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ATO - Social Media Team Lead - toontown0909

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of 
Social Media Team Lead

The Social Media Team Lead Badge identifies the highest-ranking position in Tactical Gaming’s Social Media Team.

"The SMTL's main duty and responsibility is to lead the Social Media Team, managing all aspects of TG’s Social Media, and ensuring all channels are compliant with TG standards/guidelines along with promoting the  TG Community.
Given under my hand 29th of May, Two Thousand and Twenty One
TG SirMadness
Public Relations Head
Public Relations Office

Caliber 9/10 An Absolute Masterpiece !!!!!!

I want to say right off the bat that I enjoyed this game so much. The review that I did on stream does not do it the justice that it deserves. Once the stream ended I continued to grind with me team and the picture of Caliber got a lot bigger. Please view the stream knowing that the areas I covered really only give you a small peak at what promises to be a massive title with lots of competitive potential. I want to thank my team for helping me do a review on the spot. Some of them had never even heard of caliber and downloaded it on the spot and reviewed it with me that same night. Shout out to @krojak @TGxMaddawg138 @TG-Red291 @TGxtonyhowell12 for helping me out with this project. 
New player Experience - The new player experience is perfect in Caliber. I say that because it forces you to learn the game and how it is suppose to be played. An example of that is that you cannot play any PVP or PVPVE until you have completed the prologue and reached a certain level. Downloadable Content - SenileSarge confirmed that ranked pvp is coming. Re playability - I thought that the very small portion of the game that I played had massive re-playability. Turns out after I continued to play later I found out that my team and I had only touched 10% of the surface. There is a lot going on with this game that makes me very happy about the future for it.  Bugs and issues - The only issue I had was long que times. Turns out if you have 4 in a lobby you will que almost instant. There is nothing else that I can see. This game is beautifully put together.   What makes the Game Unique - I could talk about this subject for quite some time. The progression system is unique in the aspect of unlocking characters, weapons, modifications, abilities and cosmetics. There is a battle pass system but until you have progressed to level 10 the game will not even let you purchase it. Operator statistics and abilities remind me a little of Rainbow 6 with a Socom play style mixed with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. This game makes you want to grind but doesn't punish you to the point that it makes goals seem out of reach.  What Makes it a great TG title - Its Free, Super Tactical and rewarding. Teams must play their assigned roles in order to be successful in any aspect of the battlefield. Real strategy and troop leading procedures are needed. PVP, PVPVE and PVE are all game modes that are equally as challenging to satisfy every type of player.  Longevity - This game is going to be around for a very long time if they advertise it. This game is not very well known yet because the developers are still adding more to it. I believe that when the developers think that this game is in a good place, that advertising will start. If we have squads already operating in TG at this time then we are ahead of the curve.  How does it compare to other similar games - Its too hard to compare this to other games because it is not like other games. You can draw some comparisons to Socom and Ghost Recon but this game is superior in my opinion.  Conclusion and overall rating of the game based on a score of 1-10 - I would give this game a solid 9/10. This game checks every box in TG.  Tactical 
I am absolutely thrilled with this game and hungry for more. This is an opportunity for TG to get ahead of the evolution of gaming and corner a market to step back into a competitive spotlight. This game has unlimited potential. Do not judge the just chatting scene based on what you saw. after the stream ended I grouped up with SenileSarge and worked though a lot of aspects that were not identified on the stream. We will be talking about that in depth on the TG PODCAST! Oops!! wasn't suppose to mention that yet was I? That's ok. You can read this review but if you want the deep Intel then you will have to listen to SenileSarge talk about it on the podcast where he gives his review. Keep an eye on the TG news for when that will happen. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO CHECK IT OUT!!
4 Kill Sniper Streak Clip
Full 1 Hour of Gameplay
Caliber Just Chatting review with Krojak ,TG-Red291 and TGxTonyHowell12
Download Caliber for FREE!!
Bring Caliber to TG!!

Enlisted First Take Review

So I decided to download and dive into enlisted last night to check out how the game plays. On the outside the game looks like a lot of fun and its free so there was really no risk in trying it out. Below are my thoughts.
New player Experience - New player experience is comfortable and easy. the tutorial is very quick. There is not a very complicated premise to this game so not a lot needed. Downloadable Content - I cannot find any announced DLC for this title.  Re playability - I think this game suffers in this area. The two matches that I got to play in were very similar and there wasn't a lot of options. This game could become boring quickly. Bugs and issues - This game is in the very early stages but I dropped out of the match twice within the first 20 minutes. There is an auto reconnect option which is nice but also tells me that the game does this frequently.  What makes the Game Unique - One thing that is unique about the game is that its gameplay, units and uniform are in line with historical facts. This is not a super new concept as we know other titles do this regularly. What stood out to me is the ability to choose your unit and company. This hits home for me because I am a military history buff. Also the ability to control your AI squamates and switch roles mid fight if you need to are a nice touch.  What Makes it a great TG title - Its Free, Its Cross-play, Its fun.  Longevity - I do not think this will gain a lot of momentum at this time. This game is an awesome game night cool down or even an fire team leader exercise but it will be hard to find a player base with other competitive shooters out there with similar ideas.   How does it compare to other similar games - Graphics are not good in my opinion. The idea is very similar to other games and so are the weapons and builds.  Conclusion and overall rating of the game based on a score of 1-10 - I try not to be super critical of free games because I do not like when people bash a developer who gave you something for nothing in return. I had fun when I played and it could get better as patches come out. The game is free and easy to play. Cross play is a big win here as well. This will allow PC players to connect to their console buddies and play a WW2 game together for free. With all of that said, I only rate this game 5/10. I am not going to sit here and bash a free game. The graphics and bugs and re-playability is what does it for me. I think they made this game to give people a break from COD and Battlefield. Do not be scared by a score of 5 though. Definitely worth the price of admission $0.  
Full hour of Enlisted Gameplay.
Quick 6 kill pill box clearing clip
Quick 3 minute just chatting review
Should Vanguard support Enlisted? Sign up here

New & Upcoming Vanguard Games

Introducing New & Upcoming Vanguard Games
Since opening the TW and TA Vanguards earlier this month, several titles have already been opened and are available for transfer or possible dual enrollment. We'd like to highlight the games currently supported by Vanguard but also encourage everyone to share their interest for possible titles. With Vanguard, we can open ANY game that meets TG guidelines, even if it has been a division/legion previously.
How do you request a game? See the post here with the template & directions. Below we list currently supported games as well as ones already requested (you can voice your support on the linked threads), but you can request other titles too. 
TW Vanguard Titles
Bullet Echo 1st BTN
Halo in 1st and 2nd BTN
Star Wars Squadrons in 1st and 2nd BTN
Outriders in 1st BTN
Current TW Vanguard Requests:
Hell Let Loose
The Division 2
TA Vanguard Titles
Minecraft on PC for both Cohorts
Rocket League in 1st COH
What is dual enrollment? You can join one TA Legion and one TW Division as long as the practice times are different. For example: Someone can be an SL in a Rocket League Squad and be a member in an Outriders squad!

Hell Let Loose!!! You need to buy it and here is why!

Hell Let Loose
I decided to dive into Hell Let Loose and give it a shot from my PC last night. This is a decision that I love hate. It was 1 am and I had the insomnia bug so I thought a quick game might make me tired. It was almost 4 am and I am up writing this article. I am extremely enthusiastic about this game. This was hours and hours of fun. My only regret is not playing it sooner. 
Game Overview:
New Player Experience - This Is one of the only areas that I think I have complaints about. When you first start the game there really isn't any clear direction on how to play or how the game works. It's a great thing that I had a buddy with me that could explain it to me clearly and show me how everything falls in together.  Downloadable Content - Confirmed and some of it has already been released!  Re-playability - This game is extremely playable. I could easily see myself planning events and running servers.  Bugs and Issues - The developers have been super quick on fixing anything that comes up. So far I have noticed no bugs What makes the game unique? - Sound quality, graphics quality, command chat, ping and intel system, Soldier roles and load outs, the balance of the weapons and game is perfect, the constant chess match of battle, realistic goals and objectives, buildable fixtures and combat aids, voice chat and so much more that I could list. The game is very closely comparable to Battlefield. In my opinion, The developers hit a home run in areas that Battlefield missed the ball What makes it a great TG title? - This game embodies everything that TG is about. You must play tactically to win. Several times I caught myself speaking in coms like I would in real life on a real life battlefield over a radio. This game requires a mentally tough individual that can direct a battlefield while also participating in the fight. Strategy is key in this game. Battles are decided in the fire team leading skills of the commander instead of gunplay and cheap skill.  Longevity - It is not hard to tell here. This title has been confirmed for PlayStation and Xbox. My other complaint about this title is that it is not as well advertised as it should be. By no means is this game unpopular. If I were to categorize it, I would call it a diamond in though rough. How does it compare to other similar games? - I have mentioned several times before that this game will remind you of battlefield. Most maps are massive and the gunplay is similar. I think that it picks up a lot where Battlefield left off Value- Right now this game is $29.99. When this game goes to console it would not surprise me if the price doubles. If this title ever goes on sale you would regret walking away from it. I fully believe that this game is worth full price of similar games at $59.99. BUY IT!!!!! the value is 10/10 Conclusion and Overall Rating of the Game (based on a score of 1-10) - I had a ball playing this game. I have a few complaints about advertising and new player experience. That being said, I rate this game a 9/10. Very strong title. This game will be big.   
Don't let me keep talking about it; the best thing I can do for you is show you. Below is my first hour of gameplay with special guest @ReliantSabre explaining the specifics.
Full 3 hours of gameplay here

5 minute Just chatting review video here



Outriders First Take Review

So I played Outriders for the first time the other night and streamed it for an hour. I got all the way through the prologue and thought to myself that this game hasn't got the exposure that it deserves. Allow me to go through a brief review here, and then you can watch the stream for yourself to see if this game is right for you. 
Game Overview:
New Player Experience - From the moment that you start the game it explains everything and the story is engulfing.  Downloadable Content - Confirmed, but we do not know what yet. Replayability - From what I played you could drop hundreds of hours into this, and some TG members already have. Bugs and Issues - There was a devastating bug where players got their entire character deleted but it has been confirmed fixed What makes the game unique? - Gear, gear, and gear. This game is breathtakingly beautiful and has a concept that mixes versions of Destiny and Gears of War.  What makes it a great TG title? - Clear teamwork needed. The battles are brutal and the difficulty scales to the amount of teammates.  Longevity - Square Enix, one of the developers for Gears of War, is also one of the main developers for Outriders. I believe that they will keep this game going and stocked with new content.  How does it compare to other similar games? - It really will remind you of Gears of War with the movement and play style, but I do not have enough info to speculate here.  Value- Right now this game is on sale for $44.99, and Epic games is giving an additional 10-15% off bringing it into the $30 range. This is a great value. Conclusion and Overall Rating of the Game (based on a score of 1-10) - Hard to give it a number with only two hours of play, but I believe this is a solid 7 or maybe 8 so far.   
Don't let me keep talking about it; the best thing I can do for you is show you. Below is my first and second hour of gameplay with special guest @mikepaluso explaining the specifics.
Watch the first part here>>>>>Outriders Tactical Gaming First Look. 
Watch part 2 here>>>>>Tactical Gaming Outriders Part 2 Gameplay
If you are just looking for the final review you can find the highlight here>>>>>Outriders Review Just Chatting

Leadership Lessons with TG War Rellik

Hello Tactical Gaming dhmoose here hoping everyone is staying tacti-cool!  Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all day.  But in all seriousness, I am proud to announce a new series called Leadership Lessons where we will interview a guest (or two) and explore the topic of leadership.  Questions will vary and no, we will not just dwell on generic leadership questions.  So why should you care?  I would feel comfortable saying that these articles might help you understand little known facets of different positions here in TG.  I'd also say that they might help you with personal or gaming leadership dilemmas, and I wouldn't be too far out of line in saying that reading these articles could possibly make you a better person, to just name a few.  I would keep reading just for that 3rd possibility.  It's worth a try isn't it? 
TG War Rellik was nice enough to answer some questions for me.  Let's see what he had to say.
NT: Hello and thanks for joining me today!  First, please introduce yourself.
WR: Rellik here, I originally join back in September of 08 thru October of 2018.  Took a HD, and came back in March of 2019 to present day.  I am retired/disabled Law Enforcement.  I'm laid back, chill, quiet, go with the flow type of guy.  My past experience are included in my bio.  Peace all, and be safe.
NT: I see you are Intro Squad Staff.  Some in TG say you have one of the top 3 most important jobs in TG.  What do you think?
WR: I'd have to agree.  We are the first SS that new recruits interact with {on most occasions}.  We has SS teach what needs to be taught about TG and at times then some.  We are also the ones that do or should filter out the bad apple's per' say.  New recruits that we may feel aren't the best fit for TG (and when I say new recruits, I mean new, fresh from completing their BC, and being placed in IN).  For the most part, in my opinion, IN SS set the standard, not just for leading, but working as a team, communicating etc.
NT: I see.  What made you want to be Squad Staff?
WR: Honestly, I was asked to.  Many many many years of experience, and plus I enjoy helping when and where I can.
NT: Nice...thanks for helping out!  As Intro Squad Staff, one of your duties is to filter out the wannabe's from the like minded gamers.  How do you feel about this responsibility?
WR: Doesn't bother me.   Me personally I'd want someone in my squad I could connect with, rather have someone who would cause nothing but issues or distractions.
NT: What are some challenges you face or have faced in the past as Squad Staff?  What did you do to overcome that hurdle?
WR: The most constant challenge that I feel all SS deal with, is making  sure everyone is on for practices, forum activity, and so forth.  Challenges are part of being a leader of any sort, honestly that's what makes it interesting.  How you get thru them shows what kind of character you have without compromising the type of person you are.  My challenges, I  have always tried to remain patient and confident, and engage members, ask questions, make it fun for them, so they have a reason to respond or participate.

NT:  Saying that, what do you think is the most important thing you as a leader must do in order to be successful on and off the virtual battlefield?
WR: There could be so many things, but I would have to say Communication.  Without it, you have nothing, everything would just fall apart.  Of course then there is leading by example.  So honestly its hard to pick just one thing.....everyone is different on how they do things, there is no right or wrong answer for this.
NT: Let's say your getting promoted tomorrow and could only pass on a single leadership lesson to your successor, what would it be and why?
WR:  Be firm, but fair.  Have confidence in yourself....I've seen people let the power of a position get the better of them.  Never forget who you  are, never second guess yourself.  If you have questions, ask.  If a problem arises, and you have to mediate, don't  jump to conclusions, get the facts........be firm, but fair.   Don't let it tear you down, always do your best.  here is so much that goes into being a leader.  Like I always tell myself, challenge yourself to better than you were the day before.
NT:  Last but not least, let's travel to real life.  Tell me about some leadership skills or lessons you have picked up in real life.  Where did you learn them and/or who taught you?  Why were these so special that you mentioned them to me?  Any special memories regarding what you learned?
WR: When I worked, I had the privilege of being a member of a SWAT team for almost 5 years before getting hurt and having to retire.  In total I spent 15 years in Law Enforcement.   This is where I learned the true meaning of teamwork, forging of friendships with your team, watching each others back.  I did reach the rank of Sergeant, but was never Team Lead,  however I was an assistant trainer for CQB.  I was also an FTO (Field taring officer)  I've learned that some thing are not as they seem, until it happens.   This is where I got being firm but fair.  I learned compassion as well.  I learned that in real life, that some people are much more stubborn to teach.,  At that being a leader in real life I learned to be more assertive than in the virtual world.  Gotta speak with your chest per 'say, like you mean it. 
War Rellik, I thank you for your time.  You are a Gentleman and a Scholar.  After reading this, I think we can all understand that life is not a smooth ride and there are obstacles at times.  How we react to that adversity is one way people will remember us by.  Being a good leader can help you with life's stumbles so remember if you ever need advice or have a question...use the power of communication to help you advance!  Until next time, dhmoose checking out.

ATO - TA Head Trainer

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@Zylo Firefox

Tactical Adventures Head Trainer

at the rank of

Field Marshal

in Tactical Adventures,

as such from the 24th day of May, 2021.

This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Adventures.

Given under my hand at Tactical Gaming, on this 24th day of May, 2021.

Signed by:
TG Epsi
Chief of Staff, TA

Streamer Spotlight - papernopen

This month's edition of Streamer Spotlight is all about @papernopen (PN)! She plays on PC in our Overwatch Division! Let's see what she has to say!
RY: What made you decide to start streaming?
PN: I got into streaming because a bunch of friends encouraged me to stream. They thought my gameplay was entertaining and because of quarantine, I was suddenly given a lot of free time to pour into a creative hobby!
RY: It’s awesome to have such supportive friends and great to see entertaining content! How long have you been streaming for? 
PN: I have been streaming for about 8 months. Having a great time so far and can't wait for what the future brings!
RY: That's great! What is the most fun part about streaming for you?
PN: Talking with new people almost every stream is the most fun part of streaming. I get super happy when I see my little community chatting with each other; it's the best thing that can happen to a small streamer. I have made a lot of new friends streaming, and I can't wait to make even more!
RY: Yes! You can never have too many!! What has been the most challenging part of streaming? 
PN: Most challenging part was when I had to balance my personal life with streaming. It was hard to explain to my employer for childcare why I couldn't be available 24/7 and that she needed to respect my hours that I asked not be touched because they were the hours I streamed. She didn't respect my hobby and thought that what I was doing did not take that much effort. It was really hard to have a consistent streaming schedule when I was working for this employer.
RY: I’m glad you no longer have to work for them! It’s important to be respected! Have you ever gotten burnt out from gaming or streaming? How do you deal with that?
PN: There was about a week or so before I had reached affiliate where I was right at the brink of getting affiliate; however, I had not reached the follower count yet. I was experiencing some serious burnout. It felt like I was so close, yet so far away because I only had half the followers I needed to get it. However, I just really started putting myself out there, making friends with more people, and I ended up getting a huge shout out that really helped me and boosted me all the way to 50!
RY: That sounds major! I’m really excited for you! Any tips or words to someone just starting out?
PN: Make like-minded streamer friends! They will help you out a lot and you will help them out!
RY: Awesome! What is your twitch link and stream schedule?
PN: Twitch here! Sundays 8-10pm EST and on the TG Twitch on Thursdays from 3-5 pm EST!
And that’s all for this month’s Streamer Spotlight! I hope you all enjoyed learning more about papernopen, and you can check out the game clips below! 

Folds of Honor TWC/TAC & TGEC Q&A

The PRO is hosting a Question and Answer Session with members from
Tactical Warfare and Adventures Command, along with the Tactical Gaming Executive Committee.
On Sunday, May 30th, at 4pm EST / 9pm BST,  they will answer community submitted questions live on stream in aid of Folds of Honor Charity.
As many of you know, there have been some major changes within TG recently. From OLD men stepping down and leaving the community (TG Kriz AKA McPatchy and SenileSarge), new leaders taking their place and of course, the recent Vanguard Division and Legion announcement.
There are some great questions to be asked about the new direction TG is moving towards. 
Post your questions in THIS topic!
Hope to see you all at the charity stream! 

Beyond the Sound: Little Wing

Beyond the Sound: Little Wing
     Hello and welcome to Beyond the Sound!  In the coming articles, we will explore countless songs of varying genres and themes, so that we can better appreciate these classic tracks.  From this sentence on, to get the full experience, you must have an open mind.  Keep reading with a receptive spirit and you will find that you will be rewarded with knowledge and happiness.
     With so many different types of music, dwindling down my list of awesome songs was daunting to say the least.  Trying to get the list down to ten was something that took me longer than expected.  Grinding out my list, I needed to decide which track would be mentioned in the debut article.  As a Historian, I looked to the past for help.  The great writer Oscar Wilde once said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”  This was a sign I told myself.  I then looked at my short list and found a song that several artists attempted.  Little Wing was my opener. 
     I think a quick disclaimer is in order before we move forward.  I will be using Wikipedia for this article.  I was taught that Wikipedia is not an academic source.  Now since this is not an academic paper, I think I am covered.  Nonetheless, I checked out the sources used and doubled checked the citations and footnotes.  Everything seems legit.  Saying that, I am human so if you find a mistake, contact me and we will make it right.
     Little Wing was a song originally written by Jimi Hendrix back in 1967.  Hendrix was not known for songs like this.  His first ballad, Hendrix explains that his song was inspired by the Monterey Pop Festival: 
     One cannot argue that the lyrics are powerful.  A modern-day poet in disguise, Hendrix used his words to create beautiful music.  Here is a brief example of his genius:
     Many have tried to interpret the lyrics and figure out who the song was written for.  From personal experience, I have a close connection with my brothers and sometimes we think alike.  Saying that, I like the following theory I found on Wikipedia: Hendrix's brother, Leon, interpreted "Little Wing" (and "Angel") as a general tribute: "He wrote it for his girlfriends, our aunties, and especially for our mama, who looked over us from high above in the afterlife."  An alternative theory states that it was written about a stunning Scandinavian woman that Hendrix unwisely let fly away. 
     Before moving on, please watch this short behind the scenes video: 
     Now Hendrix was not the only one to release this song.  Three other major artists covered this song.  The first was Eric Clapton.  Specifically, when he was with Derek & The Dominos.  Influenced by the melodic blues, Clapton started performing the song live in 1970 shortly before Jimi's death as a way to show tribute to the legend that he thought Hendrix was.  Clapton said this about the song in a later interview:
You can find various versions of Clapton’s interpretation of Little Wing.  They are all worth a listen but in order to obtain a different perspective, I suggest you look up a live version from one of the Crossroads Guitar Festivals.
     The next artist to use this beautiful song was one of the most popular among the group, Sting.  His version was released on his 2nd solo album, Nothing like the Sun, in 1987.  Although composed perfectly, this version just doesn’t stand out to me.  The music seems to be hidden behind Sting's powerful voice.  Definitely something you should check out if you haven't heard it yet.
      Last but certainly not least, a Texas Blues version of Little Wing was released by Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV).  He originally recorded his instrumental version back in 1984 but it was not released until after his death in 1991 on his The Sky is Crying album.  Being both longer (over six minutes long when the original is just over two minutes) and instrumental, SRV’s version is an awesome tribute to the blues genre and Jimi Hendrix.  Keeping up with Hendrix and Clapton on guitar, with some saying he surpassed both, the song was so expertly performed that it won the 1993 Grammy award for best rock instrumental performance.  Now this is a version you definitely shouldn't miss out on!  
     All in all, this classic song will long be remembered for its greatness.  According to Rolling Stones Magazine top 500 greatest songs of all time, Little Wing is rated #366.  Yes, this song is up against some classics, but my two cents says I think somewhere in the top 100 would be more appropriate...just my humble opinion.  So, who will be next to try to perform this song and make it their own?  And is that even possible?  Will the powerful writing and playing of Hendrix transcend both time and talent?  In the end, because of the raw beauty of the song, whoever attempts a version in the future will rightfully be forced to pay tribute to those who came before them.  This simple act will continue to spread this powerful and epic masterpiece of expression.
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