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ATO - ColdMetal82

This medal is enthusiastically awarded to ColdMetal82 in recognition of his in-game leadership. During practice, ColdMetal82 led a raid team, teaching all of the mechanics with such clarity that the team performed without failure or wipe. His thorough attention to detail, patience, and preparedness was inspiring, and should be the example to all leaders looking to take the torch and lead the way. Congratulations on this recognition, and keep up the great work.

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
I hereby award One (1) Instance of the 

Tactical Adventures Chief of Staff Medal
This appointee has displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Adventures standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Adventures this 22nd day of December, 2021.
Signed by:
TG Epsi
General of Tactical Adventures
Chief of Staff

1st Corps December Newsletter

Welcome to the December Edition of the 1st Corps Monthly Newsletter! This newsletter provides a way for you to know what is going on in your corps, milestones people have hit, upcoming events, and more! If there is anything that you'd like to see in the next edition, please let me know!

December is a busy month for many people with all of the holidays that are celebrated. Holidays are traditionally a time to spend with your loved ones, often ones that you haven't seen since the previous holiday season, but they can also be filled with a great deal of stress. I don't know about you guys, but having the extended family together is stressful for me! Trying to plan the date/time for dinner, cooking, cleaning, figuring out gifts for everyone, going into stores that are short staffed and crazy busy... it is a lot to go through to have a few hours with loved ones!
One thing that consistently brings me a sense of joy and peace especially during the crazy hectic times is Tactical Gaming. To me, TG is like a big extended family, but thankfully I do not have to cook for you guys or buy presents! (Sorry if you were expecting this from me this holiday season!) Being able to go online and find fellow gamers to just relax and kill enemies with is a great change of pace from the craziness of this season! This community allows me the ability to escape from reality for a little bit, and I am truly thankful for that! For the record, just like any family things are not always peaceful with the TG family, but that is part of the fun!
To help us get in the holiday spirit, the PRO is hosting two winter contests that are open to all TG members! We are doing a TG Parody Song Writing Contest and an Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jumper Contest. These are a fun way to interact with fellow members outside of gaming! Give them a shot and you could win some prizes! Links for these events can be found in the "Upcoming Events" section below!
I hope all of you find some time to relax and enjoy your both your family and TG family no matter what you have going on this month! Wishing you guys Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Check out the following News Articles that have been released by TG members within the last month regarding things going on in 1st Corps:

Where did all the Games go?
Battlefield 2042 Review
CoD Vanguard Review
Overwatch CP Squad: TG Demon
Hell Let Loose Lessons

Congratulations to the following staff members for obtaining milestones in their positions:
4.5 years as SL: @tobylab
4 years as SL: @Beattlemania
1 year as SL: @TwenZa
1 year as SA: @LethalRam
6 months as CO: @BrEeZy TURNUPPP
6 months as SL: @TG SleepyNinja,  @KingEpyon and @dustylines
6 months as SA: @crankman3022 and @Uneadhealing
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to TG! Keep up the great work!

2 Ongoing Recruitment Contests:
TW Wide Recruitment (will be spinning for more prizes this week!)- open to all active members in TG
CoD Recruitment Contest- open to all active members in CoD
Ongoing Competition:
CoD Mastery Camo Competition - open to all active members in CoD
December Competitions Hosted by the PRO:
TG Parody Song Writing Contest - open to submission until December 31st at 11: 50 pm eastern
Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jumper Contest- open to submissions until December 25th at 11:59 pm eastern
December 10th -
PC Prominence Poker @ 9 pm EST/ 2 am GMT- hosted by @TG HSquared
December 11th-
Halo 2v2 Tournament @ 3pm EST/8 pm GMT- hosted by @TG HaloHobo, @mikepaluso, and @TG Schmitty
Among Us Night @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @primestrike
Special Stream @ 10 pm EST/ 3 am GMT- hosted by @Typicalveteran- (more details to come)
December 17th-
CoD Xmas Scrim Event @ 2 pm EST/ 7 pm GMT - Hosted by @TG Badmoon
December 18th-
Halo 4v4 Tournament @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @TG HaloHoboand @mikepaluso
OW Fun Night @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @primestrike
More events may be added to the TG Calendar. Please check it out for more events and to RSVP to the above events.
**All dates and time to subject to change.**
***These events are open to all members in TG unless otherwise noted.**

Happy Birthday to the following members:
December 1st- @Trash
December 2nd- @Adrianjg99
December 4th- @TG Stryfe
December 5th- @Ford
December 6th- @TG_Atomic_J1m
December 7th- @CountableDread7
December 8th- @TOOshortG1LBERT
December 9th- @LethalRam
December 10th- @Primis Rulz
December 12th- @Rafa Luft
December 15th- @Hashtag_Noob_22, @Hesen130, and @JokerKLLR97
December 16th- @DingWick, @TG RateMyGame, and @TwenZa
December 17th- @Man 0f Plants
December 18th- @Sparx
December 19th- @AzNeedsHealsand @bpmckee93
December 20th- @Legacy#6016
December 22nd- @KMAXLEE1983 and @VoidAmy18
December 23rd- @1065Marine and @Crypt
December 24th- @DanBoy IWNL
December 25th- @Drake-Delavega and @TW Turtle55555
December 26th- @AvJLift
December 28th- @Cryolycan and @Nixon
December 30th- @lynnfairlane
December 31st- @KG
I hope you all have an amazing birthday and many more to come!

Where did all the Games go?

Within the last year TG made the decision to open TW Vanguard and TA Vanguard. The Vanguards are a place for different games to come to TG, and see if there is enough interest to be able to create a stand alone. Vanguard also allows TG to keep games opened (as long as they have at least one full squad/section), that would have otherwise had to close per previous regulations.
Our Vanguards are actively looking for new games to support. Is there a game that you play outside of TG with some friends, and you think that TG should support it? The requirements to get a game supported are much simpler than they used to be. Get a couple of friends, preferably ones not already in TG, form 75% of the TG requirements for a squad/section, show that there is outside community support (we want every game to grow into its own division), and then apply with the official request in Non-TG Games. After that is completed recruit, recruit, recruit! Vanguard not only wants to support new games, but to grow those games from new members that we bring in.
So, what games will be considered? Any! They don’t have to be new games, they could be old games that are still community supported. Games that we used to support that have had major updates and are now gaining popularity again. Independent games that are still in early access, but they look to have a good player base.
The next step that we are looking into and are rather excited about is Virtual Reality (VR). If you have a VR title that meets the requirements and believe it should have the honor of being TG’s first VR title, then apply for a squad/section. The only thing staff will be looking at is, can we recruit for it, is there community support for it, is there enough player base to push our resources into? Vanguard is here to help develop games into new divisions/legions.
So, you got the game, you got the squad/section, how long do you have to turn it into a division/legion? We have simplified that as well. You have all the time needed. We did away with the three-month timetable, and Vanguard staff will continue to support you and your squad as you grow. As long as you have attendance and a squad, you will have a home in Vanguard. From Battalion/Cohort Staff up, we have dedicated ourselves to Vanguard. We stay in Vanguard and help you prepare for becoming your own division/legion. After your games take off, we will remain behind and continue with the next game, and you and your fellow players will step into the new leadership roles and continue on.
Here are some helpful links that give you more detailed information about how to create a game within our Vanguard Division/Legion:
Where to apply
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to @TGxVAPORx, one of our Division Staff members in TW Vanguard.
*This article was written and submitted by @TGxVAPORx.


Battlefield 2042 is the latest addition to the BF franchise, their 17th to be more precise. Set on Planet Earth in a futuristic setting of vehicles, gadgets, and weaponry to be explored. Using the latest version of the Frostbite Engine, it's been tweaked to handle the more dense and beautiful scenery, more destruction particles with more players in one sessions than explored before. Seeing the individual stones of buildings flying towards you after a raptor dive-bombed into it, is what really makes BF so unique in its own right.
The more interesting changes to this title is the addition of a "Plus" selection wheel, as an "on the fly" customization options for players to adaptably change their scopes, muzzles, and grips when the situation arises. This has been seen in a popular free-to-play title Warface, an arcade FPS shooter which has done well over the last 10 years.
But is this cracked up to be?
Well, according to publicly available information, sub-reddits and others opinions, 2042 is having some teething problems since its launch. Unoptimized performance, huge server lag, and poor weapon balancing, it's understandable there is something to be desired.
That being said, it's not all doom and gloom! There is some genuine fun to be had. Their map designs have been a welcomed change to their previous titles and many are feeling that great BF4 vibe once again with the hope of these issues being addressed sooner rather than later.
With the addition of three game modes to be chosen, I spoke to a community member @NJYツ, from Call of Duty Division, who has played an extensive amount of 2042 since its launch only a week or so ago. Hazard zone is a welcomed addition to the new title, where 8 teams consisting of 4 players a team enter into different maps, who are tasked with seeking and acquiring data drives from periodically dropped capsules. These capsules are guarded by AI to which you have to battle your ay through in the hope of obtaining these drives. But it's not the AI you have to worry about. The objective is to acquire as many data drives as possible, then to extract. "This game mode for me is so good because there's such a variety of different maps. And also on this battlefield there's different specialists/operators that have skills that benefit teams in different ways. The guns feel really well balanced and every game really is different. Wish the player limit would be increased to make the mode more populated and with increased challenges." - NJ
DICE are aware of the on-going issues and are working on identifying, patching and releasing these updates. As with BF4, the launch is not going smoothly, but as with most BF titles, they turn from not so great to legendary titles.

CoD Vanguard Review

On November 5, 2021, CoD Vanguard released. Many of our TG members were looking forward to a new CoD title. I spoke with @NiftyCurry (2nd Bat Ranger Squad Member), @Primis Rulz (1st Bat Aetherium Squad Assistant), and @NJYツ (2nd Bat Redacted Squad Assistant) to get their opinions on the new title now that they have been able to play it for a few weeks. Let's see what they had to say!
Squared: "How many hours have you spent on the game so far?"
@NiftyCurry: "3 days Multiplayer play time and close to 1 days zombie play time." 
@Primis Rulz:" Less than 24 hours of multiplayer, and less than 10 hours on zombies. I don't go out of my way to play it."
@NJYツ: "Around 2 Days."
Squared: "Sounds like you guys have a spent a decent amount of time on the game already!"
Squared: "What is your favorited game mode on CoD Vanguard? Why?"
@NiftyCurry:"SnD - Involves team tactics and plays really well in the pacing of this game. Lots of strats can also be utilized." @Primis Rulz: "Multiplayer - There is not nearly enough content in Zombies for me to want to play it, and the multiplayer is actually fun." @NJYツ: "Search and Destroy. I find it such a balanced game mode and I'm not really a fan of Respawn Game modes." Squared: "I got to watch a bit of the 2v2 SnD tournament that @Cane hosted last night. Seemed like an awesome game mode for competitive gamers!"   Squared: "On a scale of 1-10 (1 being poopy and 10 being the best thing in the world), how would you rate the Vanguard title? Why?" @NiftyCurry: "8 - If they fix the bugs and glitches and do the necessary nerfs (STG - Vital etc.) then the game will be more fun to play as everything will be on a level playing field. " @Primis Rulz: "4/10 - I mainly bought the game for zombies, and it was a huge disappointment to me. The campaign was pretty decent in my opinion, and the multiplayer is solid." @NJYツ: "This for me is in two parts. I think as a game in general I would give it an 8. You can tell they've put loads of effort into the title and have produced a decent game. As for my overall experience I would give it about a 4. I don't have any urge to play like the other titles I don't want to get on to grind and improve I'm finding myself only jumping on for practices." Squared; "Mixed reviews for sure! Hopefully they will fix the bugs and add more zombie content, which should make it more enjoyable for all."   Squared: "Do you like this better than previous CoD titles? Why or why not?" @NiftyCurry: "I would play this game over Cold War any day. I still think the 2019 Modern Warfare is superior to Vanguard but given time, it will  grow on me." @Primis Rulz: "If I want to play Zombies, I would not go to this game. There is simply not enough content and it is missing several core components (i.e. No killstreaks, no wallbuys, exfil is useless now, weapon xp is now garbage, heck you can't even pause the game. And if you leave to go to the bathroom or something, you get kicked for being afk, not nearly enough maps or objectives, and they are not going to be making a round based map for this game.)"
@NJYツ: "It is better than Cold War, but other than that I feel all the other call of duties were better." Squared: "Hopefully they will make some changes to make zombies better! At least overall, you guys think it was an improvement from Cold War!"   Squared: "Have you noticed anything that you would like the developers to improve in CoD Vanguard?" @NiftyCurry: "Balance/glitch fixes, nerfs to overpowered guns and a designated 6v6 pacing playlist." @Primis Rulz: "Bring back round based maps, make the xp rates similar to how it was in CW, improve the points system, bring back upgradable skills to give exfil a purpose again, remove the gun carrying zombies, and exploding zombies, and replace them with something else, bring wallbuys back, add the ability to pause the game (especially for solo playing), add applying weapon blueprints to the game, make it so shotguns aren't the only way to survive high rounds, and honestly the list just keeps going on for zombies."
@NJYツ: "A lot of gun balancing needs to happen." Squared: "In most new releases, there are always a lot of balancing issues. Hopefully they will address these soon. I know there has already been at least one update, but hopefully there are more to come soon!"   Squared: "Would you recommend this game? Why or why not?" @NiftyCurry: "Yes, I would recommend this game to anybody that enjoyed MW 2019. However, for those that don't like fast paced gameplay and have slower reaction times, I couldn't recommend this to you." @Primis Rulz: "If you are looking for a decent campaign and a multiplayer experience similar to what was seen in MW 2019, I would say go for it, but I would recommend waiting for a couple of reasons. The campaign and multiplayer alone aren't worth $60 minimum, and the reason I am not bringing up zombies is because the zombies mode itself is worth more like $5 and playing the beta for it. If I had known everything I do now, I wouldn't have purchased this game." @NJYツ: "I wouldn't recommend paying full price for it if it was ever on offer then yeah buy it :)"   CoD Vanguard is offering multiplayer for free until November 22nd. If you are unsure on whether or not you'd enjoy the game go check it out while it is free! What are your thoughts on the new CoD Vanguard?

ATO - TA Head Trainer

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@Ðeus Ex Machina

Tactical Adventures Head Trainer

at the rank of

Field Marshal

in Tactical Adventures,

as such from the 19th day of November, 2021.

This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Adventures.

Given under my hand at Tactical Gaming, on this 19th day of November, 2021.

Signed by:
TG Epsi
Chief of Staff, TA

Overwatch CP Squad: TG Demon

Throughout the years Overwatch has almost always had at least one CP squad on their roster; currently the CP Squad is Demon. Demon has been around for over three years. The roster has changed quite a bit during that time, but the leadership there has always had some interest in being a competitive squad. Typically in Overwatch, players have their main role (the one that they are the best in) and that is all that they want to play; however, that isn't how Demon Squad is ran. Most of Demon's members are flex players between at least two of the roles if not all three. This is how Demon has always chosen to run their squad, and it seems to work out well for them! It is helpful to have people that can play multiple roles, so when you are missing someone or just want to change things up- you have so many different possibilities!  Most recently, Demon Squad has been competing in the Console Gaming League. 
For Overwatch, Console Gaming League consists of six different tiers. Demon Squad is in NA Tier 3. These are the requirements for each of their tiers:
Demon Squad consists of @Pro MK5 (SL), @Uneadhealing (SA), @hhh76017, @Kibbles, @Syrup, and @TG XBlazeX (SMs). @S33ker TNS and a few others were a part of their roster as needed. These members have had many tough battles during this season. Demon won six of their ten matches and twenty-one of their maps! Unfortunately, just before playoffs were going to start the top 2 teams in NA Tier 3 were found to be cheating. Console Gaming League had to reseed things, so the playoffs were briefly delayed.
Last Sunday, Demon played their first playoff match against the number 2 ranked team. After a very tough battle Demon unfortunately lost the last map 2-3. Now we await to see if there will be a lower bracket that Demon will be able to participate in, or if the season has come to an end. Either way, I'd like to congratulate this team for all of the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that they have put into this season! You guys did an amazing job, and I look forward to seeing you compete again in the near furture!

ATO - Public Relations Head

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG HSquared

I hereby promote 
to the Position of Public Relations Head

The Public Relations Head Badge identifies the highest-ranking officer in TG's Public Relations Office (PRO).
The Public Relations Head's (PRH) main duty and responsibility is to control all aspects of TG’s public relations affairs, from the News and Social Media Teams, to managing sponsorships and heading all negotiations for 3rd party hardware and software.
Given under my hand on this 14th day of November Two Thousand and Twenty-One.

TG HaloHobo
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

1st Corps November Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the 1st Corps Monthly Newsletter! This newsletter provides a way for you to know what is going on in your corps, milestones people have hit, upcoming events, and more! If there is anything that you'd like to see in the next edition, please let me know! Also, I am so sorry for the delay in this newsletter. The last bit of October and first part of November has been a very busy and stressful time for me. I will try to make sure December's newsletter isn't delayed though!

In the USA, many people tend to think of what they are thankful for in the month of November. I definitely think its important for all of us to take time to focus and appreciate the things that bring us joy more than just once a year, but to follow the popular November trend I wanted to take some time to highlight a few things that I am thankful for. I'm definitely thankful for my family (including dogs and cat), friends, home, and all of those traditional things that people typically think of first, but that's not what I wanted to write about (Cortana is giving me judgmental looks though for not focusing on her...). Instead, I wanted to focus on a few things that TG has brought to my life that have brought me more joy than I thought it would. 
For starters, today is Veteran's Day in the USA. I have always thought this day was very special, but outside of TG I do not know that many Veterans. Since joining this community I have met hundreds of Veterans from across the globe. I want to say that I am truly thankful for all of your service! You are amazing!

I want to thank all of the staff in TG that help make this community run smoothly, without you- I would not be here. I love being able to work with you guys to help make TG the welcoming environment that it is. Each of you bring so many different qualities to TG. It has and will continue to be a pleasure to work alongside y'all.  I really mean this. You guys rock! As I said in the prelude, things have been rough the last few weeks, and I appreciate you guys standing by my side!

Not only am I thankful for my staff, I am thankful for all of our members! Tactical Gaming would just be a website without y'all, which would be really lame! You guys are what gives my staff and myself a purpose in this community. It has been a pleasure to get to know so many of you, and if we have not met yet- I'm hoping to meet you guys in the near future. 
At the end of October, we completed our St. Jude Charity Stream. I am so very thankful every year that we are able to do these charity events. They are so much fun to be a part of from interacting with the streamers, speaking with the fellow viewers, attempting to play games on stream, completing challenges, and most of all raising money for an amazing cause! I am also thankful for all of you that helped to make this stream a success. 
Last thing that I'd like to mention is I am thankful for all of the amazing friendships that have been created due to me being apart of Tactical Gaming. My Tactical Gaming Family has been so much more important to me especially during the last two years while trying to navigate through COVID. Being able to hang out with friends without having to get together in person has been great. Many of the friendships I have formed here are for life, even if you leave TG at any point- I am still here for you!
I'd like to challenge all of you to take time to reflect on the things that bring you joy. What is something that always puts a smile on your face?

Congratulations to the following staff member for obtaining milestones in their positions:
2 years as SA: @Boopity__Doopity
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to TG! Keep up the great work!

2 Ongoing Recruitment Contests:
TW Wide Recruitment (some prizes will be spun for within the next 48 hours)- open to all active members in TG
CoD Recruitment Contest- open to all active members in CoD
Ongoing Competition:
CoD Mastery Camo Competition - open to all active members in CoD
November 12th-
CoD Lobby Night @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT - Hosted by @TG Badmoon

November 13th-
OW Fun Night @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @primestrike
November 19th-
PC Prominence Poker @ 9 pm EST/ 2 am GMT- hosted by @TG HSquared
November 20th-
Among Us Night @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @primestrike
CoD 2v2 SND Tournament @ 6 pm EST/ 11 pm GMT - Hosted by @Cane
More events may be added to the TG Calendar. Please check it out for more events and to RSVP to the above events.
**All dates and time to subject to change.**
***These events are open to all members in TG unless otherwise noted.***

Happy Birthday to the following members:
3rd- @TG SleepyNinja, @Cpt Casual, and @TG Ghost Hunter
7th- @TG_Starfleet742
8th- @TG Badmoon, @LiamBaxt, and @IRZD
10th- @TG-Vydex
11th- @purplepony420#3800741
12th- @Fishy
13th- @Marztian101and @ZeonDeathKorps
15th- @K0NV1CTXx
16th- @TGxSanguinary
15th- @AlmostJay1738
18th- @Kat
19th- @Sabokai
20th- @SageofSix6
22nd- @BakedFrame69
25th- @bulletgod3000
26th- @TG-JFKproject
28th- @Red-_-Rastand @Ph3on1x_1128
29th- @Curtski96 and@Uneadhealing
30th- @Aion535
I hope you all have an amazing birthday and many more to come!

Hell Let Loose Lessons

Do you want to improve your Hell Let Loose gameplay? Do you want to take your knowledge and skills to the next level? Tired of trying to learn more than the basics but get too busy dying, and dying, and dying? The Exiles can help you!
Come take advantage of the opportunity to share in the knowledge of TG’s most seasoned HLL squad.
Want to improve your tanking skills? Intimidated by your lack of driving prowess? Unclear on where to best target enemy tanks to dispatch them before they dispatch you? No clue on how to lead a tank crew to be a great asset to your team? The Exiles can help.
Want to form a devastating recon squad, causing havoc behind enemy lines and winning the match almost single handed? Fed up with running for what seems like an age, only to die within seconds of reaching your target area? No idea how to hit a target more than 150m away, without firing off every round you have and letting half the enemy team know where you are in the process? The Exiles have some tips for you.
Intrigued about how to become a feared commander, inspiring your team to ultimate victory, but don’t want to get laughed at in the process? The Exiles can train you how to avoid the mutinies and gain the commendations.
Friday nights, 10pm EST, hop on the Discord for the password and come join us in the TG server for a private, exclusive chance to improve your knowledge, skills and understanding of the greatest and most realistic WW2 shooter to hit the PC platform to date. Learn from the veterans, who have walked the walk and learned how to really get the most out of this game. Do you have what it takes?
Hell Let Loose Exiles ST Squad EVERY TG MEMBER IS WELCOME!!!!!
1 on 1 training in every aspect of the game hell let loose and fireteam tactics. 
Every Friday night at 10 pm EST
Be in the hell let loose voice channel in the TG discord. There we will give you the server password which will give you access to the private TG server where you can try out tactics unobstructed by other players or game conditions. 
Because this is a fun event based on building relationships across TG centering on what TG does best. Build lasting friendships and improve your fire team leading abilities in game. What are you waiting for ?

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