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CoD: Season 4 Delayed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Updates Delayed!
There has been some news within the CoD community. 
The new updates for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Warzone & CoD Mobile have been delayed, with no new release date in sight! The following updates are delayed with the corresponding game(s):
- CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone.. Season 4 & bug fixes
- CoD: Mobile.. Season 7
Activision have released a statement on their official Twitter account, saying:

For Call of Duty players, its a set back as we've grafted to complete Season 3 in time and were looking forward to new items and challenges that are provided. However, we will not dive into the the reason why they have delayed it.
We must respect the delay and hope we see the released of the updates soon.

ATO - TG-Mitchell

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of these members, the following position and rank promotions were made, and medals awarded:
Medal Awards
Has been awarded the Tactical Gaming Distinguished Service Cross
For outstanding professionalism, longevity, and devoted service to Tactical Gaming as Division Officer who serves as an example for all members to emulate.  Your efforts and sacrifices are noticed and appreciated at the highest tiers of command. 

Has been awarded 2 instances of the Tactical Gaming Outstanding Recruiter Medal

This appointees has displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Warfare standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare this 5th day of  June 2020.

TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

Corps Commander
1st Corps

TG Epsi
Corps Commander
2nd Corps

ATO - Sarge

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

TWC promotes him to the rank of

Major General,

TW Rank Descriptions

in Tactical Warfare

as such from the 4th day of June 2020.

This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Warfare.

Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare on this 4th day of June 2020.

Signed by:
TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

LTG TypicalVeteran-
1st Corps
Corps Commander

2nd Corps
Corps Commander


To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of


I hereby award

One (1) Instance of the Legion of Merit Award Medal

TG-AMP has been a vital part in the growth of PS4 Brigade over the past 12 months. During his tenure he has set up tournaments for all the members in the Division to participate (total awarded ~$1250). Retention has been set at an all time high. He has went from a battalion of 5 in 1st, to 12 squads. He has stood up 2 squads in PS4 2nd and is working diligently to make sure 2nd battalion grows into a self sustaining battalion.
TG-AMP has also spearheaded the competition narrative sent from TG-Biggy. Since October of 2019, he has been hard at work making sure that our CP team has all the tools they need to be at the top of their game. Due to his efforts alone, we have a premiere CP team that sits @ the t100 on the GB team ladders. Something that hasn't been done in well over 8 years!
In closing, I believe that TG-AMP embodies what the Legion of Merit stands for.

Medals Descriptions

Given under my hand at 2nd Corps, Call of Duty on this 4th day of June, 2020.

Signed By:
TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

LTG TypicalVeteran-
1st Corps
Corps Commander

2nd Corps
Corps Commander

BGN TG-Mitchell
2nd Corps
Call of Duty
Division Officer

Training Office Open House

Training Office Open House
Are you interested in learning about how the Training Office supports TG? Have you thought about becoming an AT but aren't sure what all that entails? Do you just to chat with your awesome HT and AT? We are offering an "open house" that is available to ALL TG members where you can come talk to the Head Trainer and Assistant Trainers about anything regarding the Training Office, their experiences, and maybe even suggestions that you might have for the TO.
Who: This is open to ANY member in TG!
What: TO Open House!
Where: TG Discord - General Voice Channel
When: Saturday June 6, 12-2pm EDT (See Time Zones)
Why? Ultimately, our goal is to share how the Training Office supports our divisions/legions. We also want to highlight current positions available in the TO, and hopefully find some potential candidates to join us!
Current Training Office Openings:
Battlefield Assistant Trainer
Call of Duty Assistant Trainer
Destiny Assistant Trainer
Escape from Tarkov Assistant Trainer
Ghost Recon Assistant Trainer
Halo Assistant Trainer
If you have any questions about the event, please leave them in the comments below and @MissVendettaXO will reach out.

Overwatch: 4th Anniversary Event

On 24th of May 2020, Overwatch celebrated it's 4th anniversary after it's release in 2016! 
The Overwatch Division is hosting an internal event for members to compete cross-platform! This is something never done before, as Overwatch isn't cross-platform.
Here is more information:

Overwatch Anniversary Event
When: 5/24/2020- 6/24/2020
During practices*
Where: on your platform with your squad
10 Points for a Recruit that passes Boot Camp*
6 Points for a Comp Win
3 Points for a Quickplay Win
1 Point for a draw
0 points for a loss
You must play on your TG account. (If you need to change your name, please tell your SS before the 24th!)
You can play comp, quick play, or custom comp scrims.
For the score to count, the squad staff must submit a recording of the game, or a screenshot of the scores from the practice. 
Example of screenshot (only the scores from 14-15 hours ago would count): 

You must submit the information within 24 hours of the practice.
*Recruits count on any day during the event time period, not just during practices. Recruits can either list you as a referral, mention you in the "Why TG", or can be verified by CoC.
1st Place-
$60 donated to the squad's charity of choice
Avatar based off of squad's name with a gold border
Change @TG HSquared's Discord and TG Avatar to your squad's choice (must be TG appropriate) for all of July 2020
2nd Place- 
$50 donated to the squad's charity of choice
Avatar based off of squad's name with a silver border
Change @ReliantSabre's stream scene (must be TG appropriate) for all of July 2020 (he streams practically daily!)
3rd Place-
Avatar based off of squad's name with a bronze border
There will also be prizes if any squad can meet the following goals:
350 Points-  @TG HSquaredwill be slimed
500 Points- @TG FatalityV1will shave half of his face
Any questions, please reach out to your direct CoC.
The full forum: https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/topic/141320-overwatch-anniversary-event/
So get recruiting, get playing, and have fun!

TG & The World

Tactical Gaming, The World & The Future
2020 has been an interesting start. Potential for a new world war, bush fires, devastating floods and now Covid-19. It has defiantly been a testing time for humanity, and for the most part, we've all pulled together to help each other out.
Can i just take this opportunity to thank all the front line workers, key workers and all them people staying at home to help prevent the spread and infection of the population!! 
Now, in this article there will be a sum up of some news from around the world, news from the gaming community and of course, news from here within Tactical Gaming.
Lets start with the grim one...
Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
It's a deadly virus that has changed the world.
However, there is light at the end of the tunnel now. Together, helping each other out and supporting friends and family, we are starting to beat this awful virus. Infection and death rates are dropping and countries are easing lockdown rules.
Stay strong guys, it wont be long now before we are out of the woods. But lets not rush it and make it worse!
News Within Tactical Gaming
So, some exciting news from within TG. 
Firstly, there have been 3 news games added to our ranks. Minecraft Dungeons has a new Legion in Tactical Adventures and Escape from Tarkov and Valorant Division has been added to Tactical Warfare. Both are looking for new members to join them and help pass the trail phases. If you can recruit from outside TG to help fill them, then great stuff! Get the word out!
The Public Relations Office is kick starting the TG Podcast again, it will soon be published. All we can say for now is, watch this space..!
There are still tournaments and competitions running within TG. Call of Duty have just finished the Warzone tournament, which had a great turn out. The Battlefield Division are running comps throughout the year. Most of them are only allowed members within the Battlefield Division to take part but there are some comps that TG members outside of the division can enter, head over to this link HERE to have a look at what you can enter. With in each Divisions/Legions, you may find local comps for the members within that division/legion. If not, pass up an idea to CoC and it may take place!
Streamers are busy keeping the TG Twitch channel busy. You can watch by going to the Twitch website and searching TacticalGamingNet and from there you can subscribe! If you are a streamer or fancy starting up, you can join the PRO and become a TG streamer! If you are interested, head over to this LINK.
There are also plenty of division/legion requests on the go. So many games that could fit in well in TG, but we need the help and support from people interested. Again, you can head to this PAGE to have a look at whats been proposed or even propose one yourself.
Everyone can keep an eye on things happening within TG by following the Facebook page and reading the News Section on the forums!
Lets move on from inside Tactical Gaming to the outside gaming world.
News From The Gaming Community
This section will be kept brief.
There are loads of games due for release this year, on all gaming platforms. The news team will cover some of these releases but reassured, there's plenty to keep us busy for the lock down and the year.
Here is what is coming in the next 2 months alone!:
- Little Town Hero (PlayStation 4) – June 2
- Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC) – June 2
- Pro Cycling Manager 2020 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) – June 4
- Tour de France 2020 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) – June 4
- Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (Switch) – June 5
- Endurance (iOS, Android) – June 5
- The Outer Worlds (Switch) – June 5 
- The Dark Eye: Book Of Heroes (PC) – June 9
- The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) – June 9
- Ys: Memories of Celceta (PlayStation 4) – June 9
- Warborn (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac) – June 12
- Desperados III (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) – June 16
- Disintegration (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) – June 16
- Waking (Xbox One, PC) – June 18
- Burnout Paradise Remastered (Switch) – June 19
- The Last of Us Part II (PlayStation 4) – June 19
- SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – June 23
- Ninjala (Switch) – June 24
- Hunting Simulator 2 (PC) – June 25
- Phantom: Covert Ops (Rift, Quest) – June 25
- The Almost Gone (Switch, PC, iOS, Android) – June 25
- Fairy Tail (PlayStation 4, Switch, PC) – June 26
- Hunting Simulator 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) – June 30
- The Legend of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel III (Switch) – June 30
- Trackmania (PC) – July 1
- Marvel's Iron Man VR (PlayStation VR) – July 3
- Catherine: Full Body (Switch) – July 7
- Skater XL (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – July 7
- Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise (Switch) – July 10
- F1 2020 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC) – July 10
- NASCAR Heat 5 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) – July 10
- Death Stranding (PC) – July 14
- Radical Rabbit Stew (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – July 16
- Ghost of Tsushima (PlayStation 4) – July 17
- Ary And The Secret Of Seasons (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – July 28
- Destroy All Humans (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC) – July 28
Plenty coming.....
There's also been rumors about next generation consoles that we will keep a close eye on. Its about time we started hearing something about the next gen. As much as i love my XboxOne S, i want a new console.
The new PS5 & GTA6 have been announced and more details will be coming soon!
So that's the end of this article. 
I wish everyone the best of health and luck for the remaining crisis.
Stay Happy & Safe!

What's going on with Battlefield V?

These are desperate times... we got COVID-19 roaming around, we're all stuck at home, and to make it all worse... EA is stopping all development on BFV?!
It came as a surprise to most of us. Let's have a look at what the Ryan McArthur, Senior Producer at EA announced.
"As we look into the future, we will release one more standalone update this summer that brings with it some new content, weapons, and game tweaks." 
Source: Arts, E. (2020). The Future of Battlefield V: An Update with Ryan McArthur. Retrieved 26 May 2020, from https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/news/the-future-of-battlefield-v
Again, this came as a shock for most of us, but why is this happening? Why did BFV fail so hard?

Well, the initial release trailers didn't really help with the hype too much. The official reveal trailer's like/dislike ratio is horrible. 351K likes and 546K dislikes...
Have a look for yourself! 
At first it wasn't bad, but it could've done a lot better. Especially the campaign and a few of the multiplayer maps. But when EA released War in the Pacific, it got a lot better. The game improved, and saw a larger influx of players. These maps were a success and helped BFV hold on for just a bit longer, but EA is still a business, in it for the money. So if a game like this fell through so hard, what's the point of putting more money into it just so you can lose it again?
Anyways, that's an extremely brief recap of the game's life. So what's next for battlefield? Well we got some new content, as Mr McArthur said and we got a screenshot of a map here: 

Source: Ivan, T. (2020). Battlefield V will receive its final new content update this summer | VGC. Retrieved 26 May 2020, from https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/battlefield-v-will-receive-its-final-new-content-update-this-summer/
There has been a bit of speculation around where this map is located. It's clearly in the desert, probably Libya or somewhere similar.
Here's some more information of what's to come in the next month or so:

Source: Arts, E. (2020). The Future of Battlefield V: An Update with Ryan McArthur. Retrieved 26 May 2020, from https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/news/the-future-of-battlefield-v
So if you're a casual player in BFV, you'll know this stuff has started already, excluding the #FridayNightBattlefield or Throwback Thursdays. 
So it looks like this is the end of BFV. Now we gotta look forward to BF6, looking to be released in 2021... what will that be like?

TG Podcast: Table Talk

Table Talk With TG
An exciting time for the PRO, TG & YouTube!
The first episode of the return of the Tactical Gaming Podcast is back!
This podcast will become a regular item for TG.
Before each podcast is released, a news article (such like this) will be published so you can get the details for the up and coming podcast.
So, without further delay, below are the details of the first episode of the reboot, Table Talk With Tactical Gaming:
Host: @TG RoyalRenKu
Co-Host: @TG VisiousEel X
Co-Host: N/A
Guest: @MrTurdTastic
Guest: @HartAttackKidd

When: Sunday 24th May @ 5:00PM BST (12:00PM EST)
Where: Tactical Gaming YouTube Channel, Located HERE
Remember, you can still submit questions for up and coming podcast's. The questions are below:
If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact one of the Podcast Team located below:
- TG Sir Madness (Co-Host)
- JaiyoHD (Co-Host)
- TG SmokeyB (News/Research)
-TG RoyalRenKu (Host/Overall Manager/Chairperson)
We hope that the TG community will enjoy the this episode of Table Talk!

TG's First look at Amazon's Crucible

Typical Veterans Review of Crucible
I would love to start off by saying that i was very surprised that TG did not have more hype for the release of this game. I will not lie this game has been on my radar but pretty low on my radar. I think the Jury is still out as for an overall assessment of this game but i did notice a few things right away from my tutorial and 2 pvp games. Below i will list my pros and cons and i will let you be the judge.
Great smooth game play- Crucible gave me a little stutter on start up but within 2 minutes was running completely smooth. i would suggest turning the graphics down.  Awesome team fights- Although i didn't have coms with my team mates you can definitely tell that this game is reliant on team members combining their abilities to secure the objective.  Graphics- Beautiful. The graphics are pretty that is for sure Not pay to win- This game adopted the fortnite/apex method of making money selling mostly cosmetics. You can even buy a battle pass. None of these items give you a tactical advantage. Abilities- Each character has unique abilities that range from team support or brutality towards your opponents.  Hidden Story- There is a story buried somewhere. The reason i say that is these characters will have impromptu conversations with each other and details of the past can come out. When viewing your character and reading about them there seems to be a mystery factor.  Controller supported- Yes for now the game is on PC but players do have the option to play with a controller. Free- This game is free to play and is available on Steam Combat- Some characters are all out in your face brawlers or keep you at a distance shooters. Some can fly or dash. These characters can be utilized in several different ways. there are also 10 characters to choose from. PVP meets PVE- During your time spent in combat the other players will not be the only thing trying to kill you. There are numerous beasts all over the map and even your objective is a monster. You could be stuck in a 2v1 combat scenario just to watch one of your enemies get Schwacked by a monster and turn it into 1v1.  
Not available on console yet- So far this is a PC title only No private matches- So far there is a way to party up but no option for private matches or custom games exist You cannot change your hero in game- I did not see a way to change the hero in game. When you pick your character you are stuck with them for that entire match.  
Amazon did a nice job with this game. You get some abilities similar to an overwatch or destiny but you also get the 3rd person view. I think you will see a lot of people streaming this soon and you will see a lot of updates to the game. The price is right also. It is a free game so if you hate it you can just delete it. This could be a good community game night for everyone especially if they release cross play and bring this game to console. If you would like to see some game play and hear some comments check out my stream below where i walk you through the tutorial and play a few matches. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below. Thank you TG 

TG Podcast.. Ask Your Questons!

Get Your Questions In!
Hello Tactical Gaming!
As you know, the TG Podcast is coming very soon and in order to get things ready, we are letting you guys ask the questions!
Below is form you fill in where you can submit your questions!
Please remember to keep your questions within TG standards and regulations. Otherwise... go nuts!!!!
Get these questions in as soon as possible and your questions will hopefully be answered!!
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