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ATO - TG BulletDrop

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
I hereby award
@TG BulletDrop
One Instance of the Tactical Gaming Web Team Achievement Medal

The Tactical Gaming Web Team Achievement Medal recognizes an individual who has contributed to the continued success and promotion of the growth of Tactical Gaming through the design, creation, and modification of code and digital media. A recipient of this medal has shown commendable service in the creation of TG site images, promotional media, personalized requests from members, or through website, forums, and other TG application management and maintenance.

The individual’s contribution must be sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Gaming service.

This award is given by Web Team staff only. Approval remains at Tactical Gaming Executive Committee level.
Given under my hand at Tactical Gaming, Web Team, on this 17th day of October, Two Thousand and Twenty One.
Signed by:

TG HaloHobo
Vice President
Tactical Gaming

Web Team Head

Web Team Executive


Battlefield 2042 with Aion535

Battlefield 2042 is the newest addition to the already 17th-issue Battlefield franchise and is set to be in near future of Earth, featuring various futuristic gadgets, weapons as well as drones and other vehicles. It will also introduce a new "Plus" system, that is going to let players customize their weapons with various attachments while in the heat of battle. The class system also got majorly changed and for some parts completely reworked, with one class having a wingsuit and the other being equipped by a healing pistol, for example
The whole environment got a significant level-up too, taking inspiration from Battlefield 4, be it sandstorms, tornadoes or just overall extreme weather conditions. It will also be released with 7 maps total, as opposed to its predecessor, Battlefield V, of 8 maps total and 1 more introduced soon after. You can definitely be excited about the game's three main gameplay modes, though. All-Out Warfare along the two of the already well-known modes, Conquest and Breakthrough
The thing one can be sure to be cheerful about is the new community-driven medium named "Battlefield Portal", which will mainly focus on the entertainment aspect with its creators being the people behind balancing it out. It is going to allow players to fully customize the experience to their liking, with different maps and weapons from past Battlefield games, with the addition of being able to modify some elements like health and loadouts. Lastly, there is also a pretty unique take on the Battle Royale genre - it is going to be filled with different AI troops, and will overall be much more based on objective rather than "just" shooting 
And all that with astounding matches of 128 players each for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S - the prior generations, Xbox One and PS4 will however have a cap of 64 players
As I'm not nearly as familiar with the Battlefield franchise as some of you may be to share my thoughts about the upcoming Battlefield game, I brought Aion535 here to help me cover this too
Are you excited about Battlefield 2042?
Aion: I am! I'm happy that the BF franchise is returning to the future era, it provides for a much greater variety of weapons, gadgets and vehicles in contrast of what the historical First Person Shooters may offer. Not to mention that it will be refreshing due to the previous handful of games from the series were focused on the World Wars or modern day eras
What do you think about the news saying there will be no campaign included?
Aion: I think creating a story for a modern day shooter is way more problematic when you have major world powers in it fighting against each other - for example in BF4, where you had Chinese forces against the American ones, causing a couple of issues. Since BF 2042 will be multiplayer only, I think the premise will be way less important than if there was a singleplayer campaign. Overall, as long as I'm able to tell a friend from a foe, I'm not too concerned with the set-up
Is there something that you think was a brilliant move about the upcoming addtion to the Battlefield roster?
Aion: The idea of conflicts between "No-Pats" really opens up the whole world for potential map locations, of course. Graphics have always been phenomenal and now the maps are going to be huge to accommodate the 128 players on next gen. Needless to say, this will give players a massive opportunity for tactical play due to the maps being open and overall huge
In what ways do you think the Battlefield franchise has shifted to, and what have been the most obvious changes?
Aion: I actually played Battlefield 4 for the first time in years the other night, and it made me realize how much has the titles improved with the gameplay experience. I was continually frustrated that I could not mantle over low obstacles in BF4! Though both BF1 and BFV introduced some new gameplay mechanics, some succesful while some not - and Battlefield 2042 aspired to do the same, this time with the introduction of specialists - being able to change weapon accessories while in the heat of battle. I just hope BF 2042 will keep the parts that worked well and redesign those from its older siblings that were not so great
Lastly to finish it all off, what do you most expect from BF 2042, and are you going to play in the Beta testing period?
Aion: Well, due to DICE putting their focus off of Battlefield V onto Battlefield 2042, I along the others are expecting something really special. DICE needs to nail thing down like Time To Kill from the get-go, otherwise a lot of us are going to be disappointed as it was with Battlefield V. And yes! I'm definitely looking forward to play in the open Beta, which will be available to play on all platforms for those who have pre-ordered the game already
Battlefield 2042 Wiki
Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer
Battlefield 2042 TheGamer Article
Battlefield 2042 VentureBeat Article
And the amazing @Aion535 !
Article Written by Death Lotus

ATO - Zylo Firefox

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
@Zylo Firefox

I hereby promote 
to the Position of Army Commander

with rank of

Given under my hand on this 10th day of October, 2021.
TG Epsi
Chief Of Staff
Tactical Adventures

1st Corps October Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of the 1st Corps Monthly Newsletter! This newsletter provides a way for you to know what is going on in your corps, milestones people have hit, upcoming events, and more! If there is anything that you'd like to see in the next edition, please let me know!

I cannot believe that October is finally here! October is one of my favorite months packed full of many awesome things! A few of my favorite parts of October are:
1. Post Season Baseball- as bittersweet as it is that the season is coming to end, the excitement of the postseason (hoping my team clinches their division) brings me a lot of joy! For those of you that do not like baseball, you are missing out!!!
2. Autumn is officially here! For most, the temperatures start to drop, leaves change colors, and it is a dryer season. Even for those of us in areas that don't really participate in Autumn, there are usually some subtle changes that are very welcomed. I know I am happy to experience temperatures mostly below 90° F/ 32°C! It is a little cooler in the mornings than it used to be and definitely a little less humid! (For those of you that it is just now Spring, I hope it is a pleasant one!)
3. All things pumpkins! There are pumpkin patches, scents, spices, carvings, and more! Personally I love getting to carve pumpkins during this time of year. I typically do the foam pumpkins and I save them every year! These are two that I did a few years ago for my cats, Death Bringer and Master Chief (RIP).

4, New games are around the corner! Typically this time of year we see a lot of betas releasing for upcoming games. This year is no different. This October we are expecting betas for BF, CoD, and Halo! I wasn't able to participate in any of the sneak peeks in September, but am hoping to be able to participate in all three in October!
5. Charity Streams! For the past several years TG has done a charity stream in October. This year is no different! I always enjoy moderating and just watching/interacting with our streamers! It is a great opportunity to meet other members and raise money for charity! For more information on the St. Jude Charity Stream check it out here!
There are many other great things that typically occur in October, but these are just a few that I always look forward to!
What are some things that you are looking forward to this month?

Congratulations to the following staff for obtaining milestones in their positions:
1 year as SL: @Pro MK5
6 months as DO: @Aion535
6 months as SL: @Frostydog
6 months as SA: @Cane and @Legion
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to TG! Keep up the great work!

October 1st- 16th:
CoD Best Plays Tournament (only open to CoD members)
Please review details here!
October 7th:
CoD Recruitment Night at 8 pm BST & 8 pm EST (2 separate times)
October 9th:
OW Fun Night at 8 pm BST/3 pm EST(open to all TG Members)
October 21st:
CoD Recruitment Night at 8 pm BST & 8 pm EST (2 separate times)
October 22nd-24th:
Apex Legends Trigger Discipline Tournament (open to all TG Members)
October 22nd:
PC Prominence Poker  at 9 pm EST (open to all TG Members)
October 23rd:
Among Us Event at 8 pm BST/3 pm EST (open to all TG Members)
October 29th- 31st:
St. Judes Charity Stream (open to all TG Members)
Sign up to volunteer to stream or to mod!

More events may be added to the TG Calendar. Please check it out for more events and to RSVP to the above events.
**All dates and time to subject to change.**
***These events are open to all members in TG unless otherwise noted.***

Happy Birthday to the following members:
1st- @Kitsune, @Redzeal, and @LxGingerAvenger
3rd- @Kamura, @Kibbles, @Ssgt_Darkwing, and @Kestrel_Huxley
4th- @Mythologysync, @TG_Wolf004, and @TG Vegemite
8th- @Like30Pandas346 and @Zsigame
9th- @Colossalegg, @wpw3wt, and @EzFlawLessXD
14th- @DreadShard
15th- @Angedelmor, @Syrup, @Father Ted, @TGxKnotpong, and @Hobson
16th- @Baba Yaga
17th- @JuStInTiMe1737 and @TG Sphinx
21st- @Bear
25th- @BMTG_Damo
27th- @cbilfour
30th- @Pro MK5, @LordOli, and @Mowchine

I hope you all have an amazing birthday and many more to come!

First look at Pokémon Unite

Hi and welcome
The long-awaited Pokémon MOBA game, Pokémon Unite, had finally launched on phones on the 22nd of September 2021 - and just two days after it's been exactly one year and three months since its reveal to the public on the Pokémon Presents presentation that happened on June 24th 2020. The reveal had gotten mixed reviews right after, and the video itself has quickly become the most disliked video on the Pokémon YouTube channel
Don't let that fool you though, as the game had been dowloaded over 9 million times on the Switch console by September 16th 2021, with more than 7.5 million pre-registrations on phones before its release on the mobile platform
Pokémon Unite had spent the last 2 months on Switch before its global release on Mobile too, reaching over 5 million downloads and stunning 4.6/5 from nearly 207 000 reviews. It is quite clear that even though it was predicted it wouldn't be too successful, it surely did manage to make a great performance just a few days after the release
Players are hyped up and are so far enjoying the game, at the moment with an impressive roster of 23 playable Pokémon and another one releasing next week on Wednesday. The game currently offers 5 different classes to play as - Attacker, usually a DPS or a burst character, Speedster, the high mobility and assassin class, All-Rounder, an overall balanced class with both solid defense and offense, Defender, the beefy tank class and lastly, Supporter, as the name suggests it's a class that has a lot of utility and support for their allies, be it healing or various buffs

Most Pokémon can also evolve while leveling up thanks to EXP that they get passively and by slaying other Pokémon. Usually there are 3 stages for those that can evolve. Leveling up also gives you important stats and also gives the option to completely change your starting ability and giving you your Ultimate a little later

Players can win the game by scoring in the designated goals and having a bigger amount of points than their opponent. Points that you use for scoring can be accumulated either by defeating their opponents, smaller AI-Controlled Pokémon or slaying huge bosses that also bring various buffs to their slayer's team along EXP. There is no set amount that you need to reach, so the more the better 
There also are 3 main modes along a training practice mode - Ranked, Standard and Quick. As of writing of this article, the Ranked mode currently consists of one single 5v5 two lane and jungle map and a few different ranks to climb through. Then there is the less-sweaty Standard mode that also consists of the same map as Ranked does as of now. Lastly, there is the Quick mode and likely my favorite for when you are on commute, are waiting in a line or are only taking a small break as it only takes 5 minutes to finish each - all of these maps are significantly different from the base ones and from each other. First there is Mer Stadium, which is a smaller 4v4 rework of the base map, then there is 4v4 Shivre in the icy-frost thematics and only one goal per each side. Then there is the last one, my favorite and certainly the brightest of them all - 3v3 Auroma park with lots of flowers and petals all around and, instead of being a diamond it's more of a square with conveyor belts all around

I've played a ton of this game recently, and you should too! So far it seems very interesting to me, and I'm really looking forward to new addtions of maps and Pokémon alike. Please share your thoughts on the game below! 
The game is available for both Android and iOS, so if you are tempted definitely try it out!

St. Jude Charity Stream: Volunteers Wanted

The Public Relation Office is looking for volunteers for our upcoming St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Halloween charity stream!
The St. Jude Charity stream will run from Friday October 29th to Sunday October 31st on TG's Twitch Channel. 
About St. Jude: The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay. Families NEVER receive a bill from St. Jude and St. Jude treats children from all 50 states and across the globe. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped increase the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to 80%.
How can I help?
Volunteer as a chat moderator. Volunteer as a streamer. Divisions/Legions are encouraged to stream an event during this charity stream  Donate HERE and share the donation link https://donate.tiltify.com/+tacticalgaming-net/tg-x-st-jude  
Volunteer Sign Ups can be found here!
Volunteers can sign up for 2 hour intervals - it is seriously that easy!  Streamers will be encouraged (not required) to wear (TG appropriate) costumes and to have fun challenges during their steam (ex. Chat picks character, ice bucket challenge, pie to the face, etc!)   Questions can be directed to @MissVendettaXO or @TG Mattman

Who's Who?

Who's Who ?

Welcome to the second episode of this new series, Who's Who? 
In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions and Legions of Tactical Gaming. This is a monthly series, published towards the end of the month. This interview will focus on the member's views and feelings on gaming. 
Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing an old squad mate of mine, TG Shinji.

TG SmokeyB: First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself? (Such as where you live, hobbies & interests etc..)
TG Shinji: Heya! I am Shinji and I live in Germany. My main hobbies are gaming, football and hitting the gym while blasting heavy metal. My favourite franchise in games is TLOZ, I even have the Hyrule Crest tattooed on my left forearm.
TG SmokeyB: Can you remember the first game you played & what console you played it on? 
TG Shinji: That would be one of the first 3 Super Marios on the NES.
TG SmokeyB: What was it that hooked you into gaming as you got older?
TG Shinji: In the early years probably that the Console / Game was not telling me to shut up 😂.
TG SmokeyB: Can you describe the feelings you get from playing a satisfying game? (Such as enjoyment, happiness, escapism etc..)
TG Shinji: Mainly not being bored.
TG SmokeyB: In your own words, can you tell us what is your biggest weakness & strengths when gaming?
MTG Shinji: My biggest weakness is my biggest strength, and that is being a dedicated rusher  
TG SmokeyB: A couple of hard questions now, can you tell us the worst game you've played?
TG Shinji: That would probably be Ghost Recon Breakpoint at launch or one of the FIFA games.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us about the best game you've played?
TG Shinji: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently at the top. Story-wise I liked Cyberpunk and Spec Ops: The line, a lot. If we go by hours CS:GO and LoL are in the front. Mario Smash Football, Skyrim, NFS Underground 2 and Terraria have a special place in my Heart though.
TG SmokeyB: What is your favorite type of game? (Such as FPS, adventure, simulation, role playing games etc..)
TG Shinji: I enjoy FPS and RPG's a lot, most of the times it depends on my mood though .
TG SmokeyB: Have you ever played competitively?
TG Shinji: I have played a few online tournaments with friends and won a local CS tournament.
TG SmokeyB: And just for fun.. You are stuck on a tropical desert island for one month, what 5 items would you take?
TG Shinji: Obviously my Swiss Army knife, my flint n steel, a bedroll, some dried food and a water filtering straw.
Thank you to @TG Shinji for taking part in this interview. Straight to the point with the answer. Short and sweet, no messing about haha.
Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? in another month!

Stream Team is recruiting!

The Stream Team is recruiting!
Do you like creating content, streaming or overall just having fun live? Then this position might be for you!
The Stream Team is currently looking for at least one member from each Division and Legion, so there are plenty of open spots.
Minimum qualifications
- You must stream at least once a week for 2 hours.
- You must engage with your viewers.
- Your stream must follow all TG rules.
Some factors that could give you an edge
- You have an already existing community.
- Knowledge of streaming services.
If you're interested, definitely don't hesitate and consider applying by sending a message to @TG Mattman  or on Discord [TG Mattman#2033] as the current Stream Team Lead with the following 
- Twitch or YouTube channel link
- Games that you stream
- Links to 3 of your most recent streams
- How do you promote your channel?

Gratitude for Gamers

Gratitude for Gamers is a program that I am starting to help spread positivity within Tactical Gaming. I have found it very easy to focus on the negative things in life, especially recently when that is almost all that I ever hear about... but I know that I should be focusing on the positives! (Much easier said than done though...) After talking with a few members, I quickly realized- I'm not alone! I decided that I wanted to develop a program that could bring joy to our TG members...
The first thing that popped into my mind for spreading joy was to encourage more members to get together outside of practices. Personally, practices often serve as an escape for me; I go to practice and forget about what is going on in my world as I become focused on the game! Practices are often full of great comms and laughs, but two hours twice a week didn't feel like enough for me. So along with my division staff, we have developed many different events that are offered for our members to participate in. My experience from the events that I have attended, these really do bring a lot of joy to my day (unless you steal all of my poker chips... there are a few of you, but I won't throw you under the bus publicly)! However, I know with the different schedules and gaming preferences that people have, not everyone is able to experience the positivity that these events bring. So, I have been trying to think how could we bring joy to everyone on even a larger scale... then it dawned it on me to create the Gratitude for Gamers program!
Gratitude for Gamers is a simple Google Form that you can fill out to give ANYONE in TG a compliment! You can compliment people for basically anything. A few ideas are: positive attitude, improving at the game, helping someone, going above and beyond their normal duties, just being a good friend, etc. These will then be shared with the member. They might be shared on the site, in discords, in a news article, on social media, etc. The goal is to be able to brighten someone's day, week, month, or even their year! Compliments have such great power, that we never really know the effect that they had on a person, but we do not that it is a positive one!
"I can live for two months on a good compliment."- Mark Twain
So please, help me spread some positivity all over Tactical Gaming! If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact me directly. 

First Look at CoD Vanguard

CoD Vanguard is expected to be released on November 5th. After many bugs and headaches from CoD Black Ops Cold War, many of our members cannot wait for a new title! CoD Vanguard is set in the WWII era where you will become a Special Forces Operator. At launch there is supposed to be twenty maps available compared to when Cold War was released with only eight. In terms of the different game modes, there will be the same game types that we have seen in Cold War. 
Recently, PlayStation gamers were able to participate in the CoD Vanguard Alpha release. I spoke with some of them to see what they thought of this first look at the game. 
Squared: Now that you have had some time to play the new title, what is your impression of the game so far? 
@enemy__17: I have a pretty good impression of this game, but it does need a few tweaks. 
@Cane: First impression is the maps looks well skinned and visibility is great just when taking damage your screen darkens making visibility hard.
@LordOli: I think the game has great potential. Gun play is definitely interesting and I like the movement which is just like Modern Warfare 2019. 
@Aizus: Alright, although the mechanics felt weird after playing Cold War for the last year.
Squared:  I'm excited to hear that overall your impression is a positive one! Hopefully, after the Beta released your impressions will be even better! I know there are a lot of complaints about Cold War due to different bugs and issues with the game.  Have you experienced any problems with the game so far that you hope are fixed before the game is released in November?
@enemy__17: I can hear my teammates footsteps, but not my enemies. Too much irrelevant noises push through during the battle. Current Champion Hill maps are kind of campy, and easy spawn kills happen a lot. Personally I don't like the gunfire sound effect also.
@Cane: No real bugs just Champion of the Hill is sorta camperish.
@LordOli: Lots of sound and visibility issues mostly. It is very difficult to hear footsteps and when you hear gunshots, they are way louder than anything else which makes it very hard to play. As for visibility, when you get damaged it is very very hard to see anything.
@Aizus: Broken spawn system 

Squared: I hope they fix the sounds and visibility problems; those seem to be pretty major hinderances for gameplay. Over the last eighteen years CoD has released numerous games, how do you feel that CoD Vanguard compares to other CoD titles that you have played?
@enemy__17: Vanguard compares mostly to WW2 imo with movement, but it looks more like MW19 which I like.
@Cane: It’s movement is similar to MW2019, but guns and recoil similar to WWII.
@LordOli: It feels and looks exactly like Modern Warfare 2019 but with a WW2 touch. 
@Aizus: I can't give a definitive answer until I've played S&D.
Squared: Sounds like you all agree that it is most like Modern Warfare 2019 and WWII! I know the Alpha was only a limited release, but what has been your favorite part of the game thus far?
@enemy__17: The BAR 😍
@Cane: Favorite part of alpha was just being able to test the game out and enjoy something different.
@LordOli: My favourite part has been to actually feel the same mechanics of MW, and the gunplay was actually really fun. I think moving around and gunning people down with the STG was really enjoyable. 
@Aizus: Getting a feel for Vanguard and what's to come with the next installment.
Squared: Glad to hear you guys just enjoyed playing the game overall and being able to use the different guns. Last question, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate CoD Vanguard so far? 1 being you hated it, and 10 being it was the best game ever!
@enemy__17: 6 right now, but I'm waiting on the full release to give a final rating.
@Cane: I’d give it a solid 7, but it can improve.
@LordOli: As it is in the Alpha state, I would give it a 5/10 because of the bugs and issues, but I’m sure that with improvements it can easily get to 8/10.
@Aizus: About a 7. I don't see Champion Hill being a popular game mode.
Here is a short clip from @LordOli playing CoD Vanguard:
20210903142625_1_2 (1).mp4
Thank you @enemy__17, @Cane, @LordOli, and @Aizus for taking the time to give your feedback on the game!

Well there you have it! Overall pretty positive review of the new CoD Vanguard. Over the next few weeks, we should see the beta release after which we will check back in to see how much has changed, and what the overall opinion of the game is. If you'd like to receive early access the open beta release go here to pre-order your copy of the game!
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