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No More BC Forums

The following is a big milestone in TG's history. Speaking of TG's history, as you know, everyone who joins TG must complete Boot Camp (BC). Well, many moons ago, BC was given in game or on the gaming platform's voice comms by Drill Instructors (DI). The two main issues with that was that training was not given the same way across the board which defeated the purpose of ensuring the correct information was given the same way to everyone. There were also scheduling conflicts to get BC completed. The online test was created to resolve these issues. Alright, history lesson completed 
In the last several months, we’ve been implementing various solutions to reduce workload and improve our processes all over TG and now we have another improvement for the Training Office (TO) and Recruits (REC). As you know, once BC has been completed, the REC had to notify the TO by posting in the BC forums. Well, no more… 
Once the BC test has been completed, the TO is now automatically notified via Discord!!! After successfully completing the test, they will still receive a private message with their squad assignment and check-list. If they fail, the training office will  contact them via private message informing they need to redo the test.
This will reduce the amount of work for the TO and the RECs. More importantly, will avoid losing new members  because they were not aware they had to post in the BC forums. 
As President, I don’t often get the chance to award my Presidential Coin as the impact needs to be TG wide. Well, I’m very happy to award one to @Shroomage for the initiation and implementation of this project!!! 

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

I hereby award  one Instance of the Tactical Gaming Presidential Coin
for the  initiation and implementation of TG's Discord Notifications of TG's online tests which alllowed us to remove the BC forums

TG Coins Descriptions
Given under my hand on November 15, 2022

Signed by: @TGxBiggy
President of TG 


A Sitdown with TG HSquared

When I was sitting down and thinking about what I wanted to write about for my next article, I wanted to touch base on something that I feel we could also use more of in Tactical Gaming.  I wanted to close gaps in knowledge about one another.  Members of TG–being that as we are a large gaming community–should always strive to better the “community” aspect.  So, I’d like to routinely interview differing members of TG, from the top and the bottom, to help us all get to know one another, and be comfortable approaching each other as friends as much as comrades on our respective virtual battlefields.
That said, I felt there was one member I wanted to spotlight this time.  A member of our community that is in fact in charge of closing social gaps in our community, as well as creating new opportunities to create more relationships in and out of Tactical Gaming itself.  And that is TG HSquared!  I’d like to let her explain what I mean by this herself with her own words.
Let’s get the basics out of the way.  Why don’t you introduce yourself and what you do in Tactical Gaming for those who may not be familiar.
TG HSquared here! I've been in TG for just over 7 years. I started my time in TG in the Halo Division, and then after almost a full year transferred to Overwatch. While there I held numerous positions, but most notably I was Division Officer for just over 3 years. At that time, I transferred to the Public Relations Office (PRO) as the Public Relations Assistant. I was then given the opportunity to become a Corps Commander (CC) and also the opportunity to be Public Relations Head (PRH), holding both of these positions requires a lot of time and dedication.

As CC for 1st corps, I am currently in charge of overseeing Battlefield, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Vanguard Divisions (a total of 447 members). Thankfully I have amazing Division and Battalion Staff under me that do a great job with the day-to-day operations along with their Squad Staff and Members. This allows me to focus more on the big picture items for first corps along while assisting them any time that trouble may arise and helping them brainstorm how best to grow their divisions. 
As PRH, we are undergoing a transition period. The PRO used to mostly focus internally on TG, but instead we are going to focus more externally. We want to make a bigger impact on the gaming world and get the TG name out there. Along with my PRA, Vet, we are working with the Digital Media, News, Social Media, and Stream Teams to make this happen! We are hoping to bring more content that will appeal to a broader audience (including TG) which will include articles, interviews, graphics, gameplay, charity streams, and more!

Current breakdown of the Public Relations Office leadership, with TG HSquared and the newly appointed Vet as her assistant.  Source: Tactical Gaming's Roster

What keeps you staying with TG?  What do you most enjoy about being a part of this community?
Honestly, the people keep me here. I have made some amazing friends over the years thanks to TG. When I first joined TG, I was mostly a solo gamer, which was not a very fun experience especially as a female gamer. I met a lot of rude people when using in-game voice, but then when I ran into a group of TG guys in a game of Halo- they were welcoming and wanted to play as a team, focus on the game, and it was just truly a different experience. This is what brought me into TG, why I am still here, and definitely the part I enjoy the most about TG. It is nice to be able to join our members even if I don't know them, but I know that I will be welcomed, respected, and will have a good time!
What are you hoping for the future of this community and yourself?  Where do you see yourself in TG down the road?
I am definitely hoping for a lot of growth. There have been a lot of games that have been released in a less than mediocre state recently, which I believe has hurt our gaming community. OW2 and CoD MW2 have been a welcomed change from that. They both had some issues upon release, but it seems as though the developers are quickly addressing them, and we are seeing a great deal of growth in these two divisions already. I'd love to see that growth continue and for us to be bigger and stronger than we were before. 
I'm definitely planning on staying around in TG for the indefinite future. Where will I be? That's a great question. I enjoy both of my current roles, but it is a lot. Hard to say what I will do!
Is there something you would want to say to new recruits or prospective members upon their first foray into TG?
Come in with a positive attitude, be respectful, and be ready to have some fun while working as a team! Don't be afraid to give feedback on practices; your feedback is how we can improve the experiences! 
Let’s get personal.  I’ve known you for a bit and know you are big into sports.  What sport do you enjoy the most, and what team?
I love baseball and am a diehard Houston Astros fan!

TG HSquared is a huge fan of Major League Baseball’s team, the Houston Astros.  Every time we talk, she always has something going on surrounding a game or other.  Source: Official Houston Astros Website | MLB.com

Are there other things outside sports you enjoy doing in your free time?  Maybe, outside gaming?
I have two pups, Cortana and Goliath! I enjoy spending time with them as much as possible- going for walks, playing fetch, and taking naps! In addition to my amazing pups, I enjoy going out to dinner (especially for sushi), playing board games with my friends, traveling, relaxing in the pool, watching Netflix, spending time with family, and pumpkin carving. 

 Top, TG HSquared’s dogs, Goliath (left) and Cortana (right).  Bottom, TG HSquared’s collection of carved pumpkins of different designs she has carved herself.
Are there any last thoughts you want to make, let our readers know, or want to shout out?  Something you want to trigger a discussion on?
I actually have a few things I'd like to add. The first is I'd like to thank all of my staff and members; many of you give me gray hair, but I really do appreciate you guys!  Also, we offer some amazing games in TG, but we are always looking for more options. What games would you be interested in seeing in TG? Finally, GO STROS!!!!!!
Thanks TG HSquared for agreeing to sit down with me and answer some questions about yourself.  As a writer, I would love to spend more time in the future to get other members their own time in the spotlight.  And, like TG HSquared said, what games would you be interested in seeing Tactical Gaming support?  Please let me know and more in the comments!
**Houston Astros and Major League Baseball are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. 

The TG Future of Overwatch2 with DO Primestrike

Overwatch has been with us since 2016. Now, still going strong under the leadership of our fearless Division Office, @primestrike, whom I am interviewing today. So, let’s delve deep into the future of Overwatch2.
Before we start talking about the game, let’s talk a bit about you. So, you have been with us for quite a while. How does it feel to be a member of Tactical Gaming?
To be honest, I didn’t expect to be anywhere near where I am at the moment. I met some nice people who recruited me, and I was literally expecting to just be a squad member playing the game. I never expected to be any further than that when I first joined.  
Well, you are now our DO, so how does it feel?
It has been an amazing journey. I had so many people who showed confidence in me when I had no confidence in myself, and they sort of said I should go for it. Along the way, I feel like I have grown stronger as a person being part of TG.  
That’s great to hear! Now that Overwatch 2 has come, are you confident in making our TG team shine again?
Since the launch, we have seen some growth already. Also, as the game is free-to-play and back in the public eye, it will make things easier for us to find more people. I am personally learning the new aspects of the game and being open to new people while playing together with my staff this will be one of the ways to make Overwatch TG better again. I look forward towards the excitement that Overwatch2 will bring us, just as Overwatch has done so in the past.  
I don’t think that will ever change. Now, let’s go a bit deeper into your experiences. How was your first personal experience when Overwatch started?
It was a game that, at the time appealed to me, and my first couple of games were without any comms. People weren’t really cooperating; however, after a month of playing the game, I met the people from TG.  
I bet that was a major change for you.
         In TG, I saw people that would talk to you and give you advice and support. It was a friendly atmosphere that I got from them, and it was one that I wanted to continue.
Of course, we also have the Overwatch PRO League. Do you have a favourite team that you follow?
Of course, the first one that I followed is the London Spitfire, from my own region. I also enjoyed watching Boston Uprising and New York Excelsior. I switch favourites mainly depending on what kind of playstyle they play in.  
When Overwatch 2 was announced, did you follow the process of Overwatch 2 on the foot? I think we can both agree on the fact that it took quite a while before it came out.
I took some information here and there and took the release date with a grain of salt. I wasn’t following it constantly and would just wait until stuff came out.  
Did you have a lot of discussions about it with your members?
The main discussion was about the transition from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2. It wasn’t going to be carried on from Overwatch 1 where we would have a second game down the line. Instead, Overwatch 1 would be turned off, and 2 would come straight in.  
Do you feel that Overwatch 2 will have a great influx of new players?
I have personally seen people playing Overwatch 2 who have never touched Overwatch in the past. The main reason for this is that Overwatch 2 is free to play, and people didn’t want to spend money on the first one.  
And now a tough question; what are your plans for the future of Overwatch community members; how do you want Overwatch to become the biggest of TG?
That is a really hard question. I want to continue with our community to keep them up and running. Give them a feeling of what Overwatch has in the space that TG can offer them. I think it is important that new people should feel welcome in TG.  
I found that to be one of the biggest advantages TG has to offer me. Anything you would like to shout out to our new members?
We have a new game in our hands; everybody is still learning the mechanics. So let’s do this together as a team to be the best!  
Do you have some wise words for the existing members?
There will be some tough challenges along the way, but we will deal with those like we always have and only come out stronger.  
This was Primestrike talking about his feelings towards Overwatch. If you want a moment on the board or you just want to be interviewed for the sake of TG (or the free coffee), share your voice about your game, or even share your own personal experiences about Overwatch with a comment down below!


To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

I hereby promote 
to the Position of Public Relations Assistant

The Public Relations Assistant Badge identifies the second highest-ranking officer in TG's Public Relations Office (PRO).

The PRA's main duties and responsibilities are to support the Public Relations Head in the completion of his/her duties and responsibilities.
The PRA also brings forward any issues regarding recruiting, tournament sponsorships, and negotiations for 3rd party hardware and software directly to the PRH.
Given under my hand on this 23rd day of October, Two Thousand and Twenty-Two.

TG HSquared
Public Relations Head
Public Relations Office

Super-ships in World of Warships (Part II)

Super-ships in World of Warships
               Hello all, it’s been a while since my last article about these new additions and there are some more additions than this, but it might be a while before I do another work about World of Warships. That’s been settled out of the way, lets jump into this topic.
 Now that the very first two Super-ships, been explained; here are some of the newer vessels that were announced later date than Satsuma and Hannover.
          One of the ships that will be looked at in this list is the Patrie, which is a French super battleship. The other two vessels I’ll be explaining more in detail about gameplay of those two vessels. 

                 Annapolis is a U.S super cruiser that was announced early to mid-2021. This ship did not take part in the original legendary battle event, as this vessel was introduced later. The Annapolis stands for a follow-up design of the Des Moines class heavy cruiser. (Which the Des Moines is a cruiser that players can get in the game as it’s a tier 10 of the U.S heavy cruiser tech tree line). Des Moines class heavy cruisers was the last gun cruisers constructed by the U.S Navy, learning lessons from Solomon Islands campaign during the 2nd World War. The navy realized that the, then current, 8-inch guns had a long reload and thus didn’t perform as well in close range actions. It was decided to develop a new gun that has a higher rate of fire. The Annapolis is a follow-up design to this, drawn up in 1949, using the newest anti-aircraft armaments including the new dual purpose 5-inch Mk16 guns, found on the Forrest Sherman class destroyers. The design for Annapolis called for increased armor, main armament and anti-aircraft armaments, but utilizing the same 8-inch 55 caliber RF guns that the Des Moines uses. Annapolis has 4x3 8-inch guns and a 7-inch armor belt, armed with then state-of-art AA defenses; however. With the advent of missiles and jet planes, the days of gun cruisers were numbered, thus the U.S Navy ultimately cancelled the design. The name that Annapolis was given is a city in the U.S state of Maryland, home to the U.S Naval academy that was first established in the 1790s and is still in operation today. Wargaming’s name for the vessel is in line with U.S naval name traditions of the period, with cruisers being named after cities.
                 The game play of the Annapolis is similar to the tier 10 Des Moines, and with the same 5 second reload giving her and Des Moines the fastest rate of fire of any heavy cruiser in the game. Annapolis, like other U.S heavy cruisers, is armed with super-heavy shells which gives U.S heavy cruisers some of the best armor penetration capabilities of any heavy cruiser. The Annapolis also has a grand total of 12 main guns, and combine this with her high rate of fire, she can put out a very high volume of fire, something that other heavy cruisers can’t boast about.
                The armor of the Annapolis is better than Des Moines, which means she can survive well under fire. However, despite this her armor scheme is the same as Des Moines which means her armored citadel is above the water line making her easy to severely damage should the armored belt be penetrated. The Annapolis also has similar problem that many U.S cruisers in the game have, which is an extremely high arching ballistics, though this allows the ships to hit the more vulnerable areas of other vessels on their decks. However, this means that the player must give a great deal of lead to the target in order for the shells to hit the target. What makes Annapolis and other super cruisers unique is the ability to have an alternate firing mode; this is a temporary boost to vessel’s reload giving them a 1 second reload that only lasts for a few shots, once the few shots are fired, the reload is increased to 40 seconds, thus this firing mode should be used sparingly. Overall, the Annapolis plays similarly to Des Moines, only except with a special mechanic and better dimensions. 

                Condé was announced in mid-2021, she was announced around the same time as the 2 other vessels (Annapolis and Patrie). The name Condé is a common French name for a place and is also a person’s name. Condé’s design is a hypothetical follow-up design to the cruiser C5 project (Saint-Louis Class). Condé’s armament calls for, 3x4 9.4-inch guns and 8x2 5-inch guns. 
                 Condé’s main armament is the 9.4-inch 55 caliber Mle 1930 guns, these guns are a pure fabrication as there were no actual designs for 1930s 9-inch gun within the Marine Nationale (French navy). However, the closest historical gun to this fictional gun is the 9.4-inch 50 caliber Mle 1902, these guns were used to arm the Danton Class Semi-Dreadnoughts. This ship is unique in the fact that it has quadruple gun turrets instead of the normal triple, this gun turret design is reminiscent to gun turrets found on the Richelieu and Dunkerque Classes. The Marine Nationale never considered using a 9.4-inch gun to arm cruisers thus this design should be viewed as a fictional hypothetical vessel. Condé plays similarly to the previous French cruisers of the line, as this vessel does get a speed boast consumable which allows its maximum speed to be increased for a brief time allowing it to withdraw should it take too much damage. French cruisers are thinly armored with typically good firing ranges and good speeds; thus, they should look at as “glass cannons”. The Condé’s 9-inch guns can overmatch the front of most light cruisers, these do pack a punch, but there AP shells do suffer a little bit however they do gain increased HE shells effectiveness. Condé, like Annapolis also gains a similar alternative firing mode, allowing the ship to fire very volleys in quick succession. Condé, however, does suffer of having a longer reload times than other cruisers and by far weakest in armor terms to other super cruisers in the game. 

               Patrie is the French word for “Country”. The name comes from a pre-dreadnought of the Republique class that was launched in December of 1903. The Patrie that we see in-game is based on a design proposal for the Alsace class battleships. The Alsace class was the French answer to the H-Proposals of Germany; the French (believing false intelligence reports) believed that the Germans were already building other ships of the H-Proposals thus they wanted a vessel to counter these ships. A series of armament proposals for the Alsace class were proposed, from 3x4-15-inch guns, 3x3-16-inch guns, to 3x4-17-inch guns. The Patrie represents the 17-inch gun proposal, (with some design liberties on Wargaming’s part). However, unfortunately for France, not a single vessel of the Alsace class was laid down due to the rapid fall of France during the 2nd World War. 
               Nevertheless, Patrie’s armament comprises of: 3x4-17-inch guns, 3x3-6-inch guns, 8x2-4-inch guns and as well as numerous AA gun batteries. Patrie has the most numerous main guns of any Super battleship currently in the game; however, they are also the smallest of the Super battleships. The Patrie enjoys access to the engine boast consumable, similar to other French battleships, which gives them high top speed of 35 knots (when active) gives this vessel similar speed to cruisers. Combine this with a strong secondary armament and with above average rate of fire for main guns, she can easily chase down cruisers and even some destroyers; however. Patrie does suffer from having weaker overall armor effectiveness making it relatively fragile (though still more durable than all the other French battleships). Thus, the Patrie plays well on the flanks where its firepower is more than enough to overwhelm most fast-moving ships and still have the speed to fall back if taking too much damage. 

Overwatch 1 to 2: A Review

With Overwatch 2 having just landed on October 4th, 2022, many are questioning the need for the moniker of “2” being attached to it due to its similarities to the first game.  As with any new major game launch, numerous first-time players are also jumping into the game.  With that, new and old opinions are being made about the game.  I have had the opportunity to play about 25 hours so far in the new title, so let’s explore what is new, and what has carried over so far with the launch of Overwatch 2.
Briefly summarized in a previous article in TG News by TG HSquared, there have been some changes to the formula of Overwatch 2 compared to its predecessor.  Most importantly, the change from a 6v6 to a 5v5 setting.  This change was made with the removal of one tank per team.  With this change, in my time playing so far, there is a much bigger emphasis on outplay potential by DPS.  I have found that there is more freedom for flanking, pressuring the backline of the opposing team to break down their foundations.  Along with this, one tank lends to more aggressive plays as well, with team fights won and lost on the skill of the individuals as much as the team.  
Another new aspect of Overwatch 2 is the addition of the new “Push” mode.  It has both teams leave spawn at the same time on opposite ends of the map, with a robot in the middle meant to push the objective to the opposing team’s spawn room by means of escorting the robot.  Along the way, teams will find themselves in team fights to fight for control of the robot, with the victor coming out as the advantageous team in pushing the robot further than the other team.  This is a very unique take on a tug-of-war game mode with team fights as the deciding factor of winning thrown in the mix, and control of the map around the robot at any one time in the game meaning the difference between a win or a loss.  This has been a really fun new addition to the Overwatch formula, while not feeling so alien compared to existing modes that you are left scratching your head on how it works.

The robot pushing the objective during a team fight in the new "Push" mode.
Of course, we should also briefly discuss the new heroes that make up the other half of the Overwatch formula.  With the release of Overwatch 2, we have three new hero additions: the in-your-face and brutal Tank Junker Queen, the sharp-eyed and mobile DPS Sojourn, and the foxy and mischievous Support Kiriko.  All of these heroes feel fresh and new in their own way, catering to existing players with new ways to play that they may want to try.  Junker Queen is very much a brawler Tank, wielding a shotgun, throwing blades, and a crude axe.  Sojourn is a spin on Soldier 76 with more emphasis on burst damage rather than sustain, trading heals for a railgun that charges over the course of primary auto fire with a secondary that one-shots squishies with a well-placed headshot.  Finally, the new Support hero Kiriko feels like a complete package of burst heals, mobility, high-DPS potential, and utility, but with a high skill ceiling.

Three new heroes from left to right: DPS Sojourn, Support Kiriko, and Tank Junker Queen.
Blizzard seems to have gotten the server issues from launch ironed out mostly, with a few known issues still to handle, which you can review here if needed.  Aside from its rocky launch, Overwatch 2 evolves its predecessor’s formula with a breath of fresh air, revamping the pace of the game and adding new elements to it, realizing the full potential of what the previous game wanted to be.
Have you been enjoying playing Overwatch 2?  What has been your favorite new addition or overhauled change?  Let’s discuss these and more in the comments!

Discord x Xbox: A New Way of Communication

Discord has become a major communications hub for gamers on many platforms including within our community. The ability to organize events and allow for seamless text and voice chats to organize events have been huge. In a major move, Microsoft and Discord have teamed up to bring Discord Voice to Xbox chats. This feature has been a highly requested feature since Discord became the go-to app for all things communication within the gaming world. 
As a personal user of the Discord app to communicate with my fellow team members regardless of  their game or platform, the ability to manage all of this through one headset is a lifesaver in terms of ensuring I have the best sound through my headset and the best voice communications with the squads within my Division. It does require a smartphone however to allow this all to work. 
The Discord-Xbox integration requires the Xbox application and the Discord application on a smartphone to work. When you log into a Discord voice chat, you are given the option to “Transfer to Xbox” which opens a Xbox party chat through the Xbox dashboard to allow voice to passthrough. It is not the best solution to allow this as there is no native Discord application on the Xbox at the time of this writing. However, the Xbox team at Microsoft and the Discord team are actively working on simplifying the experience for Xbox players. 
This is a major step forward as compared to what Xbox players have been used to with dual headphone setups or in my case, a soundbar and an AirPod setup through an iPhone or other device. The update is live now for all to test and try out. It is a major leap forward for quality of life for the Xbox and Discord userbase as the gaming community increasingly turns to Discord as the de facto communications app for Crossplay gaming.

Call of Duty MW2 Is Almost Here!

The release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is just around the corner, October 28th to be exact, and the anticipation is high! This release not only comes with the yearly injection of a new CoD game release, but Warzone 2.0 will be launched. For the fans that play Warzone, the new iteration is a welcomed event! Infinity Ward is back into the driver’s seat, and if the Beta game release is any indication there are significant changes as well as reminders its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2019.
The Beta was released September 16, 2022 and had the community squirming with anticipation. However just prior to the Beta release the Call of Duty developers held a content creator event titled, Call of Duty: Next Event, held September 15th. This gathering included current and former CoD pros and content creators alike who all played the Beta version before the public had the opportunity to battle it out with the Modern Warfare gunfights. During this event the developers discussed the changes within the game, while the content creators streamed the gameplay to their communities. The star of that show was Warzone 2.0! Although it was clear this version was still under production, it gave every Warzone fan a taste of what is to come. The most significant changes had to do with how the Battle Royal game progressed. Rather than the circle gradually getting smaller until it reached “final circle”, the developers added a twist. Towards the end of the game mode the single circle split into 3 separate circles. However, the three circles do eventually revert to a single circle at the very end of the match, but not before a sense of panic had set in on the players.  This change set the event’s gaming room a buzz with various opinions flying from one content creator to the other. Whether this version remains as is within the release of Warzone 2.0 is uncertain, however the change signaled that the developers have no intention of providing a cut and paste version of 2019 Modern Warfare as the new CoD Modern Warfare 2. 
Another significant change had to do with the infamous gulag. While playing the Warzone Battle Royale game, if a player is killed, they still have a chance to return to the fight. But they must first win their gulag fight! Rather than following the known equation of having a one-on-one gun fight with a fellow opponent, Modern Warfare Beta had a player spawn in with a partner and they both attempted to locate ammunition for the random weapon given to try and kill the opposing team. But there is a side option. A player trying to fight their way back into the game could kill “a bot” and find the bot’s dropped cell key that releases them from their captivity.  This change was not a huge fan favorite. Therefore, it is unclear if the full release will revert into the original Warzone gulag version, that we all know and love.
During the Beta version for the fans to try their hand with the new CoD Title, the most talked about change had to do with slide cancelling. For the past multiple years slide cancelling has been a major aspect of the CoD franchise game. This mechanic allows the player to easily “camera” their opponent to win a gun fight. Slide cancelling also allows a player to traverse the terrain more easily, therefore increasing mobility. However, in MW2 the slide cancelling has been altered significantly. Can a player still slide cancel? Sure. But the benefit of utilizing this ability around corners has been removed. Time will tell if this change will be favored or unfavored, but players struggled to control their reflex to slide cancel during the Beta reveal.
The actual Beta game itself did unveil some incredible graphics and production. The four maps the developers offered during this testing period for the traditional game modes (search and destroy, team deathmatch and domination) included Farm 18, Valderas Museum, Mercado Las Almas and Breenbergh Hotel. Certainly, there were favorites among each player, but all maps had incredible graphics and design. The weapons were limited, but still gave the player base the Call of Duty experience. However, with the weapons came another huge change within the Gunsmith.
The developers of MW2 have completely overhauled the gunsmith, and it is a radical change from the traditional CoD weapon attachment process. The new gunsmith has changed how each attachment for every gun is earned. In the past, a gun is unlocked and then the player would level up the weapon to earn each attachment. The new version utilizes a “receiver”. Once the receiver is earned for a gun within a particular class then the attachments already earned are unlocked automatically for every weapon within the same class. This process is not only difficult to described, but also a challenge to understand while in game. The backlash has been massive, and current rumors have not indicated if CoD MW2 will still have this version of the gunsmith on its full release date.
Overall, the Beta CoD Modern Warfare 2 was a huge success, however it is clear more work is needed before the release date. Yet, this need for improvement has not dampened the palpable excitement the community has expressed for the upcoming CoD Title release. Every fan of the Call of Duty franchise are counting the days until October 28….and it is ALMOST HERE!    

The Battle Continues

As many of you know, Overwatch 2’s long awaited release date is finally here! This is something Overwatch fans have been anticipating since pre-COVID. Personally, I had my doubts that this day would ever come, but it finally has!
On May 24, 2016 the game Overwatch was released and quickly grew to become a very successful division. Like all divisions it has had its ups and downs, but through it all it has remained strong. One thing the developers originally did often was release new maps and characters. I think this helped the game retain a “fresh” feeling even though the game had been out for quite a while. Overwatch hasn’t see a new map for one of the main game modes since May 7, 2019 and that was Havana. The last new hero that was seen was Echo who made her debut on April 14, 2020. With the lack of new content and age of the game Overwatch has lost the interest of some, but now that Overwatch 2 is here there are mixed feelings about it.
Overwatch 2 has some differences from the previous title. One of the most notable differences would be instead of it being a 6v6 game, it is now 5v5. This change causes teams to only have one tank, which some people are happy with while others are not so sure. Personally, I enjoy being able to have a main tank and off tank, so I am on the fence with this change. 
In addition to the loss of a teammate, there will be more game modes. The first mode to be released is “Push” where teams have to gain control of a robot and then “push” it towards the enemy’s base on a symmetrical map. In 2023, Blizzard is anticipating the release of the PvE game mode. Personally, I have always enjoyed PvE in games, so I am excited for this to be an option for Overwatch!
Similar to the first title, there will be additional map releases and heroes throughout the year. The game will start with three new heroes: Sojourn (DPS), Junker Queen (Tank), and Kiriko (Support). Overwatch 2 will also start with eight maps: New York City, Toronto, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Gothenberg, Monte Carlo, India, and Portugal, Esperança. I am very excited to see these new heroes and maps! It has been a long time since we have had new content, so I'm hoping they have been worth the wait!
I am excited to see how things go with Overwatch 2 and give it a chance (especially since it is free)! What are you guys looking forward with the new title?

Battlefield 2042, Return of the Class System

Battlefield 2042, Season 2 has now been released with new content, such as new weapons, a new map and map changes and a new operator. However, what is seen by some within the Battlefield community as the biggest change will arrive in Season 3. The developers listened and have finally agreed to return to the classic Battlefield class system. The combination of new content and a return to a form of classic Battlefield squad structure means there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for the game.
Season 2, and its new Battle Pass, will offer players new experiences within the game. The new operator, former MI6 agent Charlie Crawford, specializes in “enemy infiltration and deep cover ops”.  Along with the newest operator new weapons will be launched. Assault rifle AM40, PF51 pistol and Avancys LMG will undoubtably make a distinguishing mark within the game.  Additionally, the creators heard the community and added changes to the maps. The long-standing complaint of “lack of cover” has had an attempted remedy by adding and removing certain POI (points of interest), as well as adding hard cover within travel lanes. These Season 2 additions will hopefully help to lure interested players. But the most significant change was announced and will occur during Season 3…. Class system!
The Battlefield franchise is known for its 4 class systems. The Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon classes have been a staple of Battlefield play for years. Therefore, the community was shocked to learn that 2042 had removed this aspect, in exchange for operators with specific abilities. But the disappointed cries have been heard and are being addressed by returning an altered version of the class system. Battlefield 2042 will now have the Assault class, Engineer class, Support class and Recon Class. Each class will share certain gadgets, but the operators will maintain their specific ability solely unto them. The return to the class system is a return to traditional Battlefield and will hopefully reengage the traditional Battlefield players, because the game is far from being popular as is.
Season 2 does offer new content and map changes to entice the player base to return. The question is, is it too late? Time will tell. But until the final conclusion is made about the lifespan of Battlefield 2042 current players will have some fun playing new characters, using new weapons and battling on new and improved maps, all the while waiting for the return to class!

ATO- TG Newest Head Trainer

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@TG Vegemite
I do appoint these members the position of
Tactical Warfare Head Trainer

Tactical Warfare
in TacticalWarfare,
as such from the 24th day of June, Two Thousand and Twenty Two.
This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Warfare.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare, on this 24th day of June, Two Thousand and Twenty Two.

Signed by:
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG HaloHobo
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

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