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2019 Raid Olympics Champions

Hello Tactical Gaming!
After 7 weeks of hard-fought competition between the Destiny Division's most fierce competitors, we have finally crowned the 2019 Raid Olympics Champions. We first announced the event 2 months ago in another TG article here: LINK
Calus's Elites (CP) of the Destiny Division are THE 2019 Raid Olympics Champions, and below is the championship belt created by the talented @TG RoyalRenKu that we have bestowed.

Calus's Elites have proven themselves to be the best of the best in all of Tactical Gaming, and made a statement we shall not soon forget. They beat every raid without a single death, for 7 consecutive weeks. They have truly proven why they are in the TOP 1% of the WORLD in the realm of raiding within Destiny 2. 
You can see each week's progression here in the original Raid Olympics topic: LINK
I ask everyone in Tactical Gaming to join me in congratulating the winners, and the runner-ups here in the ATO: LINK
This was the Destiny Division's first annual Raid Olympics which we hope will be an event we can follow up next year. We hope to make more cool events like this for both the competitive and laid back individuals of Tactical Gaming in the future. We want everyone to be involved, so we hope to see you sign up to our next events:  


Everyone spend time with your family for the Chrstmas Break, Practices are optional between the 22nd of December to the 5th of January.
Tactical Gaming President
Tactical Gaming Executive Committee

TG KrizZz
Tactical Gaming Vice-President
Tactical Gaming Executive Committee

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review
Jedi: Fallen Order takes place somewhere between Episodes 3 and 4, after the purge that saw the destruction of the Jedi Order. The game centers around a young Jedi, Cal Kestis, who is tormented by the failure to save his Master Jaro Tapal during the Clone Wars. Very few Jedis survived Order 66 which led many Jedis like Cal to flee or blend in, suppressing the force. Eventually, Cal is discovered by the Empire and has to flee again where he is saved by a stranger, a former Jedi named Cere. She explains to Cal that she seeks to restore the Jedi Order and rise up against the Empire. This is quite the feat given the Jedi Order had essentially been wiped out years prior. The focus of the game is their journey to complete this task, and face their demons that have tormented them for years. In fact, their struggles are realistic in that not every choice can be simplified into right or wrong, and the past shapes the future only if we allow it to.
Fallen Order plays like a Star Wars version of Uncharted with a solid (albeit short) story and it launched at just the right time. EA has had a fairly rocky history with Star Wars game launches, I'm sure we all remember Battlefront II, but this installment elevates it to a higher level thanks in part to Respawn Studios. The game has great voice acting and graphics, and while there are a few bugs along the way, none of them are significant. The combat system is fairly simplistic and chaining attacks is quite fun, oh and you can customize the color of your light saber!
Incredible graphics Great voice acting No micro transactions?!?! Cons
Minor bugs No replay value Rushed storytelling Very short game (~20-22 hours)  
Conclusion: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a worthwhile addition to the franchise's gaming universe. Cal Kestis' journey of redemption is a great story, albeit far too short. While he's the generic "good guy" you can't help but immerse yourself into his and Cere's struggle of restoring the Jedi Order --The universe depends on it. The graphics were beautiful, the stormtroopers will make you laugh, and you'll realize the Jedi world, much like ours,  is not just black or white. Overall, Fallen Order receives an 8 out of 10, I would definitely recommend it.

Tactical Gaming now on Google Play Store

At long last the Forums has finally reached the App store, starting with the Google Play Store

To get your version,  Click on the image below

For ios user if you wanna help test the app you can do so by clickking this link here https://testflight.apple.com/join/jKaLp4xe

Thank You @TGxTaylorMade And @CjA1418 for their hard work on this!
Please Download this app as SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE!

ATO - Division Officers

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of these members, the following position and rank promotions were made, and medals awarded:
Medal Awards
TG-LEGENDARY, Sarge, krojak, C0ACH, and TG HSquared
Has been awarded the Tactical Gaming Distinguished Service Cross
For outstanding professionalism and longevity service to Tactical Gaming as Division Officers and examples for all members to emulate. Continue to be that staple in your divisions and the community. Your efforts and sacrifices are noticed and appreciated at the highest tiers of command. 

These appointees have displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Warfare standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare this 8th day of  December 2019.

TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG Kacy2k
Corps Commander
1st Corps

TG Epsi
Corps Commander
2nd Corps

Corps Commander
3rd Corps

ATO-TG Hsquared meritorious promotion

TG Hsquared is exactly the person that the meritorious promotions were made for. She has distinguished herself as not only a great division officer, but one of our longest serving staff members. She has taken overwatch to not only the height of TG as one of the most successful divisions, but also one of our longest standing and largest divisions. TG Hsquared embodies all of the characteristics that every DO should have and has served as a template for what corps commanders look for when selecting division staff.  Hsquared started from the bottom and has obtained some of the highest TG honors. She has shown through hard work and dedication that she is truly worthy of promotion. 
To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG HSquared
I do appoint this member the rank of
Major General

Tactical Warfare
To rank as such from the 20th day of November, Two Thousand and Nineteen.
This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Warfare.
Given under my hand at 3rd Corps on this 20th day of November, Two Thousand and Nineteen.

Tactical Gaming

TG Krizzz
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

TG HaloHobo 
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG Kacy2k 
Corps Commander
1st Corps

TG Epsi
Corps Commander
2nd Corps

Corps Commander
3rd Corps

Corps Commander Awarded a Vehicle For Military & Volunteering Service

On November 8th our 3rd Corps Commander @Typicalveteran- was awarded a Car for his service to the Military (15years) and his volunteer service to his local Veteran Community.

The full article can be found here:
Along with our interview:

So whats this all about?
It wasn't too long ago. Actually, on Thursday I was  given  a  free  car  by  a program called Keys To Progress. They gave me a new  Chevy Equinox.  And  Progressive Insurance  sponsored  it  along with a bunch  of other people who donated all  the money to make it  happen, but they  gave me and two other veterans  in Ohio  cars.  Just as kind  of  thank you for our service.  So  the news did  a big  article on  me. We filmed a commercial that  I'm still upset about that still hasn't  aired. I  even said because my  commercials  not  on TV yet. Have to  be  little diva acting me. 
What is Progressive Insurance (for those that aren't in the US)
They  ensure cars here in the  United States.  They do  homeowners insurance,  car insurance,  boat  rental insurance.
They  host a  charity event  once a year called the Keys To Progress event  where basically they  partner  with mechanics  and  auto body repair people and share their charity with veterans organizations. And what they  do is they basically they put  out a letter to  these  veterans Charities and say " hey we are  looking  for  a  veteran  that  could use a car right now.  Somebody who's  gone  for  above  and beyond their  service  and  is  active and Volunteers in the community".
How did this happen?
So  what they do  is these  these veterans  organizations they put out applications and  I  put  out an  application and  I have  lots of volunteer hours. I  volunteer with  a  charity called the Sam Center  and I  had  I  think  360  hours  uh  of  volunteer work last year.
Its just  community  service, which is where you know, we help  homeless veterans and  Veterans who are addicted to drugs or alcoholics  or  you know  people who just need help getting  on their feet. So I put in an  application and  I got a call  from  Progressive Insurance. They were like, hey,  we  want  to give  a car and  put you on TV.  And  we want  to thank you for everything  you've done.  Another  couple of things that I do.
My wife all  was  also volunteers.  She volunteers  at the   family  Readiness group  leader,  and  I am the  family Readiness  group  military  liaison  for  the  state of Ohio.  So  these are things that we do  we  connect military families  with  you know,  services and things like that.  
All right. So,  you know, my wife  does a lot of volunteering  and I  do a  lot  of volunteering  I do a lot of charity work honestly,  so  long story short we got  to the event  and Progressive  gave me  several  thousands  of dollars  in  gift cards and  Pep Boys gave me which  is another  Next Shop  gave me a couple  hundred dollars in gift cards  Enterprise Rent-A-Car  paid for  my  three-year  vehicle warranty  and Progressive also donated  a  year of  free car insurance for  me. So  yeah,  not  only did they give  me  a new  phone car.
About the event
I stood up there. I said Thank you to everybody obviously was  an incredible experience to meet those  other guys that  done so  much for  their Community.  Mr. Butsgo  is  the  vice president  of the VFW  in his area the  other guy  even  in these are guys  that don't have  two nickels to rub together, but still  find time to volunteer.  So that to me  is even more  incredible when you  don't  when you don't have time to volunteer  for anything,  but you  still find time, you know to get  done  what  needs to get  done for your community,  especially  the vets  because I mean in Sergeant Butsgo days Vietnam veterans were  not treated as well  as Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are today
when those  guys came  home  early.  They were  spit  on and  called baby killers and  didn't get  half of  the benefits  that we get now  so  really  the only reason that America  treats their  veterans  like they  do  today is because  somebody finally  said  enough is enough. We've got to treat these guys with respect this  can 'thappen  with our  Vietnam veterans anymore, you know, regardless of how you are politically, you can't you  can't sit there and treat people  like that they stood on the  dotted line and put their life on the line for  you. 
So  guys  like Sergeant butsgo really  motivate me  to keep doing what I'm doing because if it wasn't for them, wouldn't  have it  so good.
How does Veteran balance all his work?
I'll  give you a personal story  about me   when I  came home  from my  deployment. I  really  had  a big  problem  with  dead  time.  I couldn't  stand  how there was so much dead space and doing  nothing.  Everything just seemed to move  slower  than what  I was used to. So  I've got to keep myself  busy. You  know,  I  have  got to stay  busy.  So,  you  know,  I've  got four kids  now,   you know, my  wife gets treated pretty well. I  think at least you know, I volunteer a  lot on the weekends  because I  just  I can't stand sitting still.  I've got to be busy.  I've got be doing something productive and it's nice to be  able to help  people  with your spare time.
So  what made you join the military?
Well,  I hate to say that this is  an excuse  but I  didn't really have  anywhere else to go.  I  wanted to  believe it or  not  thit this goes back to that competitive thing. I wanted to out do my dad.  So my dad's a  pretty major influence with me. My dad was a 20-year  policeman and also  20 years in the military. So he's been retired twice  and I  was like man  I want to be with that guy is you know,  that guy's got it made. Yeah, you know nowadays there's  what's  my dad doing this. He's sitting in Florida  golf and all day. So I want to do  everything my  dad  did  with  the exception of no golfing
When did you join? 
I joined the  military in 2005. That gives how old is 14 years?  November  this month actually this marks  the  start of my 15th  year.
I'm almost done.  

What do you do in military at the moment ?
I fly Helicopters as part of the Army, CH-47) (chinnok)
Are you going to move up?
I am currently 3rd rank Warrant Officer
Thank You TypicalVeteran for sharing this story with me and TG!,  you do so much good for so many!  keep it up and enjoy your new set of wheels

ATO - Destiny Division

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
The following awards are issued by TWC in acknowledgement of Destiny Division's participation and successful completion and placement within the World wide Release of Destiny's newest Raid. Details to follow.
Harkarnan, MrWhite973, AaronTaDa, ijaKEV, TGxAsher, Sarge (Top 1% Placement)
TGxWoodchuck, ArmedHyde, Kittyninja9, Dwreckhouse (Top 3% Placement) 
Bronze Star
(excluding the members that completed with Bravo that were in Alpha)

The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity within Tactical Warfare, distinguished himself or herself on or off the battlefield, by heroic or meritorious achievement or service. 
The required heroism or achievement, while of a lesser degree than that required for award of the Silver Star, must nevertheless have been performed with marked distinction.
Harkarnan & TGxWoodchuck:
Instrumental Leaders

MrWhite973 and Barbarian_gate
Distinguished Operative

Harkman, MrWhite973, AaronTaDa, ijaKEV, TGxAsher, Sarge, TGxWoodchuck, ArmedHyde, Kittyninja9, Dwreckhouse, TGSullivanWorks,  MiniNinja,  JaiyoHD, Huptie, tom_boi91,  Ygdra_Twighr, Tripoc710, FoxNFriends, pheonixrider360, barbarian_gate, JesterofDemise, and PRND432
Combat Operations

All members above, for representing Tactical Gaming professionally on stream, promoting our community and successfully recruiting members
Tactical Gaming Medal

These appointees have displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Warfare standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare this 5th day of December 2019

TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG Kacy2k
Corps Commander
1st Corps
TG Epsi
Corps Commander
2nd Corps

Corps Commander
3rd Corps

TypicalVeteran's Take on Google Stadia

Google Stadia Review!!!!!!!
I would like to start off by saying I have only been playing Stadia for about a week now. These observations of mine are only opinion based and I will adjust the material accordingly as things change. That being said I have searched far and wide for other reviews and have so far only found negative reviews. I will answer this by saying that it is more popular to post a negative review then to post a positive review. It is a lot easier to find what they did wrong vs what they did right. Critics who post negative reviews on this with the platform only being out for 2 weeks i would say are hunting for clicks and have not given the company a fair chance to evolve and grow. I have found several reviews from reputable writers that do not even own the platform. That being said I will not post either a positive or negative conclusion here. We will be speaking about the improves (Bad) and sustains (good) and unknowns (ugly). I will give you the facts and let you the reader take it at face value to decide for yourself.
The Bad
1.Game selection at launch.
Stadia launched with only 22 games total and of those games only a few of them are proven sellers. I will list the games below with the more popular ones indicated in bold. Google has already confirmed dozens more games to release in the next 90 days.
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Attack on Titan: Final Battle 2
Destiny 2: The Collection (available in Stadia Pro)
Farming Simulator 2019
Final Fantasy XV
Football Manager 2020
Grid 2019
Just Dance 2020
Metro Exodus
Mortal Kombat 11
NBA 2K20
Rage 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Red Dead Redemption 2
Samurai Shodown (available in Stadia Pro)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2013
Trials Rising
Wolfenstein: Youngblood
2. Stadia Pro games selection
So when Stadia released it only came with two games included in the pro membership that you pay $10 per month for. Samurai Shodown and Destiny 2 the collection. Just yesterday, 12/2/19 several more games were added but I am only going to comment on the initial release. To me releasing Stadia with Destiny 2 the collection is a HUGE win. Destiny 2 is probably the most proven game of 2019 and to break in a new platform and make a signature statement by offering the game with all of the DLC ($250 value) is a statement. Samurai Shodown is a fun little button masher game with a couple of different modes that will make you reminisce about the arcade days of the past. The bad part of both of these titles is that Stadia leads its pro membership charge with a huge colossal giant of a game like Destiny and a small button pushing $.99 game like Samurai Shodown. There is no middle ground and there's only two games to play for free with your membership. In my opinion Google wouldn't have hurt sales too much to offer a few $5-$10 games to the pro membership list maybe like Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator. This ended up being the case just a few days later. My heart goes out to all who purchased those games before they became free. I can only speculate that Google issued some refunds. 
3. Internet Speed Requirement
Now before I go into this, Stadia was very forthcoming about needing a very high speed reliable network in order to operate smoothly. My internet is typically 100mbps download and 10mbps upload. I anticipated 0 issues with that speed. When I first set up Stadia i noticed that i would get lag spikes or frame drops but only on rare occasions. I contacted customer support who was very helpful. Turns out that my wireless router is only a 2.4Ghz router which is preventing me from seeing it in 4k like i was hoping for. I bypassed this issue by hard wiring the Stadia which i would highly recommend. There is a very accessible ethernet port on the back of the power cord allowing you to do this. If i had a 5Ghz router this would have been a non issue. The sad truth is my router is old and tired and that falls on me not Stadia. 
4. No in game LFG system 
With other platforms evolving like xbox with clubs and playstation with communities and PC with forums and discords, Stadia has none of that in game. The only social aspect is to invite random people into a voice chat. So far theres not even a private messaging system. This makes building a community a bit harder and games that rely on teamwork can suffer the consequences. The only caveat I would say to that is that I have had very positive experiences with the in game community being very mature. Game chat works very well and so does party chat. Discords for Stadia are far and plenty so if you do hook Stadia up to a CPU it can be a positive experience and a non factor.
5. The Controller 
The controller must be plugged into a source if you aren't playing on a chromecast. Google has already announced a fix for this. 
6. No way to record clips
So far unless you are using a screen capture on a pc, Stadia has no way to stream or record clips. You can record screenshots to the app but you do not have an option to save those screenshots to mobile. A fix for this was announced with Google assistant. 

The Good
1.Stadia is absolutely gorgeous 
4k at 60FPS delivered through a console less console? Count me in!! Its real people.the first game I played was Metro Exodus and i felt like i was there in Russia surviving the apocalypse with the characters. Red Dead Redemption 2 made me go buy a belt buckle and Destiny 2 runs better on my Stadia then it does on my PC. So far I have absolutely 0 complaints about the graphics and nothing but praise. Google got this one right.
2. Convenience
Google Stadia is designed to function at home or on the go. The only components are the controller and the puck. Need to switch TVs in the house or want to move to your computer or Google pixel phone? Done and easy. I was going to put the phone play on my improve list because so far the only compatible devices are the pixel series phones but Stadia has already confirmed more phone compatibility is coming. 
3. Mature community 
So far I haven't ran into any immature or toxic people. This platform is definitely designed for the adults. Stadia works better if you have a phone making the audience a little more mature to start with with the exception of that one 12 year old who has parents that allow them to have a smart phone.
4. Easy set up
Step 1 plug in chromecast ultra step 2 connect chromecast to network step 3 connect controller to network. Stadia app on your phone will walk you through this flawlessly 
5. The Controller 
Long disputes over which controller is better ps4 or Xbox One. Finally someone who has found a happy medium. This controller is lightweight like the ps4 but is ergonomically designed to fit your hand like an Xbox One. 
6. Potential 
To me this cloud gaming service has unlimited upward mobility. I will admit that it has had a shaky start but so has every platform released ever. With Google assistant coming soon you will be able to speak to your stadia and give it commands. This increases the convenience factor.
7. Chromecast Ultra 
In your stadia purchase you will receive 3 months of pro free and a Chromecast Ultra. So not only can you stop your game with your phone but cast your netflix episodes from your chair for bedtime without having to even stand up. 
8. Wonderful Customer Support 
I called Stadia customer support and their was no wait time and they were open on Thanksgiving to assist me. Not only was my issue resolved I was offered a Google Play gift card for my inconvenience.
9. Input lag
Everyone is murdering Google on their reviews for this. I will tell you this i have experienced 0 input lag or at least not enough to be noticeable. I will use Destiny for example. I have Destiny on PC,Xb1,PS4 and Stadia. By far it plays best on Stadia. Now that being said my PC is only set for 60FPS on Destiny so this really cant be compared to PC's that are capable of more.Go ahead PC gamers i will meet you in the comments lol.

To close, I will say I have had loads of fun on Google Stadia so far and I fully believe that it will continue forward progress. A platform for $120 that can deliver 60 FPS at 4k you really can't go wrong. I don't believe it to be perfect so I won't pass judgment on if it is for you or not. Everyone has a different situation and I wanted to give my 2 cents on it to hopefully help you make a decision on it if you are on the fence. To keep my word here i will not speculate good or bad i will let you answer the question for yourself and form your own opinion. I would like to state a few things below that i think will or won't happen. I will leave you all to answer in the comments.
Stadia needs to release an LFG and a Message center of some sort. Stadia rushed the release to meet the Christmas deadline to increase sales and did not have enough titles or tech issues worked out. Stadia will be more popular than X cloud because it will be the curiosity factor. I am going to make a bold outrageous prediction here that I know everyone will scream at me about in the comments and to be fair it is a coin toss if it actually happens, but here goes nothing. Google has enough buying power and financial backing to support other console exclusives on its Stadia platform but not allow other platforms to support Stadia exclusives in theirs. This is a wild prediction that Google could bully Sony Nintendo and Microsoft, but they are Google. Google has a 14 day or 2 hour play time money back guarantee no questions asked on games. It is imperative that Google Stadia focus on its exclusive content and comes out with Stadia only games that are outrageously addicting. Stadia needs Google Assistant ASAP Stadias app needs help badly. The FAQ section leaves their tech support in for some nightmarish phone calls. Google Stadia will be less then $100 by the time X-cloud comes out.  Google Stadia will soon take away google play rewards points so sign up while you still can and hope for a grandfather clause. Right now you can earn points on the dollar for every game purchase in google play INCLUDING STADIA GAMES!!! Very soon Google will fold their cards and release stadia to big name stores. Google stadia Population will triple by April 2020! Google will launch a streaming service to compete with mixer and twitch by July 2020 Hardwire your Stadia if you can! Your experience will be 10X better.  
Yours Respectfully,

15 Anniversary Spotlight - TW Turtle55555

As part of the Tactical Gaming's 15 Anniversary  plan mentioned in this announcement. The PRO have gone out an interviewed various members of TG's longest standing members that have seen so much in their incredibly long tenures within TG! 

This Spotlight goes out to @TW Turtle55555  A very long standing members with over 11 years under his belt.  Turtle has been in many divisions throughout his Career from Battlefield, Fortnite, Division to Halo.
Now gentlemen the website and history available to me at the moment is slightly limited due to the overhauls and upgrades over the years so lets start at the beginning. Would you mind introducing yourselves and letting us all know what games you were playing when you first joined up? And while within the community what other games and positions have you held within the organization?
My name is TW Turtle55555 and I joined TW to play Halo. I have served as a CS SA, CS SL, HTIA, IS SL, XO, CO, BGC and DO. As far as other games I have had a checkered past with games from FarCry2, Brink, Halo Wars, Battlefield, Fortnite, World of Tanks, World of Warships, The Division and probably a couple of others. I am attracted to new ideas that sometimes just don't have large enough communities or don't have the game infrastructure to support our clan style.
How did you end up joining tactical gaming in the first place and what was it like here for you to be here over the years seeing the community grow and evolve?
I joined TW because I was tired of playing Halo with other players who didn't have a mic or just screamed and yelled. I wanted to communicate with my teammates to dominate the opposition.  
During your tenure with the community you must have seen and heard just about everything but if you were to pick out the one defining moment, that one point which stuck with you? The point that made you stick with tactical gaming and want to see where it went from there what would it be?
I guess the one defining moment was probably early in the days of Halo. DblDeathDealer was my squad leader and he used to run these huge multiple player weekend events. One was to create a recruiting video for all of TW not just Halo Division. I got to drive the warthog around while he "Took video" of clowns rocketing each others or falling out of high places and all sorts of goofy stuff. When all was said and done and the video was published and it was done so well I felt like I had been a big part of it and I was here to stay.

Now although these interviews are to celebrate our tactical gaming veterans and the success of our community over 15 years we don’t have to be too serious here. What is the funniest moment, story or series of events that has happened to you while in tactical gaming?
The funniest thing that happened wasn't so funny at the time but it is now. I guess about 7 years ago a member of the COC got disgruntled and before quitting TW started Dishcarging every member of the COC he could find. By the time he was found and caught there was hardly any COC left. I remember trying to log on and I couldn't. All my PMs and medals and history was gone. Looking back that clown went out with a bang even if it was a poor way to leave. I'm guessing when I leave, my wife will log in one day and post, yeah Turtle died so he is checking out.
What was it like gaming with the clan in the beginning and how would you compare that to the way our members and the online community in general play and compete today?
I think back in the day we were more serious about our gaming (I know there are some still but I mean in general accross all members). I can remember Biggy coming in a lobby on a Saturday night when a bunch of us were just messing around and he'd set fire teams and direct the entire match and we all just fell in line with it, spanked the other team and moved on. With all the paperwork and mandatory meetings today people don't want to associate with TW during their off practice hours. Back in the day every TW member online was a potential teammate for at least a couple hours. Today everyone is in their own party showing offline. 
Thank you Turtle55555 for being apart of TG history and keep up the great work you continue to do everyday!
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