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The man, the myth, the legend, TG's Godfather… SenileSarge (aka DBLdeathdealer) IS BACK!

  • TGxBiggy
  • By TGxBiggy

@SenileSarge,  aka DBLdeathdealer, is one of the oldest members of TG and one of the most influential throughout our history. Before our Administrative Tracking System (ATS), we tracked attendance on google Sheets… 🙄 Well he created the initial Attendance Tracking System. Since then, his contributions and the ones from people like @OhMcGawGaming and @CjA1418 in the development and maintenance of additional modules of the ATS allows us to manage every aspect of your TG career. 


He was our first Vice President (VP) when 



In September 2008 we experienced  a major restructure that allowed us to better meet our member’s needs.  By re-branding ourselves to TacticalGaming.net (TG),  we were able to support multiple franchises of different genres which include the established TW franchise and the creation of Tactical Sports (TS) for sports based games. Unfortunately, the “team vs team” modes in sports based games did not explode in popularity like we had hoped and as such, TS was shut down in 2018.


And then became CoS of Tactical Adventures when



From ashes of TS, the Tactical Adventures (TA) franchise  was created to accept a variety of games that simply did not fit TW. Games such as turn-based and other based strategy, role-playing, non shooter Massively Multiplayer (MMO), Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and more. Unfortunately, even with the best possible efforts, TA did not grow as needed to justify  the work involved. As such, in 2022, we took the opportunity to simplify everything by merging TW and TA to simply be known as TacticalGaming.net (TG).  


With the recent events and changes we’ve done to come back to the fundamentals, he felt now was the time to get back in the saddle again :horse:. He will be helping us review all our processes from all levels of the CoC and then become the Division Officer of Vanguard Division to finally get new games to grow and become Divisions like we used to.

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Great to have you back, I knew you couldn't stay away.

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