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ATO - 100 Recruits Medal

This is to acknoldege the below individuals achievement on recruiting more than 100 members into our community. This award is to highlight their dedication and commitment to continously growing this community and our members.  
To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
I hereby award
@TG HaloHobo @MissVendettaXO @XIERNAS @Typicalveteran- @JaiyoHD @TG Mattman @Cronnie

One Instance's of the Tactical Gaming Medal

The Tactical Gaming Medal is awarded to an individual who has displayed exemplary behavior by increasing Tactical Gaming’s presence in the gaming community, on all platforms.

The recipient of this award must have distinguished him or herself from his team members by showing extraordinary dedication to campaigning in Tactical Gaming’s cause; by promoting Tactical Gaming’s interests throughout the gaming community; or by selflessly resolving conflict with outside organizations.

This award is given by Tactical Gaming Executive Committee only.
Given under my hand on this 20th day of April 2021.

TG KrizZz
Tactical Gaming Vice-President
Tactical Gaming Executive Committee

Interview With A Legend - Apollo

Apollo Is Here
Hello ladies and gentlebeans, and welcome back to another Interview with a legend. Following on from our previous chat with @Trekboy101 we now have the pleasure and insights of @Apollo aka TG Dom. Jumping straight in let's hear a little about you and your career within the community.
Hi, My name is Dom, and I have done two stints in TG. My first one was back in 2007 in the Gears of War Division. I was SS of Dragoons Squad, and I did some work in the TO . I rejoined the CoD Division for Modern Warfare, and I have been happily in Ranger Squad ever since where I now serve as Squad Leader.
TG SeanTuc1: And we are happy to have you in the division. I honestly had not realized how long people have been in TG until I managed to get them one on one like this so glad to have another TG veteran here. Now half of these interviews are meeting the members behind the squads, but the other half is hearing fellow gamers' thoughts and feeling on the current game, so let's pick your brain a little bit on Black Ops. What were your initial feelings after coming over from Modern Warfare and into Black Ops with the rest of us?
Apollo:  This version of CoD has definitely taken some time to adjust to, but I actually quite like it as a game overall. My favorite maps to play on are Raid, Moscow, and obviously Miami - I love how it plays and being good at maps that others don't enjoy so much, gives you a huge competitive advantage. I'm excited to see what Miami Strike will look like when it gets released soon. I'm enjoying the more restrictive competitive side of the game at the minute, mostly because public games are full of 1-tapping pistols, thermals and streetsweepers - and I can't stand these weapons. We were playing Control Crossroads the other night, and it was just impossible to work on anything productive because the enemy were just running streetsweepers. 
TG SeanTuc1: *hides the thermal Krieg under the notepad*
As well as the recent pain of the Glass Cannon LC10 I fully agree with you there. Other than the constant weapon and perk balances that always come with the franchise what else would you like to be changed in Black Ops?
Apollo:  I would like to see some improvement on the maps a little bit. I feel like there are a lot of maps that favor one objective over the other, and in Modern Warfare I feel like it was a little more balanced. There seemed to be more maps on MW where you could attack either bombsite for SnD, but for CW, if you attack the wrong bombsite you are at disadvantage straight away so it limits the gameplay a little bit, and obviously some of the weapons need re-balancing.

TG SeanTuc1: Could not agree with you more on the maps. It can feel at times that you can move 10 paces from the start and an entire bombsite is practically covered, forcing your hand the other way. So jumping away from the flaws in Call of Duty how are you feeling about TG in it's capacity as a platform for Cold War? I touched on recruitment and squad merging before; however, you have been at the front for a merged squad since the change, how have you and your squad adapted to the crossover?
Apollo:  I think TG is a great community and from it I have a great group of friends that I talk with almost daily, and a wider CoD community that I get on well with. I don't get involved in recruitment too much, and perhaps this is an area where I could support the community more. I have a few different ideas about the recruitment and IN process, but I also know this is a hotly debated topic and given the process has changed very little since 2007, I think the current structure is unlikely to change now.
The merge was a huge moment, and there were definitely some teething issues as you would expect. It was unfortunate that this was timed as the new game came out. There was a lot of change in a short space of time. I feel like it was a bit much for some people, and we lost some good members as a result of it. This is easily said in hindsight, and I'm not privy to all the info that BTN have in-front of them so I'm sure there were other factors... however things look like they are going quite well now. 
Papa has really championed Events, and no-one in 2nd battalion could say there isn't enough choice. This is the most I have seen that has been made available to people since I have been in this division and the variety is really good. What I also think is great, is that it isn't just the BTN Staff running everything. The TO are supporting with the companion app and SS are running tournaments and scrim events. This helps integrate the community a lot. Recently, I've been excited with the how active some of 1st BTN have been over UK hours; apparently they don't sleep! But this has opened up some new opportunities to integrate with our neighbors across the pond a little more. 
Ranger Squad has been crossplay since day one. We are fortunate enough that no-one in the squad knows any better. Game Chat/ Xbox Party are too unreliable. I'm now the only Xbox player left in Ranger, and the pressure to join the dark side from the others is heating up. I don't think it will be too long before I commit to PC. To be honest, as we start to take GBs more seriously, then being on the same platform / controller will help us too. 
TG SeanTuc1: The Battalion staff have handled the change very well with the different platforms coming together, and I wholeheartedly agree with you there that things are looking more solid now for the crossplay division.
DON'T YOU DARE!!!! It's hard enough keeping up to you on a good day let alone having your evil reaction times behind a decent gaming PC haha. Started getting flashbacks then so I best run away from that idea quickly. Now for those who are not in the Call of Duty Division, the Squad League was originally the Xbox squads battling Xbox squads, PlayStation vs PlayStation etc., with the merge of everyone it has added a new depth and dynamic to the Squad League which has been an interesting learning curve. Now you have recently just taken over the running of the Squad League, and as we get into the second one under your direction I would like to get your thoughts on the League as a whole.
Apollo:  The concept of Squad League is great. It offers such a great opportunity to play with other squads, but also helps provide focus for practices, showcase your squad on Twitch, and give you tangible evidence of improvement. Many of the practices I run are designed with Squad League in mind. It lets me plan stuff based on where we are weakest and what other teams might try to exploit to beat us. There are definitely other ways of achieving this, but the Squad League makes it easy. 
I don't think anyone can argue that Squad League has been a huge success overall, and has so far achieved what it was designed to achieve. However, I do think it went through a re-birth post merge. With so many other teams entering the League, the dynamic of it changed. I think this caught a lot of people by surprise. Naturally it takes some time to adjust. Trying to balance up the desire of being highly competitive and those looking for a more casual competitive experience is difficult. I think we are in a better space now, but the goal posts are constantly moving. 
Last season was my first season in management, and it was an interesting insight into how things work behind the scenes. I'm looking forward to having a bigger impact this season to drive it forward. I do think it is a great thing CoD has and has so many bi-products that improve the experience within the division that it is worth participating and contributing towards. 

TG SeanTuc1: May have to have a peak behind the curtain, and see what's behind those scenes sometime haha. Now I do always like to draw these to a close with a personal memory or especially prideful moment in your career within TG. Do you have you would like to share with us today?
Apollo:  Ummm... I don't think I can say I have any stand-out memories. Winning our first GB game as Ranger Squad was a highlight, this showed an accumulation of progress that started in MW.  Some of my favorite memories are playing with the guys outside of practice, either on CoD or other games. I have played a bit of Sea of Thieves and Among Us with the gang too. This has definitely helped us stay together for this long so far. 
TG SeanTuc1: I understand what you mean; most people's best memories within TG seem to be coming down to the general experience overall within there squad in and out of game, ours usually involves mini-golf, but that's for a different day. Praying we don't find you in GB's haha, but I would like to thank you for your time and your comments today. Ladies and gentlebeans that is it for today's Interview with a Legend.
We hope you enjoyed hearing from the Rangers very own Apollo today and keep tuned for the next unlucky member I grill for their own thoughts and feelings within the division.

Overwatch Lore - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Overwatch Lore series! If you missed the first one you can find it here! 
Accusations of corruption and illegal activity are thrown at Overwatch. Their experimental jet fighter, and the pilot, Lena Oxten (Tracer) goes missing. She's later found in a state of chronal dissociation, and Winston begins work on how to fix this.  After he learns how to stabilize her, she starts learning how to use her new abilities. Moira joins Blackwatch during this, and begins her experiments on Gabriel. Blackwatch gets made public, and the Japanese Government files complaints against them. 
An Overwatch Facility in Oslo gets attacked, and Strike Commander Morrison refuses to say who. Instead, he says that he does have suspects in mind, and they will be investigating their security measures due to this. Gabriel and McCree meet with Gerard Lacroix in Rome, where they find out that the man responsible for attacking the Overwatch Facility earlier, was the leader of Talon. During this meeting a bomb goes off there, injuring Lacroix and killing many civilians. Gabriel wants to kidnap the leader of Talon, Bartolli, and interrogate him ‘off the record’. Jack advises against it, but leaves it up to him nonetheless... and he does it.  During the mission he realizes that Bartolli has too many connections and he'll end up released. So he does the clearly logical move- find him, kill him, and blow his whole team's cover. Blackwatch gets investigated pretty hard after this, as well as infighting starts within the group, primarily between McCree and Gabriel. Doomfist and Maximilien obtain the power that was once held by Bartolli, after Doomfist defeats Akinjide Adeyem. Akinjide is known as The Scourge of Numbani, and is the second person to wield the Doomfist gauntlet. 
The UK Prime Minister refuses to let Overwatch operate inside UK borders now. So again, doing only logical solutions, Gabriel sends McCree in to be a spy. Jack follows suit and sends a whole team in, which consists of Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and Tracer. A few years later, Ana is believed to be murdered by Amelie Lacroix (Widowmaker) during a hostage mission, led by Jack. Sojourn gets Genji, Tracer, Mercy, and Winston to come to Havana to help her capture Maximilien, and they do. They investigate him and he informs them that Doomfist will be in Singapore in 3 weeks. They go there and capture Doomfist. The UN starts investigating Overwatch even more after finding out about Moira's involvement in the group. A bomb goes off at Overwatchs Swiss HQ, killing everyone inside, including Jack and Gabriel... or so they say. Overwatch is officially disbanded now as well. 
The Second Omnic Crisis begins, Soldier:76 begins stealing from old Overwatch buildings. Symmetra's family business moves some facilities to Rio, where Lucio rallies the people and gains fame almost overnight by fighting back. Talon tries to find Daniel Fernandez, burns down the whole town in the process, and Baptiste leaves shortly after. This brings us back to the reformation of Overwatch...

ATO - Epic - DMTL

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
  Tactical Gaming Digital Media Team Leader


in Tactical Gaming.

as such from the 16th day of April, Two Thousand and Twenty-One.

This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Gaming.

Given under my hand at Tactical Gaming, on this 16th day of April, Two Thousand and Twenty-One.

Signed by:

Web Team Head

Web Team Executive



To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

I hereby promote 
to the Position of Head Competition Officer

Given under my hand on this 14th day of April, Two Thousand and Twenty-0ne.

TG KrizZz
Vice president
Tactical Gaming

League of Legends Tournament Results

The League of Legends Tournament that was hosted by TG, recently concluded and now we can officially announce our winners! I’m sure they fought hard, spent a lot of time, and practice really hard to get here! So let’s look at some stats before we get on with crowning the winners!
There were some impressive stats from our players during the course of the tournament! The stats for most kills was very close, 36 from PĘÅK (The Walking Zed!), alongside Teatime (The Boston Tea Party) with 34, and G2 Dat Elise Bro (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) with 32! The top player KDA was very close as well, and all belonging to members from the same team, The Boston Tea Party. KDA of 17 for HairyGrandMother, and 14 for both Teatime and MSQ Megamala! WOLŸO, from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with the most assists, standing at a whopping 60! The overall top team KDA of 8.3 goes to The Boston Tea Party, which is very impressive! Doubling the second best KDA 4.1 which belonged to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! Now lets get onto the final team standings...
Tied in third place, we have the team Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Yi, alongside team Gone With The Win! 
In second place is the team The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
And, finally, in first place, our tournament champions! We have the team The Boston Tea Party!
Let's all congratulate them on their hard fought victories and spectacular stats! 

Recent Changes: Good Things to Come

As most of you may have noticed, recently there have been a lot of changes to our community! Change is often for the best, and I think there are a lot of good things already coming from what has happened! Let's take a look at some of the recent changes that occurred.
The changes started when SenileSarge, our former Tactical Adventures (TA) CoS, left the community for personal reasons. This left several empty positions in our TA Franchise; however, they did not stay empty for long!  @TG Epsi who used to be the 2nd Corps Commander (CC) for our Tactical Warfare (TW) Franchise has been promoted to the TA CoS. @PoshGirl was promoted to the Army Commander; Posh had been serving as the Legion Officer of League of Legends for the last 2.5 years. The TA also gained a Head Trainer (HT), @TG Kacy2k (former Battlefield DO) stepped up into this role; he previously was HT in TW, so I am sure this will help him in his new role. In addition to staff being promoted, TA also gained Destiny as a Legion (formerly a TW 2nd Corps Divison).
Not only did TA experience a lot of growth, but several divisions in TW moved to 1st Corp, or they had changes in their direct CoC. First Corps, ran by @Typicalveteran-, gained Ghost Recon, Halo, and Star Wars: Squadrons as new divisions. Battlefield and Call of Duty remain in 2nd Corps, which is currently being ran by @TG HaloHobo, the TW CoS. 

Since@TG Epsi, has taken the lead on the reins for many of these changes since becoming TA CoS, I sat down and spoke with him about his thoughts:
Squared: "What is your vision for TA?"
Epsi: "My vision for TA really echoes what's already been said by our President, TG Biggy, in a post he made a few years ago. LINK. Personally speaking, I came from TW where the mission was fitting the game to the structure of our community, and making it work. TA's mission is the opposite of that, because we do not want a copy of TW. We need to be able to adapt, and provide a community for a larger population of games. To that end, my vision is about fitting TA to the structure of these new games, and to do that, we will need to think outside the box."
Squared: "Are you hoping to bring any new games to TA soon?"
Epsi: "Sure, a few come to mind. Currently we have Valheim stepping on deck, and I know there's some concerns about when the practice schedule will fall. We're putting a poll up in the topic for Valheim, so if this game is something you want to get in on, drop in there and vote on practice days!! I know that Elite Dangerous will be launching its next installment, Odyssey which introduces some challenging gameplay about exiting ships and doing missions on the ground instead of being relegated to your vessel or moon rover all the time! There will be other games too, but I'm only one person. There will be others, too. In order to make TA work, we need gamers to point us toward what's coming and if they feel our community would benefit from having certain games represented! I NEED YOU!"
Squared: "What made you decide to leave TW and go to TA?"
Epsi: "TA provides an opportunity to break outside the norm of TW, and play games that I have become more interested in playing (since growing older). MMOs, survival, and open world games have always captivated me, and ever since I was young with TG, I envisioned that one day we'd be able to do an RPG like game as a community and make it awesome. I was a part of TA when it first came to fruition many years ago, and now I get to rejoin the team! I'm so thrilled to get to work with TG KrizZz, PoshGirl, TG Kacy2k, ArmedHyde, TG SiouxPilot, and the rest of TA."
Squared: "How do you feel about the changes?"
Epsi: "Any change in TG is often prompted, and is coupled with bittersweet feelings. I celebrate the time I have had to spend with SenileSarge, as I'm sure we all feel his departure across the community. The baton was passed to me now, and our way is forward: Always forward. To that end, I instituted one major change that should be obvious by now...
Destiny followed me over!
I love Destiny. It's a fun game and easy to jump in and out of with your friends. It has components of shooters and RPG/MMO mechanics as well. After speaking with ArmedHyde, we felt that the Division (now Legion) would be further enhanced with some of the freedom that TA provides. ATCs, for instance, that could be more easily adapted! We have even discussed the possibility of having differing practice schedules to allow for our closet destiny players in TG the opportunity for dual membership.  It was a great opportunity, and we seized it.
PoshGirl was promoted to Army Commander (The Corps Commander of TA)!! A huge congratulations for her. This is a big role, and I hope that it will become bigger as we look at the expansion of TA and what all we can achieve.
TG Kacy2k was promoted to Head Trainer of TA!! A huge congratulations to Kacy. This is his second tour as Head Trainer, and he brings with him a colossal amount of experience we will put to use in shaping training opportunities in TA.
I feel good about our direction and the possibilities are limitless. We just need the community to help us bring it together and the only way we can do that is moving as a team."

In addition to speaking with Epsi about the changes I also spoke with several of the members that have helped to make this happen to gain their insight! Let's take a look at what they thought:
@TG HaloHobo(TW CoS) stated, "I am very excited about the changes for TA. I think that Epsi, Posh, and Kacy are well equipped to lead TA; I believe this new generation of TA leadership is exactly who we need to secure its future. Moving Destiny to TA gives them another solid legion with solid leadership to help drive the franchise forward. We are all eagerly awaiting some TG wide changes that will help us adapt to new games which will help us grow as a whole (more to come on that  ). I will be running 2nd Corps with Battlefield and Call of Duty until the aforementioned changes are complete while Vet holds down 1st Corps for us."
@PoshGirl (recently promoted Army Commander) stated, "I am looking forward to working with Epsi and Kacy as I explore my new position. I have left my Legion in very capable hands in the form of my LO, TG SiouxPilot and I cannot wait to see him continue my work running the largest Legion/Division in TG. Destiny and Valheim are both great additions to TA and I am excited to see what we can all achieve together. Sarge will be sorely missed but I value the lessons he has taught me during our time working together. Hopefully TA will be something he can be proud of."
@ArmedHyde (new Legion Officer for Destiny/ former Division Officer of Destiny- same position, but switched from TW to TA) said, "I will admit that the concept of transferring between franchises was initially surprising to myself but it didn't take me long to realize that this could be a golden opportunity for Destiny. In my experience, change has always been essential for the growth of any platform or community. That being said, I’m sure we're going to experience some growing pains but it's nothing we can't handle. (mostly naming conventions 😆 ) What really excites me is the endless amounts of changes we can implement in Destiny, unique events, competitions or even custom ATC’s that cater to our adventurers, the sky really is the limit here!"
@Typicalveteran- (recently gained 3 games for 1st Corps) stated, "I am very fortunate to have the pleasure of working directly with TG Epsi for so long. I would love to congratulate him and all of his new staff. I am hopeful for the future of 1st corps and excited for all of the new divisions joining the first corps family. I want to thank Epsi for everything he has taught me in the past that makes me a better person today. I look forward to the new successes and challenges that are ahead for 1st corps."
Personally, I am super excited for all of these changes and for the growth that is occurring in not just TA, but also for the growth in TW! It is great to see all of these changes and how they can help our community!! I am looking forward to the future of TG!

Back4Blood / Left4Dead 3?

Back 4 Blood
You know there is something of a certain level of nostalgia when you cast your mind back and see yourself so close to safety, the crackling fires of burning cars now becoming distant echoes in the black of night. The sound of flames piercing the night accompanied by the heavy pounding of feet on pavement. Your allies running, limping, and panting with exertion with each step taking them closer to safety, and then for no reason you get an evil thought... What if you didn't make it? Better yet, what if they didn't make it? What if you made three other people waste a good forty minutes for no reason? So you swerve off from the safe room, jump onto a car bonnet (hood) setting off the car alarm and then sprint into the room, closing the door behind you. You then drop a Molotov as a horde of ravenous undead burst from nowhere and descend upon your teammates. As you laugh like a maniac as they struggle trapped against the inferno before them, and the reanimated necrotic bodies try to tear you limb from limb.
The anger and resentment still ringing in your ears as the completion screen comes up. Despite having the lowest kill count you are the only survivor? Now that was the joy that was Left 4 Dead, and we may have a cheeky return of the brilliant FPS survival runner. 
Now the closed alpha for Back 4 Blood went live all the way back in December, so if you get a chance you can take a look at the following short gameplay.
For those who have played Left 4 Dead, you will know roughly what to expect, but Back 4 Blood added a new enemy, the AI. Previously in Left 4 Dead you had to cheeky mosey on around to see where the AI had randomly dropped certain special enemies or group of hordes for no reason other than its own binary enjoyment which usually wasn't an issue, until you hit the higher difficulties. The dreaded AI now has a cheeky card system before the game where it will show you the options it has to play, whether it be added hoards, extra enemies, or even flaming enemies to sling at you whenever it thinks you are taking it too lightly. With these cards it adds into your own counter cards and passive abilities such as extra ammo or special melee weapons instead.
This new development gives you a more tactical system to play with your group. Also, on the higher difficulties boasts the need for proper planning and preparation before diving straight in; unlike the previous installments with unlimited dual pistols and ever lasting one hit punches to get you out of every situation from normal to easy modes. Now, this is only a teaser as I haven't played the alpha myself so I will be keeping this short and sweet, but this is definitely a title to keep an eye on going forwards. I mean most of us will have played Dead Island, State of Decay, or any number of zombie based games and few have given me the same enjoyment as Left 4 Dead did way back when. Despite a new name, team name, and the fancy glossing over this is shaping up to be one of those daft games you just jump into with friends and have a laugh with, which I think is exactly what the gaming community needs sometimes. Back 4 Blood is shaping up to fill the void in our hearts.
Stay tuned for a deeper look into Back 4 Blood once the beta is out. There's good news and bad news surrounding the beta. The initial game release was expected to be in June, but it has been pushed all the way back to October to give the team more time to make sure game is finished and polished. I can't complain though, seeing as usually publishers ruin our dreams with unfinished games (cough Cyberpunk), but at the same time they have announced the game will have an open beta this summer so that will be one to look out for.
Stay tuned for a follow-up once the beta is released!

Overwatch Lore - Part 1

Do you want to learn more about Overwatch and its deep backstory? You’ve come to the right place! Overwatch has its lore throughout the game- in voice lines between characters, comics they release outside of the game, as well as animations that used to be released multiple times a year. Each of the characters have their own story that ties into it overall. Let's get started from the beginning!
It all started when Omnica Corporation wanted to start manufacturing omnics, over 30 years ago; they were quickly decommissioned as the company went out of business for fraud. Before they went out of business, they had multiple claims of their machines malfunctioning, and they couldn’t even meet the amount of production they needed to keep up with what they had promised to the public. During this time however, another omnic company, SST had created a E54 series Bastion unit, specifically for peacekeeping. Nigeria also produced the OR14 security robots. After omnic production was stopped, they started waking up on their own, and even assaulting civilians nearby, starting in Russia. These units would wake up, and attempt to wake up nearby units. Due to this, Bastion units were produced quickly to help fight off these omnics, and thus started the Omnic Crisis.  
To combat this Volskaya Industries, a Russian company, developed a line of manned assault robots called the Svyatogor. Alongside Russia's efforts, Germany starts the Crusaders, a paramilitary group to fight off the omnics, and Reinhardt joins them. America starts the soldier enhancement program, which Gabriel Reyes (Reaper) and Jack Morrison (Soldier:76) are quickly accepted into. Shortly after these groups are formed, the United Nations proposes the idea of Overwatch for the first time. This original team is composed of Reaper, Soldier:76, Reinhardt, Ana, Torbjörn, and Mina Liao. They start defeating the omnics! Things are looking up and finally the Omnic Crisis is over! 
So the Golden Age of Overwatch begins, and Jack Morrison (Solider:76) takes over Gabriel’s (Reaper) place as Strike Commander of Overwatch, while Gabriel (Reaper) transfers to start a new division called Blackwatch. They capture outlaw Jesse McCree (McCree) of Deadlock during this time and give him the option of either joining Blackwatch or going to rot in jail. He chooses correctly and joins them. Australian Government gives omnics to the cities and starts displacing humans, like Mako Rutledge (Roadhog) and Jamison Fawkes (Junkrat).The Australian Liberation Front is formed this time, to fight back against this. Bastion wakes up in the forest also during this time. 
Numbani takes OR14 models and begins updating them to OR15, who will become known as Orisa. The disaster at Ecopoint: Antarctica happens, and the team goes into cryofreeze. After the death of their father, Hanzo begins getting pressured to kill his younger brother Genji by the other clan members, and he does.. or so he thought, Angela Zeigler (Mercy) finds Gengi and heals him, to which he joins Blackwatch to help fight against the Shimada Clan.
This ends the Golden Age of Overwatch, and starts the Fall of Overwatch. 
Stay tuned later this month for parts 2 and 3 of the Overwatch Lore!

Overwatch Division- April Newsletter

Overwatch did its annual April Fool's joke with the googly eyes for the heroes and for the payloads! I really wish the payloads also had these eyes, and that if you hit them they'd move. These eyes always bring a smile to my face.  There were also a ton of new things in the Experimental Patch in honor of April Fool's too. You can check those out here! I watched our very own @papernopenstream some of these experimental patches, and some of them seemed pretty cool! If you'd like to check out her stream showcasing these, check out this video!
Starting April 16th, Overwatch League will be back in action! For more details on the current teams and schedule, check out the official page! I haven't personally had much time to look into all of the roster changes that occurred yet, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing some great games again this year!

The following members have met these milestones in their positions:
2 years:
@Buddabudda010 as SA of Classic Squad (PS4)
6 months:
@LadyMercyMain as SL of Luna Squad (PS4)
@me0wley_ as SA of Luna Squad (PS4)
@Pro MK5 as SL of Demon Squad (XB1)
Keep up the great work guys!!!!  

We have a lot of upcoming events in TG! Check the calendar out for more information and to RSVP!


In the Overwatch Division, we have always been pretty good at recruiting, but as our amazing game has gotten older, I feel like it has gotten a lot harder to recruit, but that doesn't mean it is impossible! We just have to put some more work into it! When I say "we" I want you guys to know that doesn't just mean the higher ups; I'm talking about EVERYONE (yes, I am talking about you!)!
As someone that has spent a lot of time with IN squads over the years, having new people in IN can be a lot of fun! New members mean we can continue to fill squads that are needing specific heroes and SR ranges. It also means that we can have more squads! I know a lot of squads love to do scims against others, and the best scrims are the really close ones against those that are of similar SRs! I personally love to watch these scrims, where it is back and forth, and you have absolutely no idea who is going to come out on top! The only way that we can regularly host scrims like this is if we continue to grow! More people= more people to get to know, form friendships with, and game with on a regular basis!
I'd like to challenge you guys to all work on your recruiting skills this month. This can be in-game, on forums, discords, Facebook, Instagram, in-person, or anywhere etc. I have a sneaking suspicion a recruiting contest will be coming up in May... Maybe even a division vs division challenge to see who can get the most recruits! 
If any of you have any questions about recruiting, feel free to ask them here! There are many great recruiters in Overwatch that can help!

April 2nd- @Tekkerz_Torb
April 9th- @areyousleepyyet0
April 15th- @LadyMercyMain
April 20th- @GamingUnicorn246 and @WAM_BAM20
April 21st- @RykerDumbleDwar and @spitfire_ej
April 24th- @TG Alicorn
***Any suggestions for the next edition of the newsletter, please feel free to let me know!***
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