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Everyone spend time with your family for the Chrstmas Break, Practices are optional between the 22nd of December to the 5th of January.

TG KrizZz
Tactical Gaming Vice-President
Tactical Gaming Executive Committee

ATO - USO Charity Stream

Over the 14th - 16th November Weekend, TG came together to raise awareness and donations for the USO. For over 26 hours, members across
TG streamed on the TG Official Twitch Channel andthrough the kind donations of many,
we raised an incredible amount of $2150 for the USO

Thank you to all the members who put in the time and effort to make this happen!

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
Medals Descriptions

For All Members who donated and Streamed for the cause.
Here is a little Thank You 

@TG SirMadness
@Senile Sarge

I Hereby awarded

one (1) instance of the Outstanding Volunteer Medal


@TG Louie G
@TG Epsi
@TG Kacy2k
@Senile Sarge
@TG SirMadness
@TG KrizZz

NOTE: If anyone donated and is not on list (some used real names) please contact TG SirMadness and your name will be added to the list

I hereby award

One (1) Instance of the Outstanding Contributor Award

Medals Description
Given under my hand on this 11th day of December, Two Thousand and Twenty

Signed By:

TG KrizZz
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

Senile Sarge
Chief of Staff
Tactical Adventures

TG SirMadness
Public Relations Head
Public Relations Office

Upcoming Division Events!

Here is some upcoming Events happening this Month in TG 

Star Wars Squadrons 2v2 Tournament
Today, at 5pm EST  on the Tactical Gaming Twitch Channel
Two teams of two pilots each per match [Dogfight Mode] (Opponents in same party)
Grand finals are best of 3
Both teams join the same squad and compete for kills against the same random team
A match is won by 1 duo team having higher total kills in that match
Only kills will be counted 

Overwatch Division 
Overwatch Among Us night - Today at 4pm EST on the TG Discord

December 6th
Overwatch Stream Event - Show Case of Overwatch Members - 10am EST /3pm GMT - 10pm EST / 3am GMT
Overwatch Staff Q&A - 4pm EST / 9pm GMT
Live on the TG Twitch

December 12th
Prominence Poker Tournament (LAST ONE of 2020)
Monthly TG Prominence Poker Tournament
(3pm EST / 8pm GMT) - PS4 

December 13th
Scaff's Christmas Cooking Stream - 11am EST / 4pm GMT

December 17th
 OW Bingo and Trivia Night - 3pm EST / 8pm GMT



Amazing Steam sale ongoing until Dec 1st, log in to the store to secure some sweet sales!
Every year, Steam runs a Cyber Monday sale from November 25th to December 1st. Ill keep this short and sweet and show you some of the amazing deals you can get your hands on Today!
Elder Scrolls Online - $7.99 Star Wars Squadrons - $23.99 Doom Eternal - $19.79 The Outer Worlds - $29.99 Tomb Raider Collection - $42.55, on sale from $385.47 Elder Scrolls 3 game Bundle - $7.86  
These are only a few of the many amazing deals you can get today. 
On another Note, don't forget to Vote for your favorite games for the 2020 Steam Awards!

PS APP: A Shiny New and Functional Face for Playstation Mobile

For those that have been long-time Console players, specifically of the PlayStation variety, you will remember with slight distaste the old, buggy & slow PlayStation App for both iPhone and Android, of which its sole functional capabilities were seeing PlayStation invites through notifications approximately half an hour after being sent, browsing the PlayStation store and creating a ‘Wishlist’ as such, and viewing & messaging your PlayStation friends without having to use the dreaded controller typing system.  
Well, for those of you which decided to hit delete and free up space the app took up, I now can tell you that it is time to re-install. Due to the released PlayStation 5, they have redesigned the app to finally work how you may expect. For the first time in history, you can now talk to your friends through ‘PS party’ via your mobile phone, and cross party PS5, Mobile & PS4! You’ll find you finally receive timely and prompt notifications, and finally you can remove friends from your friend list with ease. This feature received a solid yes to that from me, having racked up hundreds and always facing the dread of removing them on the console itself!)

The new update of the app, also explains the reason for the new party system on the PlayStation 4 console, where you must set up a messaging group before actually going into a party. However, once you have everyone in the right groups, it works surprisingly smoothly. (Bare with it, I promise it will get better).
As additional and fun features, you can receive up to date and interesting official PlayStation news in the app, via the ‘Explore tab’, as well as read the PS blog. 
The user Design is very much similar to that of what we have seen from the PlayStation 5, with sleek curvature, panels & a hearty minimalistic black, grey and white design. It looks and feels slick, responsive & opulent.
Browsing the PlayStation store on mobile has never been easier. With its own deal section, separate PS5 area & ‘subscriptions’, which houses PS+, you can navigate it with ease. What has been mentioned though, is the lack of the Wishlist feature, which seems to have been left behind in the past. The Wishlist was a much loved feature by previous users of the app, and seeing numerous play store reviews of the app, you can sense the anger around it no-longer being available.
All in all though, I think PlayStation have finally implemented the features that were seen as needed and expected by us- the gamers.
Finally, the app is now a successful addition to the PS experience. 

Call Of Duty Cold War

Call Of Duty : Black Ops Cold War
Ladies, Gentleman, adoring fans.....We are here and a lot of us have already started the painful grind out for Cold War, but I am here to let you all in on my experiences so far through my limited time in the game. After hitting prestige, completing campaign, and hitting wave 30 in the much loved zombies game mode, I still feel like I have barely scratched the surface in what Treyarch have given us this time so lets jump straight in. This article will not be talking about specs, graphics, features or anything related to new consoles and there impact on the game.
This has been brilliantly done in my opinion and is truly a Call Of Duty Story that sets up the other games unbelievably well. The Campaign is Based, surprisingly, during the Cold War and you Join the familiar faces of Woods, Mason, Hudson and some newer faces in the pursuit of a rouge soviet agent codenamed Perseus that has....Without adding spoilers; done some bad things. You make your own character in relation in that you decide your military background as well as 2 personality traits that have an affect on your in game behavior. Different psychological profiles such as ruthless, methodical and Lone Wolf that can can effect everything from your reload speed to your sprint duration.

There are a fair few to look at and work through to tailor your experiences, especially on higher difficulties and give you a slight edge in what is generally a harder game than previous installments. Now the Story, which gets slightly trippy towards the end also offers hidden intel in the main missions that can be used to complete added bonus missions in the main campaign that help with your success rate of completing them. These missions are optional but definitely worth a look at to extend your story a little further and they do add a certain level of immersion into the game.
Now you may see some familiar faces on some missions that you recognize from earlier games and I was not the only one who thought that one of them would look better with one arm and you will see what I mean as you delve further in.
Overall The campaign is brilliantly put together and adds a fair few aspects of stealth in parts that I did not expect. Admittedly the ending felt a little rushed and slightly anti climactic to me but the overall playthrough was thoroughly enjoyable and even if you only get the game for multiplayer or the zombies game mode I highly recommend giving the campaign at least a once through. With different choices and multiple endings it is a strong attempt from Treyarch in my opinion.
Now to be perfectly honest this is what I was looking forwards to the most. The nostalgia was incredible and the map is taken from the original zombies game mode but you see more of the facility that you didn't even realize was there. I won't be going to deep in to everything so I will give a quick overview. Straight away you take your preferred weapon into the the game which is either going to be something you know you can tear into undead flesh with, or something you want to level up a bit before taking into multiplayer as the weapons and your level grows in zombies and transfers to multiplayer. Different perks no longer have a fixed cost and instead increase in cost based on how many you currently have. you can quickly kit out for a cheaper price than before if you prioritize the perks you prefer.

We also have the W.A.N.D which is essentially a bonus ability that charges like a field upgrade with everything from healing abilities, invisibility and shockwaves of freezing wind to slow and damage the hoards of undead before you. I will leave that to you to experiment with but personal I prefer invisibility as it allows you to get out of sticky situations and even revive allies while invisible. All perks, weapons and field upgrades can be upgraded further in your skills list while in the lobby up to 3 levels adding new effects and damage buffs for the cost of crystals which you gain by hitting certain levels or safely exfiltrating. Exfiltrating is a new feature allowing you to leave the game at certain points if you can take out a hoard within the time limit and you gain extra xp and crystals for doing so.
There will be things I miss because I tend to go on so I will quickly go over the crafting system as well....yes Cold War has a crafting system but it isn't too bad. at the paka punch you can level a weapon 3 times, as well as add a status effect such as burn or electrical damage. you can now also craft body armor up to 3 levels and increase your weapons type from common to legendary to add more attachments to you favorite weapon from the mystery box. as well as this you can craft decoys, stims and even the infamous cymbal monkeys. the Zombies Game mode also contains its own weapon skins that you can use in multiplayer and the Dark Aether skin looks brilliant but has a high grind for as it is the completion camo and takes all the others to get.
Now multiplayer is multiplayer.....We all know the basics so lets just jump into changes. The usual weapon progression and favored game-modes are here as before with the gold grind already underway (1 down). The new maps looks fantastic and have there own feel to them with different styles, new spots, new angles to discover and that happy feeling of a new environment to explore. The weapons' look, feel and sound fantastic but the time to kill feels off to me in some games but that may just be me. I am expecting some heavy changes to be implemented in future patches especially regarding the stim shot. Stim shot is a tactical and as so tactical equipment deploy very fast in comparison to lethals which is understandable but the stim shot regens it self and considering how fast it can be used you can drop a player to one hit, they turn a corner, heal and come back to wipe you out within a couple of seconds.

Multiplayer has also had mounting removed which is a good and bad thing in my opinion, its stopping players dominating a single angle by setting up perfectly with and LMG or AR on an obscure corner but I didn't realize how often I mounted until I spent my first 2 hours trying to do it accidentally. To Be honest the changes I don't like are rather minimal; and I'm just being picky apart from one fact that may have a mixed review from our comrades in TG and that is grenades.....They just feel so slow to pull out, unpin and throw, you just stand there like a lemon waving at the enemy while you try get that perfect bank shot. 
My squad over in 2nd battalion are usually a hardcore games only squad and have quickly discovered with hilarious results the 3 TK and kick method brought it by Treyarch. If you kill your own team 3 times your are kicked, simple enough..... Usually followed by a large curse and one of us stuck in the lobby for another 4-7 minutes from a bad nade which is actually helping players check there shots more in hardcore and being more aware of there surroundings when using grenades (once they finally get thrown).
We have also seen new game modes added such as combined arms which is a back and forth tug of war objective game mode with more players across extended version of the maps which can be good for leveling up those pesky sniper rifles and DMR's. The other one I will mention is dirty bomb, 10 teams of 4 race to deploy, warzone style, into an area and collect uranium to deposit in a....you guessed it....dirty bomb. 20 uranium and you can detonate and then go for another bomb to gain some points on the scoreboard. With an interesting respawn system, ground and aerial killstreaks you can drive and pilot this is actually a strong contender for my favorite game mode at the moment. Add on the armor players and occasional self revives and you are on to a winner.
Just a quick look at the leveling system here as they have reintroduced prestige levels into the game. Once you hit 55 and max out that rank you will automatically prestige and become level 1 again....Unlike before however, you do not actually reset back to level one you still keep everything unlocked from before which is a strange twist. As some of you may already know you begin your grind towards seasonal prestige ranks which looks like they reset your prestige progress every season after. So at the moment I believe (not researched) that you can prestige several times during the season to unlock a master prestige sort of emblem before the season ends and then you reset to prestige 1 for the next season and so forth. similar to the drop to 55 at the season end in modern warfare but there is a small issue at the moment which I will follow on to.

Issues I have Experienced
Now with any new title like this they are always the usual glitches, errors and/or mishaps which will annoy each and every one of us more than the guy with a lucky chopper gunner drop 55 seconds into a round from a care package. For me this has been shown in four different cases. the first which was painful was during a zombies round, finally got my beautiful ray gun and had it Paka punched. I went down while kiting a half decent zombie train round and pulled out the Raygun while downed.....Fairly simple, once i was revived it had disappeared. I now had no second weapon and had lost the Raygun in all it's glory which was a fairly low kick to the unmentionables. 
The second  and third are tied into multiplayer with a matchmaking issue that either fails to find a game until you restart the game or kicks a party member randomly for no reason, an issue I expect to be fixed fairly soon. The third issue was on the Xbox one Day1 edition/S/X players can randomly be kicked back to lobby or even have there console shut down which I assume is something to do with the game running too much for the older gen to handle, so that move up to the series x and S may be the answer (if they ever get back in stock). The fourth issue if you look at the picture below is the prestige levels not showing properly or even XP being grossly added for no reason. Below you can see the Level 1 Prestige has it's own level-Currently level 4-that goes to 50 and then you become prestige 2. you carry on to level 3 once your overall level hits 100. However, once you have hit the 55 cap and activated prestige level 1 the games starts showing as if you have started over in the after action reports despite those numbers now being irrelevant. 


Overall there are the usual teething problems at Call Of Duty we all love to hate but the game feels like a solid base and has plenty of wiggle room to add and improve game elements and some good foundations to build further on. I have missed out a lot of things in the game and will be covering them all in any future updates that I write.

Star Wars Squadrons - Content Update

NEW Content for Star Wars Squadrons! Maps, Fighters, Customer games and more!
Today we learned from the official EA squadrons news that over the next month or so new content will be coming to Star Wars squadrons. This is a rather unexpected treat for the community who thought that no new content was to be had from EA. After the repeated statements that there would be no new additions to squadrons, coming from official sources, these two updates are a pleasant surprise.
SW Squadrons Division is particularly thrilled but the advent of custom games and private lobbies. With this addition squads will be able to come up with fun unique ways of playing the game that will both be enjoyable and increase our skills by targeting specific skill sets. Additionally, private lobbies will make hosting skill-based tournaments much easier which will nurture and grown the competitive community of squadrons. Who knows, we might even see TG hosting a few tournaments soon!

Now on to the actual content! What is coming and when?

“The first update will come this month on the 25th of November as part of Update 3.0. With it, there will be additional fixes, balancing changes, and tuning” All though the game is in pretty good shape after update 2.0 there are definitely some common bugs with ranks, disconnections, and graphical glitches that will welcome some fixing. Next up we are getting the new map Fostar Haven from the game’s prolog. The map will feature both close quarters and wide-open spaces on a horizontal plane which is somewhat unique. While not confirmed the map will most likely have turrets based on the station that will shoot at both new republic and imperial ships.

The Game is also getting a few components added to spice up the gameplay and add alternative methods of attacking and defending. The Boost Extension kit will allow fighters and bombers to have a better change at evading interceptors and ship turrets when making their attack runs. With the addition of dumb fire Ion rockets to fighters and interceptors, hit and run attacks on opponents’ shields will be much more effective. The prototype piercing torpedo adds a new vector of attack against shielded hardpoints. Lastly the anti-material rocket turret allows support ships to get in on the action when attacking capital ship hardpoints. Fighters and interceptors will need to stay alert to shoot all those torpedoes and turrets down.
In the December update we get both the B-Wing and Tie-Defender added to the roster of ships. Interestingly, the B-Wing is a bomber class and the tie defender is a fighter class which unbalances roster line-up giving the new republic two bomber options while the empire gains an additional fighter option.  While this may seem odd, the game will benefit by increasing the difference between new republic and empire. Regardless the addition of these much beloved ships will add diversity of gameplay and much needed replay-ability.

Last but far from least we get private lobbies and custom mode settings. This addition will allow for near endless replay value as not only will small groups be able to play against each other, but also custom modes will bring new and interesting ways to of playing the game to the table. Altogether with this announcement the future of Star Wars Squadrons is much brighter than it was before.
Read EA’s Announcement here https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/squadrons/news/holiday-supply-drops

Article Written by @TGSullivanWorks 

Pikmin 3 Deluxe edition: A well rounded co-op take of a charming time / worker placement strategy game

Having been released on October 30th 2020 onto Nintendo Switch, with Demo included, myself ( @Smallerthanmilk ) and @MSQ Ming decided to give this re-release of a pre-existing title a try, given the new multiplayer aspect of the game. 
Now, for those who haven’t played pikmin before, at first appearance Pikmin 3, with it’s cute design, young age rating and glistening fruit, appears to be a game for children that you could easily overlook. And potentially without MSQ Mings previous knowledge of the series, having been bought the original by his Mom for Christmas many years ago, we also may have thought the same and brushed passed it when looking for another game to play on switch in the Nintendo E-store. However, I’m awfully glad we did not. 
Pikmin 3 has a fairly simple story arch that follows on from its previous titles seamlessly, all the while without you needing to have any previous knowledge of them! 
You play as a crew of 3 astronauts from a distant planet Koppai, where due to greed & wastefulness, they have run out of all food & ways to cultivate the planet. 
As a result, you and your teammates have been sent out here to try and obtain more fruit to bring back to your planet and ensure your planet can continue to be fed.
As you come in for landing on this planet seemingly full to the brim of discarded edible vegetation (a place that looks rather similar to earth, albeit a sort of microscopic view of it that makes puddles and tiny streams look like vast rivers and oceans), your ship crashes and your team gets separated. You first land as Captain Charlie, who then discovers there little creatures - called Pikmin- who he can command with whistles & simply chuck them at fruit or monsters to destroy. 
You have to work with these little creatures to clear paths of monsters, build bridges, clear walls & solve puzzles in order to safely reconvene with your shipmates & collect enough fruit to then bring home to your planet. 
Along the way, you find useful hints and information through Captain Olimar's data files - a throw to the previous titles of the series, as well as discover more types of Pikmin who are capable of carrying out different items, from rock Pikmin who can smash the crystals that stand in your way, to red Pikmin who are resistant to fire and so on. 
The other key aspect of gameplay is that you have to grow your Pikmin supplies through collecting pellets out of flowers and gathering enemy bodies to then use to feed the ‘onion’ (the home for your Pikmin) in order to produce more. Furthermore, each ‘day’ is limited to approximately 13 minutes in time, and if by the end of the day you haven’t collected all missing Pikmin you sent out on jobs, you see your adorable little comrades brutally killed (well as brutal as it can be for a PEGI 3 rated game)  by the nocturnal predators. 
The story of Pikmin 3 deluxe & a large proportion of the puzzles it presents goes for the most part unchanged to it’s 2013 counterpart, Pikmin 3 for the Wii U, however, it boasts a wide range of side missions, puzzles, challenges & badges to collect, expanding the game play time by a good few hours. However, the key item to consider when looking at base game length, is the replay-ability of the main story to beat previous scores in both time and numbers of dead Pikmin. This is where really the strategies around worker tasking and placement, as well as team work development and planning really come into play, as you then aim to clear an area that once took you 3 days to do in 2 or less.
Myself and @MSQ Ming have enjoyed playing Pikmin in a split screen mode together, and @MSQ Ming summarized his experience as “I really enjoyed the added dynamics of Pikmin 3 by making it 2 player. It added an aspect of cooperation and teamwork that the other versions of Pikmin are lacking.”
Despite its slightly heftier cost (Currently in the Nintendo eShop for £49.99 / $60.00) I would say, if you are looking for a strategic and fun co-op game to enjoy and play with your family and friends this autumn, then do pick up a copy and give it a go! 


ATO - General TG Epsi

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG Epsi

meritoriously promoted the rank of


TW Rank Descriptions

in Tactical Warfare

as such from the 15th day of November, Two Thousand and Twenty.
This decision was made by a unanimous vote from Tactical Gaming Executive Committee based on TG Epsi's outstanding record of service over the last 11+ years in TG and 3+ years as a Corp Commander. His leadership serves as an example to all, with your Corp serving as an example of the work that you continue to do to serve the community.

This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Warfare.

Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare Command on this 15th day of November, Two Thousand and Twenty.
Signed by:

Tactical Gaming

TG KrizZz
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

Senile Sarge
Chief of Staff
Tactical Adventures

USO Charity Stream This Weekend!

Hello Everyone! 

This Weekend,  We are going live with the USO Charity Stream! 
Live on the TacticalGamingNet Twitch Channel


Friday, November 13th
6pm - 7pm ET:  Senile Sarge // Just Chatting
7pm - 10pm ET:  Senile Sarge with Friends // Godfall
Saturday, November 14th
8am - 11am ET:  TG Epsi, Senile Sarge, TG KrizZz // Destiny 2
11am - 2pm ET:  TG SirMadness // Just Cause / Minecraft
2pm - 4pm ET:  TGxSullivanWorks // SW Squadrons
4pm - 6pm ET:  Senile Sarge // Community Selected Games
6pm - 8pm ET:  MissVendettaXO // Apex Legends and things
8pm - 10pm ET: InspiringChaos // Call of Duty and Scary Games
10pm - 12am ET:  TG LPM // Call of Duty Cold War
Sunday, November 15th
8am - 11am ET:  Senile Sarge and Friends // Minecraft
11am - 2pm ET:  TGxSaltySarah // Apex Legends
2pm - 4pm ET:  Tactical Gaming News w/ TG Sir Madness and Senile Sarge
4pm - 6pm ET:  InspiringChaos // Call of Duty and Scary Games
6pm - 8pm ET:  clvk1000 // League of Legends
8pm - 10pm ET: papernopen // Overwatch
10pm - 12am ET:  DingWick // Final Fantasy VIII & more
All members and staff are invited to Join and Participate!
Oh, and we would be remiss in noting that USO has a matching donation from November 14th - December 31st where Coca-Cola will match every dollar donated up to $35,000.  So, not only does a dollar really matter, it will actually equal $2 dollars.


We have exclusive Game Give aways that will go live during the event 
Once we hit more than 50 viewers we will do giveaway. 

For all Members who donate 
* All members who donate are entered into a Raffle for the change to win an exclusive Custom TG T-Shirt.  There will be a total of 3 T-Shirts provided during this event.
* All members who donate will receive an Outstanding Contributor medal for their donation.
* @Senile Sarge ,  @krojak , @Typicalveteran-  and @TG KrizZz will be doing one push per every $5 dollars donated (This will happen randomly on stream throughout the event)
* All donators of $25 to $49 will receive a Limited Edition Tactical Gaming Patch
* All donators of $50 or more will receive a Tactical Gaming Coffee/Tea Mug
We hope to see everyone come out and support the cause.  
(open on 14th)
We are looking forward to making an impact to support military service members and families with you in November!

It's Here........

Xbox One Series X Is Getting Tasty
Now, a few months ago my colleague here at the News Team released an article on the Xbox Series X and we are finally there. Now as we all know, the battle of supremacy in the consoles has been raging for what feels like an eternity and we now have the specs for the Series X and his little brother hiding behind him.
So lets get right into it with the specifications
CPU: Eight-core 3.8GHz (3.6GHz with SMT) custom AMD 7nm GPU: 12 teraflops 1.825GHz (locked) RAM: 16GB GDDR6 Frame rate: Up to 120 fps Resolution: Up to 8K Optical: HD Blu-Ray disk drive Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD  
Now for me this doesn't mean too much but essentially what this all comes down to is a massive increase in the speed games are loaded in, as well as being able to load 2 games simultaneously and load from one to the other without shutting the first off like we do at the moment. As well as the quicker loading, the Series X is aimed at being designed to have a focus at playing games smoother and faster in higher detail at up to 120 frames per second bringing it closer to a gaming PC.
In our previous article we mentioned the good stuff of the new Xbox running the same Ray tracing tech that was brought to Modern Warfare and some other more recent releases, as well as auto low latency mode and dynamic latency input. Once again a lot of words I struggle to grasp with but its all boiling down to the direction Microsoft are going. 4k gaming at 120 fps with all this background goodness bringing you more immersion than ever. Now the Series X will be compatible with 8k however with the focus so heavily on the 60fps/120fps smooth 4k gaming its sort of taking a back seat at the moment. More of a spare round in the chamber to be fired at a later date, kind of deal.

At the moment of writing this article it does not appear that the Series X is intentionally pushing towards any kind of a strong VR bias but who knows what the future of gaming ever truly holds? Microsoft's chief marketing officer did say "we do not have any plans specific to Xbox" regarding questions on virtual reality or even a combination with mixed reality which begs the question why didn't he say Microsoft instead of Xbox?

The new controller is very similar to the current controllers with 3 tweaks, a share button has been added for...well...sharing....and the directional pad has had its influence taken from the current elite controller’s as well as the pad being foreword compatible. Which essentially mean the controller will work with the Xbox and PC. However good news for those forking out for the elite and elite 2, they will be compatible with the new console so no need to be making any new investments on that side.
Speaking of investments, the little brother of the Series X will be released alongside as a cheaper disk-driveless version of the X, The Xbox Series S is a slightly shorter version with less power and no disk drive and will be unlikely to consistently hit the 4k threshold for gaming. The reasoning of this seemed a little off until we look into Microsoft's new service called Project X cloud will we check into in a moment.
Now, it has been confirmed that the Series X will not be getting any generational exclusive games for its first year of release, instead you will be getting 2 versions of the same game via a new service called 'Smart Delivery' as long as the games development company have set it up as well. Essentially if you were to buy a game on the Xbox One and then upgrade to the Series X you would still have the game...no issue there, but the game installed on the Series X would be a Series X specified version designed to run on the more powerful console and utilize it as intended. Think of it as a free way of remastering 360 titles to the XB1. Also the Series X will be backwards compatible 3 generations depending on the game.
This has already been implemented in some games such as Call Of Duty Cold War which offers a standalone version and the cross gen bundle.

(above pulled from digital trends)
Now, above is the comparison between the Series X and the Series S that have been released together and the Series S is looking to be aimed more at using the project Xcloud. At the moment, PlayStation have a system up where you can stream play games from the cloud, a service not included in Microsoft's arsenal, apart from a sneaky hint all the way back to the E3 demo in 2018 where it was mentioned that it was being worked on. It was later code named Project Xcloud and appears to be making its way into the Series X and Series S hence the lower powered little brother not getting its disc drive. Now little information on prices and exact ways this will work but its getting a rough idea around the $10-$15 a month mark which isn't too much of a kick in the teeth compared to the game pass live bundle there at the moment, whether all 3 roll into one or Xcloud is a separate entity remains to be seen.
Currently the Xbox Series X has been released today at $499 with the Series S Dropping the same day for $299. Pre orders began....and sold out within hours way back in September and even now some of those have had there deliveries pushed back with issues with Microsoft's inventory.
But I would say avoid ebay as people are already reselling with a a massive upmarket on the price
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