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Who's Who ? - By TG Sphinx

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Who's Who ?


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Welcome to the return and first episode of the new series, Who's Who? 


In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions of Tactical Gaming. This interview will focus on the members views and feelings on gaming. 


Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing a good friend @KatyHasNoBread



TG Sphinx: First of all, Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your gaming background?


KatyHasNoBread: I'm Katy, I'm 32 years old from the UK. I first got into gaming solo at a young age with a PS1 and XB original and was introduced to online gaming through my husband (Call of Duty World at War era baby!!) and it's been a passion ever since!



TG Sphinx: Can you give us a brief overview of your current role(s) within TG and what you do?


KatyHasNoBread: I am currently the CO for 2nd Battalion Call of Duty, Acting CO for 1st Battalion Call of Duty and a member of the Social Media Team! My roles have many different requirements, for example; as a CO I regularly monitor the division to check that everything is running smoothly. I try and attend a different squad practice every evening to spend time with the members of the battalion and also make sure that they are happy with everything. As part of the Social Media team, I generate the posts that go onto the many social media platforms that Tactical Gaming has. 



TG Sphinx: How did you become a part of Tactical Gaming?


KatyHasNoBread: I've been in Tactical Gaming on and off over the years. I first joined and was a part of the Call of Duty World War 2 division. I then moved to the Fortnite division after developing a slightly unhealthy obsession with the game (thus playing from Season 2 to Season 11). I left TG for a bit and then came back during Call of Duty MW2019 where I met some great friends and we set up a squad but after Cold War came out, I'd lost my gaming mojo and had some things going on in real life. I've been back now since November 2022 and managed to drag some of my great friends back with me again :P



TG Sphinx: Can you share any notable experiences or memories you've had while being a part of Tactical Gaming?


KatyHasNoBread:  I love playing alongside my friends Aliesha30 and SiriousToast. Both of them are hilarious and such great gamers to spend sessions with. I fondly remember in MW2019 when Aliesha got a chopper gunner and I think she levitated herself she was so excited. 



TG Sphinx: How do you feel about all of the recent changes within TG?


KatyHasNoBread:  I think that although the changes may have had a huge impact on the community, there has been huge strides that have been made since the changes have happened. We managed to discover that a lot of things that were historically followed were not necessary and it took a fresh perspective to realise this! Everyone has had a chance to have a voice in the shaping of the call of duty division and It's my belief to continue to give every member the chance to have a voice about their community.



TG Sphinx: What inspired you to take on a staff role within Tactical Gaming?


KatyHasNoBread: I was passionate about improving the community and creating the space that we've had on several other occasions. I wanted to make TG a place that people feel safe to express their opinions and give feedback to help improve the battalion.



TG Sphinx: What are your responsibilities as a staff member, and how do you contribute to the community?


KatyHasNoBread:  Its a whole lotta admin! hehe Yes it's a lot of work behind the scenes which quite a lot of people may not be aware of and it is quite time consuming sometimes but I have a great support network to help get everything sorted and remind me If I miss something! I contribute to the community by running weekly Optional practices on Fridays which are like a mix up of different things. Sometimes we do fun game nights, inter battalion tournaments or even recruitment evenings! It's a great way to get everyone mingling between squads!



TG Sphinx: Can you discuss any challenges or rewarding experiences you've encountered in your staff position? 


KatyHasNoBread:  It was a big challenge to join my staff position and then be left seemingly alone to manage a lot of things. It was a very worrying time as I hadn't ever done anything like this before but with some guidance and training from upper CoC I've just hit the ground running and so far *fingers crossed* we haven't burnt to the ground just yet ;)



TG Sphinx: What are your favorite types of games, and why?


KatyHasNoBread:  It depends on my mood. I don't mind playing RPG games like CoD or OW2 for example if I'm in the mood to play it :D If I've had a rough day and I just want to spend some time alone then I'm normally found playing simulation games for hours (current fave is Project Hospital but i've also logged over 200 hours on Prison Architect!) I think that the simulation games just soothe my soul and don't require much thinking power! 


TG Sphinx:  How do you actively engage with other members of Tactical Gaming? 


KatyHasNoBread:  I'm forever lurking in the other channels of the TG discord. I like following Lady's cooking in the bistro channel and reacting to all the cute pets in the pets channel. What can I say, food and pets.. the best way to keep a girl happy! A lot of people fall victim to my celebratory reactions when you hit a new rank on the discord. I love doing that haha! I've also started a monthly free game Friday event (starting August 4th!) where we all gather together, regardless of division and play some free games! 



 TG Sphinx: How has being a part of Tactical Gaming helped you grow as an individual?


KatyHasNoBread: It's helped me get more confidence and speak to more people in TG as a whole who I would probably not have spoken to before. It's also helped me to analyse everything to see how we can improve here and there!


TG Sphinx: Can you share any specific instances where you've seen personal improvement within TG?


KatyHasNoBread: When I held my first round table, it was eye opening for me because so many members had such great ideas that really needed to be listened to. When I collated all the ideas and sent them to Biggy and Shadow and their feedback on them was really positive. Being open and accepting of change seemed to have been something that was supressed for a long time and it got to a point where everyone was ready and wanted change.


 TG Sphinx: What advice would you give to recruits joining Tactical Gaming for the first time?


KatyHasNoBread: Be yourself and enjoy yourself!


TG Sphinx: Are there any specific resources or areas they should explore to enhance their journey within Tactical Gaming?


KatyHasNoBread: If you can, for call of duty its useful to look at map callouts as these can help improve your game technique with minimal effort and speak to other members to get loadouts because these have been some of the best loadouts I've used! 


TG Sphinx: What are your aspirations within Tactical Gaming?


KatyHasNoBread: Personally, I just want to get TG to a point where everyone is comfortable and they enjoy being a part of the community again. I'm constantly looking at ways to improve the discord and things we can implement to make TG a great place so there's a lot of work still to be done!


TG Sphinx: How do you see yourself continuing to be a part of Tactical Gaming in the long run?


KatyHasNoBread: Hopefully still thinking of random things we haven't thought of yet and implementing great things to bring the community back to its former glory!


Thank you to @KatyHasNoBread for taking part in this first of many interviews.


Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? 


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Guest BabyJesus 3O2


This is just the kind of thing we need Love getting to know the community keep up the great work @TG Sphinx

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