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  3. Kancepth

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

    I'm glad this division was approved. Congratulations to all those who supported this division, I wish RDR2 Division all the best.
  4. CatieBug9

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

    Yes! I'm so pumped!!!!
  5. TG Valhalla

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

    Congrats to all who were pushing for this! Let's do this!
  6. TG FatalityV1

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

    Tactical Adventures Command is pleased to announce Red Dead Redemption Legion Has been added to 1st Army of Tactical Adventures!
  7. TG Valhalla

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

    Woot! Let's get it done Rocket League!
  8. DMTL, Onward and Upwards!

  9. MrWulfie

    Fortnight Cross-Play Beta

    I think any game that has the ability to be cross platform is exciting! Imagine the sheer scale of numbers in an operations game mode on battlefield! Xbox div vs ps4 div .. That sounds awesome! Hopefully this will open some new avenues for TG and the gaming community
  10. MrWulfie

    Forza Horizon 4 - Its back, bigger and better!

    It's an amazing game franchise I can't wait to get my teeth into it!
  11. Battlefield V......here is the question....do I pre-order and not pre order fallout 76 or do I do both and hope I don't run out of money before payday, thoughts??

  12. TGxVisiousEel

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

    Glad to see Rocket League coming back. All the best!
  13. TG boyoroyo

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

  14. Woop Woop RL Legion has re-opened!!!

  15. TG FatalityV1

    ATO - TA Newest Legion

    Tactical Adventures Command is pleased to announce Rocket League Legion Has been added to 1st Army of Tactical Adventures!
  16. Last week
  17. If you work Security in a Samsung store does that make you a Guardian of the Galaxy?

    1. IamJokerI


      No, it means you like living life on the Edge.

  18. Go Check out Non TG games and show your interest in the opening of the Rocket League division!


    1. MrWulfie


      What would be required? I'm interested

    2. TG SmokeyB

      TG SmokeyB

      Good to hear bud. Head over to

       Not too much to behonest, writing a few articles a month.

  20. I went outside once, the graphics were ok, but the game play sucks!

  21. It's amazing how much of an impact music can have on your life 

    1. TG SirMadness

      TG SirMadness

      so true hun,  so true 💜💜💜

  22. Extral Life 2018 - Novemeber 3rd 24HR stream,  Check General Discussions for more details 

  23. Anyone who hasnt added me on pubg my username is defuzion 

  24. Need an invite to the discord


  25. I was walking in the rain with my Timbs on Stepping over puddles full of pain...

  26. Going to a Haunted House attraction this weekend. I LOVE HALLOWEEN.

    1. TG SmokeyB

      TG SmokeyB

      It's not that good in the UK, bet its awsome in the states tho.

    2. MissVendettaXO


      Depends on where you are.. some areas really get into Halloween/fall. :D

    3. TG SmokeyB

      TG SmokeyB

      I've seen a few youtube videos of American Halloween party's, look great. Love to go to one.

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