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Thank you for your TG service! ~ TG Biggy

Thank you for your TG service! ~ TG Biggy
In this installment of 'Thank you for your TG service', I am interviewing TG Biggy. He is our President and founder. I think that this series was created exactly for this.
TGxLadicius: What made you decide to create our community?
TG Biggy: I discovered my passion for video gaming dating back to the Atari 2600. Man i'm old... But not as old as @TG KrizZz. I followed the evolution of the industry by playing all types of games on all platforms. My first multiplayer experience was in college while playing Duke Nukem 3D PC (1996) with friends in class. Back then, networks were not as secured as they are today... Let's just say we got in trouble a few times.... The seed was planted…
Soon after, the desire for teamwork and tactics grew. As years past, the different PC based communities I was part of allowed me to clearly define what I enjoyed and was looking for. In 2004, I started to notice the explosion of online gaming on consoles (original XBOX and PS2). It’s at that point the vision (holy grail ) came to me.
I believe that regardless of origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed, disrespectful behavior towards one another is unacceptable. The same belief is applied to gaming. With the notion that so many people share the common passion for video games, the vision and mission is to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms.
The video game industry is constantly changing and evolving which in turn is bringing our gaming experience to a whole new level. TG is always looking forward and adapting itself to these changes so that we can provide our members an elite gaming experience.
For examples, mobile games have greatly evolved in the recent years. PUBG Mobile allowed PUBG Division to pass trial phase (when we had PUBG Division). And more recently, soft releases of Call of Duty Mobile is showing great potential.  We're keeping a close eye on gaming streaming services such as Google Stadia which is being release in November 2019. All that to say we welcome new ways to play our favorites games .
TGxLadicius: Since TG's creation, what would you say has been your biggest hurdle? How did you overcome it?
TG Biggy: Hmmm good one. I would say financial hurdles to get our head quarters (Web Site) to the level we wanted it to be. We have been VERY lucky through out the years to have incredible people who volunteer their time and skills for our common passion.  Want to help? Become a TG Sponsor
TGxLadicius: The Tactical Gaming Mediator Program (TGMP) is a great tool for us in TG. Would you tell us a time that you also found it to be very helpful to you?
TG Biggy: It is EXTREMELY useful for everyone at all levels. Like the description says 
Experience has shown that majority of conflicts can be resolved when members talk to each other with the presence of an objective person to help mediate the situation.
And I HATE drama and that's why I put the TGMP in place so that we can resolve issues asap without going overboard...
TGxLadicius: What would you say is your finest moment in TG (to date)?
TG Biggy: OUR finest moment is every single day... How many gaming communities do you know have grown like we have and have lasted close to 15 years? 
TGxLadicius: What advice would you give to our newest members of CoC? Also, what advice would you offer to those considering CoCpositions?
TG Biggy: I would say read up on everything you're supposed to know as a CoC member... Members will go to you for answers... Have the answers for them....
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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator
The long awaited return of Microsoft's Flight Simulator is back on PC and now Xbox!
Announced at E3, the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2020, no month has been confirmed as yet. If you’re a big simulation gamer, like me, it seems like a long wait.. but it'll be worth it.
The game graphics will be in 4K and they look absolutely stunning. Check out these screen shots below:

The scenery graphics are powered by Azure AI and use real satellite images to enhance the player’s experience, the planes look really good to! You can fly anything from a small bodied plane, such as a Cessna up to the giants of the sky, such as a old school 747 or the new Dreamliner’s.

Create your own flight plan and fly day or night, with realistic and challenging weather conditions. Nothing like trying to land a 737 on a runway with crazy crosswind. I admit that playing the game on the Xbox will be interesting, as with PC you have all the controls you want on a keyboard and makes it easier to access certain quick controls. However, you will be able to by a joy stick for the Xbox closer to the release date. Unknown on price or specs, but if that rumour is true, it will make it a lot easier to fly.
Unfortunately, there isn't much to go on at this point. But when we have more information from Microsoft, a updated article will be published.


I personally can't wait for this game to be released, it’s been many years since they released a new Flight Sim and the fact it's coming to Xbox, Microsoft deserve a hand shake.. For once.
Check out the teaser trailer below:

Apex Legends: The Age Of The Camper

Apex Legends Season 2
The Birth Of The Camper
The initial Battle Royale fever may have quietened off, especially for those of us who played the original beta’s for PUBG and Fortnite, as well as the full release titles and Call of Duty’s and Battlefield’s takes on the play style but the only one that has truly had a candle held for me is Apex Legends. Apex Legends was released in February of this year as a free to play game and immediately took gamers and streamers by storm by their own take on the genre. For those of you who don’t know or haven’t picked it up, Apex Legends is created by the developers who brought us the Titanfall games and shares its universe with them as well. After borrowing concepts from several different FPS gaming styles they seem to have cracked the perfect blend of action, skill tactics and pure enjoyment. During its first week it reached 25 million players and became the most profitable Battle Royale game in its first month compared to the profits of all the others to date but we aren’t here to talk stats, profits and all the nitty gritty.

Like other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends has gone down the route of implementing seasons into its usual grinding playstyle as well as ranked leagues. The first season saw the appearance of Octane, a new character with agility based perks such as increased speed and his own backstory and lore. With the battle pass that accompanied the season 1 release players were rewarded for their progress with unique weapon and characters skins and they have carried this trend on with season 2. As well as the usual heaping of rewards for leveling up, season 2 also brought a major map change which has added a fresh lick of paint to the aesthetics and playstyles Meta’s that exist within the game during the opening months and first season.
Now several weeks into the second season “Battle Charge” and having a good look at it myself and speaking with other gamers who are partial to respawns take on a battle royale not everyone is pleased with every change that has been added. The first season did not really have active challenges that you could complete to boost your battle pass level but these have been added in the second season which personally I am very thankful, the map change is a welcome change as well as the new character called Watson. The issue at the moment is Watson and the ranked league point allocation system which rewards lasting to the top 3 more than killing the enemy. But let's start with Watson which is a defensive player, her tactical ability allows the deployment of electrical fences that damage and slow enemies and also make the other players reluctant to push you when you have a defensive position. Sure you can lob grenades in the building or position to damage or kill the occupants but she also comes with an ultimate ability that sets a device that acts similar to a tesla coil. All grenades and artillery strikes ultimate abilities from other players that enter its effective area are immediately destroyed rendering that tactic useless.

I’m skirting over her quiet quickly but it will all come back together don’t worry. Now with the ranked system you get a point for every kill you make in a game to the maximum of 5 points. Then if you reach the top 10 you gain 2 points, top 5 is 4 points, top 3 is 7 and the win will grab you 12. Sounds simple enough, 17 points a win with 5 kills shouldn’t be too hard right? Now at silver and above you have to pay an RP point to enter the game, so for example at platinum you pay 3 points to enter, top 5 with no kills gets you 1 point in platinum. Doesn’t seem too bad at least your making progress, however you can play aggressive, get 5 kills which is 5 points, die at 11th places and only make 2 points towards your next rank, seems harsh that the reward for taking out five enemins is only one point higher than camping to top 5 and getting taken out with zero kills. With Watsons defensive ability set, partnered with another defensive character like caustic who can block doors completely and any other 3rd you can get to the top 3 with no work, no kills and still come out better than aggressive players bagging yourself 4 points by camping………….
So with 4 tiers to each new rank, with a varying 40 points between the tier, as well as being matched with players on a similar skill level the games lovable run and gun mechanic has been replaced with a camping meta that I personally believe is better suited to the gillie suit wearing PUBG playstyle or the building making Fortnite style. Anyway rant over, for now anyway. The forums are full of people with ideas to re-balance the entire system and although respawn have yet to comment on any changes as of now they did previously state that with the ranked leagues they would be looking at in game trends, player feedback and the feel of the community as to how the game would be balanced and changed in the future so fingers crossed on that one.
Now I am going to slide slightly away from hard facts and in the video above which is the opening trailer for season 2’s launch you can see a laptop being used to trigger an overload that destroys a large tower at a location called repulse, that triggers the map change and has raised a few questions within the apex legends community. Although not confirmed it is now generally believed that the new legend to come to the game will be the one who caused the change and believed is to be called “crypto”. While mainly speculation there has been a mention of him in the backstory and lore for pathfinder as well as being spotted in one of the images of pathfinder. Appearing to be wielding a sword on his back and possibly having some kind of EMP like ultimate we can only guess for now. Whether the next character is released this season or we have to wait for season 3 is unknown at this point.
Authors Note:
Now most of my articles are based on game pre-views, reviews and backed with as many facts as I can grab but in this case for a game I love this is more a personal piece and I would love to hear any feedback from Apex Legends players for future articles.
Are You Enjoying APEX?   Do You Agree Or Disagree With The Above Statements?
Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below!

What It's Like To Be... Episode 3

What It's Like To Be...
Coding Team Member

Hello TG and welcome to the third episode of a this series. In this series, titled 'What It's Like To Be..", I will be interviewing members of TG throughout the ranks, ranging from squad member right up to the CoC. As well as interviewing CoC members, i will also be taking the chance to interview certain members in support positions. This series will be published on a monthly basis. 
Today i had to pleasure of interviewing Brigadier General TGxTaylorMade, Division officer for The Division division. But today, we'll be focusing on his involvement in the coding team.
TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to this position?
TaylorMade: One day i was combing the IPB forums (site for the software we use) and i saw a post by Biggy looking for help upgrading the site to their newest version, so i reached out to him. I actually joined TG as a independent contractor to work on the new site upgrade and ATS. It wasn't will a while later like 6 months that i actually joined TG as a member and took on the Coding Team position as a TG Member. I have always had a love and passion for coding.
TG SmokeyB: You've been in your position of Coding Team Member for a while. What is the main reason for serving in the position for so long?
TaylorMade: Since when i joined TG back in February 2018, actually fun fact i was a coding team member before i was even a squad member. Personally i just love this job/ team, i work with some great people we have a lot of fun on the coding team. ALOT of behind the scenes work goes on to make sure this powerhouse of a site and community stays running and that the site is running smoothly.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us the best highlight while serving as a CTM?
TaylorMade: I'd have to say the best part is hearing people talk so highly of a feature or some new thing that they seen on site and knowing you made it just it makes me happy that things are being enjoyed so much.
TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to TG when you first joined?
TaylorMade: I wasn't so much attracted to TG when i first joined. When i joined, i joined to do a job it wasn't until about August of 2018 after the new site was done and things on my end slowed down that i actually started to realise what a great and awesome community we have here. That's when i knew i wanted to join as a actual member
TG SmokeyB: I imagine you are busy with so many web tickets and issues. What is it about resolving web issues you love?
TaylorMade: I don't really "love" fixing issues as more of a "thank god its fixed" feeling. Reasoning behind that is some issues are straight forward and easy where as some issues we have had are so severe and scary to even imagine fixing you start to almost panic, lol.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell me a little more about your TG history?
TaylorMade: Joined beginning of 2018 but wasn't until about October of that year that i joined the ranks over in Call of Duty Division and i quickly rose the ranks there, where 1 month after joining i was DO over in CoD. My team and i over there helped bring CoD back but once The Division came back i knew i had to be there March 25 of this year i was appointed to DO of Division division and i am not going anywhere.
TG SmokeyB: If you could change one thing in TG, what would it be?
TaylorMade: I can't really say i would change anything, everything is perfect just the way it is.
TG SmokeyB: Just for fun. If you where having your last meal tomorrow, what would it be?
TaylorMade: I'd have to say some home made mac and cheese, with fish.
Thank you very much to @TGxTaylorMade for taking part in this interview. I can just say how grateful we all are to have here and to keep the site working correctly and smoothly. It also has be mentioned that Taylor is in the very special group of members that have both the top coins of excellence to get. Well done buddy!

The next episode in this series will be published in September!
Did You Enjoy The Interview?  Would You Like To Say Anything To TaylorMade?
Comment below!

Reminder! Writing Contest

News Team Writing Contest
Hello Tactical Gaming!
Just wanted to remind you all that the writing contest is still open until the 7th August. Below are the details for this contest are below:
  Well, this is your chance to share that with the community and win a prize! 
Here are some experiences we are looking for: 

Competition battles
First experiences in TG
First time holding a position (SS to CoS)
Hardest challenges overcame using Teamwork
Top 5 moments
Earning a game achievement 
War Stories

With those ideas in your mind, why not give this a go!  all stories will be considered and we will do our best to share as many of them to the community as an article! 
If you for some reason find writing stories or writing enjoyable so much, why not consider doing a little more of it and apply for the NEWS TEAM!!!!! 

So to add a little more on what we are expecting:

Word Count:
Min: 250
Max: 1000
PM article to:
 TG SirMadness (PRH)
TGxP1nkM1st (PRA)
Starts 7th June 2019
Ends 7th August 2019

The prize for the best piece of writing: 
$20 - 1st PLACE !!
$10 - 2nd PLACE !!
$5 - 3rd PLACE !!
Marking criteria: 
Depth of Story
Overall story
If your thinking of going ahead with this,  ask a fellow member or staff to "proof-read" your submission as a second pair of eyes never hurts! 

again, this is open to ALL members who want to share stories with the community !!
Make it Special 
Make it Unique
Maybe even make it inspirational   !!!
It's up to you
TG Rules and Regulations apply for all submissions 

TG SirMadness, 
Public Relations Head 

Public Relations Assistant

TG SmokeyB
News Team Lead


ATO - Battlefield Division

Between June 25th and July 16th, 2019, TG's Battlefield Division conducted Operation Total War 2. This stats-based competition involved 18 squads and approximately 132 Members from around the world. Squad's were ranked using their mean objective scores gained during the contest period. Southern African Squad Raptors gained top position by a wide margin.
To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of these members,
the following medals are awarded:
One (1) Instance of the Combat Operations Medal

"The Combat Operations Award recognizes a Squad that demonstrates indisputable, quantifiable exemplary performance in all aspects of clan matches, battles and warfare."
@TG jaisy722
One (1) Instance of the Instrumental Leaders Award Medal 

 "The Instrumental Leaders Award recognizes two individuals’ exemplary behavior, efficiency, fidelity and leadership in directly influencing the success of their Squad’s recipience of the Combat Operations Award."
One (1) Instance of the Distinguished Operative Award Medal

"The Distinguished Operative Award recognizes an individual’s exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in directly influencing the success his or her Squad’s recipience of the Combat Operations Award."
Full Medal Descriptions
These appointees have displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Warfare standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under our hand at Tactical Warfare this 18th day of July 2019

TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG Kacy2k
Corps Commander
1st Corps
TG Epsi
Corps Commander
2nd Corps

Corps Commander
3rd Corps

Reminder! TWC Q&A

Don't Forget: TWC Q&A Steam
Hello Tactical Gaming!
Don't forget about the Tactical Warfare Command (TWC) are hosting a poker stream event, whilst answering questions for you... the members of TG! It's a great way to get you to know the TWC while asking some fun and interesting questions.
When is this you say? Its Saturday 20th July @ 2pm EST (7pm BST)
Where? It will be streamed on the Tactical Gaming Twitch channel, which can be located by clicking here!

It will be the 4th TWC Q&A and it's going well! Hopefully more to see in the future.
You can find out more and ask your questions by visiting: 
Are click on the banners you've recently seen on the forums:


What It's Like To Be... Episode 2

What It's Like To Be..
Squad Member

Hello TG and welcome to the second episode of a this series. In this series, titled 'What It's Like To Be..", I will be interviewing members of TG throughout the ranks, ranging from squad member right up to the CoC. As well as interviewing CoC members, i will also be taking the chance to interview certain members in support positions. This series will be published on a monthly basis. 
Today i had to pleasure of interviewing Warrent Officer Thor HUN, squad member in Rangers(ST), Battlefield division.
TG SmokeyB: You've been in your position of squad member for 4 years. What is the main reason for serving in the position for so long?
Thor HUN: I am enjoying this kind of coordinated and tactical gameplay but I don't really have leading ambitions and I would feel uncomfortable in a leader position, plus I am not too talkative either so being an SM is just fine for me.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us the best highlight while serving as a squad member?
Thor HUN: Hard to tell, there were so many really. Most of the best moments happened back in BF4 times: full squad helicopter crew criusing or traveling around and capping objectives in an armed transport, we called the Party Bus.
TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to TG when you first joined?
Thor HUN: I have got this standard recruitment message and I thought it was only for me because I played so exeptionally good :). Still, the whole TG mindset just got me, this "professionalism" was a really pleasant surprise, so I sticked.
TG SmokeyB: What are your future plans?
Thor HUN: One day I will have no time for this and I will miss this dearly, but I cannot see that day coming anytime soon. I even started a martial art since I joined TG and I thought I might have to stop doing TG practices but fortunatelly I managed to do both, so I intend to stay as long as I can, moving from BF5 to BF6 when the time comes.
TG SmokeyB: If you could, what would you change with the Battlefield Division?
Thor HUN: TG and BF Division is great as it is, at least I did not find this kind of gaming experience anywhere else. There is maybe one thing I would change: stop members from leaving, changing squads and games, people should really decide where they want to be :).

TG SmokeyB: What would you like to see more of? (such as competetions, tournamets etc...)
 Thor HUN : Tournaments, maybe. It has been afes since we had one.
TG SmokeyB: I imagine in your time here you've met loads of people. Do any of them stand out and why?
Thor HUN: Loads of people. So many in fact, that I have forgotten the names of most of them  My friendlist is full with ex-squad members. Sadly, I have reached a point when I found it rather pointless to learn names because they will move on soon anyway. There were some really great fellows though that I really do miss: TheEqualizerGB, Viper0268, cH Sariel, who's name was Turbo back then and later he started to change his gamertag on weekly basis so for the sake of simplicity we sticked to Turbo, hydratic, NaxTheWolf and most importantly my training officier and first SL: Xzyo91. I have never seen anyone putting so much effort, time and energy into TG than he did - thank you, Xzyo.
TG SmokeyB: Just for fun. If you where having your last meal tomorrow, what would it be?
Thor HUN: The most logical would be something that is either completely out of season or extremely time consuming to produce. Or both. 100 days eggs, perhaps. But since this question is for fun then I will give you something to google for, to make this a bit more interesting: marhapörkölt & nokedli. And a kürtőskalács filled with vanilla icecream as dessert. You should try them
Again, i want to thank @Thor HUN for taking part in this interview. As I've served as your squad leader before, i can safely say that you are a dedicated member and have so much to give to TG, great work buddy!
The next episode in this series will be published in August!
Did You Enjoy The Interview?  Have Anything to Say To Thor HUN?
Let Us Know Below!

TWC Q&A Stream

TWC Stream Night
Tactical Warfare Command are hosting a streaming night on Saturday, July 20th @ 2pm EST. They will be streaming Prominence Poker on the TacticalGamingNet Twitch channel, the Twitch channel can be located by clicking here.

This is a great time for the TWC, but also a nervous one, as there will be a Q&A which YOU, the TG members can ask questions to the TWC! TG is a big place and it's good to take this oppertunity to ask the higher up's questions. You can ask them anything, as long as it is TG appropriate. This will be the 4th Q&A session hosted and hopefully many more to come.
Please come along and see who loses at poker, and its a great chance for the community to ask them vital questions.
We encourge all members to take part in this!
More information can be located here:
Get your questions ready!

Addicted to your support! ~ MissVendettaXO

In this part of my series addicted, we are focusing on our support teams. In this interview, I will be interviewing the honorable and talented @MissVendettaXO. She currently serves our community as the Tactical Warfare Head Trainer of the Training Office (TO). I have had a long and extensive history working with the TO.
TGxLadicius: What vision do you have for the TW TO? Also, what can we do to help you see those goals to completion?
MissVendettaXO: I want the TW TO to be a huge contributor to the success of all our divisions by continuing to forge a strong relationship between the TO and the staff within each division. I'd love to see people excited to pursue leadership development, enjoying the ATCs, ATs helping with training aspects, and just seeing excited new recruits enter (and stay in) TG. As far as helping, we can all work together from the TO, PRO, CT, BTN/DIV staff (etc) and usher in great quality leadership to continue TG's legacy. The staff within the divisions are encouraged to talk to their ATs, and myself to discuss how the TO can help them. The other support teams are also going to be crucial in helping us achieve our goals in the TO by encouraging and informing members of the awesome courses we offer (PLDC, TLDC, etc).
TGxLadicius: The TLDC (Theoretical Leadership Development Course) and PLDC (Practical Leadership Development Course) are monumental in helping current staff, and staff hopefuls in what to expect in being staff and in their potential subordinates. Do you see these classes becoming even more popular across more divisions?
MissVendettaXO: I really hope they become even more popular within TG. They are incredibly beneficial courses to help develop leadership skills that are applicable within TG, and outside of TG. There are so many valuable lessons to learn that can give you the tools to be an effective leader and being the best you that you can be. One of my goals is to expand the PLDC to every single division within TG, and increasing enrollment in TLDC.

TGxLadicius: A long time ago, TG had drill instructors. The members that support our community in that role are now known as Assistant Trainers. The scope of their jobs have changed a bit, but not too much since then due to technology advances. How do you see technology now and in the future impacting the Training Office? 
MissVendettaXO: There will always be a place for the Training Office in TG because training requires strong leadership from people like our ATs, regardless of technological advances. I think technology can certainly help streamline and help us in what we do. If you think about it, technology has drastically improved communication in every aspect of life, not just for TG (Discord, XBL, PSN). The Web Team is always adding new features, and Discord is an improvement on TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.. all of these things help the TO become more efficient.
TGxLadicius: I've always loved ATCs (Advanced Training Courses). I'd personally love to see more of them being conducted. How do you view them?
MissVendettaXO: I think that the Advanced Training Courses are a great, distinct part of TG.  It's incredibly rewarding to see someone become proficient in a new skill and while ATCs are common in some of our cornerstone divisions like Battlefield, I'd really like the TO help bring ATCs to every division as well. I know that some games are limited to stats but I’m hoping more and more games are able to do more robust ATCs. They really are a great way to show your skills on the battlefield and that’s something that many in TG are passionate and excited about.
TGxLadicius: Having fun, and community interaction have been staples of our community. I believe that those aspects have been monumental in the longevity of our like minded community. I have, and have had, a very close working and playing relationship with the Assistant Trainers serving the various divisions I have been a part of. There are some divisions that age pretty bad, and others that stay young for what has seemed like forever. I know that many members are unaware of all the work that goes into making our cohesion on tactics, and our like mindedness a consistent mindset of TG by the TO. How would you express the way that the TO helps us to make those a constant in our community? 
MissVendettaXO: The Training Office is like the glue that holds divisions together. No matter how different the division or game, the Training Office works very closely with divisions, communicating constantly with staff and creating training documents that have a similar template but can be very division specific. Collaboration between so many working pieces (divisions, the TO, etc) from the start to the finish is what continues to forge that path of like-minded teamwork. Even working on things like the ATCs give members something outside of practices to grind toward and have fun with, keeping them engaged for the long-term.
TGxLadicius: Thank you for taking the time in being interviewed, and for providing us some insight in our support teams. If a member is considering applying for a position in the TO, what advice would you offer them?
MissVendettaXO: I’d say think about what you want to help your division accomplish. If you’re someone that likes to go to different squads meeting people, collaborating with a lot of staff, and are a natural trainer then I think the Training Office is a great place for you. I’d say the best place to start to prepare for an AT position is IN SS. You learn so much about training members, the report standards, etc that provide a great starting point for a future AT.
Thank you for the interview and giving the TO, especially the amazing ATs, a platform to showcase what a vital part this team plays within TG.
Enjoying the series so far?
Let us know in the comments section below!

ATO - TGxTaylorMade

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
Since TGxTaylorMade has joined he has been a major part in the everything related towards the web site and all of its up keep and upgrades as well as all of the updates to the ATS, He has also rised up the ranks of CoD quick due to his great ability to lead people and then a division was very apparent and also has now taken on a role of division officer while trying to get that division through a trial phase, This is just a little something to say thank you for all your hard work around every where.
I hereby award

 one (1) instance of the Tactical Gaming Vice Presidential Medal


I hereby award one (1) Instance of the Tactical Gaming Vice President Coin

Given under my hand on this 24th day of June 2019.

TG KrizZz
Tactical Gaming Vice-President
Tactical Gaming Executive Committee

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