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2nd Edition of the Monthly Who's Who


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Welcome to the 2nd episode of the new series, Who's Who? 


In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions of Tactical Gaming. This is a monthly series, published towards the end of the month. This interview will focus on the members views and feelings on gaming. 


Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing @TG SleepyNinja





TG Sphinx:  Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your gaming background?


TG SleepyNinja:  SleepyNinja, formerly known as CallaNinja, got introduced to games via Tecmo Bowl on the NES and have been in love with games ever since!


TG Sphinx:  How did you become a part of Tactical Gaming?


TG SleepyNinja:  I became a part of TG (was called Tactical Warfare at the time), when I was actively looking for a clan to join on the XBox forums. I ran into a post from a former member by the name of QuantumDalek and the rest was history!


TG Sphinx:  What motivated you to become more involved in the community?

TG SleepyNinja:  I think I found more motivation to be more involved when seeing how others supported me in advancing up past whatever position I was in, whether it was in Squad, Battalion or Division staff, I had influences that kept me going through my time here.


TG Sphinx:  Which division of Tactical Gaming are you a part of, and what drew you to it?


TG SleepyNinja:  Currently I am a part of the Call of Duty Division. Ever since the original CoD 4 (the game that got me to join up with TG), I've owned every CoD since and have always been a fan of the series. The Call of Duty Division has always been one of the main staples of TG, alongside Halo, Battlefield and others. 

TG Sphinx:   How does your division contribute to the overall TG community?

TG SleepyNinja:  The Call of Duty Division has always been one of the main staples of TG, alongside Halo, Battlefield and others. 


TG Sphinx:  What inspired you to take on a staff role within Tactical Gaming?


TG SleepyNinja:  I mentioned earlier that a lot of members that were veterans here sort of molded me into who I am. A lot of those same guys and gals were who recommended me to take on staff roles within TG to see how I and TG would benefit from it.

TG Sphinx:  What are your responsibilities as a staff member, and how do you contribute to the community?

TG SleepyNinja:  With everything that the position has entailed, from overseeing squad practices to helping them expand from just being considered members, everybody has a part in contributing to making TG what you want it to be.


TG Sphinx:  What are your favorite types of games, and why?


TG SleepyNinja:  Though I have always been big on shooters (CoD, The Division 2, Rogue Company), sports games have always been in my heart. From my first gaming experiences with Tecmo Bowl on the NES, to now, playing Madden and NBA2K, I will always have an affinity for sports games!

TG Sphinx:  How do you actively engage with other members of Tactical Gaming?


TG SleepyNinja:  Actively engaging within the community, admittedly, has not always been a strength of mine, but when I do engage, it's for something I feel that would help the division


TG Sphinx:  Are there any initiatives or events you've participated in to foster a sense of community?


TG SleepyNinja:  In prior years and games, I've helped out with ATC courses in the past in an effort to bring in something fresh to the games that we supported.


TG Sphinx:  Have you made any long-lasting friendships within TG?


TG SleepyNinja:  I'll be honest, without some of the friendships I've had and still have with current and former members, i'm not sure where I would be. I've had the honor of playing with and working alongside so many great men and women that have been a part of this community, it's hard to keep count, but I know that I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them!


TG Sphinx:  How has being a part of Tactical Gaming helped you grow as an individual?


TG SleepyNinja:  Outside of the fact that i've literally grown up in my TG tenure (I was around 21 when I first joined), I've learned a lot about myself both personally and professionally.

TG Sphinx: Have you acquired any new skills or knowledge through your involvement?


TG SleepyNinja:  I've learned how to be a better leader in certain environments when it is needed, and I've learned that I can't always do things by myself, and delegating tasks to others isn't always a bad thing.


TG Sphinx:  What advice would you give to recruits joining Tactical Gaming for the first time?


TG SleepyNinja:  One thing i've already been told about TG is that this community is what you make it.  If you want casual, we have casual. If you want competitive, we have competitive.


TG Sphinx:  How can they make the most of their experience and connect with others within TG?


TG SleepyNinja:  Don't be afraid to reach out to people. The only way you'll be able to learn, develop and advance is by putting yourself out. If you want it bad enough, anything will come to you!


TG Sphinx:  What are your aspirations within Tactical Gaming?


TG SleepyNinja:  As of September 1st, I'll be celebrating my 5th year in TG... There is no way I thought that I'd still be here... but i've endured it all.  Through everything that has gone on with TG within the last few years, TG has still found a way to endure despite circumstances that have presented itself.


TG Sphinx:  How do you see yourself continuing to be a part of Tactical Gaming in the long run?


TG SleepyNinja:  I would love to see the divisions we have get back to how things used to be in the past. Call of Duty was one of the largest divisions in TG at one point in time, and with the right leadership, it can get back to that.



Thank you to @TG SleepyNinja for taking the time to answer these questions.


Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? in another month!

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