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Halo Infinite Ranks Are Being Reset

Halo Infinite will be getting an update to its competitive ranked playlist this coming Tuesday (22nd February) which will better distribute players into the skill tiers. Up to now the system has been very generous to the players, placing them higher than they should be.
With this update the ranks of every player will be reset, meaning you will need to complete your placement games once again and should expect to be a full tier lower than what you placed last time.
If you want to hear more about this update and exactly what parameters are changing in the playlist, check out the below video.

Our Support Teams Need You!

Are you wanting to become more involved in the community?
Do you have skills in coding, graphics design, writing, streaming, or training?
If so, we have teams for you!
Our Coding, Digital Media, News, and Stream Teams are all positions that you can join in addition to your current position. No need to leave the group of people you are already with!
The Training Office offers game specific positions, so you would be required to leave your squad/section, but you would be able to still play the game during practices!
The following are the current open positions based off of each team, with a little insight from different people in TG. 

Do you have experience with coding? We are in need of coders to help make the website run smoothly! Amount of time needed to dedicate to this position depends on tickets that come in and projects that are going on. 
@TGxMaddawg138 has been with the Coding Team for a few months, but was also with the coding team during his previous stent in TG.
Here is what he has to say about the team:
"So what I like about the team is that I get to work with Biggy and Hobo as well as the rest of the Web Team and being able to figure out little problems when they arise and being able to go and fix them when needed.  Plus I get a cool looking badge on my profile as well!  😆
The biggest thing that I do right now is focus on Web Tickets and work on the backend of the forum software and fix any issues that may arise, such as permission issues, managing different role permissions/limits etc and then whatever tasks Biggy/Hobo decide they want/need me to do.  It also lets me practice more on my coding ability and get better at doing some of the little things that I haven't been able to do as much since I got my Associates in Computer Networking over 10 years ago."
If interested, apply by clicking HERE!

Do you have experience in creating graphics? Do you enjoy being able to be creative by bringing people's ideas to life? We are in need of Digital Media Team members to help create signatures, article images, squad/section banners, avatars, etc. Amount of time needed to dedicate to this position depends on tickets that come in and projects that are going on. 
@Osiris has been with the Digital Media Team a few times during his three years in TG.
Here is what he has to say about the team:
"I enjoy working in the DMT because I like to be able to give back to the community through a creative medium. I run a graphics shop as well. Which even though is fairly new I try to get the turnaround rate in a few days."
Here is a recent signature (resized for the purpose of this article) that he created:

If interested, apply by clicking HERE!

Would you like to write articles, create videos, conduct podcasts about TG or gaming news? Are you interested, but are worried about your writing capability? We have an editor that can assist! We are in need of News Team members to help spread the word! Amount of time needed to dedicate this time is being able to complete two tasks a month. You can write about things of your choosing or we can help give you ideas. As breaking news comes through in the gaming industry, you may occasionally be assigned an article, but most of the time, you get to pick!
@ItzKieren has been on the news team several times during his TG tenures. 
Here is what he has to say about the team:
"I enjoy being in the know, getting to receive the latest gaming related news and to research and share my experience and pass on the knowledge to an amazing community."
If interested, apply by clicking HERE!

Do you enjoy streaming your games? Do you already have followers on your personal account? We are in need of streamers to join our Stream Team! Amount of time required is at least 2 hours per week. TG Rules and Regulations must be respected. 
@TG Datdamsniper has been a member of the team for about 8 months. 
Here is what he has to say about the team:
"I enjoy being on the Stream Team because it allows me to help spread Tactical Gaming in other ways besides just recruiting in game. I find that the Stream Team is a way to put a face to the members of TG especially during the charity events the Stream Team runs as these are always a good time for everyone, and let's us interact with fellow TG members in ways we can't in game while supporting awesome causes!
 I personally tend to stream Rocket League mostly as it is one of my stronger games skill wise,  but being in the Vanguard I also am looking to use the platform as a way of showing off other games in our division and help build them with the ultimate goal of pushing out divisions to help strengthen TG."
If interested, apply by clicking HERE!
All of the above positions are the ones that you can hold in addition to the position you are currently in.

The Training Office requires a lot more time and dedication than the above, so that is why you would be required to leave your squad, battalion, or division staff position to join. The training office does many different tasks. A few of them are: assists with new recruits, ensures current staff are trained properly, assist with creating callouts and ATC's, and many more things. If you like being able to work with others, this could be a great position for you!
@TG RateMyGame has been an Assistant Trainer for just under one year. He started in Escape from Tarkov, but then transferred to CoD.
Here is what he has to say about the Training Office:
"Being in the TO has a lot of jobs. Firstly the TO is the first point of contact for all new recruits upon registering for TG any questions or queries they may have. Most of our work is on the forums, we create and update all the documents needed for the divisions. This includes the Squad Training Manual, Division Map Callouts, and ATC's, I could go on. On top of this we also make sure that all staff within our respective division have completed the required tests for that role as well as assist staff in all matters regarding training. I enjoy being in the TO because it not only challenges me with thinking of new ideas but to work with the wonderful staff within the CoD Division making the division a better place for all our CoD members."
Currently, we have several open positions within the Training Office. If you are interested, please apply:
TW Head Trainer
TW Vanguard Assistant Trainer
Arma Assistant Trainer
Halo Assistant Trainer
LoL Assistant Trainer
If you are interested in any of the positions, but have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to myself (@TG HSquared) for Coding, Digital Media, News, and Stream Team positions. For the Training Office openings please reach out to your CoC or @TG Killswitch. We look forward to seeing your applications!

Halo Infinite Desync Is Being Fixed!

As some of you may be aware, especially if you are playing a lot of Halo Infinite, there is a huge issue with the game's latency from you to the server and to everyone else in the game.
343 industries have decided to give us a lot of in depth details on why the desync is there, and how they are mitigating its effects right now. There is a new patch and in the future there will be even more patches.
Some of the issues that occur from this include being shot around corners, shot registration, phasing through enemies, and a permanent desync which puts you in a completely different place than where the server thinks you are.
The below video will deep dive into everything covered in the blog post so you know exactly what's going on right now and in the future surrounding this issue.

Humble Bundle: Epic Celebration

We have the return of the weekly Humble Bundle news thread!!
In each week's edition, I'll be informing you all about new bundles, deals, and updates for one of our favourite bundle sites.
Humble Bundle has been around now for 11 years, offering the community steal worthy deals in the name of supporting charities.
Grabbing yourself a bundle for significantly cheaper than RRP, to which proceeds go to the supporting charity of the bundle.
It's just a no brainer, grab games, software and tools in different bundle each month and pay as much as you want! 
This deal is in celebration of Humble Bundles celebrational del with Epic Games.
Epic now has a Launcher App dedicated to Humble Bundle, for quicker, easier access to see their deals and offers on their platform.
So, what can you expect in this deal?

1 Item for $0.99 (£0.73) 
Shakedown: Hawaii - Top down arcade Indie title on the Epic Games Store

3 Items for $12.07 (£8.89)
The Last Campfire - An Adventure, story driven puzzle title
What The Golf? -  Silly physics based golf title
+ Including items in the previous Bundle

7 Items for $15.01 (£11.05)
Saints Row: The Third Remastered  -  Remastered version of the classic game, Saints Row 3
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning  -  Intense RPG with stunning visuals and refined gameplay
Mortal Shell  -  Deep action RPG that tests your sanity 
Scarf  -  Adventure, puzzle, 3D platform experience
+ Including items in the previous Bundle
Please Note: These titles are only redeemable on the Epic Games Launcher, PC only.
Link --> Epic Celebration Bundle
Charity: This bundle supports NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF).
The LDF is America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, LDF seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans. LDF also defends the gains and protections won over the past 80 years of civil rights struggle and works to improve the quality and diversity of judicial and executive appointments.
What will you be picking up?
Let us know in the comments below!

Nintendo Direct: What we know.

Nintendo held a livestream in February showcasing their much anticipated titles, updates, and releases for 2022. The livestream was 40 minutes long and had tons of information for the community.
Here is a collection of the most important reveals from the stream;
Mario Strikers: Battle League
Mario's soccer spinoff is a welcome return, a sequel to the GameCube original which looks to include the same wacky gameplay that has the blend of Mario Kart but for soccer. Supports up to 8 players on the same console or through Online Play.
Launch: June 10th 2022

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster course pass
Mario Kart 8 is receiving a huge increase of new content, including 48 new tracks which will be released in waves over the next 2 years. This DLC which also features remastered classic tracks, will double the size of the game when it's all released.
Launch: First wave March 18th 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports
This reveal is a new take on the formidable release of Wii Sports, It will feature a lot of similar sports that we saw in Wii Sports along with some new additions to really heat this title up. Motion controls and direct interactivity will set this up to be a huge release for the Switch.
Launch: April 29th 2022
Xenoblade Chronicles 3
This sci-fi role playing series is a hit return with it's third entry into this series. It'll be a continuation of the former, with continuation of the story, abilities, and locations. Questions will be answered when this comes out on the Switch.
Launch: September 2022
Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes
Xenoblade is not the only title releasing it's third entry in the series. Fire Emblem is too receiving a sequel, a new game set in the same period as the 2019 release, Three Houses.
Launch: June 24th 2022
Advance Wars 1+2: Re-boot Camp
This is a remastered bundle of the first two games which was delayed back in late 2021, and it is set to release on the Switch.
Launch: April 8th 2022
No Man's Sky
Since it's initial release back in 2016. No Man's Sky has seen huge changes over the years, which has really set itself into its own league; it has come a long way from it's initial release. Fixing bugs, tons of new content, ships, and planets to explore. This is surely turning out to be once again, the hot title of the year, especially for Nintendo fans.
This award winning, space exploration title is now going portable, to be released on the Nintendo Switch.
Launch: Summer 2022

Kirby and the Forgotten Land
This post-apocalyptic Kirby spinoff introduces a brand new feature, allowing Kirby to... swallow a car?
This platform adventure title is set in new lands, new adventures, and a new story to explore and run manic with the new mode: Mouthful Mode.
Launch: March 25th 2022
Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition
This announcement shows that a lot of returning classic titles are coming to the Switch, such as both Portal games, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Assassins Creed Trilogy, and  remake mech game, Front Missions 1st along with the release of this cult RPG, Chrono Cross and it's incredible soundtrack on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.
Launch: Portal: (Later this year), Star Wars: Force Unleashed: April 20th, Assassins Creed Trilogy: February 17th and Chrono Cross: April 7th
A lot of exciting new titles releasing through-out the year for Nintendo, but that's not all!
Earthbound is coming to switch online!

That's right, more classics are coming back, Nintendo's online subscription service is receiving the addition of Earthbound and it's prequel, Earthbound Origins, both of which are available now!
What are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below! 


Halo Infinite has been given a long awaited Big Team Battle patch which fixes the playlist, allowing players to find games again.
On top of that the playlist has been given gameplay and setting changes to help the matches feel more alive and like an actual "Big Team Battle".
Separate to the Big Team Battle changes, Oddball, an arena gamemode, has been given rule changes and a ranked FFA gamemode has been added to the custom gamemode list, perhaps hinting at it's addition to the matchmaking lineup.
Be sure to check out the below video to get all of the in-depth details on the update!

Halo Division Returns!

January 25, 2022, marks a very exciting time for us here at TG, many of you are aware of the Vanguard Division in both TW & TA are housed for games which are both new and old to be apart of this community and a chance to grow and become a fully fledge division with enough members and commitment. 
Well, on January 25th, we saw Halo Division graduated from a couple of squads in TW's Vanguard and granted their own Division! Halo Division is back within TG, and at the helm as BGC is @TG Schmitty, who was a member of Halo Division back in 2019. Schmitty brings with him long line of experience, from Squad Staff in the former PUBG division to Division Staff over at APEX. Halo Division will be a smooth train on it's journey with this individual at the helm.
For a better part of a year, Halo Squads in Vanguard have grown steadily and held itself as a respectable place within Vanguard, now with the transition into a Dedicated Division, the member's inside can stretch their legs and continue building what was once, TG's greatest's Divisions and one which TG was well known for it's Roll of Honor.

This division has a history of competitiveness both inside and largely outside of TG;
Halo Division has an entry of 16 competitive awards from it's initial entry back in 2009 which include 5 first place finishes. These are squad awards and a few are individual Member recognitions within this time. 
This division has many members who are long standing individuals of this community, we cannot wait to this them come together and continue the legacy which is Halo Division!
Here is a statement from @TG Schmitty ;
"It is so great to have Halo back as a standalone division! With it’s storied past for many TG veterans, it was only appropriate for us to bring it back to life. We were all surprised to see Infinite drop in November earlier than expected, but were ready to get to work. With the release of Infinite we hit up transfers from other divisions, members coming off leave, and spamming in game recruits. We started out with 5 guys in 1st battalion and 5 guys in 2nd battalion. Now, we have over 10 guys in each battalion to make 3 squads total. We have a mix of old faces, new faces, Onyx sweats and Silver ranked members which makes for great fun and learning. We have a bright future ahead with the game and our solid staff in place leading the troops.
Looking ahead, we have a lot of exciting things planned. In February we will have watch parties for the HCS competitions. This will be a relaxed watch party where we can enjoy watching the pros play, pick up some tips and tricks while having fun with each other. Even though we do not have the Forge mode in game yet, we will be planning to start putting together ATC’s for the division as it will be a great way to add competition and fun since the playlists are a little light on game modes at the moment.
One of our Halo members also just joined the New Teams, @TheHal09uy. He has been making videos for the Division with callouts and any game related patch updates and will be a great asset in using this avenue on the Youtube channel to bring more exposure to the division and TG.
@ItzBeeDee also has been streaming most practice nights and will be another key for exposure for us growing and improving.
There is also a competitive drive between some of the squads and requests to start making preparations to bring back our CS squads! We even have a Halo tournament planned in the works for those inside TG as well as inviting outside teams. All of this success would not have been possible without the support of all our fellow squad members, dedicated staff and support from TWC and TGEC. We gave every challenge our best shot"
We wish them the very best of luck.
Give Every Challenge Your Best Shot!

ATO- TW's Newest Division

Tactical Warfare is proud to welcome Halo Division back as a stand alone division! Thanks to the recent release of Halo: Infinite and our dedicated members, we have been able to once again have Halo as a division! 
Upon passing the requirements to move out of Vanguard @mikepaluso awarded some of the hard working members and staff for their dedication to Halo. Here is a special note from Mike to the members along with some awesome medals that have been awarded:
For those that know me, I have  been around for a long time. I got recruited playing Far Cry 2 for the XBox 360 back in 2008. I have been in and out of TG for over 14 years, and this community is and has been more than friends, it has been family. I have been many positions including the DO of Gears of War (which was the division I was with for probably 4 years of my TG career). My last major stint with TG ended up being with the Destiny Division. I asked for a HD because as most of us do, we get burnt out. My good friend @Typicalveteran- pm'ed one day last year and got me back by pitching Escape from Tarkov. For those that don't know Vet, he could sell snow to an Eskimo. I left Tarkov to pursue this amazing idea that TG has never done, a division where games are birthed and where games also come to die. So long story short the Vanguard was created. We started the Vanguard with Outriders, SW Squadrons, and I believe Halo with 3 or 4 people. After a bit I was promoted to BGC. I was given a task to make Halo a division again from Vet. Keep in mind this was no easy task. However we did it! Of all  the years and things I have done, this was the most gratifying moment of my TW/TG career. To see something grow from nothing to a division has been amazing. I have had the best staff I have ever worked with. From Battalion all the way down to squads. @TG Datdamsniper and @TG Schmitty, you two are two of the most amazing TG friends I have ever had as well the best partners I have had the opportunity to work with. I want to thank you both for all of your hard work. @TG Schmitty I am sure you will continue to work and make Halo grow. @TG Datdamsniper I am happy you are staying to continue in Vanguard, and hopefully we can continue our work and keep the culture we have created. @TG Shaumarai (I'll see you at Distill XD) and @TG T1ger you two are amazing and have been the backbone for 1st Battalion. @TheHal09uy and @Savior Self IRL, Schmitty has done nothing but talk about great things about you two and I am positive you will grow 2nd Batt. As for all the squad members, we couldn't have done this without you all. I want to thank you all for your hard work, showing up for practices, and even though I am trash letting me get kills on you even when you were carrying me 95% of the time. @TG HSquared and @TG HaloHobo thank you both for the guidance and advice you both gave me to help me as well as the friendships you two have given me to help achieve this moment of awesomeness. Ok so now to the good stuff
To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG Shaumarai and @TG T1ger
From @TG Datdamsniper had some kind words for the 1st Batt SS."@TG Shaumarai's dossier may read six years with Tactical Gaming as of this month,  but he has spent much more time with the Halo Division going back to the Tactical Warfare days when Halo was one of the largest divisions, and throughout those years his dedication to the Halo has never waivered.  He has spent a large majority of his time in a staffing positions and all of his time in game teaching those hard to hit jumps,  and callouts of all of the maps.  Helping fellow teammates elevate their skill and gameplay.  TG Shaumarai has been with the Halo squads from some of the highest highs to some of the lowest lows,  but he has always been reliable to stay strong, rebuild and strengthen his squads and members. This is but a small thanks for his dedication and commitment to the Halo squads and to the future of the Halo Division. When reading over the Commander's award description "recognizing an individual  exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in influencing the evolution, advancement, and well being of his or her Tactical Warfare Battalion" I could think of no one else,  but @TG T1ger.  T1ger has shown dedication and commitment to his role of Squad Assistant since December of 2020 and throughout that period he was always reliable in getting the PB, PPR and ATS reporting done in a timely manner ensuring that his squad members received the proper credit for practices along with his dedication to attending practices and building the Halo Division.  I look forward to seeing what TG T1ger achieves in his new role as Squad Lead of Pandemic
TWC does award One (1) Instance each of the Medal of Excellence, Leadership Award Medal , Commander's Award Medal, and Achievement Award Medal

@TG Schmitty and @TG Datdamsniper
I love you guys!  You both deserve so much more, so I will give the Paluso Medal XD It's not so much medal but a virtual hug. I love you guys!
TWC does award One (1) Instance each of the Medal of Excellence and Achievement Award Medal

@TG Schmitty had something to say, "Beedee has been with or a part of Halo for most of his 10 years in TG. Whenever SS were unable to make practice, he has covered for SS by running practice and even writing up PPR's. His competitive drive helps bring the best out in us while playing and was a part in helping with getting callouts setup. He is always at practice and a lot of times beats SS to the chat and makes sure to remind them he beat them too 😛 Beedee has been the glue to our battalion and without people like him, this transition to our own division would never have happened!"
TWC does award One (1) Instance each of the Medal of Excellence

"Halo guy stepped up for us when the need for SS arose. He took the role on and has been such an asset to our battalion. Through his leadership, he helped devise Youtube videos to go over callouts for each map and advise us all of any changes in game or coming soon to the game. Halo Guy has done a great job in catering to the competitive members of our battalion along with those who just enjoy playing the game with each other to help us grow and succeed to where we are today and improving for the future!" - @TG Schmitty
TWC does award One (1) Instance each of the Leadership Award Medal

Like I said, without you all we couldn't have done this. Thank you and I wish you the best and will miss you guys  Don't be afraid to shoot me an invite if I am on. I am happy to be your meat shield all day 
@Haos1693, @Juicy Caucasian, @K0NV1CTXx, @TG Valhalla, @TGxMaddawg138, @TheGamerBiker, @TG OgreNade, @Iselas, @TG 1LLMAT1C, @TG Cynik, @TG Tekno, @TheHal09uy, @Savior Self IRL, @ItzBeeDee, @jackonen, @Jackosaurus117, @Myriadic, @ODST Badmoon, @VoidAmy18, and @x Vindetta
TWC does award One (1) Instance of the Achievement Award Medal

These appointees have displayed exemplary behavior by  helping Halo division reclaim its title as an “Official Division of Tactical Warfare” status inside of Tactical Warfare.
The following are descriptions of jobs performed by CoC members:
The Squad Staff consistently and continuously displayed improvement in all aspects of battlefield operations, training, and weapons skills. This included instilling dedication into their members and constantly displaying what Tactical Warfare is all about. Their improvement was sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Warfare service.
In addition, the Battalion and TO Staff continuously displayed consistent and reliable service within the Division, by displaying indisputable exemplary performance in all phases of communication, training, leadership, and (unofficial) competition, as evidenced by the Division’s achievement of “Official Division of Tactical Warfare” status.
Furthermore, the Division Staff consistently displayed a conspicuous ability to lead troops on or off the battlefield, through efforts which were sustained, direct and of a consequential nature, and which contributed to the betterment of the individuals’ Battalions, Brigades and Division. The individuals’ acts of leadership were sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Warfare service.
Given under my hand at the Tactical Warfare Command, this the Twenty- Fifth day of January, Two Thousand and Twenty-Second

Brigadier General
Division Officer
Tactical Warfare Vanguard Division
I am looking forward to working with all of you guys to make Halo an amazing Division again! Halo Division was my first home in TG when I joined back in 2015, and I am super excited that it is back!!!! Keep up the great work!- Squared

Microsoft To Acquire Activision Blizzard

On Tuesday (18/01/22) Microsoft announced a plan to acquire Activision Blizzard in one of the largest tech deals in recent years, a staggering amount of $68.7 Billion.
It is set to boost Microsoft's gaming revenue as it set's to be the company's third largest.
This deal means that Microsoft will inevitably own Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Star Craft so on and so forth. Essentially they become the soul owners and right holders of every own branded game released by Activision and Blizzard.
The CEO, Bobby Kotick, will remain in his current position which is set to cause some controversial statements as the CEO had recently been the centre of multiple actions so far, but under Microsoft guidelines, could this lease new life into the company?

A statement followed by Microsoft's gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, said the following;
"We believe that creative success and autonomy go hand-in-hand with treating every person with dignity and respect. We hold all teams, and all leaders, to this commitment."
The agreement is pending regulatory review and Activision Blizzard shareholder approval, with the deal set to be fully completed by 2023. Both Activision and Microsoft gaming are set to operate independently until the deal is finalized. 
Gaming has been the main focus for Microsoft over recent years, with successes of their newly released consoles, video game titles, and incorporation of PC and Consoles alike, the demand has only grown, to which grants the company the opportunity to expand and form a larger network across other studios. 
Microsoft has a big vision for the future, to expand into more tech research and to develop new ideas and bring new and exciting titles and development to current and next gen.
What is your view on Microsoft taking on Activision Blizzard?
Comment below! 
Sourced from CNN Business

A Decade in TG

For many of us, we join a gaming community with the hopes of being in a central place to enjoy video games with new people, hearing their stories and making new friends.
Some don't make it a year due to multiple reasons, and even fewer make it 5 years at least here in TG.
Today, I bring an exclusive interview with a member who had recently achieved their 10 Year Millstone here within our very own walls.
@ItzBeeDee Formally known as TG Unggoy, was a young, enthusiastic individual who was brought onto our rosters and become part of the pillars on which this community defines itself.
I had the pleasure of asking him a few questions, here is how it went.
1) - When and who recruited you into TG and why did you join?
I still remember the day Jackonen recruited me like it was yesterday. Little 14 year old me was casually playing some Halo Reach, and if I remember correctly it was Invasion on the map Spire. Afterwards I got a recruitment message from Jackonen, and I was instantly sold.
2) - What did you think of the community 10 years ago when you first joined?
It was pretty imposing at first for little 14 year old me because of the bootcamp, military ranks, the whole CoC structure, all the (voice) rules, etc. TG was far larger back then as well so seeing dozens of filled squads initially made me feel rather small and insignificant, but all the members and squad staff I met were very welcoming and I quickly felt at home.
3) - What changes have impacted you the most?
I wouldn't necessarily say "impacted", but two changes I felt were for the better for TG were the change from Tactical Sports into Tactical Adventures and the addition of the Vanguard division. TA allowed a far wider variety of games to become supported by TG, while the Vanguard division made it easier for games to either work on becoming new divisions or for old divisions stay within TG when their member count would drop. I feel those changes should have been made long ago as numerous divisions have been closed in the past while they still had a small group of dedicated members, because they were "too small" at the time. This unfortunately led to a large portion of the members of such divisions to leave TG entirely. I'm glad there's more room to work with now.
4) - What would you like to see return?
I'd wish for two very different things to return. First of, there used to be a position within TG called the "Forum Contributor". This was for members who most often had no time to attend practises but still wanted to feel part of the group and engage in forum activities. I've even been a Forum Contributor for nearly half a year at one point because I started studying and just couldn't make practise times, but still wanted to keep up with TG when I did have some spare time outside of practises. I don't remember the reason that was given for the removal of the position, but I always felt it was a good way for busy members to still feel part of the community and consequently provide more incentive for wanting to return when they do have more time.
The second thing would be TG-wide activities. I always enjoyed the big activities such as retro-game night where we'd get to meet and play with members from other divisions, and also a lot of the higher CoC. With the newly released Halo Infinite being free-to-play and cross-platform on PC and Xbox, I'm sure we could arrange something. I'd love to take on a team of Biggy, Hobo, Vet and Epsi 
5) - Is there anything in TG you not yet done and would like to try out?
Having been around for over a decade now, I've also had plenty of time to fill various positions. I've gone from Squad Member all the way up to Division Officer, spent years as Assistant Trainer for various divisions, worked as mentor and ATC instructor, worked for the News Team a couple times and even ran a class for the TLDC once. Position-wise there isn't much more I would want to do, but I'd love to bring back the Competitive Squad Fallout to Halo division and be part of that, actively taking part in competitions.
6) - What makes you stay here at TG?
Without a doubt the people. Since day 1 I've made numerous friends here, some of which I still actively play games with (within TG) to this day. I hope to maintain those contacts far into the future.
7) - Anything else you like to add?
Thank you! Thank you Jackonen for recruiting me 10 years ago. Thank you to all the friends I've made throughout all these 10 years, even though we may not speak as often anymore. Thank you TG Biggy for creating TG and letting me be a part of this community's history, even though we've barely spoken in all those 10 years. Thank you to every single member, new and old, for making TG what it is today. I hope you all will enjoy your time here as much as I have. See you on the battlefield 
We love to hear those individuals stories they have endured here within this community. We thrive on providing to you all, giving back what you give to those who organise various events. The joy we all felt playing in organised competitions, various tournaments and fun fill throw back nights.
Thank you Unngoy for telling your story, and we wish you many further amazing years here within this great community.

Halo Infinite Review

Were not late to this, we simply arrive in style. Speaking of, if you were a fan of old school Arena battles such as Unreal Tournament or OG enough to have witnessed the classic Halo 2 fabled gameplay 20 odd years ago, this is something that will be up your ally!
Halo Infinite is the latest Halo title to roll out of 343's studio Set on yet another beautiful Ring planet where master chief teams up with a Nervy pilot and a chirpy new AI to battle a reengage group call "The Banished".
Main missions are now threaded through the lush open expanse, comparable of the Far Cry titles where you can tackle side quests such as Hostage rescue and claim bases that allow you to fast travel between.
But enough of me blabbering on about how I think the game is, I asked 3 incredible TG members a few questions on their experience they've had with the title so far. 
Thank you to @mikepaluso BGC of Vanguard Division, @TG Schmitty XO of Vanguard Division and @dustylines SL of Avalanche Squad of HALO in Vanguard Division.
1) - How much Game time have you racked up since it's early release?
Mikepaluso - I have logged about 15-20 hours with the beta/multiplayer. Due to time and IRL its been a little hard to find a solid chunk of time to sit down and play for hours at a time lol
TG Schmitty - According to Halo Stat tracker I have 16 in game multiplayer hours put in so far.
Dustylines -  So far I have managed to rack up 40 hours. Which is lower than it should be really but I have been trying to finish of Death Stranding before the Halo campaign is released. I have failed spectacularly.
2) - How does it compare to previous Halo Titles?
Mikepaluso - It compares very well to halo 3 in my opinion. However things that are different are the weapon spawns. They are constantly rotating and you honestly don't know what you are going to get. There are a ton of weapons now. The pistol is definitely not as op as it was in halo 5. However it seems they made the assault rifle more viable in my opinion. The Battle rifle is still awesome. The needler is still as fun as ever. Even the weapons that are new to me are fun to use. Best part is there is a shooting range so you can try everything and learn how to use everything properly and efficiently.
TG Schmitty - First of all, It is just refreshing to have a new iteration of Halo since it has been 6 years since Halo 5 was last released. While this game was designed by 343 instead of Bungie, it plays like the latter titles of Halo 4 or 5 with some of the movements. The Battle Rifle shoots just a little slower than previous titles so it took a little adjusting to get used to and the assault rifle is a little deadlier of a weapon than past titles. I am more of a purist and love Halo 3. I think that was the most complete title in terms of replay-ability. You had an awesome campaign, great multiplayer maps and MLG support as well as endless amounts of designing time using the Forge!
Dustylines - Favourably. It sounds hugely clichéd but it really does feel like a blend of classic Halo and a modern FPS arena shooter. Finally! I think people who stopped being fans after Halo 3 will find the gameplay base very similar. Equal starts for all and no armour abilities. Back to the old school equipment instead, positioned on their spawns around the map like power weapons. Map control is hugely important. Yet it has that ultra modern, sleek feel. Movement is amazing, fast and smooth. Combine that with a grapple or repulsor and there are all kinds of moves to be discovered.
3) - In your own opinion, what could be improved?
Mikepaluso - As of what could be improved so far. First off the aim assist on controller is so op. Coming from me that is kind of an odd thing to say. Especially playing on consoles for my entire life and switch over to KBM.
I find that being a pretty large disadvantage. The major downfall is the season pass tier. It takes forever to level up. Albeit it's all for cosmetics and doesn't effect anything weapons' wise, seems like it is going to take forever to move through the season rankings. 
TG Schmitty - I would have to say the disconnecting issue by far is the most egregious fix needed. Almost every practice someone in the squad will have the game crash in the middle of the match. While we play a lot of ranked matches, there have been no provisions by the developer 343 to allow you to reconnect to the match. Not only do you lose a lot of ranking points, but your team is pretty much assured a loss if it is an objective mode with them being 1 man down. Plus, if this happens to you more than 1 time you will become banned for an unknown amount of time before you can queue up again and play.
Dustylines - There's always room for improvement. This title does an excellent job of helping new players get to grips with the basics and learn the weapons etc. which is pretty essential if you want to encourage as many people to play your free to play game.
4) - What's your favourite aspect of Halo Infinite? 
Mikepaluso - So far I think its pretty amazing. I think it is beautiful and crisp. The controls are amazing. Doesn't seem buggy at all. I am excited to see what the full release and campaign are going to be.
TG Schmitty - I love the fact that we have a new Halo to explore and master. Having played out the other franchise titles over the past 20 years it gets tiresome playing the same maps with the same strats over and over. I like the new challenge of power items randomly occurring in certain matches (such as overshield spawning instead of the camo and vice versa.) I also enjoy the ranked system that allows you to play with others of your skill level and that it also does not necessarily punish you if you lose. The system takes into account your objectives obtained, Kill Death(K/D), assists and what skill levels you went up against besides just winning or losing the match. I have had instances where I had a positive k/d and was matched against diamond or onyx rated players and lost the match but still gained ranking points because I did my part to help the team positively.
Dustylines - The same aspect that has been there throughout every Halo title. The ability to pull off the truly spectacular, and have me jumping out of my god tier gaming chair whooping for joy, juxtapose with the frustration and horror as I fall off a map/sticky myself/suicide with the rockets. Infinite really gives you all the tools to enable you to pull off  the former though. Except for my god tier gaming chair. Get your own!!
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! 

It seems for a free Multiplayer there is a ton of fun to be had! If you not yet checked out the Multiplayer for Halo Infinite, I think these 3 have sold it for us to try it out!

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