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Gaming Gurus Episode 4 is now live. Let the giveaways begin!!!!!

Gaming Gurus Podcast Episode 4 is Live!!
Episode 4 is live now!! Tune in to see who wins the TG merch and who takes home a copy of Hell Let Loose. Hear from our members about what attracted them to TG and where they hope to go in TG in the future. Don't Forget to vote for the content that you want to hear on the podcast. Click this LINK to vote now. If you enjoy the content please follow and leave a 5 star review. 

Crew 2 Article Review

Crew 2 is a multiplayer game that was release on 31/05/2018 it has a lot of cars + boats+ bikes also planes. You are also able to join up with other players and race each other, sadly this feature is only available in free mode. You have to do races or find hidden loots to increase your vehicles performances, speed or acceleration to be able to win races as they get tougher as you progress through the game. You can also do photo opportunities, stunts and drifting.

They always bring out new season pass for some very good rewards such as new vehicles or new car parts and details. You can fast travel to locations like races etc also change you're vehicle in 2 clicks as they have a wide range of cars but you do have to do races to unlock the more competitive models. During races you get experience and money for completing them. Highest level at the moment is level 9980 but  it does take some time to get there. You can also customize your characters outfit and car design to something unique of your taste.

Here is some cars you can get:
V8 Vantage S
Nissan Skyline GTR
Pagani Zonda R
You can test drive each car to find the perfect one to buy
After playing for a few hours I'm loving the games content I would highly recommend this game.

Crew 2 is playable on Playstation/Xbox and PC but unfortunately it is not cross play.

There are limitations such as unable to leave your vehicle, unable to connect with other players from xbox/PC if playing through Playstation. You get limited amount of NOS and gradually recharges over time. You also cannot fall off your motorbike or damage your vehicles which makes the game a little unrealistic.

1st Corps July Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of the 1st Corps Monthly Newsletter! This newsletter provides a way for you to know what is going on in your corps, milestones people have hit, upcoming events, and more! If there is anything that you'd like to see in the next edition, please let me know!

This month we are taking a look at our Overwatch Division. They recently changed from having three separate brigades to just one, Crossplay! This has caused a lot of changes in rosters, names, practices, events, and more. I asked a squad member, two squad leaders, a Commanding Officer, and the Division Officer a few questions to better understand how things were going in their eyes! Below is what they said:
How long have you been in the Overwatch Division?
Toontown0909 (1st Bat SM plays on PS4): I've been in Overwatch Division for about ten months. I originally joined back in June of 2020. This past March I transferred out, and I returned approximately one month ago.
Epic (2nd Bat SL plays on PC): I have been a part of the Division for a week and a half now!!
LadyMercyLtd (2nd Bat SL plays on PS4): I joined in July 2020.
Repairedyang (1st Bat CO plays on XB1): Since I joined! Almost 7 months ago!
Primestrike (DO plays on PS4 and PC): I have been part of the Overwatch Division for my whole time in TG which as  been 1.5 years.
What do you think of the changes that have occurred in game with the addition of Crossplay?
Toontown0909: I think that the addition of Crossplay will be a great benefit to our community. While, like most things, Crossplay has it's pluses and minuses, it is my belief that this will allow us as a community to include more people and help us grow closer together than ever before. Personally, I'm really excited to get to play with new members from other platforms that I haven't had a big chance to interact with them before. This sounds to me like an excellent opportunity to make new friends, and I couldn't be any more excited.
Epic:  I think the changes are very good! It brings people together from all kinds of places, people who don't like to play on PC but have friends on PC/Xbox are now able to play together instead of having to buy multiple consoles or a computer just so they can play with their friends. I think its an amazing addition and I believe it is the future of gaming.
LadyMercyLtd: I really enjoy playing with people on Xbox, Switch and PC. I have already met so many new people - it is really exciting. Honestly I think it is more difficult to play against PC DPS - their aim is insane! But then I guess, I just need to get better at using cover and improve my positioning. So I think of it as I get an opportunity to improve my performance.
Repairedyang: I think it is an awesome improvement! Queue times are way better!
Primstrike: I think the changes that came in with the addition to Crossplay are a mix of good and questionable.  The good thing about Crossplay is obviously the ability for us all to play people who have the game on other formats.  The Crossplay system is quite easy to use and understand.  There are some minor teething issues with trying to get PC and console joining together, but I feel that they will be sorted out in future patch updates.  I am unsure about some of the gameplay choices that have been made (main one being strengthening the turrets on console in line with PC, they seam to do to much damage).  With regards to aim assist being disabled during PC/console games I feel maybe a weaker aim assist system may have worked better - mouse and keyboard allows for larger and quicker range of aiming movement that I don't think controllers can reach. I think people may be able to adapt to playing without the aim assist with controller, just not sure if they will get the same level as mouse and keyboard. This is something I would have liked to see Blizzard test.
How do you think the transitioning to a Crossplay Brigade instead of 3 individual brigades has gone?
Toontown0909: There has been some communication challenges, but overall the Overwatch Division Leadership has been working daily to help bring our community together.
Epic: I think the transition has gone very well and really smoothly. I know some members are quite wary of the idea of having to play against enemies that are using a keyboard/mouse instead of a controller but personally I have had a lot of fun playing with members from other platforms and its cool getting to know new people and playing together!
LadyMercyLtd: Our DO Primestrike (aka c_lakin) has been very active arranging crossplay ccp and crossplay practices, and has provided everyone with opportunities to meet players from the other platforms. I have made as much use of this as possible and allready met some great people. I also got the chance to play with Hivarius again; he left ps4 for PC last year and it was really nice to play Overwatch with him again.
Repairedyang: I think so far it has went really well! Its still pretty new but i believe in the staff and think we can overcome any issues!
Primestrike: I feel that the transitioning to a crossplay brigade instead of individual platforms has gone really smoothly, all the TG members have adpated well to the changes we have made.
What are you looking forward to in the future with either the game Overwatch or something the division is doing?
Toontown0909: I'm really looking forward to more events, as well as getting to play with new members. I've heard amazing things about the membership from the other brigades and I'm really excited to get to interact with all these wonderful people.
Epic: In terms of the game I'm looking forward to seeing how things will play out with the new Overwatch 2 rule set and the mechanical changes they're making to each role. On the Division side of things, the DO c_lakin/primestrike has been organizing a custom games night and recently did an SS+ fun night so we could all get to know each other. So, I am looking forward to more events like this were we can play across different platforms, play some fun games and not take it too seriously, and meet new people who may not even be in the division! 
LadyMercyLtd: We have just started practicing for the upcoming TG Overwatch League Tournament and it is so much fun playing in our new League Teams. I hope we all have a great time; our XO zSilvally has made a tremendous effort to make balanced teams so we should all have a chance of getting some great games and have some fun. Hopefully it will be a recurring event every year.  I am looking forward to new maps and heroes coming with the release of Overwatch 2. And hope that if the game goes free to play that some parts, like Competitive mode will still be kept exclusive to the paying customers, so we don’t get to many trolls.
Repairedyang: I  look forward to seeing OW2! And seeing us grow as a division and hold more events!
Primestrike: I am looking forward to being able to hold events for all division members, instead of limited to a single platform (getting to know more of the division members that I could not previously interact with).  I am also looking forward being able to grow the division further (recruiting should be slightly easier as we can all now recruit cross platform instead of relying on squad members trying to recruit for their own platform only).
In addition to OW going Crossplay, many of these members not only have lives outside of TG, but also hold positions in other departments! Let's take a look at what all the have going on!
Do you hold any positions outside of the OW Division? If so, what position is that, and can you shed some light on what the entails?
Toontown0909: In addition to being a squad member in Overwatch Division, I am also a Section Leader for Minecraft over in the TA Vanguard Legion. This really exciting for me as Minecraft is a game I've been passionate about for many years, and I'm excited to be able to share something I love with other people. As Section Staff, some of my specific tasks are to fill out the Practice Reports, and plan other activities and events for my members. Additionally, I also hold the position of Social Media Team Lead over in our Public Relations Office. In short, as the team lead, I am responsible for Tactical Gaming's entire social media presence. I help guide the Social Media Team, and respond to requests when TG members need assistance from the PRO.
Epic: I currently hold the Digital Media Team Lead position which entails of graphics design and video production. I personally prioritise graphics and we have 1 or 2 members who work on video editing with the rest also focused on graphics. We make things ranging from PB/PPR headers, Article images and items you may see on our website and across our social media. We are always on the lookout for new members so if you have any interest in that sort of thing feel free to shoot me a PM!
LadyMercyLtd: I don’t hold any other positions within TG. IRL- I work full time as a QA manager and I also hold the position as wife and mother of two.
Repairedyang: I currently am also a member on News Team! It is a really fun position if you have the time, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys writing!
Primestrike: No other positions held outside of OW division.
Overall things seem to be going pretty well with Crossplay, a few hiccups, but nothing I don't think we can overcome! I want to thank all of my volunteers for giving us an insight into Overwatch's transition.
Next month, we will be exploring Escape from Tarkov. They just went through a complete wipe a few days ago! Hopefully things are progressing well there!

Congratulations to the following on their milestones:
6 months as XO- @PHUZZYthecat (OW)
6 months as SL- @papernopen (OW)
6 months as SA- @AdmiralAtom59 (CoD)
Keep up the amazing work!!!

July 9th at 9 pm EDT/ 2 am BST (technically the 10th)
Prominence Poker Night hosted by @TG HSquared
July 10th at 3 pm EDT/ 8 pm BST
 OW Fun Night hosted by @primestrike
July 12th at 3 pm EDT/8 PM BST
1st Corps SS and above Fun Night hosted by @TG HSquared
July 22nd at 7 pm EDT/ 12 am BST (technically the 23rd)
1st Corps SS and Above Fun Night hosted by @TG HSquared
July 24th at 3 pm EDT/ 8pm BST
Among Us Night hosted by @primestrikeon the main TG Discord
*More events will be added to the TG Calendar. Please check it out for more events and to RSVP to the above events*
**All dates and time to subject to change.**
***These events are open to all members in TG as long as they do not interfere with your practice schedule.***

Happy Birthday to the following members from 1st corps:
4th- @Diesel Tom
6th- @WhyySoooSalty and @davidj123456
7th- @PhisyKk
8th- @Legion
10th- @MOC1SpurClyde54
12th- @Lil_Defib
15th- @Eclipse, @ItzBeeDee, and @T0X1C_BJ
17th- @TG-Shady
23rd- @iirezzii
24th- @MangWitNoName and @Zoso2407
25th- @ninjakid997 and @Bananafish
26th- @Tuze and @TheOGMacen
30th- @paddy_boi79 and @KnewCanoe
31st- @S4T4N1CD3V1L

Final Fantasy XIV Review

Final Fantasy is one of the largest MMO games out there today. Released the 30th September 2010, there are millions of players across the world who play across all different data centers. There are a lot of options to play within this game from being a tank, healer or dps for battle which is exciting and fun. There are lots of dungeons and trials which you can overcome solo, with friends or with new people you meet on the game. There are incredible graphics within the whole entire experience and such a extraordinary story which keeps you intrigued. Just when you feel you can predict what is happening next there is always a new surprise waiting to grab your attention. I have personally played this game from the start and have loved every twist a turn. Everything from the characters who are incredibly well created and have such wonderful personalities some who make you love them and some who do such a great job at being a villain. You also have roles within the game for creative players who love to make and build things from equipment to such things as housing items, Costume glamour outfits and many more. You can gather your own items within the whole game visiting areas and building and levelling classes capable of these tasks like minor, botanist and fisher. There is always something to do here and to suit all talents and skills.

New Content
They are always bringing out new content such as new classes to enjoy and level up. There are also new expansions that bring out new story lines and the ability to level current classes even higher. This next expansion holds exciting new content and will be including two new classes: Reaper and Sage which look incredible and I personally cannot wait to try these out and put these into action within dungeons and trials in game. 
At times throughout the year like valentines day, christmas, easter and many other special occasions they hold an event which can be located in one of the main cities within game and they move these events around to make this more enjoyable and give some change. You can receive free gifts through these events and sometimes an achievement. I dislike that you cannot mount within these main cities due to the population but they do put in place mini aetheryte shards to move around cities quicker to reduce the latency timings. 

This game does hold a cross play option which includes PC and Playstation 4 and 5, although unfortunately does not include xbox yet. Although some challenges can be confusing and require some help from other players it does not make the game unplayable.

There are limitations within game for example, dungeons are 5 players 1 Tank, 1 healer and 2 dps, Trials are 8 players 2 tanks, 2 healers and 4 dps and Raids 24 players split into 3 teams 1 tank, 2 healers and 5 dps. The way  around this without enlisting your entire friend group is by queuing solo or have some friends fill the roles and use duty finder to fill the spaces remaining. I would highly recommend giving this game a try and there is the ability to try this game for free for 30 days or up to level 30 which does hold some limitations as you cannot trade players in game, join a free company or whisper other players until you have purchased a monthly subscription its highly worth paying as you do not require ps plus to play which is great and you don't need to spend any money unless you love what you see and play. 

TG Giveaway Details!!!!!!

On July 4th I will be giving away a free copy of HELL LET LOOSE! All you need to do to enter is follow TG social media and respond to the questions posted under the giveaway announcement. This giveaway will be raffled off at the end of the 30 minute podcast episode being recorded live in the TG Discord. Episode recording will start at noon eastern standard time in the general voice channel. At 12:30 I will be picking 3 names. Name number 1 and 2 will receive either a TG coaster, magnet or sticker of their choice. Name number 3 will receive a copy of Hell Let Loose on steam and a TG coaster, magnet or sticker of their choice. For every social media account that you follow and respond to your name will be entered. Oh and last but not least don't think I forgot about my amazing nitro boosters. Your names will each be entered five times as a thank you for boosting the TG discord. So lets recap really quickly. If you are a nitro booster following Tactical Gaming on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook then your name will be entered 8 times to win a copy of Hell Let Loose or some TG merch. SO TELL EVERYONE TO MEET ME IN TG VOICE ON JULY 4TH AT NOON!!!! Be there or be rhombus. 


TG League of Legends TFT Tournament

The League of Legends Legion is looking to set up a Teamfight Tactics tournament and they are looking for interested players to join in. The Ideal Number of players would be 16 so if you're interested please sign up, details are below !

How will the Tournament work?
There will be 3 Rounds, the top 4 point owners of each group makes it to the final lobby. Final lobby 3 rounds highest points total wins. 

August 28th at 12:00 (Noon) EST or 17:00 BST. 

Are there Prizes?
1st --> $125
2nd --> $75
3rd --> $50
4rth --> $20 RP
Thanks to an anonymous donation we have been able to increase the prize pool!

How do I sign up?
Follow THIS link where all the information for signing up can be found. Everybody is welcome no matter what skill level or rank . 

Hell Let Loose free weekend!

Hell. Let. Loose. World War Two was a brutal, hellish war. This game attempts to simulate that experience. Thankfully, you can join in for free this weekend on steam and try it out. Be prepared to die at first. Many, many times. Oh, and did I mention all the walking? At first, you will feel like you travel more than you shoot.  This is because the maps are huge, and firefights can easily end in a split second from a bullet that came from an unknown position...which can be frustrating! But do not despair as it will get easier. The developers spread things out on some maps so players do three things…communicate, use tactics like proper spawn point usage and executing proper flanking maneuvers...which for TG is easy because of the use of teamwork and tactics.  
Remember that you will be up against fifty other players so sometimes a plan does not always work so be prepared to change plans. Once you get the hang of the realism and plethora of ways to die, you begin to appreciate the many fine details the game brings to the gamer such as the realistic sound and graphics to name a few. From the whizzing bullets out of a MG42 which sound like death passing over my head to the thunderous, earth moving artillery barrages which literally left me stunned the first time I experienced it…playing this game gave me goosebumps and a session that lasted an hour felt like 10 minutes because it was so much fun. So, grab some friends and try Hell Let Loose.  Until next time, moose checking out!

ATO New Tactical Warfare Head Trainer

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG Killswitch
I do appoint these members the position of
Tactical Warfare Head Trainer

Tactical Warfare
in TacticalWarfare,
as such from the 24th day of June, Two Thousand and Twenty One.
This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Warfare.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare, on this 24th day of June, Two Thousand and Twenty One.

Signed by:
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG HaloHobo
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

We need YOUR help! Discord Nitro Boosts!

Nitro Boosting the TG Discord
Tactical Gaming is currently looking to boost our official Discord Server, and we want YOUR help!

How It Helps The Community:
Boosting the TG Discord Server helps everyone in numerous ways. There are three different tiers of Boost, all of which are detailed below:



How Much Does It Cost?
New Discord Nitro subscribers can get Discord Nitro for FREE through the Epic Games store! That's right, FREE! Click THIS LINK now to claim your FREE three months of Discord Nitro! This offer expires June 24, at 11:00am EDT, so grab it while you can!
Server Boosts without Discord Nitro: $4.99 USD/month
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Server Boost with Discord Nitro: Two FREE Boosts + Additional Boosts at $3.49 USD/Month
What YOU Get In Return:
The Outstanding Contributor Award is automatically awarded in the name of Tactical Gaming, to members who have contributed financial resources to ensure the future and growth of TG.

Leave your comments below on what YOU might like to see as benefits for Nitro Boosters!


Scavengers First Take Review with Miss Vendetta!

This game was very fun to play and explore. Working as a team and conquering the PVE and PVP aspects mounted into a large scale map makes this game enjoyable. Scavengers gives me a very close Outriders and Borderlands vibe. The weapons are named in a comical sense and the battles are fought in an open world meant to push teams to stumble into each other at inopportune times. The game economy and crafting is very good with attainable goals set for new and experienced players alike. The best part about this game is its unlimited potential factor. This game is FREE on Steam and confirmed to coming to console. If Scavengers released a few more game modes and maybe some new scenery it could be a massive success. Remember folks this game hasn't even been out for 60 days yet. There is a lot coming and I am excited for its future. 
New player Experience - The new player experience is easy in Scavengers. I did not get a chance to play the tutorial but @MissVendettaXO did. In the tutorial you get a chance to learn of your characters abilities and the basics of gameplay. Nothing remarkable about the tutorial but its very good at explaining how to play. Downloadable Content - Unconfirmed but with a larger player base I do not see how the developers could say no.  Re playability - At this point in time I could play this for a few hours with friends. Not sure if I could make this my main game but this personally is not my type of game. There is definitely a sizeable market of players that could be into this type of game.  I think that the re-playability of this game rests in the hands of the developers who desperately need to add more content. Like I stated above adding new scenery and game modes would be paramount to this game.  Bugs and issues - Big disclaimer stating that this game is early access as soon as you open the game. I had 0 issues with it while playing though. To my knowledge the only bugs or issues are cosmetic and minor.  What makes the Game Unique - You have everything that you would expect from a good looter shooter here in this game. Things that make it different is the teamwork aspect to survive PVP encounters unexpectedly in an open world. One second you are fighting PVE and the next thing you know a 3rd party of another team shows up and starts off the PVP. Relying on your team mates abilities to throw up boosts or shields can allow you and your team to reset the battlefield and draw a line in the sand.  What Makes it a great TG title - Its Free, Super Tactical and rewarding. The in game economy would allow squads to build their team base on the type of playstyle that they want. Small clear lobby sizes would allow new squads to be opened up very easily. When this game hits console a larger portion of the player market will unlock.  Longevity - This is where Scavengers needs the most help. The developers have done a great job putting together a free to play looter shooter that is easy on the brain. In order to stay around they desperately need some more content. New maps, new abilities, new characters and a lore category is a great start here in my opinion. I think these things need to happen before this goes too far into console release or people are going to get bored and put the game down.   How does it compare to other similar games - I would say its most comparable to Outriders.  There are a few differences between the two that should be noted. Outriders is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL game. Scavengers needs help in the graphics department. Outriders has a huge lore factor and hours of PVE only content. Scavengers put into place something that I think Outriders should have which is PVP. The PVP in Scavengers is fun because you never know when its going to happen. Both of these games could learn something from one another.  Conclusion and overall rating of the game based on a score of 1-10 - I would give this game a solid 6.5/10. This game checks a lot of boxes but needs to develop more.  Tactical 
I am really happy that I got to play this game and I will be watching for more content to drop. Scavengers has a "grab you factor that makes you want to learn more about it. I will be joining their official discord to watch for updates. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO CHECK IT OUT!!


Among Us Community Night!

Following the success of @berrymonkey76's previous Among Us night we are looking to keep the party going! This event will take place Saturday the 26th of June at 18:00 BST and will involve a bunch of stabbing each others back in Among Us. If you're interesting in joining up make sure to join the Among Us voice channel in discord at the designated time! If you want more information on this event please contact @berrymonkey76.

See you there!
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