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Super-ships in World of Warships

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Super-ships in World of Warships



       Howdy everyone Welcome back to the Super-ships. In this new article and the following articles, I'll be explaining all ten super-ships that have been announced. Please note that 2 of the ships that were announced are still in testing. Let's start off with the very first two Super-ships that were announced: Hannover and Satsuma. 

German Battleship Hannover





            The Hannover is one of the first two super-ships to be introduced. She’s named after the German city of Hannover that’s located in the German state of Lower Saxony. The ship itself is based on the H-42 proposal that called for 2x4 19-inch guns on a displacement of 90k tons. The H-42 is part of series of battleship design projects that were supposed to be further development studies of the Bismarck class, the collective name for these proposals were called the H proposals, they were given numbers to designate what year they were introduced. For, H-42, for example dates in the year of 1942. The Hannover, like the rest of the German battleships in the game, has a strong secondary armament, that is well suited for close-range brawling. Hannover, benefits from having 19-inch guns that allows it to penetrate bows of almost all the ships that are currently in the game; All of this come at a cost. Hannover has extreme difficulties when trying to turn that makes this behemoth challenging to maneuver when trying to conduct evasive maneuvers. The massive size of this ship alone is also a problem, most ordnance fired at this ship will generally hit. Though Hannover's armor is very good, it has a similar armor scheme to most German battleships (which is the Turtle-backed scheme) therefore, she's very much vulnerable to plunging fire. Hannover’s adjustment firing bonus, increases her: secondary armament range, secondary armament rate of fire and the rate of fire of the main guns as well, however, lasts for about 25 seconds. This boast in range increases the Hannover’s secondary gun range to 14.1 km, this makes Hannover the longest secondary range of any ship in the game. In comparison most ships have secondary ranges from 6-12 km. Adjustment firing mechanic is activated when a progress bar is full; but the player can lose progress in the bar for a certain time of without hitting or landing near misses to a target, though when the bar is full the player doesn’t lose any progress on the bar. So, this new mechanic rewards active gameplay throughout a match. Originally this mechanic was automatically activated when the progress bar was full, but now the player can control when the adjustment firing is activated. I can’t stress how massive this vessel is, when this vessel was in testing there were problems with its size as it was too big fit in some places in some maps. 



Japanese Battleship Satsuma




            Satsuma, like Hannover is one of the first two super-ships to be introduced. Originally, along with Hannover, was introduced as part of an event that was a temporary game mode called Legendary battle. In this, players were able to play these behemoths against the normal tech tree tier 10 ships. This game mode was a success as it was widely welcomed by players. Satsuma is based on the Japanese A-150 battleship project, this was supposed to be a successor to the Yamato class. The Japanese, using false intelligence reports, believed that the U.S was planning a battleship class that was supposedly better armed than the Yamato class. In an attempt to not get outdone by the U.S, the Imperial Japanese navy proposed 3 designs. Satsuma is based on one of these proposed designs, specifically the 90k ton design with massive 2x4 20-inch guns. This design would’ve been a massive vessel and heavily armed, but due to resource shortages and the start of 2nd World War; this vessel was never laid down. Satsuma plays similarly to the Yamato in the game indeed it even looks like the Yamato (Yamato is a tier 10 tech tree battleship), it has an emphasis on long-range engagements similar to Yamato. With its 20-inch guns it can punch through any bow of any ship in the game and has the largest gun caliber in the game. Satsuma, however, is also armed with a secondary armament of 2x4 8-inch guns, this would be the largest secondary gun caliber in the game; with most vessels being armed with 5- or 6-inch gun secondary guns. The ship is named after a Japanese Samurai clan named, Satsuma Domain (1671-1877). This clan led a rebellion against the newly established, Imperial Japanese government, in 1877 where the clan was soundly defeated. Satsuma’s Firing adjustment increases the main guns reload times and increase its accuracy for 25 seconds, with that boast in accuracy this ship is the most accurate ship in the game. Combining her accuracy and her 20-inch guns, she has the potential to do massive damage to any target even at long range. However, this ship does have its own weaknesses. For starters she, like Hannover turns extremely slowly making her vulnerable to enemy fire. Though, her armor is better than Yamato's, it still has the same armoring scheme as the Yamato; due to this, it doesn't allow her to engage in close ranged engagements she would come out that engagement either sunk or heavily damaged.




              Both Hannover and Satsuma not only serve as the super-ships for their respective nation's battleship tech lines. It also served as a testing platform for future super-ships. While it is not yet known if the firing adjustment will be repeated on any future regular tech tree or premium ships. For now, though this mechanic does seem to be unique specifically to Super-ships. What other super-battleships that are announced? Well, we do know that a French Super-battleship has been announced, I 'll be explaining more about that vessel in the next article. However, that French ship though was announced on March 10th, 2022, and is still in testing as we speak.



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