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Call of Duty on Mobile: Legends of War!

Call of Duty's Black Ops 4 is the first Call of Duty to include the hugely popular,  Battle Royale Game mode that has everyone super excited and glued to the game! Activision has teamed up with Tencent, a company that brought the widely popular PUBG to mobile, is now working with Activision to bring Call of Duty to Mobile. titled Call of Duty: Legends of War.  Could this new mobile version of the game bring new life into the franchise? Rebuild the Call of Duty number base back up to its prime days! 
The game will include popular game modes such as Domination and Team Death Match, as well as Zombies and Battle Royale! 
The game is set to launch on March 30th in China and will be open to the rest of the world mid to late May. 

The game will be available on Android and IOS upon release!
Will you be getting CoD: Legends of War on Mobile? 

Tactical Gaming's Boots v3

Welcome back to the 3rd edition of our tactical Gaming's Boots interviews! We have a special interview today with a return member!
Take the stage @TG-Vain
MrWulfie: How did you first originally hear about TG?
I originally heard about TG back in 2008 through my brother, who at the time recently joined as well, and I'll tell you things were different back then.
I was originally placed in Inca (IS) 2nd PS3 RSV2Division and I'll always remember the way bootcamp was initiated back then I was asked to join an in-game party by a member of CoC known as a Drill Instructor, he read through the entirety of the boot camp document with a sort of call and response between myself and the DI, upon completing BC I was shot in the head and welcomed to TG, that to me was what stood out about TG upon other clans, it was something unique.
MrWulfie: What is it about TG that attracted you to come back?
This is my third time around in TG, its the community I enjoy, the idea of so many people under one name all playing with the same purpose.
MrWulfie: Can you think of anything that you've noticed about TG that could be improved if anything?
The only thing I can think of at this moment is the website told me I was banned on my mobile device, I got very confused and immediately contacted my CoC, the issue has rectified itself thankfully, and I have no issues with the community.

MrWulfie: How has the TG community welcomed you back?
I was immediately welcomed into my IN squad, I was also welcomed back by members from my past service in TG i.e TG Sirmadness (who was once my SM back in the days of Battlefield 3), TG-TheProfessor (who was my DO in Killzone Shadowfall Division) and a few others, and Mr PunkRocka ( CoD Black Ops 3 Division)

MrWulfie: Where do you see yourself going with your TG career?
My TG career started back in 08, across the board I've been every rank SM up to Div Staff, I would like to eventually get myself back up to divisional staff, I know this will take time and hard work within my Division, and also if the opportunity ever occurs to move up the CoC, but my outlook is if it happens, it happens, and until then my job is to get members through IN squad.

MrWulfie: And finally, how would you rate your experience out of 5?
My experience in TG over the years has been an eventful but rewarding one, I've seen the ups and downs of divisions, regardless of where you are you will always have a squad to play with and friends to be made, because of this reason alone I rate TG a 5, I mean there has got to be a reason I keep finding myself coming back 
Thank you for your time @TG-Vain it was a pleasure to talk to you!
Since this interview Vain is now an SM in Apex divison long may you continue to enjoy your time here in TG!
If you'd like to tell your story! and be interviewed, don't hesitate to message MrWulfie for your chance to be spotlighted!

Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8
After much anticipation, Season 8 launched on February 28th, 2019 with the newest theme: PIRATES!
The skinny: A volcano has appeared where Wailing Woods & Tomato Temple had been, and lava flows through the northeastern portion of the map. Other casualties include one building in Lazy Links, one building in Tilted Towers, and the block has shifted toward Junk Junction.
The battle pass is the same, 950 V-Bucks if you didn't earn it in the overtime challenges, and 100 levels with new rewards.
Some new things include:
Pirate cannons: You can now damage enemy structures, or the enemies, by launching a cannonball or yourself! New locations include the volcano, Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon You can now ping by using the world markers on an item, or location. Volcanic vents which will send players and vehicles soaring into the sky. Buried Treasure: Use the map to find buried chessts that contain LEGENDARY loot!  
Vaulted items:
Sneaky Snowman Chiller Grenade X-4 Stormwing Shopping Cart ATV  
Footstep audio is now more distinct.
New 'shield breaking' sound when shooting an enemy.
Need help with a tricky challenge? Enable Party Assist on your daily or weekly challenge and your friends can help you complete it!
Full patch notes for Season 8 can be found here
What are your thoughts on the changes? Let us know down below!

Apex - A Rising Star

Apex Legends - A star is born!
When we first heard about Apex, we thought "oh here's another battle royal game and it's free, it won't' be any good". Oh how wrong was we! Apex Legends is now almost as popular as Fortnite and is still growing in players. Its been given 5 stars by reviews and been called 'The best game of the year so far'. 
So, what do we think?
Well, we here at Tactical Gaming like it so much they opened a Division within Tactical Warfare, a good start. The game is developed by the same people who did Titanfall & Titanfall 2, which again is another great thing. The game itself is different from most of the battle royal games currently available by having certain features that are unique to Apex. Such as choosing your characters before deploying. With each character (they are called 'Legends') having their own unique abilities, you can choose a character that suits you and your gameplay style, also it stops you getting bored. These abilities range from defence to attack but are useful in the right situations. 

Yes, it is a battle royal game. Which means landing, finding weapons and kit, running away from the ever closing circle without been trapped or shot. But this game feels so much different to the other battle royal games. You do have squads of 3, which is interesting. Some think this is a bad idea, but the majority seem to like it and sometimes change is good. With the added character abilities and interesting supply ship fights, it feels faster and smoother than other games. Continuing on the different features Apex has over the other battle royal games when you drop you have 1 person leading all the squad. This stops people jumping where ever they want and leaving the squad behind, i personally think its a great feature. Oh don't get me wrong, if you want to jump and leave your squad you can do. You have the ability to jump solo if you wish and head somewhere else.
Apex is not yet ready for cross play due to running into some issue. However, the developers have told us that we will see cross play in the near future. When Apex does go crossplay, it may well overtake Fortnite in popularity. Apex is also planning to come to Nintendo Switch in the future, but no dates have been confirmed.
Apex is a game that has surprised most people and will continue to get better. I mean, within 24 hours, 2.5 million people had already downloaded it.
How can you beat them numbers?

What Do You Think Of Apex?    Do You Play Fortnite And Apex, If So What Do You Think?
Let us know in the comments section below!

Destiny's Newest DLC

On March 5, the Drifter takes center stage. 
For every player of Destiny 2, the Season of the Drifter will bring a new offering of rewards and challenges. As ranks in Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard activities reset, new pinnacle weapons will beckon Guardians to reach their maximum potential again. The first spring event for Destiny will reveal a familiar forest in bloom with fresh loot. Across the spectrum of action and activity, you’ll earn more Power, Triumphs, lore, and vanity.
Players who own the Destiny 2 Annual Pass will receive our second extension for the Destiny endgame. This time, it’s the Drifter who will be your dealer, with evolutions of that little game he calls Gambit and a dangerous alliance with the Nine.
Here is 8 minutes of developer commentary on what is to come for the next few months of our beloved franchise: 
And here is an updated calendar for the next few weeks of Destiny: 

The Allegiance quest, previously forecast as the Joker’s Wild weekly quest, will invite you to choose between the Vanguard and the Drifter. Pick a side to progress through the quest from their perspective. This pledge is character-based, so if you have more than one Guardian, you can play both sides. Choose wisely!
Invitations of the Nine, once upon a time referred to as Xûr Bounties, will be an exploration of the Nine and their mysterious place in the universe. 
The path begins with Xûr on Friday, March 15. Annual Pass owners will be able to pick up an “Invitation of the Nine” from Xûr. Once the objectives are completed, it will transform into a bounty called “Into the Unknown.” These will be available to complete once per character, similar to the bounties you got at the beginning of Forsaken for completing an activity with a full gear set. Week over week, for Nine weeks, you’ll collect new lore and powerful rewards.
For Annual Pass holders, the rest of the Season of the Drifter packs in new combat specialities to embrace and new challenges to master. Like Season of the Forge, this journey will roll out over time, but the Drifter has plenty of action for players to experience on day one. If you think your Power is low and you want to get caught up to the rest of the community, see the Drifter to complete his new Power Surge Bounties. There are enough of them to bring your level-50 characters up to 640 Power. 
Here is a more in-depth view of what you can expect during the Season of the Drifter:

More information can be found on this page: https://www.bungie.net/en/pub/SeasonOfTheDrifter
Written by Sarge, Destiny DO.

ATO - 3rd Corp Commander

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

3rd Corps Commander

with the rank of 
Lieutenant General

in Tactical Warfare,
as such from the 28th day of February, Two Thousand and Nineteen.
This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Warfare.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare, on this 28th day of February, Two Thousand and Nineteen.

Signed by:
TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG KrizZz
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

Fortnite 7.4 Update & Season 8 Rumors

Fortnite 7.4 Patch
Fortnite’s season 7 comes to an end on February 27th, 2019 and so will your chance to earn a FREE battle pass for Season 8. Epic recently added “Overtime” challenges that will gradually unlock over the next 5 days. Completing 13 of the 20 overtime challenges will earn you a FREE season 8 battle pass!
Current Overtime Challenges
Collect Coins in Featured Creative Islands Deal damage to opponents with Assault Rifles or Pistols Search chests or ammo boxes at a motel or an RV park Place Top 15 in Duos with a friend Regain health from a campfire in different matches Visit different Named Locations Search a Supply Drop in different matches Revive a player in different matches In addition to overtime challenges, Fortnite has announced a double XP weekend for February 22nd-24th
Full patch notes can be found here
 Season 8 rumors & speculation
With less than 10 days left until Season 8, rumors have been circulating about what will happen with the new season. A source from GamingIntel showed an alleged screen-grab of the Season 8 update which seems to suggest there will be earthquakes that change Tilted Towers and Polar Peak. This can’t be confirmed as the page now leads to a 404 error, but Epic does typically make slight modifications to the map each season. Other changes allegedly include updates to Save The World heroes and the official launch of Fortnite Creative.
What we do know is that the previously snow-covered map has been slowly melting and the defrost has uncovered what appear to be dragon eggs. Could dragons be on the horizon just in time for Game of Thrones?
Fortnite Season 8 release time if we assume the game's usual patch time:
UK: 9am (BST) Europe: 10am (CEST) East Coast US: 4am (EDT) West Coast US: 1am (PDT) What are your thoughts on what awaits us for Season 8? Leave a comment down below!

Anthem - A Rival for Destiny?

Anthem - A Rival For Destiny?
A game that has been in the making since 2012 has been released, under the supervision by Casey Hudson, the same person behind the Mass Effect series. Team play is key in multiplayer and you get to fly around in a sort of 'Iron Man' suit? 
Whats not to like!
Anthem has been released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is a game that has been highly anticipated but currently has mixed reviews. So, upon the first look of the game, it seems to be a futuristic squad based game, working together to kill aliens and creatures. We've seen games try and do this before but not on this scale. Anthem provides players with extremely good graphics and great game play. One of these examples is that you can customise your suit, or as its called in the game, Javelins. You can upgrade the suits defensive capability, as well as its attacking strength. You can also play with the suits flight settings to make your flying more stable, especially during combat,

Anthem is using the famous Frostbite 3 engine, which delivers great graphics while retaining smooth game play. Another feature to this game is the fact you can build relationships with various non-playable characters. It is a trade mark within BioWare games, a good feature that I'm sure fans are pleased is still there. The team at EA have stated that BioWare intended to keep supporting the game by releasing constant new updates and content, in there own words "it will help start a 10-year long Anthem journey".
Big words and a bigger act to follow, but then again EA have said things like this in the past and it has worked. 
I've spoken to some people who play this game and, in general, their opinion on the game is good. One question has been circling around the internet from the players of Anthem and that is, 'will they introduce PVP?' I like to think that in time, the developers will do that to keep the game fresh and make it a much more exciting game. Like most new games, it is still in the early stages and, with any luck, will get better in time. The extreme hype surrounding this game before it was released may not have been justified, but non-stop players of the game believe it is a great game with great potential. 
We,  here at TG, must feel the game has great potential as Tactical Adventures recently opened up an Anthem Legion, and if you play and love the game, the Legion is looking for members. The Anthem Legion has put together some useful information which members in the Legion, and who are thinking about joining, may find useful:  

Do you play the game?   What are your thoughts about Anthem?
Comment down below!

League of Legends Tournament Event Interview

Today, we bring in JaiyoHD, a Competition Event manager, Social Media Team Lead and Assistant Trainer to the Destiny Division,  As Competition Event Manager, he ran a tournament for the entire League of Legends Legion, below is an interview between Wulfie and Jaiyo on the outcome of the tournament
MrWulfie: How do you think the tournament went?
JaiyoHD: I think the tournament was a huge success. We had some issues along the way, for example, a community dropping out with eight teams, but we adjusted the format of the tournament and made it work. I believe most of the TG teams enjoyed the tournament, and I got quite a bit of positive feedback from the other teams and community leaders.
MrWulfie: Would you look to do this kind of thing again?
JaiyoHD: I would love to do this again and hopefully will. I would also like to potentially try and organise these type of tournaments against other communities for all divisions and legions.
MrWulfie: What went well with the tournament?
JaiyoHD: I would say everything went well, once the tournament started. We had to make some adjustments prior to the tournament starting to the format and some squads had to bring in new subs after the deadline, however, once the tournament started it all ran smoothly. All of the teams did a great job of being on time and making sure they followed all of the rules.
MrWulfie: What would you do differently next time?
JaiyoHD: I would potentially try to organise the tournament even earlier so as to find more communities and clans to participate in and to hopefully make it bigger.
MrWulfie: Is there anything in the pipeline in the future?
JaiyoHD: At the moment there is not, I am sadly too busy too organise something by myself, however, if any divisions or legions are interested in organising one of these tournaments, I’m always willing to help and organise one.
Well done on Pandemonium on coming 1st place with TG Trundle in 2nd place and  Militant Ducks in 3rd place
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