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Competitive Squad Spotlight: Bandits

Hello TG, 
To start off this new series "  "Competitive Squad Spotlight"  We are talking to the BGC  " TG Traumatosis" about the Bandits CT squad in World Of Tanks 1st Battalion
Tactical Gaming has a long tradition where CT squads were seen as the elite, a squad that have proven to be the best of the best among their peers, dedicated, skilled and Ultra-Competitive.  The countless hours spent grinding and practicing the game to the point where they have reached top 10% of their Competition.  This hard work and level of skill is no easy achievement and the status of CT squad is awarded to those who put in 110% everytime in order to achieve the right of Competitive Squad.
Before we get to Trauma,  A few Words from the Commanding officer, Dhmoose to introduce and express his views on having a CP within his Division and battalion
From a division /Battalion point of view, what does it mean to have a CP squad now.
Having a CP squad legitimizes a Division.  With a CP squad, you have more options for players, which equals more fun.  Most importantly, having a CP squad means that your Division is expected to compete for TG the TG way...that's a huge responsibility!
Does having one encourage more to compete?
From my experience, yes and no.  I've seen it push some away from competing and I've seen it encourage members to get better and compete more...it all depends on who is competing, how many are competing and what they are competing in.  In addition, how effective the Division's CoC is at maintaining stability within their organization, the amount of discipline instilled upon their subordinates and how they handle the drama that can come with having a CP squad influences things.
What are your thoughts on CP squads and how important they are? 
In the grand scheme of things...CP squads are very important...it's how TG shows the world our competitive prowess.  As for my thoughts on CP squads...they are equivalent to an extremely sharp double-edged sword.  With the right leadership, personnel, tactics and a bit of luck, your CP squad can excel at cutting through anything.  But if you don't have the right people in place, poor leadership, bad tactics and no luck, you'll get cut and it will leave a mark.      
NT: So first off, congrats on getting CP status?  How does that make your team feel?
TG Traumatosis Getting CP status feels really good.  The guys are getting the recognition that they have earned through hard work and dedication to this competition team and this division.
NT: When did you decide to really push Competition inside of your battalion?
TG Traumatosis Competition was never really pushed to our guys in the battalion.  If you wanted to join the competition team, you were more than welcome.  Once you got in however, we started to push our guys to make sure that they were on their A Game during battle and practice.
NT: What was the lead up to becoming a CP squad like, how hard did you train,  how often?
TG Traumatosis Before and during Global Tank League, we were practicing 3-4 times a week. The squad was working to be the best team within our league, pushing guys even when they became frustrated or tired of playing, but we got results.   Sunday and Wednesday we ran pubs for 1 hour to get the guys warmed up for practice, then we would run practice in Team Training for 1 hour.   Tuesday and Thursday were usually days to either spend 2 hours in Team Training or find other teams to scrimmage with to make sure our plans were working, our communication with one another were the best they could be, and we were doing  what we needed to ensure victory.

NT: As CP squad staff, what strategies, leadership and teamwork have been implemented compared to leading a ST squad?
TG Traumatosis As a former ST Squad Leader, running a CP Squad is a whole different ballgame.  Other teams who are in the competition scene within World of Tanks are on the top of their game and most teams know what they are doing when it comes time to go into battle.  Compared to playing Public games where you have your squad and 10 other teammates to rely on and you just do whatever.  In Competition matches, you have 8 of your guys to rely on and that's it.  You want your team to be working with everyone to ensure you pick up the victory.  We implemented a " Battle Buddy System"  which we match guys up based on what role they are going to play, what tank they are in, and who works with who the best.  
NT: Can you describe your first competition as a squad was like?
TG Traumatosis When I first joined back in 2017, it was rough. The major problem that was coming up was the lack of a variety of tanks between the guys that we needed to run. But as the years went on, things got a lot better and guys were able to get the tanks that were being played in comp, and guys were playing tanks that fit their play style.  The current group we have now has been top notch, but we are always striving to do better.
NT: Can you provide a rundown of your squads weekly training schedule? what its like, how intensive is it?
TG Traumatosis Sunday and Wednesday are practice days, which means that we spend two hours in Team Training rooms, going over maps that we have played and making sure guys know where to go and what role they need to play.  We also go over maps we haven't played or are not as well versed on, doing the same thing.  Going over line ups and going over what guys need to do.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are usually days where we find other teams to scrimmage with to ensure guys are gaining not only the experience on the battlefield in comp matches, but to know what they are supposed to do.
NT: How many matches have you played, do you have pre match warmups? what is it like playing a competitive match?
TG Traumatosis There aren't too many matches that I haven't played in as I am the Caller of the team, so I basically tell guys where to go and what tanks they are playing.  My pre match warm ups are grabbing enough drinks to hold me over during match time, listening to some Heavy Metal (Usually Metallica) and playing some public matches so I am not going into matches cold.  Playing Comp matches are very exciting and nerve racking.  Because you see what they pick for a lineup or sometimes we play Fog of War which you don't know what the other team picks until they are taken off of spectator mode.  We let the battle buddies make moves for themselves that won't be a detriment to themselves on losing Hitpoints after initial positioning has been given.  Communications are usually really good and targets are being called out so we can focus fire and take tanks out one by one to gain advantage and take the win. 
Thank you @dhmoose & @TG Traumatosis for joining me today.
Stay Tuned for more CT Squad Spotlights

15 Anniversary Spotlight- TG-Legendary

As part of the Tactical Gaming's 15 Anniversary  plan mentioned in this announcement. The PRO have gone out an interviewed various members of TG's longest standing members that have seen so much in their incredibly long tenures within TG! 

The first Spotlight goes out to TG-Legendary, the Division Officer of Battlefields Division, Legendary is in TG over 9 years and has alot to say about his time here...which i knew he would being an Ex News Team Head. 

TGxTonyhowell12:  Hello, thanks for joining me today, let’s start off, tell me how it all started, you joining Tactical Gaming and what it was like?
For a long time, I knew that I would like FPS multi-player gaming. But, I didn't want it to take over my life, as I felt it surely would do if I got into it. So, I waited until 2010, when I was 62 years of age and about to retire. It was one of those "now or never" kinds of things.
I bought a PS3 "fat boy" and eventually some Turtle Beach PX-21's (which just recently became unrepairable, replaced by Kraken Tournament Pro's; The PX-21's gave me great service to the end). Thus armed, I set about to learn how to virtual game in multi-player on the Playstation Network (PSN), in Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2.
It wasn't long after that that I started to look for some guys to game with and I posted up some messages that I was on the lookout. TG/TW/1st Corps/CoD/PS4 BGC @dhmoose answered one of my posts and we traded some messages. I was a bit concerned about my age and fitting in. Moose assured me that age wouldn't be a problem, that everyone in the clan respected one another. Then I asked Moose if he knew anyone else who was up-in-age and how they did in TG. Moose indicated he knew of a guy who had even made squad staff. I didn't tell Moose at the time, but I thought to myself that if the TG community was as good as he said it was, I was bound to go further than that.

TGxTonyhowell12:  How have you been liking TG, what are the cool things you like/dislike about it? and what stuff do you think should be added/removed if any?
Well, Moose told it like it was. TG is a great community and I'm proud to be a part of what we all work together to make even better.
Probably the thing I most like about TG is that we all are part of a multi-faceted learning environment where we can improve every day -- both as gamers and as people. Not only are there the games to learn and become proficient at, but there's also what I call "The Game Outside The Game." These are the leadership opportunities infused throughout TG.  Through them, we improve our leadership and communication skills that also are of benefit to us in RL.
The biggest thing I dislike about TG is why @TGxBiggy still has to be President. I mean, I'm not getting any younger here. Maybe it's my time, now? ... Nah... just kidding!
There are many things we can improve upon, but I wouldn't say I dislike any particular thing that is going on in TG. Areas particularly needing improvement I would list as:
1] Our effectiveness to recruit targeted gamers who are looking for a clan like Tactical Gaming (as opposed to recruiting gamers who do not have a good idea of what TG is). We spend a HUGE amount of time on recruits that are not a good match for what we do.
2] Better retention of our On Leave membership.
3] Improved functionality of our mobile interface so we can do everything we need to do via a mobile device.
TGxTonyhowell12:  How long have you been a part of TG?
I joined June 17th 2010, recruited by dhmoose. So, it's been about 9 years, 4 months; almost 2/3rds of the lifespan of TG thus far.

TGxTonyhowell12:  Describe your leadership style and why.
One of the things I encourage our leadership to do is be aware of their leadership style. There are actually a number of very helpful websites that, through answering sets of questions, can reveal your style to you even if you aren't already aware of what it is. With the awareness, you can then build on your style to be even more effective.
The quizzes I've taken generally indicate that my style is diplomatic, that I prize interpersonal harmony. I like being the social glue and affiliative force that keeps the Battlefield Division together. My leadership profile says I'm kind, social, giving, often have deep personal bonds with others, and am able to resolve conflicts peacefully (and avoid them in the first place).
I'd say this is mostly true except for the bonding part. I'm not easy to form bonds with, but I chalk that up to my advanced age. There are just too many generation gaps to jump.
Some other things my profile indicates is that working for and with diplomats is often more fun and social than working for other styles of leaders. Diplomats put less emphasis on challenging their membership than they do putting their people in positions to succeed and leverage their strengths. Diplomats work to avoid having people feel uncomfortable or anxious.
I'd say all this is mostly true, also.
Specifically about my style as the leader of the Battlefield Division... honestly, I had to learn it and work the general diplomatic style into it.
Briefly put, I try to follow what is written of my position and what is expected by TG and Tactical Warfare. Beyond that, I am the main support of the Brigade Commanders (XB1: @Just An Enigma , PS4: @TGxLadicius, and PC:  @TGxPaPaKAPture  [and soon-to-be @TG FineGrain ). They are the ones really calling the shots around here. My job, as I have grown to develop it, is to help them be successful at what they do and achieve the goals they have for their brigades.
TGxTonyhowell12:  What is the best thing about Tactical Gaming that keeps you here?
Simply said, it is us -- our community -- that keeps me here.
Although I have yet to meet one single TG member in RL, I have gotten to know many that have helped me become a better gamer, leader and friend -- longtime leaders like @TG Epsi, @TG HaloHobo, @dhmoose and  @TG FatalityV1. Also, newer leaders like  @TG SirMadness, @Sarge, @MissVendettaXO, @TG_Captain_Rob, @TG-Ace88, @TGxPaPaKAPture,  @TGxLadicius, @TG FineGrain, @TG The Punisher, @TG The Messiah, @Just An Enigma, @TG-Mitchell and @BREEP. Thank you all for making my time in TG not only fun, but a true learning experience that I have benefited from so much! 
Our bonds are the real strength of Tactical Gaming. While we aspire to place in competitions and such, having fun, getting good at our games and developing relationships is really what TG is all about.
TGxTonyhowell12:  What would you say to any member who wants to move up the CoC
First thing I would ask is why? Although we encourage it, no one has to and although at times leadership calls unexpectedly, we have to want it in order to be good at it.
Second, would be to make sure they knew the kind of time they're thinking about donating. We tend to downplay the amount of time our jobs take us in order to sweeten the attraction so that new members join the chain. But, it's better to know the time demands than to get in over your head.
Once you're sure you want to rise up the ranks and have the time for it, you have to factor in what you really want to do. Where would it be nice to be in six months? Leading in the field? In the Training Office? In the Public Relations Office (PRO) in the areas of news, media, video streaming? On the web team? Organizing our competitions as a member of the Competition Team? Match your desire to lead with what you most want to do.

TGxTonyhowell12:  You joined Tactical Gaming almost 10 years ago, tell us about your very first experience in TG that made you initially stick around?
It wasn't my very first experience, but it was The Defining Moment when I knew I was going to be in TG for a very long time:
My BGC at the time (dhmoose) supported me in forming a competitive squad -- even though I was the brigade's most unskilled player. There were a few competitive guys that were at loose ends and I knew we'd lose them if we didn't get them focused. So, Moose gave us objectives to hit and we went on the road to achieve 10% squad ratings in Game Battles.
We attended two Mandatories, two Optionals and Game Battles every week over the course of a year or so. Talk about team bonding! That kind of schedule will do it. Squad chemistry is more important in competitive squads than in ST's or IN's. It's a factor that is often overlooked in forming and reforming them.
Like myself, we had others in the squad that were not skilled enough to compete with other clans, but we added elements to the squad that made Tropic Thunder (later renamed Fusion, later to become Chaos [which made it's mark in the TG Honor Roll) not only work as a competitive squad, but also make it fun. In my case, it was the organization and administration I provided the squad. In other members' cases like TG-Shark, it was his humor and friendliness that helped keep the large ego's of the group in check. For Game Battles, Shark and I always recused ourselves.
The rules on what constitutes a competitive squad in TG have changed over time and it's good to see they have recently relaxed somewhat and become more inclusive -- so that more squads can be formed in order to shoot for higher goals of competition (https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/topic/135774-all-squadssections-can-compete/)
Having once lead such an effort myself, there was no leaving TG for me. If a noob like me could lead a competitive squad and do well with it and have great fun, I wanted to see what other boundaries I could stretch.

TGxTonyhowell12: How different is the online gaming community now that it has become mainstream?
I don't feel qualified to answer this question. Although I'm part of the gaming community as a whole, I'm focused exclusively on Battlefield and TG. The wider world of gaming I leave to others.

TGxTonyhowell12: Tactical Gaming is made up of active members, which means you have been active for almost 10 years. What is your most memorable moment from all of that time you've spent gaming with us?
Well, I must be a little vague on this one. Not because of memory or unwillingness, but because I don't know what the statute of limitations is on a thing I am about to describe.
Back when I was BGC of the BF/PS3 Brigade (circa 2015), there came a point where I knew I had to refuse a direct order on behalf of my brigade; not outright refusal, but just not compliance. The order came from the highest levels, so it was a big thing.
I planned a course of clandestine counter-action -- again, for what I felt was the betterment of the men and women who looked up to me to take care of them -- and realized that my battalion staff would be sure to find out about it. So, I shared with them what I planned to do. I told them that should I be discovered I would surely be dismissed. I let them know that their best option would be to just put a "blind eye" to it and asked them to do so.
Instead, they insisted on becoming part of the clandestine plan -- despite the fact that discovery of it would also mean their dismissal, too.
That day was my greatest day in Tactical Gaming. That I had that kind of support and understanding from my battalion staff who were more than willing to take on the dangers along with me... really, I am still awed just thinking back on it.
Thank you @TG-LEGENDARY for being apart of TG history and keep up the great work you continue to do everyday!

TWC/TAC Q&A Charity Stream


Hello Tactical Gaming!
Tactical Warfare Command & Tactical Adventures Command (TWC & TAC) will be streaming a Q&A during our Operation Supply Drop charity stream!
They'll be playing Prominence Poker while answering all of your questions, all for a great cause!!
When: Saturday November 9th at 10pm EST (3am GMT)
Where: Tactical Gaming Twitch channel, click here!
Click below to ask your questions to TWC/TAC, and tune in to see them answered!

Upcoming TG Charity Streams!

Upcoming TG Charity Streams

Hello, Tactical Gaming.  Public Relations Office (PRO) are looking for volunteers for our upcoming charity events for Operation Supply Drop (Nov 9th) and Make-A-Wish (Nov 30th).
 What is Operation Supply Drop? OSD is a chapter based Veteran Support Ecosystem enhancing lives through community engagement. Since 2010, OSD has impacted over 750,000 veterans, active military and family members through award-winning programs emphasizing Social Connectivity, Professional Development and Community Stewardship. You can find out more about the non-profit for veterans here.
The OSD charity stream is scheduled to begin Saturday, November 9th @ 12pm EST on the TG's Twitch Channel.
What is Make-A-Wish? Make-A-Wish is an international foundation that grants wishes to children that are diagnosed with a critical illness. The wish allows these brave children to build the hope and strength they need to fight harder and see the impossible become possible. Research shows wishes can give these children a higher chance of survival. To find out more about how Make-A-Wish changes the lives of children around the world, click here.
The Wish charity stream is scheduled to begin Saturday, November 30th @ 12pm EST on the TG's Twitch Channel.
For both streams, we are planning on doing a minimum 12-hour stream, but we may extend it by 1 hour for every $100 over our goal. (Maximum length of 16 hours)
Interested or want to help out?
Please spread the word among your divisions/legions.
You can also help by donating to these causes: Operation Supply Drop and Make-A-Wish.
Or by sharing the flyer above on social media.
You can find out more and volunteer to stream or moderate chat by signing up on original topic located here:

Tactical Gaming 15th Anniversary

Tactical Gaming Has offically Turned 15 Years Old
Well... In actual truth, Tactical Warfare has turned 15 years old, TG only became the new name for TW in 2007 when Tactical Sports Opened up allowing for a broader range of Games that TG could support. 

Over the past 15 years, TG has gone through some incredible and massive changes all the way from the structure, Websites variations and the way we operate from the day you join to the President of Tactical Gaming.
Over the course of November a series of articles will be published that will give you a true insight as to how much TG has changed,  A detailed History by our CoS, TG HaloHobo along with others, as well as interviews with some of our longest standing members.  Old Articles from our old News site will be Re-Published including Old Announcements and interviews from the past.

So stay tuned... Lots to come!!! and hope you find the TG's history interesting and insightful.  

New Forum Themes

As part of the Tactical Gaming 15 Year Anniversary, 
New Forum Themes were added to the site!

To change themes, please review this video below provided by @Kancepth

LoL Worlds 2019: Semifinals Preview

Hey everyone!
We are gearing up for the upcoming semifinals of the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, where FunPlus surprised everyone, G2 is looking mighty strong, SKT T1 dominating as usual and Invictus Gaming looking to defend their title as world champions. In the quarterfinals, the results were as follows:
GRIFFIN vs. Invictus Gaming: 1-3
FunPlus Phoenix vs. Fnatic: 3-1
SK Telecom T1 vs. Splyce: 3-1
DAMWON gaming vs. G2 Esports: 1-3
That leaves four teams to fight for the chance to become the world champions, two Chinese, one Korean, and one European. Like the quarterfinals, this year's semifinals will be hosted in Madrid, Spain, the 2nd and 3rd of November. 
Now everyone's question is, who is going to advance to the finals in Paris? Let's have a look at the matchups.
Invictus Gaming vs. FunPlus Phoenix
The two Chinese teams from LPL are going to battle it out on the rift. IG had a real challenge on their hand up against GRIFFIN but managed to close the matches in the best of 5 by performing better in the mid to late game. While FunPlus Phoenix managed to surprise everyone beating Fnatic, bringing themselves back to their summer split form and dominating a Fnatic that struggled with teamwork and individual play.
FunPlus going up against Invictus, where both teams know each other very well coming from the same region, we're hopefully in for a treat. 
In this matchup, I would give the edge to Invictus Gaming. The current champions have the same roster as they had last year. While FunPlus has a bit younger squad and thus less experience on the World's stage. Invictus almost always manages to find an advantage in team fights, and this could prove to be one of the deciding factors in this matchup. 
SK Telecom T1 vs. G2 Esports 
Europe's last hope is going up against three-time world champions in SKT. Looking back at Midseason invitational, G2 managed to get the better of the Koreans in a close fought 3-2 victory. This time around, I think it is safe to say that we are in for more of the same. Both of these teams dominated during the group stages, only dropping a few games each. 
This series is a hard one to predict. G2 has been a force to be reconned with this season, but SKT's legacy is nothing to sneeze at. I think it all comes down to which version of the teams we are going to see. I also feel like it is going to come down to the drafts we will see from the two sides. Since I am a European fan, I will give the edge to G2 Esports winning 3-2. 
Who do you think will advance to the final? Let us know in the comment section down below. As we mentioned earlier, the matches will take place the 2nd and 3rd of November. Don't miss it!
Read more here: https://watch.lolesports.com/home

Community: Putting a "We" in TG

Community, while having a somewhat finite definition, has been used to describe many different things in the gaming world. From forum posts, to discord servers, to clans, the word community has garnered several meanings and subcategories, especially in recent years. For us personally, we describe Tactical Gaming as a community. We have discord servers, forums, and a clan structure. So where do we fall with the subcategories idea? What does community mean in regards to Tactical Gaming?
We are a we not a them. From the moment a member completes their BC, they are a part of our community. They become a part of our "we," which means that whatever they need, whether it is in game help or something on the forums, we are all available and ready to assist. As a we, we have an innate sense of togetherness that many other “communities” lack, and therefore we have strengths there, too. Anything anyone needs can be handled as a group or as a pair. There is no “alone” here. 
Keeping with the aforementioned, it is important to realize our sense of togetherness extends beyond the digital world. Relationships, friendships, and lifelong bonds are constantly being forged here. TG members have met new roommates, new DnD night buddies, people they know they can lean on in their real lives just as much as their virtual ones. This community brings together a patchwork quilt of families and friends, bonds that can never be broken, and that makes us even stronger.
As a community, our togetherness doesn’t stop only in members, but continues on to staff as well. There are constant partnerships; checks and balances all the way up to our President. No staff in Tactical Gaming ever does anything alone. Squad Assistants have their Squad Leaders, Executive Officers have their Commanding Officers, Brigade Commanders have their Division Officers, and so on and so forth. Everyone has someone to lean on and learn from. To grow as a community, we keep this togetherness in all levels.
We are a we. Tactical Gaming means something to everyone here, no matter how big or little it is in their lives. We are a community, and for us community means together. No one here will ever be, or feel, alone. We stand together because we are Tactical Gaming.

SS Spotlight - Liz Weilschmidt & almostinfamous82

Hello and welcome to a Back to Back interivew with Two Highly Recommended Squad Staff from Battelfield and Overwatch Division! @Liz Weilschmidt & @almostinfamous82

TGxSirMadness:  Tell me how it all started, you joining Tactical Gaming and what it was like?
Liz Weilschmidt:  When I had joined TG I was looking through forums trying to find a community I could play Overwatch with. None of my friends liked the game at the time and playing alone was dreadful. I came across a forum post by a member named Nightcrawler and decided to check it out. The Boot Camp terrified me but also gave me a bit of hope that this community was well thought out and has been together for years. I entered the entry squad and shortly after made my home with Explorer Squad. It was amazing.  
almostinfamous82: I played a lot of BFV and was getting frustrated playing with other people who were just in it for their stats. There was no teamwork and it felt like you weren’t getting the complete experience of the game. So I started looking around for gaming communities and came across Tactical Gaming. Reading through the FAQs I thought to myself, this is what I’ve been looking for. The BC was a bit daunting, but it’s not until you’ve finished it and have been assigned to your squad you can see why it’s necessary - it gives you that discipline and sense of purpose when in the squad. You’re all there for the same reason and you all rely on each other - even when it’s not going your way, everyone still puts in 110%  to support not just individuals but the whole squad - essentially giving you the best gaming experience with people who you call your mates. 
TGxSirMadness: What's it about TG that keeps you here?
Liz Weilschmidt: I joined for a community of gamers and that is exactly what I found. A group of wonderful people from all over the globe. I have made so many friends since I started a little over a year ago and hope to make many more. 
almostinfamous82: I would call it the three S’s:
The Support from your CoC is second to none. They want the best for you, your squad  and for the division
The Structure within Tactical gaming is what makes it a great community. It allows people to thrive and to feel challenging, bringing out the best in each squad member.
Then there is your Squad mates, probably the most important element, without them, there would be no TG. They keep the spirit alive and pure enjoyment when you play a few games with them. 

TGxSirMadness: Your both now Squad Staff, how did you get those positions?
Liz Weilschmidt: When I was in Explorer the Squad Assistant spot became available and I was given a chance at it. Now I am the Squad Lead of the entry squad Incendio and I wouldn't have made it this far if @Beattlemania never gave me the opportunity. I owe a lot to that guy. 
almostinfamous82: I was playing on European servers and living in Australia when I first started out with TG. The game play was tough because of the time difference and lag when playing. I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I wanted to share these experiences and the gaming community within TG with people locally in Australia. There was no “oceanic” squad at the time so I challenged my myself to start one up. With the support of my CoC, what was once a thought, became a reality. I volunteered to lead the start up of the squad and have really enjoyed it ever since. Seeing the potential in the guys in Black Diamonds is a defining moment and makes you want to improve in yourself to lead and direct them to be the best they can be. 
TGxSirMadness: What has been the biggest challenge for you as Squad Staff.
Liz Weilschmidt: Definitely the feeling of letting the Squad down or feeling I have in any way. Without my squad I would not be a squad lead and when I am late to post a Practice Briefing or a Post Practice Report or even miss a practice because I am too ill to attend I feel as if I failed them and that is the worst feeling in the world. 
almostinfamous82: Setting the Oceanic squad up and recruiting the right people was a challenge, but it’s consistently delivering the core values of TG to your squad and leading them in best way so they keep coming back will be the biggest challenge.
TGxSirMadness: In your opinion what is the most important aspect of being Squad Staff?
Liz Weilschmidt: In my opinion, taking care of the squad. Like I said before, the only reason you are squad staff is because you have a squad to lead. Without them, you can't be squad staff. 
almostinfamous82: I feel you need to be available and have to be consistent with your squad. Taking care of their best interests and helping them to improve and reach new potentials is a proud moment when they do. Like Liz said, without them, you don’t have a squad and you won’t be able to lead anyone. 

TGxSirMadness: How would you describe your leadership style and why?
Liz Weilschmidt: This one is a tough question for me. I feel that I am a person who looks for the strengths of my squad and lets them do what they feel. I will step in when I feel there needs to be a change but not in a forceful "do this now" manner. An example being if there is a shield on the other team I will call for a shield break instead of telling either of the dps to change into a specific character. 
almostinfamous82: I guess you could call it situational Leadership. Depending on the environment I would employ different leadership styles to Achieve the goal required. As an example, I would adopt a democratic style when discussing tactics and what works best for the squad in a specific gameplay, this allows the squad members to feel valued for their input, but would switch to a bureaucratic style when upholding the rules and regulations of TG as adherence to these requirements is important. 
TGxSirMadness: How do you evaluate success within your squad
Liz Weilschmidt: By the squad telling me they had a good time. We don't have to win to be successful. If by the end of the night the squad is happy then I am happy and we were successful. 
almostinfamous82: Evaluating the success of this is shown when your squad places in the top 3 during a match and the squad members feel they gave it their best - You don’t have to win the match to feel like your squad was successful. Unfortunately, you have no control of other squads or their actions, just how yours and other TG fireteams coordinate and interact with each other to achieve what is set out in the practice briefing. 
TGxSirMadness: If you could change anything about the way Squads are ran, or how they should be ran or they operate in a battalion what would it be?
Liz Weilschmidt: Honesty, I feel the squads are fine the way they are. 
almostinfamous82: TG has been around for a long time and have found a good way to run and manage squads. From the president to the SM, every position and the accountability for these positions is well thought out. There was discussions on recruitment recently, the members within TG are developing ways to improve the recruitment into the community for sustainability. It’s excellent to see all members having input into this, the structure and support within TG allows it and allows the opinions and thoughts of every member to flourish - this is reflected in the squads.  
TGxSirMadness: Who and what has made TG as good for you as it is today?
Liz Weilschmidt: I have so many good friends in TG. As I said before, I wouldn't be where I am if not for @Beattlemania. @TG bionic is a wonderful BGC and I have seen her succeed since she entered TG. @TG HSquared is a wonderful DO and has been here for me and so many others since the beginning. @TG Kaikaina is a wonderful woman and is a hard working AT. @Grimsangel101 for being a great guy and a wonderful new SA. Finally, every single member I have ever had the grace to play with. Even some from other divisions entirely. Looking at you @Typicalveteran- and @TG FatalityV1. 
almostinfamous82: The squad members I have been involved with, all of them upholding the core values of TG to make you keep coming back for more. Then there is my CoC - @Cronnie his support and guidance over the transition was exceptional. An excellent leader and true asset to 2nd Battalion. Then there’s @TG-Ace88 who again is an exceptional leader and BGC for the PS4 brigade. You can tell that he genuinely wants the best for everyone in the brigade and of course @TG-LEGENDARY none of this would have been possible without his support. A very approachable person and an exceptional leader for the division. The time and effort he puts into the Battlefield division as the DO is inspirational and I am always in awe of how he manages the division in all aspects. 
TGxSirMadness:  Last question: how long have you been gaming for now and what have been your most memorable moments and games that you've played?
Liz Weilschmidt: I've been gaming for 13 years now. I hate to say my most memorable moments were when I played Starwars Battlefront one and two with my Dad on the Playstation 2. He is the one that got.me into video games and it is always something I will hold near and dear to my heart. 
almostinfamous82: I have been gaming ever since the SEGA mega drive was a thing. It’s something I have always enjoyed and encouraged friends and family to enjoy. The plot of some games are so inspiring that you will always remember them. Games that were better than the movies, games that shocked you, games that left you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out more. The last of us is one such classic - can’t wait for the next one!
Thank you for joining me today, Keep up the great work!

Fnatic's chances at LoL World Championship 2019

Last Sunday, the group stage of Worlds 2019 finally concluded. After two weeks of intense battling on the rift, we are down to 8 teams that will compete for the summoner's cup in the weeks to come.
All three of Europe's representatives got through to the quarterfinal stages that will take place in Madrid, Spain, in the coming week. Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Splyce are all going to defend Europe's pride and glory against China and Korea's powerhouses.
Today, we are going to set the spotlight on Fnatic, the European champions from season 1. They drew a hard group with three times worlds winner SK Telecom T1, Chinese powerhouse Royal Never Give Up, and North America's Clutch Gaming. After going 1-2 the first week, they bounced back with a rocky 3-0 in week two. With this, they finished 2nd in the group and advanced to face FunPlus Pheonix in the quarterfinals.
Fnatic got off to a shaky start, but to me, it seems like they got better and better as the group progressed. Beating giants like RNG and SKT is not an easy task, but it almost felt like they surpassed their opponents in skill at times. To most Fnatic fans, they saw a glimpse of last year's runner up in the same tournament. 
Going up against FunPlus Pheonix is probably the most comfortable draw they could have gotten out of all the 1st seeds coming out of groups. Make no mistake though, Pheonix are not to be underestimated. With a 5-2 finish in addition to star players like "doinb" in the midlane and "Crisp" piloting support, Fnatic could be up for a challenge. On the other hand, there are some positive things to look at as well. Their European rivals Splyce, managed to go toe-for-toe with Pheonix and had to play an epic tiebreaker to decide the group winner. Given that Fnatic historically have had a good record against Splyce, you would imagine that it does not look so grim after all. Add Fnatic’s team fighting and strong solo laners into the mix, and I think we are in for a real treat.
What do you think? Which Fnatic is going to show up on Saturday? The shaky, insecure Fnatic, or last year's Worlds finalist? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!
You can follow all the latest news and updates from here: https://watch.lolesports.com/home.
The quarterfinals will kick-off on Saturday 26th at 12pm CEST. We can not wait for the action to start! 

Destiny's Raid Olympics 2019

What is it?
The Raid Olympics is an intense, 7-week long score-based official raiding competition that covers every normal raid in order of release. Every team will have one week per raid to get the best points possible within one completion for the featured raid of the week. Every team will have opportunities to get many points, should they choose to increase the challenge. Efficiency, flawless completion, or completing the featured challenge nets you additional points.
At the end of the 7-weeks, the team with the most points wins the Raid Olympics 2019 and is crowned the best raid team in Tactical Gaming!
All members of Tactical Gaming are welcome to participate 
October 29th - December 17th
Scoring System:
Clear: +10
Clear Under 1hr: +1
Clear Under 50m: +2
Clear Under 40m: +3
Clear Under 30m: +4
Clear Under 20m: +5
Flawless (no deaths): +6
Custom Challenge: +2
Official Rules: 
- All Tactical Gaming rules and regulations must be followed. Individual members can be disqualified from competing if they are caught breaking the rules
- Submissions must come from raid.report or equivalent (only Bungie API enabled reports allowed)
- Only one submission will be allowed per raid. So if a team wants to get the most out of their submission, they will have to clear the raid within an efficient time, flawless, with the TG custom challenge
- A submitted clear MUST have 6 members of Tactical Gaming, and MUST have been registered to be a part of your team
- Every team must register minimum 6 fireteam members. Every team is allowed up to 2 backups 
- If custom challenge has been completed, you must submit some form of evidence (a recording, stream, etc) that it has been completed
- We are not allowing any% speedruns, meaning you must not use glitches to get out of the map, skip encounters (includes wish wall). or any means that are not intended by the developer
Example of what is not allowed: 
- Getting out of map in Leviathan to skip underbelly
- Using super to reduce mechanic cooldown (suicide is allowed)
- GoS relay defender mod glitch
Basically, let's keep an even playing field for all! 
Are you up for the challenge? Follow this link and use the registration format to register your team! 
Have questions? Message me directly on the forums (Sarge) or on Discord (Sarge#7073)
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