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Support Teams Are Hiring!

Hey Tactical Gaming! 
Tactical Gaming is unique in what we offer members outside of practice, with dedicated teams to improve, develop, and engage all your gaming interests. 
If you interested and have time and skills. why not check some of the positions below!
Good with Graphics? 
Know your way around Photoshop or a similar software? 
Why not apply for the graphics team? 
Click HERE if interested in joining or find out about the new Digital Media Team Changes
Like Streaming?
Want to show off your skills in front of an audience. Promote the TG Community
then why not apply HERE
Fond of Writing?
Like telling stories, Sharing member experiences? Keeping up to date with the latest Gaming News?
News Team might be for you! 
Apply HERE
Feeling Competitive? 
The Competition Office is looking for Highly Organised and Motivated Individuals
to promote competition across TW & TA
To find out More: Click HERE
Train Harder
The Training Office is among the most Important Offices within TG!
If you want to help really develop your division / legion 
Apply for Assistant Trainer and Make a Difference!
--Please check your local division/legion for open applications

Apex Legends Division Tournament

Apex division are hosting a Special Event!
A Tournament dedicated to the memory of "Joyce", Grandmother of Elk-III (PS4 CO)

Starts March 14th 
Pre Tournament:
This Tournament is for members of www.TacticalGaming.net Only
Team must have someone streaming to either Twitch or Mixer
During Tournament:
All players must use their main account
All games will be played in regular apex game mode. Ranked league's and deja loot will not be allowed
EU Players must que at 8pm GMT
NA Players must que at 8pm EST
Players must take a screenshot of their game after they die/end
Only 4 consecutive games can be played
Mandatory 5 minute breaks in between each game to regroup and handle technical difficulties
Lag outs / disconnects can be restarted but no points from that game will count.
Post Tournament:
Players will send their screenshots to #tournament-score-reporting channel in the discord
All points are counted from the 4 games
Points System:
Champion = 8 Points
2nd Finish = 5 Points
3rd Finish = 3 Points
1 Kill = 1 Point
Check this Thread for more details
^^^Signups are now OPEN^^^
Good Luck to all Contestants! 

December Christmas Jumpers Results

During December,  Some members took out to showing off their Christmas Jumpers and raised $25  for ToWriteLoveOnHerArms
Judges choose their top 4
(Judges are a Secret)
Grandma award - Madness

Best in Show Award & Modern Art Masterpiece  - HSquared

Catch Fire Award -  TG Ghost Hunter

Ug and Lee Award #3 - Demon 

Thank You to all those who contributed and Showed off their jumpers!!!
@TG HSquared @Demon8 @Eiwitgod @TG SirMadness @TG Ghost Hunter 

A look at what we know about the PS5

While a lot of information we currently have about the PS5 is currently speculative we do have a lot of information that has been officially announced by Sony and the lead developers of the new console. Every time a new console comes out the debate is always extreme, which console is better? PlayStation or Xbox? Well if we take a look in the past in recent years I would say the 360 won out when it came head to head with the PS3, however in more recent years I think its more safe to say PS4 won the battle vs Xbox One quite easily. However, variations that followed went Microsofts way who made advancements and adjustments to their current model a lot better than Sony's. But perhaps that will be Microsofts downfall when it comes to new gen. Whereas Sony can make leaps and bounds there’s only so much Microsoft can improve on from the Xbox One X. So, who will win out the war this time around? While I don't have an answer for you, I can however give you a good idea of where the PS5 currently stands in terms of specs and some developments to the controllers etc.

Let's start off with the design. While a lot of early suggestions were aimed at a PS5 that was chunky and had a V shape those rumours have since been pretty much squashed. This design has turned out to be the dev. kits that are currently being used and some people have come out to say that this design was chosen so the consoles can easily be stacked during stress tests etc. While we currently do not know what the PS5 will look like exactly we do know that it officially is called the PS5 and will probably look like a sleeker and more advanced PS4. Sony have confirmed that they will not be showing the PS5 during E3 this year but the console is scheduled to launch during the holiday season of 2020 (November/December) so I would assume we will know what the console looks like between April and July, perhaps even earlier if we are lucky. 
Lets take a look at some of the specs of the console. 
Mark Cerny who is the lead system architect at Sony revealed in an interview that the new console will be an AMD based system. Cerny confirmed that the PS5's CPU is based on the third generation of AMD's Ryzen line of processors and features eight cores of the firm's new 7nm Zen 2 micro architecture. The chip has a custom 3D Audio unit that will deliver higher quality and more immersive in-game sound. Like the CPU, the GPU is also made by AMD which is a variant of Radeon's Navi family which will support full ray tracing (an advanced and lifelike way of rendering light and shadows in a scene).
The console will also feature a built in SSD. Do you know what that means? That means no more long loading times and laggy menus or your console stuttering while switching from the home screen to the game. Yay!! 
As well as faster loading times into the game, the SSD will also be able to render 2D worlds much faster than the PS4 which will allow game developers to make larger worlds and add more fluidity while moving through the game. Cerny also confirmed that 8K graphics will also be supported but in what capacity is yet to be seen. 

Last but not least Cerny confirmed that Virtual Reality is a priority for the dev team and with games such as beat saber I can see why. He has confirmed that the PlayStation VR headset will be compatible with the console but has not yet said whether or not there will be a new headset in the works for the console. With the progress of VR being so rapid I'm sure we will have some amazing things in store when it comes to VR on the next generation of console/games. 
Now, while we don't have much information about the next controller, we do know that it will be a DualShock controller and will probably have the back-button technology that Sony recently release to the PS4 controller as an adapter. While we don't know if it will be an adapter also or built in we almost certainly know its coming, Microsoft have had the elite controller for years and Scuf have been adapting PlayStation controllers for years to include the back buttons. Frankly I'm surprised it took Sony this long to capitalize on it. Other than that, we don't have any information, but I imagine it will look a lot like the PS4 controller design wise. Don't fix what's not broken eh? Although the could work on the Bluetooth issues experienced with the controllers at large tournaments such as CoD LANs etc. 

So far this is pretty much all we know about the PS5 however I expect we will know a lot more at the reveal of the Playstation 5 which is rumored to be happening this month. If we are lucky by the end of the month, we will know exactly how the PS5 looks and how it will stand up against the PS4 and its competitors from Microsoft. 
Are you excited about the PS5? Let us know in the comments below what you think and what you're most excited for with the next gen consoles. 

ATO- Borderlands Division Passes Trial Phase

TWC is proud to announce Borderlands has passed Trial phase
To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
TWC does award One (1) Instance each of the Medal of Excellence, Leadership Award Medal and Achievement Award Medal

@ReliantSabre @Dreded Souls @xOmegaOne 
TWC does award One (1) Instance each of the Medal of Excellence and Achievement Award Medal

@Nossrak @rachelriot801 @TG CPT SOJU @DerkusMaximus @DNTCRAZ @Zmokedj @Noohy @liquidus_RL @MadmanLZ
TWC does award One (1) Instance of the Achievement Award Medal

These appointees have displayed exemplary behavior by helping Borderlands division obtain its title as an “Official Division of Tactical Warfare” status inside of Tactical Warfare.
The following are descriptions of jobs performed by CoC members:
The Squad Staff consistently and continuously displayed improvement in all aspects of battlefield operations, training, and weapons skills. This included instilling dedication into their members and constantly displaying what Tactical Warfare is all about. Their improvement was sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Warfare service.
In addition, the Battalion and TO Staff continuously displayed consistent and reliable service within the Division, by displaying indisputable exemplary performance in all phases of communication, training, leadership, and (unofficial) competition, as evidenced by the Division’s achievement of “Official Division of Tactical Warfare” status.
Furthermore, the Division Staff consistently displayed a conspicuous ability to lead troops on or off the battlefield, through efforts which were sustained, direct and of a consequential nature, and which contributed to the betterment of the individuals’ Battalions, Brigades and Division. The individuals’ acts of leadership were sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Warfare service.
Given under my hand at the Tactical Warfare Command, this the Fourth Day of Feburary, Two Thousand and Twenty.

General of TW 
TG Halohobo
Chief Of Staff
Tactical Warfare Command

Lieutenant General 
TG Kacy2k
1st Corps Commander
Tactical Warfare Command

Lieutenant General 
TG Epsi
2nd Corps Commander
Tactical Warfare Command

Lieutenant General 
3rdt Corps Commander
Tactical Warfare Command


Age of Empire's 2 is Back 
Age of Empire's 2 is back again. Tantalus Media made a new version of the old classic from 1999 
The game got a new fresh look, new mechanics and three brand new campaigns. The new content is called ''The last khans'' letting us focus on the Turks empire. With this comes some new civilizations, four to be exact.  A lot of ''old school'' graphics are much smoother now. The characters got a 3D model now as well and more alive than ever. From fishing pools to the grass between the houses. And of course, not to forget the rumble animation of a house or church being destroyed is a welcomed addition. A nice pile of rubble is left behind if you destroy your enemy's town center. 
Quality of life 
When you select armies without grabbing villagers, Path finding got a new overhaul as well. First some knights get stuck in the trees now they can manage to get out of the horror of the forest. Switching formations is smoother than ever with more options to hit enemies from sizes and every inch is used when you are in a massive brawl. and you can now see that from close by with the new zoom mechanic. The game can handle a larger number of units without problems. As in the previous versions they did get clumsy and getting stuck when too much "path-finding" was being loaded. 
The e-sports section did get a boost as well. The HD edition of the game had already 4 major tournaments every year. This is boosting it even more. As we can see already that there are 2 new tournaments extra as well and many more players are joining it. Twitch is getting more viewers and players on the new gamer's channels. Everyone that played the HD edition is buying the newest edition of it as well. 
A must have for the old veterans in the age of empire series. 

ATO - Gjdm92

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of these members, the following position and rank promotions were made, and medals awarded:
Has been awarded the Tactical Gaming Vice President Medal

Gjdm92 has made his mark in many ways in TG and especially in Tactical Warfare's 2nd Corps Battlefield Division. Now, after earning more than 10,000 ATS points through regular attendance over the past eight and a half years, it is time to recognize this outstanding member's consistency and perseverance.
One of our few South American members, "G" is certainly the longest-running South American member, being Costa Rican and even going through law school in his country through much of his time in TG. He is also one of the Battlefield Division's longest-serving Squad Leaders, having lead BF/PS3/1st Battalion/Flying Tigers for three and a half years, between the years 2012-2015.
After a brief leave, G returned to TG and during the years 2016-2017 simultaneously attended both 
Tactical Warfare practices as a member of Battlefield's Flying Tigers and as a member (then Coach) in Tactical Sports' Rocket League.
From the day he joined TG on March 28, 2011 to now, Gjdm92 has earned numerous medals, badges and coins. 
It is my honor to award him one more in recognition of not only his past achievements and earning over 
10,000 ATS points, but for the impact he has made by his consistency of example, significantly contributing 
to the strength of Tactical Gaming.
These appointees have displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Gaming standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare this 24th day of  January 2020

TG Krizzz
Vice President
Tactical Gaming


On November 30th TG came together again for another Charity Stream. This time with bigger and bolder goals! Over the course of 18+ hours TG streamed on twitch raising awareness and money for Make-A-Wish.
In total we as a community raised as staggering $3333  
Thank You to all the members who put in time and effort to make this Happen!
To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

I hereby award
@TG SirMadness
These two worked on a short time frame to assemble more than a dozen people to run the event, get the word out, ensure our donations system was working, Twitch bots, etc. etc. Raising over 3333$ for Make-A-Wish would not be possible without them both!
Tactical Achievement Medal

I hereby award
Medals Descriptions

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

@TG SirMadness
@Man 0f Plants
@TG FatalityV1
@TG HSquared
@TG HaloHobo
@TG Mik3
@TG HSquared
@TG Mik3
I hereby award

One (1) Instance of the Outstanding Volunteer Award

Everyone above participated directly in streaming for the charity event. We would like to thank everyone for streaming and give a shout out maintained good viewership for the full 1 hours of streaming. In addition to our streamers, our moderators all deserve recognition. They don't get the visibility the streamers do working behind the scenes, but help kept the chat clean and the stream working. We did experience a few issues and setup changes needed on the fly and our moderators were key to the wild success of the event!
Medals Descriptions

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of


Special thanks to @DBLDeathDealer & @TG-Mitchell  for Donations of
$1000's each!!! 
And as such for a donation of such caliber they are hereby awarded 

The Tactical Gaming Medal


@TG FatalityV1
@Liz Weilschmidt
@TG HSquared
@TG RabidBeaver
@TG HaloHobo
@TG SirMadness
@Iron Lord
@Man 0f Plants
@TG Valhalla
@TG Mik3
@TG Ghost Hunter
@TG Unggoy
I hereby award

One (1) Instance of the Outstanding Contributor Award

Together, collectively as a Community and a "family", we managed to reach over $3000   That would not have been possible without the donations of many! If anyone was missed on this one, please message @TG SirMadness as not everyone's donor name matched a TG name!
Thanks again everyone!
Medals Descriptions


Signed By:

Tactical Gaming

TG Krizzz
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

WoT Division...Last Words with Dhmoose

WoT Division Closed
The World of Tanks Division in Tactical Gaming has sadly come to an end. Instead of being disappointed about it ending though, let’s remember the good times. Every division has its ups and downs but Tactical Gaming has some wonderful members, and even in the “down” times, we find a way to lift each other up and still have a good time alongside close friends and gaming buddies. 
Obviously, there were a lot of amazing members in the WoT Division. One of them, who has been there since the beginning in 2016 through the ending in 2020 is @dhmoose. He was the Division Officer for some time, as well as, a Commanding Officer, and Brigade Commander. 
So without further adieu, let’s get his perspective on his time in the WoT Division:
Hello, Thanks for meeting with me. You've been in the World Of Tanks Division for close to 4 years now. What first interested you in World of Tanks, and what kept you in the division for so long?
“I loved World of Tanks as soon as it came out on xbox, which was over 5 years ago...it was a fps with way more strategy needed to win than your average fps.  In addition, the history aspect of everything....I loved the fact that my platoon and I could all play in Sherman Tanks and potentially face off against a scary German Tiger Tank.  When I found out they wanted to try to make a Division out of it, I was the first to sign up.”
“What kept me in for so long?  A dedication to the guys in my Division, a philosophy of stability=success and the simple fact that it was fun.  I founded WoT back in 2016 and led it as Division Officer through thick and thin until I was promoted to Corps Commander.  I recently returned from leave and served as Commanding Officer. It was good to have a place to come back too.”
What were some of your favorite moments on World of Tanks?
“A few favorite moments would be running with my platoon mates on late nights, seal clubbing (a term used for playing low tier tank matches and dominating noobs) using tried and true tactics like shock and awe and wolfpacking.  Seeing our Division pass trial phase, earn major TG competitive awards and finally fielding a CP squad, which was named The Bandits, were other standout moments.”
What were some of the challenges you faced while you were a commanding officer, that you overcame either on your own or with some teamwork?
“I wasn't Commanding Officer for very long.  Since I have been back there wasn't much to do to be honest besides recruit.  But some challenges I faced while as Division Officer included recruiting and retention of recruits.  I overcame that by putting my head down and focusing on not only recruiting but making sure the guys I did recruit stuck around. Making things fun was the secret ingredient.”
What are you going to miss most about being apart of the World of Tanks Division?
“The thing I'll miss the most will be the opportunity to tank with guys I recruited 3-4 years ago under the TG name”
Now that the division is closing, what are some things your looking forward too in TG? 
“Since WoT is closed, I look forward to some rest and relaxation.  I'll have some time to reflect on the recent changes, get a few chores done and hopefully come back and join my good friend TG-Legendary in TG's elite and prestigious Battlefield Division.”
Thank you for your time DHmoose. I know I speak for a lot of people, including myself, when I say your a true inspiration for new and old members alike in Tactical Gaming.
“Thanks for the opportunity and kind words!”
The WoT Division had a nickname called “Bandits,” after an American Tank Unit. The unit had a creed they followed and when the WoT Division started, they followed that creed as well. Here is the video of the creed: 
A Competitive (CP) Squad was formed with the name “The Bandits.” After the same American Unit. The squad went on and won several competitions within TG and were a very successful CP squad. 
All in all, it seems like it was an awesome time in the WoT Division. With a lot of memorable moments that will be remembered by many. Please, if you would, post in the comments with your favorite moments within the division. Along with some challenges you faced that you overcame with teamwork. 
Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading the comments!

TypicalVeteran's top ten binge worthy Netflix shows

TypicalVeteran's top 10 must watch Netflix shows
I will start this list off with brutal honesty. If you are legally not an adult in your country you should steer clear of these shows on this list. Many of the shows contain adult content and should not be viewed by minors. That being said let's begin.
1. Ozark-  If you enjoyed the series breaking bad or better call Saul then this is a must watch. This is a thriller riddled with drama and action from start to finish. Every episode will addict you. I would suggest binge watching this because the episodes leave off on such cliff-hangers that you won't want to go to bed. Jason Bateman is the perfect actor for this and he owns the role perfectly. This is a story of an accountant who while fighting problems in his personal life is too distracted to see that his partner is mixed up with organized crime. Soon after everything comes to light, Jason Bateman and his family are on the hook for everything and stuck in Ozark Missouri looking to make a monopoly and flying under the radar at the same time. 
2. Breaking Bad-  As previously mentioned this is another crime thriller. No surprise this ends up high on the list. This show was one of the most popular heavily awarded shows of all time. This show is another one i would highly advise starting when you have a few days off and nothing planned. These episodes and seasons are very hard to turn off. This story starts off with Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher. He is diagnosed with cancer and soon learns he may not live very long. With the future looking grim and not having much to leave behind for his family he decides to go on a ride along methamphetamine bust with his brother in law who is a police officer. He gets the idea that he could make a more pure product and sell it for twice the price. He recruits a high school student Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul and goes into the drug producing market. Not only do they corner the market but take over New Mexico and soon the Cartel notice. I will leave it there for you. Must watch this classic. 
3. Shameless- Oh my what will the Gallagher family get themselves into next? This is a story about a dysfunctional family who finds themselves in the most delinquent and impossible situations. This is a comedy that has everything from all angles in it. Definitely not a show to watch with the young ones. This show can create humor while addressing issues such as racial tension, addiction, LGBTQ awareness and poverty in America. These are only a morsel of what you will experience while watching this show. The drama comedy has the perfect cast and as characters come and go every season gets better and better. 
4. Altered Carbon-  This is an action thriller that takes place in the future where people have the ability to respawn into a new body that they refer to as sleeves in the event of an untimely death. They also have the power to resurrect previously killed people. In this series a detective is resurrected into a body that is not his own to track down a murderer from the past. The new world and tech are a huge challenge for him but nothing beats human intuition 
5. Hell on Wheels- This is a show for you western lovers. Focused around the construction of the continental railroad and the days of the old west this series offers a little of everything. Drama, horror, action all in an old western feel. mainly focused on political gain and the two companies hired to complete the job our main hero actually plays both ends of the spectrum but ultimately sides with the righteous in the end. What's interesting about this series is that some of the character monologues are actually based on true events. History buffs beqare this one is addictive.
6. The Last Kingdom- Based in the early viking days a boy is born of royal blood and in line to become a king but captured by vikings and raised as a pagan warrior. Uhtred is our main character here who comes back to haunt the Anglo-saxons but switches sides a few times. For a while he fights alongside the vikings but also switches in hopes for a new life as a saxon. This show has romance, comedy, action and drama everywhere. If you are a fan of shows like Vikings this is a must watch. 
7. The Witcher- I can feel some of you with your blood boiling that this isn't higher on the list. No worries next year it will be if season 2 comes out. This series really needs no introduction. Loosely based on a highly successful video game The Witcher, this action packed drama follows the monologue of the game perfectly. The cast is brilliant and the fight scenes and special effects are to die for. I am very anxious for season 2 if there is one but my only worry is that it will be hard to improve on a masterpiece season 1.
8. Peaky Blinders- Ever wonder what it would be like to be an old English gangster? Let Tommy Shelby take you on a tour! If you like crime action and a little comedy this is a show you must watch. Tommy Shelby goes from 2 bit gangster/war hero to boss almost overnight. This series is mainly about the Shelby family and their rise to power in the organized crime scene of the early 19th century. Tommy Shelby will stop at nothing to rise to the top with his family at his side!
9. Sons of Anarchy- This one is low on the list because of its controversy. SOA was taken off Netflix last year and picked up by a few other streaming services. So this one fits here kind of but it also doesn't. The removal of the show was to balance the powers of streaming services so I will leave you to research that. What I can say is this is an action packed drama that has comedy in almost every episode. The cast is brilliant and gave several actors their start into much bigger roles that they are playing today. Welcome to Sons of Anarchy a present day motorcycle club where there is honor amongst thieves. The show immediately grabs you from episode 1 and leaves you heartbroken on the finale. 
10. Mindhunter-  Oh you thought this wasn't going to make the list? Think again. This is a story based on true events about the FBI creating a behavioral science division that studies serial killers. Journey deep into the mind of famous murderers such as Ed Kemper and Charles Manson. Watch them interview with FBI agents from Quantico who are trying to figure out exactly what makes them tick. 

Honorable Mentions 
Game of thrones (HBO)
Chernobyl (HBO)
Wu Tang an American Saga (Hulu)
Castle Rock (Hulu)
The Handmaid's tale (Hulu)
Catch 22 (Hulu)
Into the Badlands (Netflix)
Dexter (Netflix)
Band of brothers (various services)
The Punisher (Netflix)
In conclusion 
Today we discussed 10 of my most binge worthy shows and mentioned 20. If you do not see a show that you think needs to be on this list I probably haven't seen it and would love to see your suggestions in the comments. In this instant gratification and on demand world that we live in these choices you cannot go wrong with. Readers beware however, several of these shows are littered with violence and strong subjects that may not be for everyone. If you have questions about any of these shows and if they are for you i would love to talk more in the comments or discord about it. I hope you all enjoyed this list and got some suggestions for your winter binge TV season upon you. For now that is all. Your friendly neighborhood Corps Commander TypicalVeteran checking out.


PoshGirl: A Story to tell

Hi everyone. I’m PoshGirl, Legion Officer for League of Legends. I live in the UK with my partner, our daughter Caitlyn and our three cats. I work as an Admin Manager for a jewellery company. 
When did you start gaming and why? (what games did you play )
I got a PS2 when I was younger and enjoyed a lot of the classic games; Tomb Raider, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot etc… But I never really thought of myself as a gamer. I was away at boarding school most of the time and then in Thailand for the rest of the time, so I only played occasionally during holidays at home. 
I started properly back in 2011. My boyfriend at the time had just started playing League of Legends and needed an extra member to make a 5 man team with his friends. So I got “asked” to play support and was told to stand there and heal them. As you can imagine I got bored of this rather quickly… But after the relationship ended, I kept playing, and here I am 8 years later. 
At some point, you decided to look for a community, what made TG stand out for you.
I was playing with a friend at the time called TG Fireball. He told me that he was planning on making his own Squad and that I should join TG so I could be in it. So I dutifully signed up. I really liked the organisation and layout of TG. A clear Chain of Command, rules, the possibility of progression… It was love at first sight! 
When you joined, what was it like, do you remember your 1st practice, first impressions of this community.
Oh, I will never forget it. I remember joining the TeamSpeak server and scrolling and scrolling to find League of Legends. Then I panicked at all the channels and had to go back to my profile to remember that I was in Azir. Thankfully I was early so I didn’t have to join a huge channel filled with people, but after everyone started arriving it was rather loud! I remember the XO at the time, Chibi, joining and being rather in awe of this person with fancy letters after his name! I was very impressed at how everyone listened and how well planned it all was.
You've risen through the ranks, can you describe what it was like at each of those stages for you, what were the challenges and best moments for each of those positions.  
I was SS for a long time and keeping my Squad at 7 members, ensuring that everyone had a fair chance to play during practice and keeping my paperwork up to scratch were the main challenges. But the best moments were making those friendships that still carry through to today. 
After a while, I realised that I really wanted to progress higher. I applied for PL three times I think and I remember being SO excited when I finally got it. The main challenge I found at a BTN level was how much I had to remember about the ATS. I remember sitting through my first training session, trying to absorb all this information that was being thrown at me. I really enjoyed interacting with my 6 Squads and doing my best to ensure that they were all happy. My best moment would probably be after a CoC meeting where all the SS would meet up in Delta Platoon Channel and we would just have a chin way and hang out. Yeah, we talked about TG and what was going on, but it was the camaraderie that I really enjoyed. 
I then became AT in Rainbow 6 and I remember it being such a change going from one of five PLs in League to a Division that didn’t even have a PL as it was a lot smaller. It came with a new set of challenges such as how to manage a smaller amount of people and also how to learn a new game! I had only played Rainbow 6 a few times and so I was rather rubbish and yet I was practising with people a lot better than me. My best moment was probably getting a rather swish kill while peeking around a corner (something I had struggled with for weeks) and the pro team actually congratulating me for doing well! It felt good to get the respect of people who I was playing with. 
I was only a CO for a very short time, but I spent 5 months as a BGC/RC. The challenges at this level were trying to interact with members who were on a completely different timezone and who’s practices I could rarely attend. It made dealing with discipline issues or critiquing paperwork a lot harder. Thankfully I had wonderful BTN/CH staff I could rely on to get the job done. My best moment would probably be working on the transfer from TW to TA. I helped to rewrite all the documents, ensuring that the terminology was correct. I remember working very hard on it and being so happy with how it all turned out. Getting used to saying Section instead of Squad was really difficult though! 
You finally reached Legion Officer of League, what was the ascension to that position like? Could you describe a typical day in this position?
Getting the message that I was being offered DO was one I will never forget. It was an amazing feeling to be trusted to look after a whole lot of people and be responsible for some big decisions. It was the culmination of 3 years of hard work. 3 years that had ups and downs. I saw exactly how bad staff could ruin a Division and so I really felt the pressure to do well. 
As for a  typical day, it usually starts with me checking the website on the way to work to see if anything has happened overnight as well as validating any members who have joined since I went to bed. 
As I’m currently without CH and IN staff my workload is a lot higher than normal. On a practice day, I get on my PC when I finish work and check out Member Updating to see if there is anything I need to do before practice starts. Then when practice starts, I sort out IN before going to do CPPs for a couple of Sections. Then I’ll usually work on my spreadsheet and plan out Preplanned Sections before doing IN paperwork. After that, I check Member Updating again before heading off.
On a non-practice day I pop on after I put my daughter to bed to see if there is any paperwork to do. Even when I’m not on my PC, I’m always on Discord in case people message me or if a Secretary is needed! 

What has been your biggest challenge to date and what has been your biggest achievement to date?
Losing both my CH staff at the same time was incredibly difficult, but real life happens to the best of us. So now I am direct CoC for most of my Legion. This also involves doing all levels of paperwork. From PPRs and PBs, to ATS promotions to name changes and DDs! Keeping on top of all of that, along with a full time job and a (almost) 5 year old is tough! It is nice getting to know all the members so well though. 
My biggest achievement was probably receiving the Army Commander’s Coin. This was the first time Fatality has ever given it out and I felt so honoured. It was also nice to know that I was working under someone who recognised hard work and would appreciate it. 
From SS to Legion Staff, can you describe how your leadership has changed throughout your career?  (does your method of running /managing / leading a squad change from running a Battalion to a regiment to an entire legion, what changes have you made)
The basic building blocks are really the same. At the end of the day, your SMs are the most important part of it. We are all here for them. If every SM left tomorrow then TG would be rather pointless. So ensuring that they are enjoying what we’re doing is essential. As an SL I tried my best to make sure everyone was happy in their role and if someone wanted to try something new then I would do my best to support them. Now, I do exactly the same just on a bigger scale. 
The biggest change to my personal leadership would have to be that I can be “Scary Posh” when I need to be. Sadly not everyone can follow the rules and sometimes you have to lay down the law. I remember as a PL the first time I was asked to run a TGMP and I was terrified! I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and was so scared of actually telling someone that they had done something wrong. Now, I know that we have rules for a reason and that people can be given every opportunity to follow them and yet still decide not to. And that’s not my fault. But if that then affects other members, I cannot sit by and do nothing about it. 
What is the best thing about what you do right now? 
I cannot honestly decide!I love being able to interact with so many people, including meeting new members and getting to chat with them. I always feel so lucky to be able to speak to people from all over the world and learn more about them and their cultures. 
I also love doing things that make a difference to TG as a whole. Such as being able to work on things like STMs and Boot Camp documents. It is an awesome feeling to have your opinions listened to, taken into account and then actioned in regards to something that could be a part of TG when you have long since departed. 
Who along your journey has influenced you and gone above and beyond in your opinion for TG or their position? 
My old PL, Nibbitz. He was my PL when I was SS of Talon Squad back in 2016. He worked harder than anyone else and always had time for his SS. He used to pop his head into our channel every practice and check that everything was okay. Nibs was the nicest guy, he never got angry or mean about anything, even when our paperwork was awful, and everyone respected him for that style of leadership. It is one I try to emulate today. I am lucky enough to call him one of my friends and he even came over and stayed with me in England for a time. 
What are the most important characteristics you feel you need to move up the chain of command? 
Reliability has to be the top one. If you are consistently there, doing your job, working hard then you’ll be trusted with more and more things. 
Trust is another big one. If you cannot be trusted with sensitive information or if you betray your friends/members/staff then you can never move up as no one will want to work with you. Also, you need to learn who to trust. Trusting the wrong people can hurt you as much as not trusting the right ones. 
Finally, determination. I applied for PL multiple times before I got it. One of the times  I got promoted and then demoted later the next day as I was told there were too many PLs and there was no need for me. But I kept trying. I made my Squad the best one. We had 7 members, perfect attendance and great paperwork. I worked as hard as I could to prove that I was ready for more, and I was rewarded for that effort. 
What makes you unique among the other leaders in TG, ... apart from being an Army Commanders Secretary !!
Well, being a LO and a Secretary is a tough balancing act! Plus being able to deal with Fatality on a daily basis is a job in itself! 
Seriously though, I would have to say that my care and attention towards my members sets me apart. I don’t see SMs as disposable and I will do everything in my power to protect them and give them the best possible experience here. At the end of the day, we are nothing without our members. 
You clearly do an insane amount of work for TG, how do you balance that with the other side of your life, family, friends, work and other hobbies.
Thank you! I am really lucky to have an incredibly supportive partner. He is the one who puts our daughter to bed on practice nights for me and keeps me motivated when I’m tired or ill. He is the one that I run things by or get a second opinion from. Balancing also gets easier when you get into a good routine. Now I just don’t schedule anything on practice nights and thanks to great friends and a mobile friendly website, I can access the site from anywhere. Even the pub!

Thank you for joining today @PoshGirl Keep up the great work!!!
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