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What It's Like To Be... Episode 4

What It's Like To Be...
Social Media Team Member

Hello TG and welcome to the third episode of a this series. In this series, titled 'What It's Like To Be..", I will be interviewing members of TG throughout the ranks, ranging from squad member right up to the CoC. As well as interviewing CoC members, i will also be taking the chance to interview certain members in support positions. This series will be published on a monthly basis. 
Today i had to pleasure of interviewing Brigadier General MissVendettaXO, Tactical Warfare Head Trainer. But today, we'll be focusing on her involvement in the Streaming Team.
TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to this position?
MissVendettaXO: I've always enjoyed streaming, and when I saw that TG wanted streamers I wanted to join. It's a really great opportunity to promote our divisions on a huge platform like Twitch.
TG SmokeyB: You've been in your position of Stream Team Member since August 2018. What is the main reason for serving in the position for so long?
MissVendettaXO: I really enjoy it so far, and with the success of our recent event which featured some of our stream team, I am even more excited to continue helping the team grow & raise the bar.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us the best highlight while streaming?
MissVendettaXO: The Mission 22 charity stream was by far the highlight of streaming for TG. Quite a few people streamed for that event, and the social media team was on top of promoting it. It was amazing to see different parts of TG come together for a great cause.
TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to TG when you first joined?
MissVendettaXO: I had started playing Fortnite, and I didn't have anyone to play with so I was looking for a couple people to join me. When I was directed to TG, I just loved the idea of a well-organized community where EVERYONE is welcome. As a female gamer, sometimes it can be difficult finding a place where we can fit in, and TG has really become a home for me.
TG SmokeyB: I imagine streaming can be easy and hard, can you tell us the hardest thing you had to do OR dealt with while streaming?
MissVendettaXO: Streaming for TG has been a lot of fun and I really have no complaints! But streaming in general, the hardest thing to deal with is the toxic people that come in just to harass the streamer. Thankfully with TG, we have great mods that help mitigate that.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell me a little more about your TG history? 
MissVendettaXO: I joined the Fortnite division in February 2018, and became the IN SL with only 2 other members to start. Over a few weeks, we recruited really hard (and had a lot of fun) and I was promoted to BGC of Fortnite PS4 in April 2018. In July 2018, I was promoted to DO of Fortnite. This was around the time where I decided to apply for the TG Stream team so that I could promote the Fortnite division, and recruit!  Shortly thereafter, in September 2018, Fortnite had passed trial. As a staff member this remains one of my favorite things to have been apart of.  In March 2019, I decided it was time to move over to APEX where I became the PS4 BGC and I worked my way to APEX DO in May 2019. I spent a very short amount of time as APEX DO because I was promoted to TWHT in June 2019. Right now I'm TWHT and a stream team member, and I hope to see a lot of exciting changes in the near future!
TG SmokeyB: If you could change one thing in TG, what would it be?
MissVendettaXO: I'd love to see more community-oriented events and just fun things outside of practices. Hopefully, we'll be seeing some new things soon!
TG SmokeyB: Just for fun. If you where having your last meal tomorrow, what would it be?
MissVendettaXO: I would have to have my mom's chicken cacciatore recipe which she actually makes into something more like a stew... with her "from scratch" rolls.. SO GOOD.
Thank you very much @MissVendettaXO in taking part in this interview. Sounds like fun and games for you. Plenty of work to be done, busy busy :).
The next episode in this series will be published in October, and its with a very speical person.. Wouldn't want to miss it!
Did You Enjoy The Interview?  Would You Like To Say Something To MissVendettaXO?
Comment below!

World Of Tanks - Open House

World of Tanks
Open House
Our division is going to host the largest Open House for World of Tanks this group has ever seen.
T3 - Tactical Tanking Together... and will run both Saturday September 28th and Sunday September 29th from 10AM - 5PM EST.     
This will be a major opportunity to show everyone who we are and what we can do.  This is an event designed to introduce, impress, make new friends and new contacts through this simple and free game.  We look forward to a great event marked by great attendance, fun and revelry.
This a shout out to all the TG members in other divisions.
Are you seeking a team-building exercise?   
Are you looking to build rivalries?   
Are you seeking an easy way to let off steam and just have some fun together?   
T3 and World of Tanks could be the gateway and game to answer that for you.  

Cost of entry?
Cost to download the game? 
Cost of get stuff in the game and advance? 
What’s included?
Details on how newcomers can get started, and get better, in this game, FOR FREE. All we ask is your time as we gather to play World of Tanks. Tactically. Together.
If you are interested in fielding a team to play tournament style let us know before the weekend of T3 to organize and arrange.
Thanks everyone and see you on the battlefield!
Are You Interested In Taking Part?  Never Played WoT But Want To Start?
Let us know in the comments section below!

ATO - PRO Awards

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of 
@TG SmokeyB
I hereby award one (1) Instance of the  
 Public Relations Achievement Medal

The Tactical Gaming Public Relations Achievement Medal recognizes an individual who has contributed to the continued success of the promotion growth of Tactical Gaming through competition management, written work, or video based support.
The individual’s contribution must be sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Gaming service.
This award is given by Public Relations Office staff only. Approval remains at Tactical Gaming Executive Committee level.
One (1) instance of the Tactical Gaming Achievement Medal

The Tactical Gaming Achievement Medal recognizes an individual who has consistently and continuously displayed improvement in all aspects of teamwork, communication, and training skills. Continuously going above and beyond in their assigned duties.
The individual’s contribution must be sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Gaming service.
This award is given by Tactical Gaming Executive Committee only.
The PRO Leadership team: TGxP1nkM1st, TG SmokeyB and JaiyoHD have consistently exceeded all expectations as PRO Staff. They have gone above and beyond their calls to duty as team leads, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership, enthusiasm and a work ethic that is clearly shown in the success of the PRO. Their relentless motivation and pursuit to see the PRO and TG grow together as a tight knit community is reflected in their fine work.
Each member has continuously amazed me by their initiative, desire to help others and create a strong team spirit within the PRO. The level of professionalism and amount of time that goes into every task is always displayed in their work. 
It is for these reasons The PRO leadership team are enthusiastically recommended for the Public Relations Achievement Medal and Tactical Gaming Achievement Medal.
Also would like to award

@TG Darkis
@TG Shaumarai
one (1) Instance of the  
 Outstanding Volunteer Medal

The Outstanding Volunteer Award is given to an individual who has performed outstanding volunteer service of a sustained, direct and consequential nature, to further Tactical Gaming’s cause.
While there is no specific time threshold to qualify for the Outstanding Volunteer Award, the Chain of Command (CoC) shall ensure the service to be honored merits the special recognition afforded by this award.
This award is intended to recognize exceptional volunteer work over time and not a single act or achievement.
The above mentioned members have shown a level of dedication and commitement to the PRO and its success over the course of my tenure as PRH. Their continuos pursuit for providing the community with the highest degree of content whether that be, News Articles covering the latest Gaming News or deep insights into our Community Leaders, Creative Posts on all our Social Media outlets and always on call for quick responses Or promoting our Games, divisions and legions on the Tactical Gaming Twitch Chanel. 
It is for this reason the above our highly recommended for the Outstanding Volunteer Medal
I hereby awarded one  Instance of the  
 Public Relations Achievement Medal
This is to certify that MissVendettaXO is being awarded the Tactical Gaming Public Relations Achievement Medal. Her most recent achievement  in running, organising, and coordinating the entire Mission22 Charity Stream back on the 25th of May gives her great credit and displayed and exemplary amount of professionalism, dedication, planning and perseverance in accomplishing the task. Her actions speaks louder than words and has brought the community together for a greater cause the benefits the members in TG and those outside by sharing our name to the greater gaming community. MissVendetta embodies the Tactical Gaming Ethos in every way and as such, MissVendetta is enthusiastically recommended for the Public Relations Achievement Medal.

Given under my hand Tactical Gaming Executive Committee and Public Relations Office on this 24th day of August 2019.
TG KrizZz
 Vice President
Tactical Gaming

TG SirMadness
Public Relations Head
Public Relations Office

Project Xbox Scarlett

Project: Xbox Scarlett
Codename Xbox Scarlett is due in holiday of 2020 and we can all admit that the teaser at E3 was more than impressive. However, they didn't really give us any real details on the console itself, until now.
We have been told that it is going to be more powerful than the previous generations and that it has yet another AMD concept processor in it. So why is there a post if they haven’t heard about specs? Well on August 9th the website, Windows Centra,l actually released the specs for Scarlett, and they are as follows:

Now what does all this mean? 
Well the zen 2 based CPU has been rumored to be equivalent to either the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X or the AMD Threadripper 2 2990WX, however based on possible pricing for the Scarlett the Threadripper would be too expensive meaning that it would be a sister CPU to the Ryzen 7.
Graphics Card
So not only are we getting a CPU from AMD but we are getting a GPU as well. So the custom Navi-based GPU will most likely be a sister GPU to the “Nvidia Killer” AMD Navi 23 which is also set to be released in 2020 so unfortunately I have no reference as to how powerful it may be or a price comparison. Although I cannot provide the minor talking points I am excited to announce that it will come with Ray-Tracing which is currently a first for consoles and is currently only confirmed on the Xbox Platform.
So it’s very unsurprising that Microsoft will be using GDDR6 RAM but the only questions that will be answered with time are: who is the RAM manufacturer? and how many GBs are we expecting?
Everything Else
So it won't come as a surprise if Microsoft's entry level Scarlett comes with a 1TB SSD as games are evolving and require a lot more space. Also you probably won’t be bottlenecked if you still haven’t upgraded to a 4/8K TV as anyone who owns the Xbox One X already knows because it still supports lower tier TVs and monitors.
The Price
On a less nerdy and more adult note, we can probably expect to see the Scarlett price in at a solid $500 just like the Xbox One X did on its release date, but please don't hold me to that as it is just a rough guess on my part.
Many thanks for reading this article and I shall be bringing you more news about the Scarlett as it comes.
Looking forward to the Scarlett?  Will you be buying one?
Let us know in the comments section below!

The Start of a Competitive Journey ~ Virus Squad

The Start of a Competitive Journey ~ Virus Squad
Revolution eSports is a team based Overwatch community which is currently running their first season of the Revolution Esports competitive leagues. They currently have three Overwatch leagues running, Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3. Virus ST squad is currently competing in Division 3 having filled for another team. The league started on the 25th of June however Virus has only been competing for the past four weeks. Currently Virus has 11 map wins, 13 map losses and 3 match wins and 3 match losses. In the Revolution eSports “seed” system they are sitting at 6/8 however they have one more game to play. Here is an interview with the Squad Leader xxMrPostman and the Squad Assistant Govan.
How did you come across Revolution eSports Overwatch League? What attracted you to compete?
xxMrPostman: I put out a Looking for Scrim post on another Discord server, and one of the admins of Revolution messaged me and asked if we would be willing to fill a spot in their D3 league. I talked to the team and we all felt like it was time we became a more competitive squad to help us learn more and test ourselves.
Govan: Honestly, I did not do much in this area. We had been discussing participating in amateur competitive leagues for a few weeks and had mainly been focused on Scrim matches. I had just been complaining to Postman about how hard it was to find reliable scrim partners (jokingly of course).
After my little rant about finding scrim partners Postman said he would find the next one….and after a quick post in another discord he was approached by an amateur esports league that needed a new and established team to round out their Division 3 roster. It worked out well I’d say! When it comes to Overwatch the game is at its best when it is 6v6. Custom matches where 2 teams face off… Team vs team is where the game is most fun and most competitive. People are more focused in these types of games.
Is this the first league or competitive event that you have taken apart in as a team?
xxMrPostman: Yes this is the first League we have competed in outside of scrims during practice times.
Govan: For Virus squad this is the first official competitive league we have participated. Prior to this it was just random scrimmages against other unnamed teams.

How has the league been going for you guys so far? What stage are you currently at in the league?
xxMrPostman: The League has been going great we have learned some things about our squad and some focus points that need adjusting. We would have never found these things out if it wasn't for the loses we have had so far. Currently we are 3-3 for Match win/loss and 11-13 for Map win/loss. We have 1 more game in this season before we start tournaments.
Govan: The league has been great! Its an excellent place to put our skills and strategies to the test as well as learn and grow as a team. We are currently participating in the first season and stage in Revolution Esports for Division 3.
When you are preparing and competing in these games, what are the most important factors that you concentrate on?
xxMrPostman: High communication and Positive energy. We like to keep our comms as high as we can so everyone is talking and is hard focused on the match, and we like to keep positive energy flowing to improve our overall gameplay and it keeps comms flowing well.
Govan: For myself, I want to see the team show up with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm. Attitude is the most important part. We’ll win some games and we’ll lose some games. That is part of competition. I want people to have fun while competing because if you are not enjoying the game while playing at your best then why are you playing. The goal is not to bring frustration into games. Win or lose people play their best when they know the team is trying their best. Good communication, good callouts, and positive attitudes!
What is the future for the Virus squad after the league? Any plans yet?
xxMrPostman: After this Season ends we plan on competing again in the same league next season when they start it up, but until then in the off-season we are going to hard focus on some points of improve to better ourselves for next season.
Govan: For both Postman and I, we want to see Virus to continue to get better and continue to compete. So far Revolution Esports has been a place to learn and grow and the plan is to continue after this season is over. 
Special thanks to @xxMrPostman and @Govan for taking part and lastly to @TG HSquared for helping to organize it!

League of Legends eSports Roundup and Preview

League of Legends eSports Roundup and Preview
Last weekend we had the penultimate week of the LEC, week 8, and the quarterfinals of the LCS where we saw Clutch Gaming take on Team Solo Mid and Optic Gaming take on Counter Logic Gaming.
LEC Week 8 Day 1
Schalke 04 vs Misfits Gaming
Schalke 04 Blue Side: Odoamne - Gangplank, Trick - Sejuani, Abbedagge - Aatrox, Upset - Lucian, Ignar - Thresh
Misfits Red Side: Dan Dan - Vladimir, Kirei - Gragas, Lider - Yasuo, Hans Sama - Kai’sa, Doss - Alistar
In the 5th minute Doss engages onto Upset and Ignar however they turn it around when Trick comes down to grab first blood onto Doss. Schalke proceeded to take an Infernal drake before rotating bot lane where Trick got a triple kill however Misfits traded three kills back onto Trick, Upset and Ignar. In the 15th minute Schalke picked up their second Infernal drake of the game. A minute later Schalke picked up two kills in the bot lane on Kirei and Lider and then proceeded to take the first turret of the game. Misfits pick up an Infernal drake in the 20th minute however they pay the price for it with their bot lane and Lider dying which results in Schalke taking Nashor. In the 28th minute Misfits lose a 5 vs 5 getting aced, only killing Upset and losing the top and mid lane inhib turrets and the top lane inhibitor. At this point Schalke is in full control and proceed to taking the Nashor shortly after and a Cloud drake minutes later. Schalke then proceeds to siege the bottom lane inhib turret and take it along with the third and final inhib. Schalke then proceed to kill four and end the game.
SK Gaming vs Team Vitality
SK Gaming Blue Side: Sacre - Rumble, Selfmade - Rek’sai, Jenax - Corki, Crownshot - Lucian, Dreams - Yuumi
Team Vitality Red Side: Cabochard - Mordekaiser, Mowgli - Lee Sin, Jiizuke - Sylas, Attila - Xayah, Jactroll - Rakan
The action in this game only started in the 11th minute when Mowgli and Jiizuke engaged onto Selfmade in the bottom side jungle. Jenax was quick to aid his jungler and both top laners decided to TP down. Selfmade proceeded to get first blood onto Mowgli however died rather quick after to Jiizuke. Crownshot managed to pick up two kills onto Jiizuke and Cabochard with the help of Sacre. In the 17th minute Crownshot and Dreams had rotated to the top side and taken down the first turret, Vitality responded by taking down the Cloud drake. 5 minutes later SK took an Infernal drake, shortly after a 5 vs 5 teamfight broke out in the mid lane which saw Vitality pick up 4 kills and take the mid lane tier one turret, while SK only picked up two kills. SK managed to get a sneaky Nashor in the 26th minute however SK managed to respond in a perfect manner by getting an ace on them 2 minutes later. SK managed to take a Mountain drake a couple minutes later and traded the mid inhib turret, mid inhibitor and a nexus turret for the Nashor. Vitality quickly recalled to their base and tried to force a fight onto SK in which both teams traded two for two. SK decided to keep pushing and got the kill onto Jactroll which allowed them to end the game.
Fnatic vs Excel Esports
Fnatic Blue Side: Bwipo - Gangplank, Broxah - Lee Sin, Nemesis - Cassiopeia, Rekkles - Corki, Hylissang - Pyke
Excel Esports Red Side: Expect - Aatrox, Caedrel - Sylas, Mickey - Yasuo, Jeskla - Lucian, Mystiques - Nautilus
Broxah managed to get first blood in the fifth minute with the help of Hylissang when Caedral decided to invade Broxah’s Raptors, shortly after Broxah also secured the Infernal drake for Fnatic. A couple minutes later Excel got a pick onto Hylissang which allowed them to take control of the bottom lane river and pick up an Infernal drake. In the 13th minute Fnatic’s bot lane and Bwipo managed to secure the first turret in the top lane however Bwipo ended up paying for it with his life. Fnatic managed to secure a Cloud drake and the mid lane tier one turret after Bwipo picked up a triple kill. After some turrets were traded from both teams Excel proceeded to pick up a Mountain drake in the 24th minute. In the 28th minute Fnatic proceeded to getting an ace onto Excel which resulted in them getting the Nashor buff and another Infernal drake. The Nashor buff allowed Fnatic to shortly after take both the top and bottom inhib turrets and inhibitors. In the 33rd minute, just after the Nashor buff had run out, Fnatic began to siege the mid lane inhib turret and proceeded to destroy the final inhibitor. Fnatic picked up one more Cloud drake before killing four from Excel and then ending the game in just over 35 minutes.
Splyce vs Origen
Splyce Blue Side: Vizicsacsi - Gangplank, Xerxe - Qiyana, Humanoid - Akali, Kobbe - Kai’sa, Norskeren - Braum
Origen Red Side: Alphari - Karma, Kold - Lee Sin, Nukeduck - Twisted Fate, Patrik - Varus, Mithy - Tahm Kench
Kold and Alphari start of the game by diving Vizicsacsi in the third minute to secure the first blood, 6 minutes later Origen secure the first Mountain drake of the game. Kobbe takes the first turret of the game in the 14th minute with the help of the Rift Herald. Shortly after Splyce turn around an initial engage from Origen, pick up four kills and take the Mountain drake as a reward. In the 20th minute Origen are able to secure another Mountain drake however Splyce engage on them right after and Origen end up losing four making the gold lead gap even bigger and into a Nashor for Splyce. Splyce proceeded to get another Nashor in the 28th minute and then proceeding to push mid lane taking the mid lane inhib turret along with its inhibitor, killing Patrik in the process and then ending the game in just over 30 minutes.
G2 Esports vs Rogue
G2 Esports Blue Side: Wunder - Akali, Jankos - Sejuani, Caps - Qiyana, Perkz - Varus, Mikyx - Tahm Kench
Rogue Red Side: Finn - Sylas, Inspired - Elise, Larssen - Renekton, Woolite - Kai’sa, Vander - Pyke
Wunder is gifted the first blood onto Larssen by Jankos and Caps after they had chased him down and burned his flash. Rogue are able to secure the Mountain drake in the 12th minute after prior fights for this drake. 3 Minutes later G2 secure the Rift Herald and Wunder secures the top lane turret and another 3 minutes later G2 secure the Cloud drake. At 22 minutes G2 proceed to ace Rogue and get a free Nashor as a reward, a minute later they kill Larsson and then destroy the mid lane inhib turret and the inhibitor. They then take out the rest of the team and end the game. Very dominant game by G2.
LEC Week 8 Day 2
SK Gaming vs Splyce
SK Gaming Blue Side: Sacre - Corki, Selfmade - Sejuani, Jenax - Renekton, Crownshot - Ashe, Dreams - Tahm Kench
Splyce Red Side: Vizicsacsi - Gangplank, Xerxe - Gragas, Humanoid - Sylas, Kobbe - Xayah, Norskeren - Rakan
Selfmade ganks bot with the Sejuani in the 7th minute and manages to pick up 2 kills for his team to start this game off. 6 minutes later SK picks up a kill on Vizicsacsi which allows them to pick up an Ocean drake. At 16 minutes Sacre proceeded to pick up the first turret bot side however Splyce responded by taking top turret a couple seconds later. A couple minutes later Splyce also secured the Mountain drake. 27 minutes into the game Splyce get a kill on Selfmade and go for the Nashor which they secure, they however lose Humanoid and Norskeren but kill Jenax and Crownshot. With that Nashor buff they proceed to take the bot lane inhib turret and later on the Ocean drake. 36 minutes, Splyce secures the Nashor buff again however they pay the price with their bot lane duo and Vizicsacsi falling to SK. Two minutes later SK start the Elder drake which get stolen by Xerxe, in the fight that follows SK lose four and Crownshot is the only member from Splyce to fall. They then proceed to end the game in just over 39 minutes.
Schalke 04 vs Rogue
Schalke 04 Blue Side: Odoamne - Karma, Trick - Elise, Abbedagge - Aatrox, Upset - Tristana, Ignar - Braum
Rogue Red Side: Finn - Qiyana, Inspired - Sylas, Larssen - Akali, Woolite - Kai’sa, Vander - Alistar
Schalke start of the game by picking up an Ocean drake in the 8th minute, which Rogue responded to by getting first blood onto Odoamne two minutes later. 3 minutes later Rogue secured the Infernal drake however a minute later Schalke secured the first turret in the top lane with Odoamne and Trick. In the 19th minute Rogue get a pick onto Trick and then secure the tier one mid lane turret and the Mountain drake. Schalke pick up a second Ocean drake in the 26th minute. Rogue get an extended ace in the 28th minute which leads to them getting the Nashor buff which then let them take top lane tier one turret, bottom lane tier two turret, an Ocean drake and mid lane tier two turret. Rogue get an ace shortly after and end the game in just under 36 minutes. 
Origen vs Excel Esports
Origen Blue Side: Alphari - Aatrox, Kold - Gragas, Nukeduck - Akali, Patrik - Tristana, Mithy - Nautilus
Excel Esports Red Side: Expect - Renekton, Caedrel - Jarvan IV, Mickey - Sylas, Jeskla - Kai’sa, Mystiques - Rakan
Expect finds the first blood in the third minute thanks to a brilliant flash e, q knock up by Caedrel. A couple minutes later Excel secured an Infernal drake. 14 minutes in Excel find a pick onto Kold which allows them to then go for the Mountain drake and secure it. Origen respond by taking the top and bottom lane first tier turret. Just before the 20 minute mark Origen secured an Ocean drake. 5 minutes later Origen pick up 6 kills, killing Mystiques twice which allowed them to get a free Nashor. At the 27 minute mark Nukeduck pulls three too him bot lane which allows the rest of the team to take the middle inhibitor. Seconds later Caedrel steals a Mountain drake from Origen that Excel originally started. Right after the Origen lost the Nashor buff they took the top lane inhibitor turret and 2 minutes later the top inhibitor as well, killing four and then ending the game in just under 33 minutes.
G2 Esports vs Misfits Gaming
G2 Esports Blue Side: Wunder - Soraka, Jankos - Qiyana, Caps - Azir, Perkz - Lucian, Mikyx - Yuumi
Misfits Gaming Red Side: Dan Dan - Kennen, Kirei - Xin Zhao, Lider - Sylas, Hans Sama - Xayah, Doss - Rakan
Kirei and Lider pick up first blood onto Caps in just under 3 minutes and proceed to rake up 3 more kills within the first 7 minutes dominating the early stages of the match. Hans Sama picks up the first turret in the bot lane due to G2 putting four people on top side, they eventually trade the top side turret. Moments later Jankos steals the Mountain drake from Misfits. 22 minutes in Dan Dan and Hans Sama take down the bottom lane inhibitor, however G2 trade it for the Nashor buff, a kill onto Lider and the Ocean drake. 3 minutes later G2 are able to secure the bottom lane inhibitor and take a nexus tower before killing 3 and ending the game in just over 26 minutes.
Fnatic vs Team Vitality
Fnatic Blue Side: Bwipo - Jayce, Broxah - Lee Sin, Nemesis - Corki, Rekkles - Garen, Hylissang - Yuumi
Team Vitality Red Side: Cabochard - Karma, Mowgli - Olaf, Jiizuke - Sylas, Attila - Lucian, Jactroll - Volibear
Fnatic invades Vitality’s red buff resulting in Bwipo picking up first blood onto Mowgli and Nemesis killing Attila however Broxah and Rekkles die in the process. Bwipo steals the Infernal drake from Mowgli and kills him in the 9th minute, 5 minutes later a fight breaks out for the Infernal drake which Fnatic secure along with four kills. Prior to this Jiizuke picked up the first blood onto the turret in the 12th minute. 20 minutes in Fnatic secure a Cloud drake, and 5 minutes later they pick up another one. At the 27 mark Fnatic successfully sieges the mid lane inhib turret and take the mid lane inhibitor. 3 minutes later Fnatic proceeds to get the Nashor buff and with this get the top lane inhibitor, Cloud drake, an ace onto Vitality and shortly after the Nexus, finishing the game in under 33 minutes.
CG vs TSM --- CG Win 3-1 

Game 1
TSM Blue Side: Broken Blade - Kled, Spica - Sejuani, Bjergsen - Akali, Zven - Xayah, Smoothie - Rakan
CG Red Side: Damonte - Karma, Lira - Skarner, Huni - Gangplank, Cody Sun - Sivir, Vulcan - Nautilus
In the sixth minute of the game we saw the first bit of action with a fight getting started in the mid lane with Spica getting engaged on by Vulcan and Huni in the bot side river. Both Damonte and Broken Blade teleported down, Huni proceeded to get first blood with his Gangplank onto Spica’s Sejuani however Bjergsen ended up killing Huni ending the fight with a one for one trade. In the 9th minute Lira secured the Mountain drake for CG and two minutes later Lira, Damonte and Cody Sun proceeded to take the first turret on the top lane with rift herald after securing a kill on Spica however TSM responded by taking the bot lane turret. In the 14th minute of the game Lira and Damonte got a pick onto Broken Blade in TSM’s bot side jungle allowing them to take a second Mountain drake. 5 minutes later a fight breaks out leading to the death of Broken Blade and Smoothie which allowed CG to take Nashor after, Spica died in the process of trying to get close to the Nashor pit to attempt a potential steal. CG then proceeded to take the mid and bottom tier 2 turrets and the bot lane inhib turret and inhib. In the 27th minute CG proceeded to engage on TSM and got a kill on Broken Blade which they tried to convert into a Nashor however Spica stole it with a flash over the wall and a smite on the Nashor. CG got one more Ocean drake before pushing bot lane, killing four from TSM and ending the game in just over 30 minutes.
Game 2
CG Blue Side: Huni - Rumble, Lira - Sylas, Damonte - Qiyana, Cody Sun - Sivir, Vulcan - Tahm Kench
TSM Red Side: Broken Blade - Kled, Spica - Sejuani, Bjergsen - Corki, Zven - Vayne, Smoothie - Braum
In the 7th minute of the game are around Infernal drake however TSM does not engage until CG secure it due to that they were waiting for Broken Blade to make his way down. Bjergsen proceeded to get first blood onto Huni and Zven followed up with another kill onto Vulcan. 5 minutes later CG proceeded to destroy the first turret top lane again with Rift Herald, Lira and Cody Sun and Vulcan. TSM traded the turret for an Ocean drake. In the 18th minute a fight broke out in the bot side river, where CG picked up two kills onto Broken Blade and Smoothie which resulted in them getting an Ocean Drake and the mid lane tier one turret. 1 minute later a 5 vs 5 teamfight broke out in the top lane which resulted in TSM getting aced, CG losing none and taking a free Nashor. In the 24th minute CG proceeded to take another Infernal drake, 1 minute later a fight breaks out in the mid lane which ended with TSM getting aced, CG only losing Vulcan and CG taking a mid inhib turret, mid inhib and a nexus turret. 2 minutes later as a final stand TSM engaged onto CG trying to kill Huni however it did not work out the way they planned it too and it resulted in them losing 4 members and the game.
Game 3
TSM Blue Side: Broken Blade - Aatrox, Spica - Sejuani, Bjergsen - Akali, Zven - Xayah, Smoothie - Rakan
CG Red Side: Huni - Azir, Lira - Skarner, Damonte - Tristana, Cody Sun - Sivir, Vulcan - Nautilus
The game was quite quiet in the early stages with Zven getting first blood onto Vulcan in the 5th minute and Spica getting a Cloud drake for TSM in the 11th minute which Damonte and Lira responded too by taking the first turret mid lane with the Rift Herald. In the 16th minute Spica engaged a 5 vs 5 by using his ultimate onto Vulcan which resulted in killing him however CG responded by killing Bjergsen and then killing a Cloud drake. 6 minutes later CG proceeded to kill an Ocean drake and then got a pick onto Spica in their top side jungle. CG then tried to convert that kill into a Nashor however TSM decided to fight them in the pit which resulted in Bjergsen and Smoothie dying however Zven got a huge Pentakill and TSM secured the Nashor shortly after. After this point in the game TSM is in the drivers seat. They proceed to take a bottom inhib, mid inhib and the Ocean drake in the 27th minute. Shortly after TSM engaged a fight in the mid lane aceing CG and only losing their Bot lane duo in the process which then resulted in them ending the game and bringing the series back to 2-1.
Game 4
CG Blue Side: Huni - Rumble, Lira - Rek’sai, Damonte - Sylas, Cody Sun - Kai’sa, Vulcan - Nautilus
TSM Red Side: Broken Blade - Vladimir, Spica - Jarvan IV, Bjergsen - Corki, Zven - Sivir, Smoothie - Braum
This game also started off quite slow with CG taking an Ocean drake in the 6th minute however in the 11th minute a 5 vs 5 teamfight breaking out in the bot lane with both top laners and Bjergsen teleporting down. Spica got first blood onto Lira before paying the price with his life too Cody Sun. Meanwhile Bjergsen killed Vulcan and assisted Zven in killing Huni who killed Smoothie before dying. However the fight was not over yet with Cody Sun still killing Broken Blade. 2 minutes later CG secured a Cloud drake which shortly after led to the deaths of Lira, Vulcan and Damonte however Damonte was able to secure the first turret in bot lane before dying. In the 19th minute an extended teamfight broke out where CG were able to secure a late ace but lost Huni, Damonte and Vulcan in the process, CG secured another Cloud drake as a result. In the 25th minute CG secured another Cloud drake and 4 minutes later the Nashor which TSM traded with by taking the Infernal drake shortly after. However going for the Infernal drake was a poor decision by TSM as it resulted in them losing two turrets mid lane and the mid lane inhib. Then in the 34th minute a 5 vs 5 teamfight broke out in the mid lane leading to TSM losing 4 and eventually getting aced and losing the game.
CG vs TSM Full Highlights:
OPT vs CLG --- CLG win 3-0

Game 1
CLG Blue Side: Ruin - Jayce, Wiggily - Rek’sai, PowerOfEvil - Azir, Stixxay - Sivir, Biofrost - Braum
OPT Red Side: Dhokla - Poppy, Meteos - Jarvan IV, Crown - Corki, Arrow - Ezreal, Big - Bard
Optic starts the game off by picking up the Mountain drake in the 9th minute, 2 minutes later Meteos picks up the first blood onto Ruin however Wiggily manages to pick up the Rift Herald for CLG. 15 minutes into the game Optic manage to pick up an Infernal drake and Crown picks up the first turret bot lane shortly after. 5 minutes later Optic pick up the Nashor buff, trading an Infernal drake for it. With this Nashor buff Optic are able to secure three turrets and a couple minutes later another Infernal drake for themselves. Optic manage to pick up another Nashor buff in the 28th minute using it too pick up another tier two turret and Mountain Drake. 6 minutes later Optic manages to secure yet another Nashor buff making it their third of the game so far. With this third Nashor buff Optic is able to finally break the base and take the top lane inhibitor however CLG picks up the Elder drake in response after killing Meteos and Arrow. 40 minutes into the game Optic pick up their fourth Nashor buff, taking down all inhib turrets the top and middle inhibitor. Optic then proceeds to taking the Elder drake. Moments later Optic picks a bad fight losing Arrow and Dhokla and then eventually Big and Crown too, after Crown got the bottom inhibitor, however that was the mistake CLG was looking for Optic to make as they break into the base and end the game in just over 46 minutes. 
Game 2
Optic Blue Side: Dhokla - Aatrox, Meteos - Trundle, Crown - Sylas, Arrow - Draven, Big - Morgana
CLG Red Side: Ruin - Camille, Wiggily - Sejuani, PowerOfEvil - Azir, Stixxay - Varus, Biofrost - Zyra
Arrow picks up the first blood onto Biofrost in just under 5 minutes in a little bot lane skirmish, 2 minutes later Meteos picks up the Mountain drake. In the 12th minute Stixxay hits a chains of corruption onto Big securing the pick and the Ocean drake for CLG. 1 minute later Arrow and Big manage to secure the first turret bot lane however CLG respond with the mid lane turret seconds later. CLG manage to pick up a Mountain drake minutes later and a Nashor buff in the 23rd minute. They use this Nashor buff very efficiently compared to Optic in Game 1 taking down 7 turrets including a Nexus turret and the bottom and middle inhibitor before getting aced by Optic however killing four on their way down. CLG pick up their second Nashor buff of the game just before the 30 minute mark, which led to them getting an ace on Optic and ending the game in just under 31 minutes. 
Game 3
CLG Blue Side: Ruin - Poppy, Wiggily - Sylas, PowerOfEvil - Syndra, Stixxay - Caitlyn, Biofrost - Morgana
Optic Red Side: Dhokla - Jayce, Meteos - Jarvan IV, Crown - Corki, Arrow - Xayah, Big - Karma
Biofrost picks up the first blood onto Arrow in the first 50 seconds after a 5 man CLG invade into Optic’s bottom side of the jungle where Ruin gets a perfect stun onto the wall securing the first blood. Just before the 9 minute mark secure the first drake of the game, a Mountain drake. 5 minutes later CLG secures a Cloud drake after getting a pick onto Big. Prior to this Stixxay and Biofrost secure the first turret bot lane after killing Arrow. 19 minutes into the game CLG is able to secure the mid lane inhibitor turret, 3 minutes later CLG is able to secure yet another Cloud drake. 26 minutes into the game CLG were able to take out Meteos and Big and take the Nashor buff shortly after. With this CLG kill 4 take the bottom and mid lane inhibitors and end the game in over 28 minutes securing their spot in the semi finals.

Week 9 of the LEC Preview
Current Standings:

G2 Esports
Schalke 04
Team Vitality
SK Gaming 
Excel Esports
Misfits Gaming 
Week 9 Match Ups

Day 1: Team Vitality vs Misfits Gaming, Excel Esports vs SK Gaming, Splyce vs Fnatic, Rogue vs Origen and G2 Esports vs Schalke 04
Day 2: Splyce vs Misfits Gaming, Origen vs SK Gaming, Schalke 04 vs Team Vitality, G2 Esports vs Excel Esports and Fnatic vs Rogue
The two games of the week are both in Day 1, Fnatic vs Splyce and Rogue vs Origen. Fnatic vs Splyce is going to be the biggest match determining who will claim that second place spot. In their last match up of the season Splyce dominated the game from the beginning and ending the game in just under 42 minutes. In the last 5 games of the split both teams have won four and lost one, Fnatic losing to G2 and Splyce surprisingly being beaten by Excel Esports in Week 7. The second match of the week is Origen and Rogue, if Origen beats Rogue they will have secured their Playoff spot however if Origen fails to beat Rogue then they could lose their playoff spot depending on what happens in the last game of the group stages. Rogue beat Origen in the first game of the Summer split between the two and both teams have won two of the last five match ups and lost three.
LCS Playoffs
Saturday: Cloud 9 vs Counter Logic Gaming
Sunday: Team Liquid vs Clutch Gaming

C9 have played CLG 3 times so far this split, two regular split games and one playoff game to determine the second place spot. The first game between the two was quite even at the beginning however as the game progressed C9 took more objectives and began to dominate ending the game with four drakes to CLG’s one and taking ten turrets to CLG’s two. The game lasted 36 minutes, the longest game between them this split as both other games were dominated by one of the two teams. The second game CLG dominated C9 taking eleven of their turrets compared to C9’s two, taking four drakes, and eventually ending the game at 28 minutes. However in the latest game C9 dominated CLG in the playoff match winning the game in just over 24 minutes, taking nine turrets and only letting one fall. It’ll be interesting to see if this last playoff match is in CLG’s mind or if they bring the team that dominated Optic last week.

As for Team Liquid and CG, they have faced each other only twice in the split and TL won both games. The first game was quite even until the 24 minute mark when a 5 vs 5 teamfight erupted in the mid lane and TL killed 4. From that moment on the game was over and it only took TL 5 more minutes to end the game. The second match however was very different with TL controlling the game straight off the bat and ending the game in 28 minutes. Although the stats are in favor of TL, CG had a very impressive quarter final against TSM and if they can perform the same as they did against TL we could have an upset.

Thank you for your TG service! ~ Stonewall

I'll be interviewing Stonewall in this installment of 'Thank you for your TG service.' She currently serves our community as the Cohort Aide for 1st, in the League of Legends PC Regiment.
TGxLadicius: Thanks for taking the time in doing this interview. I think one of the things that stands out the most on your dossier, is the amount of recruits you've brought to TG. How do you do it?
Stonewall: The very first recruit I ever brought in to TG was an old friend from a prior gaming community, after that, I started with LFG subreddits. I began with TeamRedditTeams for my division (League of Legends) and had great success recruiting members there, and moved on to subreddits for other games TG supports. I also use LFG discord servers for the same thing. I currently use Subreddits, Discord, The official Forums for the game, and in-game interaction to recruit for as many TG divisions as I can!
TGxLadicius: Regarding recruitment, what do you think is the biggest obstacle for members when recruiting?
Stonewall: I think the biggest obstacle is that recruits won't always be flowing in at the same pace, there have been times where I have found several new recruits within a few days, and times where I get none for weeks. The important thing is to keep at it, recruiting is one of the backbones of this community, and every member you are able to bring in is a vital part of helping TG prosper.
TGxLadicius: If a member is considering a Cohort / battalion staff position, what advice would you offer them?
Stonewall: You should totally go for it!!! If you're even considering stepping up, then you should definitely apply, Coh/Btn Staff have provided me some of the most rewarding interactions I've had in this community, from implementing programs within your division to helping squads grow and solidify their identities, it's a wonderful experience. I also highly recommend joining the Training Office if you ever get the chance to. My time in the TO was vital in helping me develop organization, project management, and communication skills, and I've been able to translate that into projects I've worked on IRL!
TGxLadicius: If you could snap your fingers and create a program to help out in any certain area, what would it be?
Stonewall: The only thing I can think of that we don't have already is a program dedicated to teaching and aiding members with recruitment strategies and focusing on ways to further improve recruiting efforts.
TGxLadicius: In addition to recruitment, it is my belief that member retention is just as important. What are some of the methods you think are useful for retaining members?
Stonewall: The first interactions a member has with their AT and IN SS are vital in making them feel like part of the community. Often times these new members are unsure of what to expect and these positions forming good relations with our new members right off the bat is a great way to keep the new member interested in TG! 
Thank you for your TG service!

Need Help Getting Started In Destiny?

Need Help Getting Started In Destiny?
We'll Help You!
The Destiny Division is holding numerous events for players needing help completing activities, or simply needing assistance getting started in Destiny 2. For Xbox, we are holding community days event designed for new and old players of Tactical Gaming whom either need help, or would like to sherpa! They are currently held on Xbox on Tuesdays 8-9PM ET. Signup below if you are on Xbox and would like to get started on completing those quests! 
For PC, we have Friday Night Raids, designed for new players to sign up to play with experienced players to teach them the mechanics of the raids! They currently take place on Friday nights at 8:00PM ET. 
If you are a new player, or have not played Destiny 2 in a long time and would like help completing activities or be taught, contact me (Sarge) and I'll get you linked up with experienced players on the platform you play on if none of the links above benefit you! 
Destiny Division Discord server: LINK
*Article written and requested by @Sarge*

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Update

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2019
Everything We Know
Hello there ladies and gentleman, gamers and geeks, nerds and nerdettes, it’s time for an update on the new installment for the Call of Duty franchise. Now back in June, I did my introduction with some of the nitty gritty and new features being brought the franchise so I will skip straight through all of that this time and just bring you the current information we have. Now last time the development team were keeping a lot under wraps and didn’t even give us a glimpse of any of the game-play for the upcoming release but since then they have invited several youtubers to come try out the game on their test servers and released a fair amount of information for us to get our teeth in so let’s get stuck right in.
Now, as we know the release date for the new Call of Duty is set for October 25th but we do now have the beta dates for those of us who wish to reorder but there is also the open beta’s to slog through in September. The betas hit PlayStation first as the pre order beta kicks off on the 12th and 13th of September with the open beta going live on the 14th for 2 days. The Xbox one Pre order beta also kicks off a second open beta for PS4 starting on the 19th till the 20th of September with PC joining the consoles. PC Xbox and PS4 Open betas are set to run together during the weekend of the 21st until the 23rd with an interesting twist.
The second weekend of betas will be implementing cross platform matching were PC players can be matched with console players but you may not notice when that happens. Modern Warfare will implement “input matchmaking” so unless a console player is using a keyboard and mouse or a PC gamer is using a controller its unlikely you will get matched together unless already grouped with a friend on a different platform. Obviously with the cross play testing going on that does mean that cross play is very much in Activsion’s priorities and with an official statement sent to PC Gamer "with the launch of Modern Warfare, the team is taking steps to unite the community. First, the team plans for Modern Warfare to be played together across PC and console through cross-play support."

More to follow on that as soon as information becomes available, now an interesting addition to the game is the gunsmith, a mechanic that may seem familiar to those who played ghost recon future soldier. Now perhaps not as elaborate as Ghost recons take on it the gunsmith in call of duty will allow you to edit and change your primary and secondary weapon with a wide variety of attachments and force you to create your own personal weapon of brutality for specific, or general engagements.
Now in what I think is a personal brand of brilliance from the development team the gunsmith mechanic is fairly balanced. For example with information to date as of writing this there are 5 upgrades allowed per weapon…..but that doesn’t mean there are only five things you can upgrade. To show there example which is in the following link and teaser trailer, with an assault rifle there is usually around 9 areas you can upgrade.
As well as the weapon’s stock there is also the rear grip, magazine, under barrel modification, the magazine muzzle and barrel itself. On top of that is the optic, lasers and maybe even a perk. Fort example I usually prefer weapons like the M4 or an SMG like a p90 but for an M4 I would be looking at a decent stock, something like a RDS for the optic, a silencer, extended mag and possibly a front grip for that extra stability at range. However I would be at a disadvantage during night missions, maybe opting to remove the front grip and add a laser or remove the silencer for added range in larger maps. It appears that activsion’s plan with gunsmith is for players to create their own personal arsenal and play style for each and every situation, game mode and map type. Hopefully this way there will be now overpowered single class that gets dominated over and over like previous games and gives players more opportunity to show their own personal preferences based on their own play styles.
Now moving on Call of duty is set to have its usual game modes but a few new ones have been revealed. The first one is called gunfight and is a 2v2 game mode. Random players with random load-outs are pitted against each other with the healing and revive mechanics removed and a time limit to take out the other side. If the shortened time limit does not force the confrontation the game mode changes adding in a domination or capture the flag element to force that first firefight that can take the win. It is essentially looking to be an anti-camper, quick fire 2v2 game mode which am personally not sure on but how it plays out is yet to be seen.

Now the second one is a new game mode called cyber-attack, in this game mode it is rather similar to the traditional search and destroy game-play with one bomb and 2 bombsites to choose from. The other part of this game mode I got a chance to see was that you only have one life per round but once you are out you can be revived, so when you are down 4 vs 1 you can get your team back but it’s the danger call as when you revive a player the enemy are made aware of it.
Now my reviews, pre-views and stories do tend to go on for a bit so I will leave it here for now and hopefully be back with you for some new information as soon as possible. But so far if you get a chance to see any of the videos online you should because the game is shaping up to look and feel brilliant.
Are You Excited For This Game?  Will You Be Getting The Beta?
Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below!

Prominence Poker Night

Hey All, 
The Public Relations Office is running a Prominence Poker Night for ALL MEMBERS to participate in! 
Date: August 24th 2019
Time: 2pm EST 
Where: Xbox 
Man of Plants, TG SirMadness and DomTheNoodle
Please check this thread out to sign up
We need enough for 3 tables, top 2 winners from each table will be entered into the finale where PRIZES are to be won.
1 month Xbox Game Pass
Hope to see you all there!!!!
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