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TG's Newsletter #2

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Hello TG, welcome to the 2nd edition of the Tactical Gaming newsletter!



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Recent News Articles


Member's Milestones 

@Deswolf's 5th year anniversary on February 18, 2023

@ReliantSabre's 5th year anniversary on February 23, 2023

@Mythologysync's 5th year anniversary on April 7, 2023

@Slasherxl's 10th year anniversary on April 28, 2023


These members now appears on the 5+ and 10+ years of the TG LONGSTANDING MEMBERS roster and has been awarded the appropriate Tactical Gaming Tenure Award medals


Tactical Gaming Tenure Award



The Tactical Gaming Tenure Medal is awarded for service completed inside of Tactical Gaming.

It is automatically awarded to each member of Tactical Gaming who meets the specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Gaming service. Qualifying periods of service include the 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year, 15 year marks of service.



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You can find all open positions HERE



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  • Want to add a game to TG? Details HERE
  • Share your content on TG social.  Details HERE
  • TG Recruiting Handbook is located HEREI
  • Become a TG Sponsor to Help TG and get the perks.  details HERE
  • Nitro boost TG's Discord. Details HERE
  • TG Mediation Program (TGMP) Have a conflict with another TG member? Maybe the TGMP can help.



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The TG News Letter is brought to you by the  TG Public Relations Office (PRO)

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