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Destiny's Hardest Puzzle - Niobe Labs

Destiny's Hardest Puzzle
On Tuesday the 8th of January at 6 pm GMT, the weekly reset occurred worldwide for all Destiny players meaning that everyone could get a fresh set of powerful engrams by completing various activities to boost up their power level. However, this was no ordinary reset due to the fact that the ‘Niobe Labs’, a new location on the EDZ had been released. The Niobe Labs involved a puzzle which guardians had to solve and once solved they would unlock the fourth and final forge. The forges were apart of the latest expansion; Black Armory, which was released on the 4th of December. Since the release of Black Armory, these forges have been dropped on certain dates throughout the last month bringing in a lot of new and exciting content for all Destiny players.
Focusing back onto the Niobe Labs, the concept was to allow hardcore Destiny players to compete against each other to see who could solve the puzzle first and hence unlock the fourth and final forge, the Bergusia Forge, for everyone. However, after 27 hours, nobody had solved the puzzle yet and hence the Bergusia Forge had not been released yet. This is when Destiny’s dev team released a statement stating:
“ Today, at 2PM Pacific Time, the Bergusia Forge will be unlocked for all players who own the Annual Pass.

While coming together as a community to solve puzzles can be fun, setting this puzzle up as a gate between you and new content that you want to play has not been an ideal experience. As such, we will be decoupling the puzzle from the final offering of the Black Armory. All Annual Pass owners will be able to experience the Bergusia Forge when the puzzle is solved or when the deadline expires - whichever happens first.

We realise that many of you have been working hard to solve the puzzle of the Niobe Labs. Whatever the outcome, it will remain open for Annual Pass owners who still want to test their problem-solving skills. There is a Ghost and an Emblem to earn as evidence that you completed the challenge.

We love trying new things with Destiny, but we’re also flexible enough to pivot when you point out room for improvement. We’ll continue to monitor the conversation about this event and learn from your feedback as we create future content releases. 

Thanks for playing. Enjoy the final forge. “
As of now, the fourth forge has been released meaning that all annual pass owners will be allowed to attempt it!
If you are interested in seeing what a forge is, here is a video of the Brigade Commander from the PC brigade, ArmedHyde, completing the Third Forge!
Although the forges have now been all released there is a lot of new content coming out in the next couple months, here is the roadmap for Destiny 2 for the upcoming months.

What Do You Think Of The Hardest Puzzle?    Looking Forward To The Future Of Desiny?
Let us know by commenting below!

Fortnite Patch 7.10 Notes

Fortnite Patch Notes: 7.10
On Tuesday the 8th of January, Epic games released the latest patch, 7.10. Within the patch there were some minor updates and changes towards Fortnite’s 'creative' mode and towards its 'save the world' mode. However the major changes all occurred within the popular 'battle royale' game mode.
The first major addition to the game was the release of the new suppressed sniper rifle. The rifle can be found in epic and legendary variants, the epic variant hitting for 100 to the body and when hitting a head shot with the rifle you will deal 250 damage. As for the legendary variant, a body shot will deal 105 damage and a head shot will deal 262.5 damage. As for where to find the gun, it can be found from chests, supply drops, vending machines and as floor loot.
The next major change which occurred was the removal of the common, uncommon and rare variants of the burst assault rifle. Many players within the community could not believe that Epic decided to vault these variants of the burst assault rifle as it was quite a surprise. Another gun which was vaulted this patch was the six shooter. However there was a pleasant surprise within this patch, the dual pistols have been unvaulted and are back, with players being able to pick up rare and epic variants of this gun again. Other changes to items included the drop rate for dynamite being reduced by 40% and the boom box getting some nerfs. The drop rate has been reduced by 33%, the health of the boom boxes has been reduced from 600 health to 400. Lastly the duration of the boom boxes has been reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds. This has been expected by the whole community as the Boom Boxes were way too overpowered.

Some game play changes which occurred were some minor changes to the X-4 stormwings and to supply drops. The health of supply drops has been reduced to 250 health in solos, 500 health in duos and 750 health in squads. As for the changes that occurred to the X-4 stormwings, they primarily boosted the planes damage to structures and reduced the damage and knock back to players.
Lastly, ‘The Block’, has changed into a ‘Bounce Pad’ paradise created by KojackNumber2.
Have you been able to try out the Suppressed Sniper Rifle yet and if yes what do you think of it, do you prefer it over the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle or the Heavy Sniper Rifle?   

What do you think of the Burst Assault Rifle being vaulted?

Did Epic make the right choice in vaulting the gun or should they have vaulted something else instead?

Have you been to the new Block yet and if so what do you think of the ‘Bounce Pad’ paradise?

Thank you for your TG service! ~ TG Valhalla

Welcome to the latest installment of the series.
TGxLadicius: Alright, first and foremost let me thank you for your TG service. Would you tell us about how you discovered TG?
TG Valhalla: I originally found TG through a Reddit LFG post for League of Legends made by TG Caroline, I was in TG for about a year before I had to HD. I rejoined TG when I started playing Overwatch from the fond memories of not having to play with randoms and the teamwork that comes with TG.
TGxLadicius: What have you found to be the most challenging aspects of your role within TG?
TG Valhalla: Balance. There's a balance to everything in TG and something I've found I struggle with is over committing to far too many projects or positions at once. It's something I've seen many people struggle with in TG and TGEC has attempted to reign in on it with the critical role system they now have in place. It's great to be highly motivated and attempt to help out as much as possible, but I've found it's better to be able to give 100% to one position than to give 20% to five.
TGxLadicius: Have you ever employed the TGMP? Was it effective? If you could change the event leading up to that TGMP, would you?
TG Valhalla: I have a few times, and it's been mostly effective. TGMPs are a great method of conflict resolution as it gets both parties to sit down with an unbiased third party and give their side of events. Usually, this ends with both sides understanding what went wrong and coming to an agreement moving forward. Even in the worst instances where one side is completely at fault using a TGMP lays down the facts and allows an explanation of what went wrong, what is expected instead, and the plan moving forward. There isn't anything I would change to the events leading up to any TGMP because, in the end, everyone grows because of them. 
TGxLadicius: What has made the most positive impact on you in your time in TG? What has made the most negative impact, and how did you resolve it?
TG Valhalla: The most positive impact on me from TG would be the people I've met. I might be one of the people who has had the greatest range of positives that have come out of it. I've met some amazing friends that I've met IRL, found a roommate when I was moving across the country, and even got an amazing job opportunity through contacts I've made in TG. Conversely, the negatives come with friends too, with friends I've lost. There are many times in TG when you have to make decisions that benefit the greater community and sometimes this means friends disagree strongly. It's difficult to navigate the friendship vs leadership scenarios that this brings up and unfortunately can lead to losing a few friends in the process. I resolve those situations by understanding where they come from, and that they don't have to agree with every decision everyone makes. I like that these friends are in TG and am always glad when they stick around to continue gaming with like-minded people.
TGxLadicius: Finally, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Would you like to add a morsel of the wisdom that is Valhalla?
TG Valhalla: Thanks for having me, as far as wisdom that's more DBLs cup of tea. But I'm always looking for motivated individuals to work with and if anyone's interested I would love to discuss some of the opportunities available in the Training Office.

Tactical Gaming's Boots

I hope we all had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to this new year here is our second part of the Tactical Gaming's Boots series. This time I had the pleasure to talk to BossChicow who joined TW\Halo\XB1\1st Battalion on December 17, 2018, and is currently with the IN squad THUNDER, as well as recently being announced to join the PRO stream team

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions!

MrWulfie: How did you first hear about TG?
BossChicow: I'm good friends with PekabuICU and he described TG to me in a way that got my attention. I'm a sucker for organisation and I really enjoy working in a support position. Once he told me that was an option I was hooked and started the process of joining right then and there.

MrWulfie: What is it like being part of the IN squad?
BossChicow: It's hard to say because of my unique position as far as being a part of an IN squad. I have severe anxiety and depression and that really limits what I can do game wise. What I can say is that the entire squad has been very supportive and understanding which is simply amazing. Most communities wouldn't give someone like me any opportunity but the entire Thunder Squad, TG Shaumarai (SL), and TG C0ldT0xiN (CO) definitely earned my thanks and respect.

MrWulfie: Can you think of anything that you've noticed about TG that could be improved if anything?
BossChicow: In my opinion, anything and everything can be improved since nothing or no one is perfect. As for something in particular, no I think everything is pretty straight forward and I can't really think of anything so far that has come to my attention.

MrWulfie: What about TG attracted you to join?
BossChicow: Besides Pekabu's pitch, knowing that TG is so well organised in all aspects and having so many options as far as what a member can do and strive for is by far the #1 attraction for me.
MrWulfie: How has the TG community welcomed you to your new home?
BossChicow: Like I said before, the level of understanding and support from everyone has been simply amazing. I can't think of anything that comes close to how well I've been treated in TG.

MrWulfie: What lead you down the path of the PRO team?
BossChicow: Over my "gaming career" I've seen it all and done it all. From being a member all the way up to leading a community. With anxiety in play, the best place for me nowadays is in a support role. Streaming is something I've always loved doing even though it too can bring its own stress. After hearing from Pekabu that there was a team that specifically dealt with streaming (among other things of course) I knew right off the bat that's what I wanted to do. I probably could have picked a better time than the holidays to get things rolling, sorry JaiyoHD ;), but I finally got my wish and I couldn't be happier. I can't stress enough how excited I am for this opportunity and to work with some amazing people as well as TG as a whole. I hope what I bring to the table is going to be entertaining and/or informative depending on what it is I stream. Since I'm pitching here anyways I may as well add that I'm always open to suggestion on improvements on my content and I always have an open door policy along with any type of criticism.

MrWulfie: And finally, how would you rate your experience out of 5?
BossChicow: 5 out 5 no question.

Thank you so much BossChicow for taking the time to answer these questions and for being a very enthusiastic TG member. I have a feeling you'll go on to do great things with the right support and squad around you.

Thanks for joining us for this round of Tactical Gaming's Boots


If you are a new member and would be interested in doing a new boots interview comment below or message MrWulfie.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Patch Notes

Patch 1.09 Notes: Black Ops 4
Treyarch has released a new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PS4, XB1 and PC. Prior to the December 10th patch, it was confirmed that a large quantity of additions would be added in-game for multiplayer, blackout, and zombies. Once confirmed, the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update 1.09 patch notes can be found below. In addition, we’ve also detailed the Black Ops 4 patch 1.09 file size.
Black Ops 4 Update 1.09 File Size
The Black Ops 4 update file size varies depending on your platform/region. Players on Xbox One can download at roughly 26GB. Where as for PS4, it is 15.3GB.
Black Ops 4 Update 1.09 Notes
Call of Duty update 1.09 has introduced a host of changes across all modes. The majority of which have occurred in Blackout.
After an ongoing burst of frustration from fans, Treyarch has now implemented a major fix regarding audio issues in Call of Duty's Blackout with Black Ops 4 patch 1.09. Throughout the past few weeks, the issue sparked disappointment due to the catastrophe this could potentially lead to in players’s games. We can now rest-assured nearly all matches from this point on wards will be as smooth as ever.
Some of the most noticeable updates have been discovered upon jumping straight out of the helicopter. The following seasonal changes have been made in Blackout with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update:
- Foliage and softer winter lighting
- New smoke trails (better indication to where everyone is landing)
- Mini-map updated to reflect the new winter changes
- Environmental improvements on Nuke Island, Hydro Dam, and Factory
In addition to audio improvements and seasonal changes across the entire map, a few other changes have also been introduced in Blackout. These are the following:
- New armour repair system
- SDM and Spitfire weapon balancing

This patch has allowed players to see how camos change as you increase your amount of kills in a game.
Prior to Black Ops 4 update 1.09, Treyarch provided fans with a first look at what’s in store for tomorrow. The December 11th patch has released the highly-awaited Hijacked destination in Blackout on PS4. In addition, the new specialist, named ‘Zero’, will be making an appearance in tomorrow’s patch notes, alongside a ton of other additions.  
Article and image header by ToxicGhost3838, news team member
What do you think of the update? Has it improved CoD? Tell us below!

Rocket League Recruitment Competition

Recruitment Contest
As we all know, recruitment is not just pivotal to a successful division but vital to the growth of TG as a whole. Some of us here at TG have made recruitment our drive and in some cases, our passion.
As from now, the Rocket League legion is running a recruitment contest to help drive the number of new recruits in their legion.

There are some awesome prizes available aswell!  The minimum recruit threshold to reach is 50 members for the rewards to become active. The prizes are listed below:

1st: $250
2nd: $150
3rd: $100
4th: A copy of the Rocket League game (if already owned, will give money in place of game).
5th: A copy of the Rocket League game (if already owned, will give money in place of game).
This contest is to run for 120 days from it's start date, which makes its end date 20th March 2019.
ALL members of TG are welcome to recruit and will be eligible for the contest reward, however, you must remember to get the recruit to list you as their referrer by giving them the link on your profile! If you don't then you wont be given the credit for that recruit.
Well done to those who have already started and good luck to all of those who decide to participate.  Lets do all we can to help Rocket League get on its feet and become successful legion!

Tactical Gaming's Boots

Here at the news team, we have been doing some articles on the long serving members and thanking them for their service and tenure.

However, little is said about the new blood. The fresh generation. The newbies.

The new members of TG are arguably just as important as our long serving members. Without our fresh meat, we wouldn't be able to grow into one of the biggest gaming communities available and not to mention the fact we are over 14 years old.

I had the pleasure in talking to one such member who joined XB1, 2nd BTN, Battlefield Division in October 2018 and has just graduated from the IN Squad (Red Lions) to his ST Squad (Vikings).
Enter ImThatPoshGuy!

Thank you for taking time to answer some questions! What was your first experience with TG and how was that experience for you?

Posh: "My 1st experience of TG has been great, i really enjoy the competitive aspect of the other players"

What was it like being part of the IN squad?

Posh: "The IN squad is a great insight of what to expect from TG going forward after completing the IN squad training, I'm very grateful for the work and time TG Darth Voider put in to show me the TG ways."

Can you think of anything that you've noticed about TG that could be improved if anything?

Posh: "I would improve the promptness of practices and have everyone ready to play at the exact time, although I know sometimes this is down to the game, I would improve how many squad members are allowed in a squad. As there are only 4 spaces in game to have only 10 seems superfluous. 12 would be ideal.

What about TG attracted you to join?

Posh: "I heard about TG from a friend who told me about the professional yet fun nature of the website and how to join"

And finally, how would you rate your experience out of 5?

Posh: "so far I'm a pleased with my TG journey overall I have enjoyed the experience so I would rate my experience at a 4 out of 5"

Thanks for your time ImThatPoshGuy!

If you are a new member and would be interested in doing a new boots interview comment below or message me.

Destiny 2 - The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead
Exciting times ahead for the players of Destiny. It will keep the current Destiny veterans entertained and maybe bring in some new players. Lets have a look at what lies ahead, shall we?
December 4th has passed us, and Destiny 2 players should have noticed something new. It doesn't matter if you own an annual pass or you’ve just started playing.
Lets take a look at the Black Armoury Calendar:

So from looking at the calendar above, it looks like a lot to enjoy. But wait, there is more! 
This is what to come for the REST of the year:

It seems the creators of Destiny are producing new and fresh ideas to keep players interested in the game. If would like to know a little bit more on the exciting upcoming events, you can visit this WEBSITE or watch this VIDEO!
Are you a Destiny player looking forward to the future? Maybe your thinking of picking up Destiny 2? 
Let us know below!

Thank You For Your TG Service! - uwshoward98

In this instalment of our 'Thank you for your TG service!'  I am interviewing Warrant Officer uwshoward98. He is currently Squad Leader of Tomcats(ST) in the Battlefield Division. uwshoward98 has been a member of Tactical Gaming since March 2014.
TG SmokeyB: Who within TG has been one of your biggest influences?
uwshoward98:  I'd have to say TG Kacy2k and TG WarRellik are two people I have to thank for where I am in TG today. They were my CoC when I moved up to squad staff and they were incredibly patient with me. I made a jump from SA to SL way before I was ready for the responsibility and they were always willing to give advice/help whenever I needed it.
TG SmokeyB: Why do you enjoy your division?
uwshoward98:  The people are what make it great. As a division we are always expanding and it's a very welcome environment. 

TG SmokeyB: What are you most looking forward to within TG?
uwshoward98:  I'm really looking forward to participating in and creating some large scale TG operations once BF5 is given private servers. With the ability to move artillery and build fortifications I believe we will be able to create some awesome scenarios.

TG SmokeyB: Describe your leadership style and why?
uwshoward98:  I like to keep things casual within my squad. In our weekly practices we put our primary focus onto enjoying the game. If we win that's just an added bonus. In Tomcats it is understood that we can cut up and have fun as much as we want as long as the squad buckles down and gets serious when it is asked of them.

TG SmokeyB: If you had one game that you would love to see in TG what would that be?
uwshoward98:  I would love to see a legion created within TA for The Elder Scrolls Online.

TG SmokeyB: What is the best thing about Tactical Gaming that keeps you here?
uwshoward98:  In all honesty it's just nice to feel like you're a part of something bigger. I know that sounds rather cliché but it's cool to feel like you've helped contribute to something that's not only larger but evolving and expanding. I've met a lot of cool people while being in TG and they're friendships that last.

TG SmokeyB:  What would you say to any member who wants to move up the CoC?
uwshoward98: Don't be afraid to ask questions and reach out to other staff/CoC members. We're all here to build each other up and make an amazing community. Also in the case of SS shape your squad the way you want it. At the core squads are all the same but they all have their own personalities. If you look at our current lineup and feel something is missing fill the gap don't be afraid to be different!

TG SmokeyB: What is the funniest thing you've ever done in your time with TG or any game for that matter?
uwshoward98:  TG once had an Op on BF4 where we had to protect a VIP, but the catch was the VIP got to move around where ever he wanted to. He kept putting himself in danger  so one of my SM's recommended we push him up against a wall with a riot shield for his own safety. So a couple of our members caught him in a corner and pushed him into it. The issue was friendly fire was on so when they shield bashed him into the corner they actually killed him. Thankfully it didn't cost us the Op. and they allowed him to re-spawn but that was where Tomcats got the reputation of being unconventional to say the least.
Thanks for taking the time to participate uwshoward98!
A special thank you to TGxLadicius for letting this interview enter his 'Thanks For Your TG Service' series. Appricate the support!

Battlefield V or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4?

Black Ops 4 or BF5?
There is a lot of controversy between buying Battlefield V or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This not a report on which one you should buy, it’s the pros and cons for both games.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 jumped into the Call of Duty franchise with thrust-jumping, and wall running. With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, we see this everlasting series run into a far more interesting terrain and it doesn’t even have a campaign (which is is big step for Call of Duty)! New game mode such, as Treyarch and Blackout, are becoming robust in the Call of Duty series. Blackout acts as a nice tribute to to everything in the Black Ops series, combined with adding new innovations to both Zombies and multiplayer.
A lot of changes have came to Black Ops 4, such as the lack of the classic, well known campaign! For some, this is disappointing but to some they get along just fine. Zombies came in with a meaty start, with three new maps and game modes.
Unfortunately Black Ops 4 has a basket full of technical issues spreading among each of its modes. Theatre mode crashes frequently however Treyarch has been staying on top of these issues, continuously updating it’s blog with which bugs and glitches they are fixing. Another issue is that teaming up with friends in Blackout doesn’t always work right.

Since 2002’s Battlefield 1942, the Battlefield franchise has grew a lot. The multiplayer first-person shooter that featured vehicles and large scale maps unlike players have ever seen before. Since it came out, the Battlefield franchise has blown up and expanded with Battlefield Vietnam, BF 2, BF 2142 and quite a bit more. It has grown more destructive, especially with the “levolution” feature.
2016’s Battlefield 1 gave the Battlefield franchise a more serious tone, looking at World War One. The definitely had to be careful with the features. This year, Battlefield returns with the all new Battlefield V, looking at World War Two.
Battlefield V maps are gigantic, but are they too big? Maybe perfect for planes and vehicles but what about infantry? Battlefield V is fast paced, reminding Battlefield “veterans” and past players of Battlefield 4. Clearly, you run a lot faster than in Battlefield 1 and there are a lot of new player animations.
War stories have returned in BFV, and instead of playing with the more renown battles such as Normandy or Stalingrad, but lesser known aspects of the global conflict, which to some people is a turn off. A lot of people who played the campaign early didn’t like the campaign as they thought it was too plain and just “fighty fighty”.
The game is a lot faster than previous games, such as movement. This may put off Battlefield veterans as they think of the series as a realistic franchise. It may take a while to be adjust to the speed but once you get used to it, it’s pretty powerful and deadly.
Tell us your thoughts on these 2 games, which do you like better?

Battlefield V Review


So it's finally here!
The much anticipated game BATTLEFIELD V was supposed to be released in the month of October. However, due to what I can imagine is some issue with the game and release, DICE and EA decided to release a month later. November soon came around and the release for the deluxe edition was 15.11.18. The standard edition was released 20.11.18. I'm sure the servers will be full to bursting with enthusiastic players hoping to fall in love with the new game of their favourite franchise!

Their have been plenty of reviews over the last few days regarding BFV. Some were good, a few were quite negative. Personally my view is that this game is in a different direction compared to Battlefield 1 and in fact more similar to Battlefield 4 than anything else, it's a faster paced game and not only that, one of the most historically accurate games regarding world war 2 as the war stories are well written. I asked a few of my squad mates in the Vikings squad of the Xbox One division and the majority of responses were positive and quite enthusiastic in terms of the game play. The main point was that squad cohesion and overall teamwork is the absolute key to success! The final change that seemed to be well received was the weapons and character customisation!

 I asked IamJokerI, the executive officer of 2nd battalion, Battlefield division his thoughts on the game, he said:

"As someone who has played every Battlefield title at or shortly after release since BF2. For me BFV in its current form lies somewhere between absolutely brilliant and ridiculously broken. The major changes to gun mechanics and noticeable changes to the core mechanics, have in my opinion made the game better than it has ever in many respects. But as with all Battlefield titles since the beginning of time itself, it comes complete with a plethora of potentially game breaking bugs (from bells hanging in the air after the destruction of a church, to you being stuck at spawn unable to move or even being revived under a seemingly indestructible table and therefore trapped)".

"All in all. BFV is an extremely fun game regardless of bugs with a lot of new mechanics to adapt to and learn. It feels somewhat half baked in terms of content, but this was entirely expected given their "Roadmap" of future releases. It does however have solid foundations in place to be an amazing Battlefield title for years to come. That is assuming patches and future releases don't break more than they fix in typical battlefield fashion".
alot of people have said similar things to joker, however there are a few that have said pretty much the opposite.
I asked some of the staff members at a store in the UK called GAME they also had mixed views on the game. One member of staff specifically said that he was "dissatisfied with the historical accuracy" and how the mechanics of the game functioned. He felt the game was extremely "clunky and to similar to cod"

What are your thoughts?
Call of duty or Battlefield?
Let me know in the comments below!
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