes in the form of reducing the expense per content, whether it’s a TV series or a film, where costs have just skyrocketed in a huge way and not a supportable way in my opinion. They all agree to that,” he said at a Morgan Stanley Conference.
It would seem that the incredible budgets allotted to recent Disney productions are not consistently producing adequate returns, which has led the CEO to question the recent spending habits on CGI and other effects. Thinking back on how this may relate to the game development industry, there might be a few valuable takeaways.
“Cyberpunk 2077” was released in a state that was widely regarded as sub-standard for the same studio that produced “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. While the game was absolutely gorgeous, widely diverse, and highly customizable, the technical issues were impactful enough for many buyers to put their controllers down and request refunds.
How does a well-renowned game studio disappoint with a high-budget, highly-anticipated game launch? Perhaps, like Disney, they were devoting too many resources towards excess features. While the game might be visually stunning, there is little value to graphics that the average gamer’s console or computer cannot run properly. These graphics also create a sort of gilding effect when players are being thrown by their own vehicles, watching NPCs disappear, and struggling to bypass unfinishable missions. Perhaps a reallocation of development resources would improve the overall quality of finished products.
Would it be beneficial for AAA studios like CD Projekt RED, Bethesda, Bioware, and DICE to consider toning down their effects and visuals in exchange for reduced technical flaws, expanded stories, and lower costs? Let us know what you think!

Ark 2: Stuck in Limbo?

With the recent push for recruiting and expansion within the Tactical Gaming community comes a search for new titles to bring to Vanguard. While some promising titles have been tried and turned out not to be great fits for the organization (Hunt, Valorant, Division, etc) the majority of 2023 releases were simply incompatible with coordinated gaming.
Releases like Starfield, Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, Legend of Zelda, and Dead Space have rocked the gaming industry this year, diverting the average player’s attention away from competitive team-based titles. While I personally have been relieved to see a resurgence in the single-player and cooperative genres, this has not been conducive to the growth of TG. 
The search for new titles to introduce has revealed that some of the most compatible games simply aren’t here yet, which has us optimistically looking forward to 2024 with wide eyes. One title that I have been watching like a hawk is Ark 2, but its future is uncertain at best. The sequel to one of the greatest open-world survival games ever released should be an easy pick for our next big title, but that can only happen if it is released in a playable state (or at all).
Originally set to release in 2022 but pushed back twice to an unspecified date in late 2024, Wildcard Studios has stated that the delays were “for the betterment of the final product.” To be fair, any studio that can admit its own shortcomings and address them pre-release deserves to be credited for doing so, but a roughly 48-month delay is cause for concern. As of late October 2023, the studio has still not announced a release date for the following year, indicating a lack of certainty that could spell trouble.
In addition to the lack of a clear release date, the absence of gameplay footage is also troubling to many Ark fans. While cinematic trailers featuring Vin Diesel are visually appealing, the studio has failed to release even a single clip or screenshot of actual gameplay. PCGamesN reports that this is because the game “simply isn’t ready yet,” which brings to question whether a title that is entirely unready for visual presentation can be ready for release within a year. 
Diving into the potential causes of Wildcard’s delays is not a difficult task by any means. To start, the studio is not working on a sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved in the typical sense. Rather than maintaining the majority of the original game’s mechanics and focusing primarily on developing a new story/setting, the developer is essentially rebooting the game entirely. 
Anyone familiar with Ark knows that it is primarily a first-person survival game with rugged combat and building systems similar to Rust. Ark 2, on the other hand, will be a third-person exclusive title with “souls-like combat” and parkour-adjacent movement systems. This is an absolutely massive shift in gameplay mechanics which, tied with the decision to utilize Unreal Engine 5, puts an immense amount of work on the shoulders of its developers. It is worth noting that Wildcard partially credited the well-being of its development team as a cause for the most recent release date setback.
In addition to purely mechanical changes to the Ark title, Wildcard Studios is also proudly pursuing other significant improvements on the original title. Component-based crafting, dynamic world events, advanced template building/sharing, and sensory-based creature AI are but a few of the massive improvements prophesied on the official Ark blog.
As if the massive mechanical overhaul and vast array of gameplay improvements weren’t enough, Ark 2 will be deviating from the primarily unguided storyline in Ark: Survival Evolved by following an epic storyline starring Vin Diesel. Hired to both lead creative development and to star in the game as legendary Ark hero Santiago, the Fast Franchise star is surely putting his best foot forward to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product.
Ark 2 undoubtedly has the potential to redefine the survival genre and raise the bar for all future games of its likeness. By combining souls-like combat, parkour movement, and Ark’s own survival-builder mechanics, this title could blow every competitor out of the water and set the foundation for years of expansions and additional releases. The major concerns associated with this title are the repeated delays, massive mechanical overhauls, utilization of Unreal Engine 5, and potential marketing complications associated with deviating too much from the previous title.
As of now, Ark 2 is an enigma of sorts. Few studios have attempted to make such great leaps as Wildcard has with this new title, and fewer have succeeded. Now all we can do is hope that the studio is able to complete the game before running out of money, and without making major sacrifices to the quality of the finished product.
What do you think about the current direction Wildcard is taking with Ark 2? Let us know in the comments below!

5th Edition of the TG Newsletter!

Hello TG, welcome to the 5th edition of the Tactical Gaming newsletter!

Recent Announcements
Recent News Articles
TG's Practice Briefings (PB) and Post Practice Reports (PPR) - The History  by @SenileSarge Nostalgia: Narcan for the Soul by @TGxN1ck 4th Edition of the Monthly Who's Who  
Cool Videos
ARMA Enemy BMP Ambush by TG's  @TGxJackc ARMA's Bradleys at work by TG's  @TGxJackc The Sarge has arrived! By TG's @SenileSarge Lock and load by @Talia#2739 ARMA's Heavy Suppression, Great Comms and Teamwork by TG's  @TGxUMAR featuring @TGxFraesmat & @TGxBiggy Great Medical Support by  @TGxMarciano I hope that pilot was wearing his seatbelt by  @Just An Enigma Let the good tanks roll by TG's @SenileSarge Absolute rinse by TG's @M1mass_ Slowly remembering the nade lineups by TG's @TGxSirAres BF EXPOSURE - Freefire AA Montage by TG's  @Fugacity_Q Typical Recruiting Session by TG's @TGxBiggy Amazing Parachute flank by TG’s @Just An Enigma  @SenileSarge first CS2 experience  

You can find all open positions HERE

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