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Battlefield Division is Going Nuclear!

Battlefield Division is Going Nuclear!
The variety offered within the Battlefield Division is going nuclear! There is something for everyone! Battlefield Division has not only merged as crossplay, with new Division Officer JustanEnigma, but will attempt to carry multiple Battlefield Titles simultaneously. One Battlefield game will be the newest release, Battlefield 2042. While another game is Battlefield V, the title released in November of 2018. And if you are fortunate enough to have an Xbox Series X, and find yourself within the Timberwolves Squad, the Battlefield Titles also include within play rotation are Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. Why would Battlefield Division attempt to carry multiple titles of Battlefield? Because Battlefield 2042 has complications with how the game was rolled out to consumers.
For the most part anyone within the gaming world realizes the issues with the newest release of the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2042. The excitement for this release was massive, and loyal fans chomped at the bit for a modern Battlefield game. Not only exciting new graphics and game modes, but the joy of cross platform was to be introduced. It was not long after the release of 2042, that the excitement manifested into frustration. The game had function errors, but more importantly to TG members the game did not have in-game communication. To communicate with squamates a player had to be in a private party chat, with zero in-game communication.  Additionally, having multiple squads join the same game was almost impossible. This aspect has had a domino effect creating lack of enthusiasm towards the game, which in turn diminishes not only recruiting but member retention. That is not to say some do not enjoy playing 2042. They do, and Battlefield Division has decided to try and please all who adore the Battlefield series. But there might be some tricky waters to navigate within the process?  
The most recent Battlefield Title, Battlefield 2042, was designed to include two versions of the game to be played.  But wait...that is not all! Battlefield 2042 also offers different versions of the game that can only be played on certain platforms.  One version of the game was created to be played on the previous generation of consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. This version can be played cross platform, but exclusively with older generation consoles.  Then Dice, the developer of Battlefield, created a version of the game that is played cross platform on the newest generation of consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as with PC. This aspect of the design splits the player base. Those with older consoles cannot play with those that have been fortunate enough to get their hands on the newest versions of consoles, or a PC. To solve this issue Battlefield Division will have designated squads for a specific version of the game, to be played on a specific platform or combination of platforms.
Although improvements have been made by the development team of Battlefield 2042, for some members, the problems outweighed the desire to play the game at all. But the appeal of playing as a team, in true TG fashion, was still desired by Battlefield Division members and obtainable within the Battlefield V and older Battlefield titles.  Therefore, the decision was made to allow Battlefield V, as well as other previous Titles, back into the Division. If Battlefield is your preference of an FPS game, no matter what platform you prefer to play, then check out Tactical Gaming’s Battlefield Division.
*Find yourself curious? Battlefield Division will also be streaming practices.

Super-ships in World of Warships

Super-ships in World of Warships
       Howdy everyone Welcome back to the Super-ships. In this new article and the following articles, I'll be explaining all ten super-ships that have been announced. Please note that 2 of the ships that were announced are still in testing. Let's start off with the very first two Super-ships that were announced: Hannover and Satsuma. 
German Battleship Hannover
            The Hannover is one of the first two super-ships to be introduced. She’s named after the German city of Hannover that’s located in the German state of Lower Saxony. The ship itself is based on the H-42 proposal that called for 2x4 19-inch guns on a displacement of 90k tons. The H-42 is part of series of battleship design projects that were supposed to be further development studies of the Bismarck class, the collective name for these proposals were called the H proposals, they were given numbers to designate what year they were introduced. For, H-42, for example dates in the year of 1942. The Hannover, like the rest of the German battleships in the game, has a strong secondary armament, that is well suited for close-range brawling. Hannover, benefits from having 19-inch guns that allows it to penetrate bows of almost all the ships that are currently in the game; All of this come at a cost. Hannover has extreme difficulties when trying to turn that makes this behemoth challenging to maneuver when trying to conduct evasive maneuvers. The massive size of this ship alone is also a problem, most ordnance fired at this ship will generally hit. Though Hannover's armor is very good, it has a similar armor scheme to most German battleships (which is the Turtle-backed scheme) therefore, she's very much vulnerable to plunging fire. Hannover’s adjustment firing bonus, increases her: secondary armament range, secondary armament rate of fire and the rate of fire of the main guns as well, however, lasts for about 25 seconds. This boast in range increases the Hannover’s secondary gun range to 14.1 km, this makes Hannover the longest secondary range of any ship in the game. In comparison most ships have secondary ranges from 6-12 km. Adjustment firing mechanic is activated when a progress bar is full; but the player can lose progress in the bar for a certain time of without hitting or landing near misses to a target, though when the bar is full the player doesn’t lose any progress on the bar. So, this new mechanic rewards active gameplay throughout a match. Originally this mechanic was automatically activated when the progress bar was full, but now the player can control when the adjustment firing is activated. I can’t stress how massive this vessel is, when this vessel was in testing there were problems with its size as it was too big fit in some places in some maps. 
Japanese Battleship Satsuma
            Satsuma, like Hannover is one of the first two super-ships to be introduced. Originally, along with Hannover, was introduced as part of an event that was a temporary game mode called Legendary battle. In this, players were able to play these behemoths against the normal tech tree tier 10 ships. This game mode was a success as it was widely welcomed by players. Satsuma is based on the Japanese A-150 battleship project, this was supposed to be a successor to the Yamato class. The Japanese, using false intelligence reports, believed that the U.S was planning a battleship class that was supposedly better armed than the Yamato class. In an attempt to not get outdone by the U.S, the Imperial Japanese navy proposed 3 designs. Satsuma is based on one of these proposed designs, specifically the 90k ton design with massive 2x4 20-inch guns. This design would’ve been a massive vessel and heavily armed, but due to resource shortages and the start of 2nd World War; this vessel was never laid down. Satsuma plays similarly to the Yamato in the game indeed it even looks like the Yamato (Yamato is a tier 10 tech tree battleship), it has an emphasis on long-range engagements similar to Yamato. With its 20-inch guns it can punch through any bow of any ship in the game and has the largest gun caliber in the game. Satsuma, however, is also armed with a secondary armament of 2x4 8-inch guns, this would be the largest secondary gun caliber in the game; with most vessels being armed with 5- or 6-inch gun secondary guns. The ship is named after a Japanese Samurai clan named, Satsuma Domain (1671-1877). This clan led a rebellion against the newly established, Imperial Japanese government, in 1877 where the clan was soundly defeated. Satsuma’s Firing adjustment increases the main guns reload times and increase its accuracy for 25 seconds, with that boast in accuracy this ship is the most accurate ship in the game. Combining her accuracy and her 20-inch guns, she has the potential to do massive damage to any target even at long range. However, this ship does have its own weaknesses. For starters she, like Hannover turns extremely slowly making her vulnerable to enemy fire. Though, her armor is better than Yamato's, it still has the same armoring scheme as the Yamato; due to this, it doesn't allow her to engage in close ranged engagements she would come out that engagement either sunk or heavily damaged.
              Both Hannover and Satsuma not only serve as the super-ships for their respective nation's battleship tech lines. It also served as a testing platform for future super-ships. While it is not yet known if the firing adjustment will be repeated on any future regular tech tree or premium ships. For now, though this mechanic does seem to be unique specifically to Super-ships. What other super-battleships that are announced? Well, we do know that a French Super-battleship has been announced, I 'll be explaining more about that vessel in the next article. However, that French ship though was announced on March 10th, 2022, and is still in testing as we speak.

ATO- TG's Newest Games

Tactical Gaming is proud to welcome two of our newest Vanguard Games
Ground Branch and Star Trek Online
Check out the trailers below!
For additional information if you are a TG member speak with your CoC.
If you are not a member yet, but are interested in more information join our discord: https://discord.gg/tacticalgaming

Super-ships in World of Warships

In late 2020, Wargaming announced super-ships were going to be introduced into the game. The first two that were introduced were Satsuma and Hannover. The Super-ship concept is supposed to follow a hypothetical scenario where the great WW2 powers continue development of newer ships of the time. The Super-ships were to be not only just better versions of their older in-game counterparts but come with them a new mechanic called Firing Adjustment. This new game mechanic for these super-ships, gives the vessel a combat bonus to the player’s ship that lasts for a short time, but is activated when the player scores hits or near misses on a target.
As of February 2022, Wargaming has announced ten super-ships of various types, these ships are to be added as a continuation of existing tech trees; however, Wargaming announced in a recent live Podcast that was published on January 31st, 2022, that the results are promising for super ships, however they did state that the work on how to put these ships in the respective tech trees is still ongoing. Though super ships are not currently available in their respective tech trees, players can still play them in game as part of a special category in-game where players can earn temporary in-game resource to exchange for the super-ships.
A very big announcement was made regarding the super ships on March 14, 2022. Wargaming has decided on the cost of these ships and finally announced that they will be added as part of the tech tree. The cost that was stated was that these vessels won't cost research points (the typical currency used to research tech tree ships in the game); rather than researching these ships, players will be able to purchase them with credits (common in game currency that can easily be gained while playing). Players must own at least three tier tens and have already researched the prior ships of the respective line of the super ship, as pre-requisites before purchasing the super ship.
Cost of these ships are the following:
• Super battleships: 57 million credits
• Super carriers: 48 million credits
• Super cruisers: 47.5 million credits
•  Super destroyers 45 million credits
It was also stated in the publication that the servicing costs of these vessels will be 360k credits, for reference the standard servicing cost for a tier 10 is 135k. “This is to ensure that both, they don’t become overly popular in matchmaker and ensure that tier tens have an economic advantage over them.” This was quoted from the recent publication regarding this concept. It is worth mentioning that all this just entered testing as of March 2022, so the numbers regarding the economics should be taken with a grain of salt as these numbers could very well change. 
What are your thoughts on the super-ships?

ATO- TG_Recruiter_Rob

Is hereby awarded

The Tactical Gaming Corps Commander Coin

Over the course of the last year, Recruiter_Rob has been an integral part of the Battlefield PlayStation Division. Within his first two months, he became Executive Officer and only a few short months later, he became the Commanding Officer for first battalion.  In September 2021, his BGC @TG-Red291, was on a deployment and unable to fulfill his duties. Recruiter_Rob saw the need for a BGC during Red's time away, so he stepped up to the plate. He graciously told Red that when he was able to return to TG that he would step down so Red could take back the BGC position.  
Since September 2021, things in the Battlefield Division have changed drastically. They have experienced many struggles especially with the state of 2042, which has led them to become a single crossplay brigade. One thing that has not changed is Rob's integrity. Red came back to Battlefield just a few weeks ago, and now Recruiter_Rob has stepped down and handed the BGC reigns back to Red, even though he did not have to do this especially since the PlayStation BGC is no longer a position.
In addition to the way he handled this situation, Rob is always willing to take time out of his day to help others. Whether this is a new SM or someone new to staff, he is willing to help them navigate the site and offer assistance in game. @OFLU_Shadowghost said, "I lost count of the hours he spent with me when I first joined TG….out of practice time. A CO setting up a private tutorial for a new SM? Nahhh? I've YET to see it from any other CO or BGC. And I am not the only one he does this for within TG. He helped Red this way after we recruited Red. He helped Gardiner this same way. Almost everything I know (we know) about 'the TG way" is because of Rob."

Rob is always quick to respond whenever called upon. He is very active, and has helped to keep the Battlefield Division strong. We need more leaders with his positive outlook and willingness to help others!
Rob, looking forward to see what your future holds for you. Even though you relinquished your duties as BGC, I am sure that you will continue to help the TG members feel welcomed and comfortable here!
Given under my hand at 1st Corps on this 31st day of March 2022.

Signed By:

TG HSquared
Corps Commander
1st Corps


ATO: CoD Red Dawn becomes a CP Squad

CoD Red Dawn Squad
is being promoted to Competitive (CP) Status!
Red Dawn consists of the following members:
@MrLooseifer (SL)
@Kree (SA)
Squad Members:
@BAZ NerAzzurri
Special thanks to @Heliohem who has been with the squad to help them in the competitions, but has currently had to step away due to a deployment.
Red Dawn is competing in the Z League Tournament for CoD Warzone. Typically they participate in trios or quads and often have two teams competing at one time from within their squad. They rotate which members are on which teams on an as needed basis. Red Dawn started to compete in February. So far, they have participated in 25 matches with 17 top five finishes, 7 top three finishes, and six victories thus far!
Keep up the great work guys!

Join the journey of Overwatch 2! "Are you with me?"

Are all you gamers out there ready for Overwatch 2? Do you want to get a feel of the game? A game that only took a ….. bit of time to get released!
You can try the game out in late April at https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/beta/#optin
Overwatch owns its success to Blizzard, which has spent a lot of time and energy on character development. Smooth transitions in-between rounds. Moreover, every game you play feels fast-paced, engaging, and different. 

For those who have never played Overwatch before. Overwatch is a 6v6 multiplayer, First-person shooter (fps in short) set in the near future. The style of the game is cartoonish. The game itself can become very competitive very quickly. Or you stick to quickplay and mess around until you know what you are doing, or go all-out Genji on everyone.

For those of you that don't like competitive mode, and don't like to get killed every single time in respawn by a Bastion, there is good news!!! Overwatch 2 comes with a PvE feature. This will come in a separate release. Next to that, PvP in Overwatch 2 will only be with five players per team instead of six. And there will be a new game mode, a new character (finally), and four new maps to explore!
The new game mode added to Overwatch2 is called "push". Here teams must attempt to escort a robot over the finish line while holding each other off. Sojourn will be the first Canadian character officially added to the Overwatch team roster. For more information about her, check out this video: Overwatch 2 New Hero Sojourn Revealed! | BlizzCon Highlights - YouTube
The beta release for the game will be for PvP only. If you want to participate in the game's closed beta, The game itself will be released in 2023, with the PvP version released at the end of 2022 separately.
Will you join the beta? Are you going to buy the new game? Tell us what you think of the game in the comments below!

ATO- News Team Lead

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
News Team Lead

The News Team Lead Badge identifies the highest-ranking position in Tactical Gaming’s News Team.
The News Team Lead's (NTL) main duty and responsibility is to manage all aspects of TG’s News according to TG's standards along with leading a team of talented and active News Team members that are highly motivated to help promote the TG brand and TG Community.
News Team members are assigned based on subject matter expertise and it is the News Team Lead's job to ensure that his/her staff’s daily assignments and workload are being properly managed.
This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Gaming.
Given under my hand at Tactical Gaming, on this 11th day of March, Two Thousand and Twenty-Two.
Signed by:
TG HSquared
Public Relations Head 

Among Us Community Event

Saturday, March 12th at 1 pm EST/ 6 pm GMT
TG will be hosting an Among Us Event.
Join us in Non TG Games Voice Channel to participate in the betrayal!
This event will be streamed on the TG Twitch as well. 

Open Warzone Event

Today, we want to share with you an amazing event available to each and everyone of you within AND outside of TG!
You read that correctly, an event created to bring together the people of TG and outside too.
So, want more details?
The folks over at Call of Duty Division have combined forces and brains to organize with a simple goal in mind.
"To bring together Tactical Gaming's entire member body, supported by dedicated members of the division with the objective of bringing TG members together in the spirit of friendship, camaraderie and sportsmanship." 
The event is being held on a private Warzone lobby, they need a minimum amount of people to sign up and attend the event to be eligible to open the lobby.
So, they are asking You, if you are available on Saturday 12th March at these times:  2100 GMT : 1600 EST : 1300 PST and you are looking for something to do... Then what are you waiting for?
Get signed up to the event, all details, and participants are located on the TG Wide PB located Here <-- Link
As I mentioned above, they are also welcoming, correction... Encouraging you to bring in your friends, friends of friends, your father, grandmother and hamster to join in the event. Know of someone who enjoy Warzone and enjoys a event and a chance to meet new people, then get them to sign up!
A guest friendly QR code have been created to help your friends and hamster get involved with the event. Just take your phone, go into camera mode and simply place it over the QR code. A link to open the form to enter will open and bob's your uncle! You're in!

So, you joining or what?

Humble Bundle: Ultimate Racing Bundle

Welcome to the next instalment of the Humble Bundle Article!
In each week's edition, I'll be informing you all about new bundles, deals, and updates for one of our favourites bundle sites.
Humble Bundle has been around now for 11 years, offering the community steal worthy deals in the name of supporting charity's.
Grabbing yourself a bundle for significantly cheaper than RRP, to which proceedings go to the supporting charity of the bundle.
It's just a no brainer, grab games, software and tools in different bundle each month and pay as much as you want! 
In this weeks edition, The Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle
Race Cars, JDM's and hot hatchbacks, Sign me up!
So, what can you expect in this deal?

1 Item for $4.99 (£3.79) 
Automobilista - Advanced racing simulator

4 Items for $8.97 (£6.82)
Assetto Corsa: Ultimate Edition - One of the most competitive and stunning Racing games to date
rFactor 2 - Realistic, easily extendable racing sim
NASCAR Heat 5 - Official 2020 NASCAR title
+ Including items in the previous Bundle

10 Items for $12.96 (£9.85)
Assetto Corsa: Competizione - Assetto's Competitive Racing Sim 
DRIFT21 - Tune, boost and perform the ultimate drifts
Automobilista 2 - a Culmination of projects over a decade. The Ultimate Racing Sim
iRacing - A Subscription Based online Racing Service (3 Month Subscription)
Inc: 2 Coupons: 
20% off Thrustmaster T248 & T150 (While supplies last)
+ Including items in the previous Bundle
Please Note: These titles are only redeemable on the Epic Games Launcher, Steam, PC Platform only.
Link --> The Ultimate Racing Sim Bundle
But that's not all!
You can build your own bundle for up to 80% off!
Link --> BYOB
Charity: This bundle supports JDRF and Direct Relief.
JDRF - is the leading global organization funding Type 1 Diabetes (T!D) research.
Direct Relief - Non-profit organization to become the largest providers of medical relief in the world. To provide health services to people who can not receive health in their country. 
What will you be picking up?
Let us know in the comments below!
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