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What It's Like To Be... Episode 1

What It's Like To Be..
Digital Media Team Lead

Hello TG and welcome to the first episode of a new series. In this series, titled 'What It's Like To Be..", i will be interviewing members of TG throughout the ranks, ranging from squad member right up to the CoC. As well as interviewing CoC members, i will also be taking the chance to interview certain members in support positions. This series will be published on a monthly basis. 
Today i had to pleasure of interviewing TG RoyalRenKu, Digital Media Team Lead (DMTL) for Tactical Gaming. 
TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to this position?
TG RoyalRenKu: Well, after stepping down from BGC, for CoD XB1, I had a lot more time to focus on media (graphics). Then the position opened up. Having the experience of leading, from being SL many of times, CO and BGC a couple, I applied, and was promoted roughly 8 months ago. I was attracted as I love doing graphics, so why not lead the team? I've got leadership skills and experience, I know my way around Photoshop, I know how to mentor, so let's give this a shot. Now i'm here, I love it!
TG SmokeyB: You've been in your position of Digital Media Team Lead for close to a year and been apart for the Media team for a while. What is the main reason for serving in the position for so long?
TG RoyalRenKu: I first started with the video team, this was a long time ago, before they merged together. I streamed, made videos, some people may have seen some of which I've made. As I started with videos, I needed to make thumbnails, so I starting with Photoshop CS6, made a few thumbnails, then got into a little more detail, then was introduced to the graphics team, by former member TG Louie G, and been in ever since! One of the main reasons for keeping the position for so long, not only being the DMTL, but being apart of the media team, is how I can express creations, and feel happy about my work.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us the best highlight while serving as DMTL?
TG RoyalRenKu: Best thing, got to be when someone is extremely thankful for what you've made them. Being able to see my art posted around the site and thinking, aye, that's mine especially when others ask who or where made it.

TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to TG when you first joined?
TG RoyalRenKu: I first joined back in 2013. Initially I came because of my still close friends was in Crysis, and went into detail about how things were run. I wanted structure when playing CoD, not just to run and gun, wanted strategy behind it, this was also the time when I started to watch eSports and just wanted the feel of competitive nature when playing.
TG SmokeyB: I imagine you are busy with so many members requesting graphics. What is it about creating graphics you love?
TG RoyalRenKu: As mentioned above, its how I can create something that someone is so please with, just from a simple photo. Yeah, this may only be an overlay, or a little adjustment of the colour balance and ratios, but people like what I produce and that's the feeling I aim to get. Pretty sure all my guys on my team are like that. Nothing better when someone really expresses to you, that they love the work. Even those from the higher CoC, been given the thumbs up from Biggy a few times.
TG SmokeyB: Can you tell me a little more about your TG history?
TG RoyalRenKu: Like I said, I first started in 2013, when it was CoD: Ghosts, joined on XB360, then onto AW. Then when sadly the Xbox 360 and PS3 brigades closed, I moved to CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and was there for some time. I took a short break at the start of 2016, for a month or so, then decided that not being in TG was boring, so I joined back (lol).
Joined back into CS, obviously, going from squad to squad, being staff for said squads. Decided I wanted a change of pace, so I moved to ARMA, now these guys were brutal. Practice like nothing before. Taking real life like operations and tactics and implementing them into a mission. It was INSANE! Possibly the most fun I have ever had at a practice, there was so much going on and I learnt a load too! I decided to go back to CS, taking the knowledge I had learnt and implemented that into the IN squad. Shortly after, I was promoted to Commanding Officer of 2nd Battalion, then onto Brigade Commander, basically running the division as the DO was away with military and family, most of the time.
Now. Here were it gets a little rocky. I'm not going to sugar coat anything, as this is all in the past, and has made me the better person, leader, teacher and member I am today.
CS was a hard game, a very rage inducing game. I slipped up. Let it get the best of me. My Corps Commander at the time, TG FatalityV1, thought it was best I moved away from this position, as a cool down. So I moved to Rainbow 6: Siege, in hopes for a new path. It was way more relaxed and chill. Stayed there for some time, then moved to CoD PC, when WW2 came out, was promoted to the XO position of 2nd Battalion, under Louie's command, he was the one who suggested I join the team, and I owe him this.
Sadly after the PC brigade was closed, I moved to PUBG, Louie and I both moved over, spent a lot of time playing there, PUBG is fun, and was fun with the guys in my squad.
Not too long after, I saw an opening for BGC of XB1 CoD, and thought, here's my chance, to redeem myself after my hick-up with CS. I applied, and was given the position. I became really close with Patriot, the DO at the time, and was in this position for just over 8 months, I believe.
Life got busy, work got busy and I didn't manage to fit practice around that, so I had to step down. Luckily enough, I managed to keep my Silver Clover, as Lt.Col! Then this is where my journey of DMTL comes to present. Been in TG for some time now, can call me an old dog around here, I guess  

TG SmokeyB: If you could change one thing in TG, what would it be?
TG RoyalRenKu: I can't really say. I'm not as involved with as much as I used to be, so going from what I am involved in, I wouldn't say anything needs changing.
TG SmokeyB: Just for fun. If you where having your last meal tomorrow, what would it be?
TG RoyalRenKu: Oooo..... That's a hard one... Now don't slate me for this but....Mac'n'cheese bites (from ASDA) chicken nuggets and onion rings, with BBQ and Ketchup on a wrap. Had that recently and MY LORD. It's worth a try!
Just again, I would like to thank TG Fatality, for making that decision, making me rethink my mindset, giving my the chance to better myself. Without that chance, I may not be here today. Cheers Sir! 
Well that's me. RenKu, Digital Media Team Leader. You know my story and my history. If you want to see my work, check out my shop.
TG SmokeyB: Brilliant answers! Thank you very much for taking the time to share you experience and history with the TG community.
Again, i want to thank @TG RoyalRenKu taking part in this interview. I think its great that your interview is the launching point for this series. You've done so much work for TG, including making graphics for myself. On behalf of TG, thank you!
The next episode in this series will be published in July!
Did You Enjoy The Interview?  Have Anything to Say To TG RoyalRenKu?
Let Us Know Below!

Tactical Gaming's Boots v4

Tactical Gaming's Boots
Welcome back to Tactical Gaming's Boots series is all about our new members. This time around I had the pleasure to talk to @good74fella who joined APEX Legends Division, PS4 Brigade, 1st Battalion, Lady Justice (IN) Squad at the beginning of May.

Thank you for taking time to answer some questions!

MrWulfie: How did you first hear about TG?
    good74fella: I first heard of TG on a Facebook stream I was watching TG-Arkangel.

MrWulfie: What is it like being part of the IN squad?
    good74fella: Being a part of the IN squad is amazing. You can meet like minded folk. Also its where you learn and exercise the TG way.

MrWulfie: Can you think of anything that you've noticed about TG that could be improved if anything?
    good74fella: Im part of the IN squad and communication is key. I feel sometimes people may need a heads up on what to expect in some situations".

MrWulfie: What about TG attracted you to join? 
    good74fella: The structure and discipline.

MrWulfie: How has the TG community welcomed you to your new home?
    good74fella: I have been received with open arms and a pat on the back.

MrWulfie: And finally, how would you rate your experience out of 5?
    good74fella: My experience has been amazing thus far. I know it can only get better. TG is an amazing Team. 5 out of 5
Thank you so much @good74fella for taking the time to answer these questions and for being a very enthusiastic TG member. I have a feeling you'll go on to do great things with the right support and squad around you.

Thanks for joining us for this round of Tactical Gaming's Boots!
If you are a new member and would be interested in doing a new boots interview comment bellow or message MrWulfie.

News Team Writing Contest!

Hey TG,
Have you ever had an experience in TG so Awesome that you've always wanted to share with everyone!
Well, this is your chance to share that with the community and win a prize! 
Here are some experiences we are looking for: 

Competition battles
First experiences in TG
First time holding a position (SS to CoS)
Hardest challenges overcame using Teamwork
Top 5 moments
Earning a game achievement 
War Stories

With those ideas in your mind, why not give this a go!  all stories will be considered and we will do our best to share as many of them to the community as an article! 
If you for some reason find writing stories or writing enjoyable so much, why not consider doing a little more of it and apply for the NEWS TEAM!!!!! 

So to add a little more on what we are expecting:

Word Count:
Min: 250
Max: 1000
PM article to:
 TG SirMadness (PRH)
TGxP1nkM1st (PRA)
Starts 7th June 2019
Ends 7th August 2019

The prize for the best piece of writing: 
$20 - 1st PLACE !!
$10 - 2nd PLACE !!
$5 - 3rd - PLACE !!
Marking criteria: 
Depth of Story
Overall story
If your thinking of going ahead with this,  ask a fellow member or staff to "proof-read" your submission as a second pair of eyes never hurts! 

again, this is open to ALL members who want to share stories with the community !!
Make it Special 
Make it Unique
Maybe even make it inspirational   !!!
It's up to you
TG Rules and Regulations apply for all submissions 

TG SirMadness, 
Public Relations Head 

Public Relations Assistant

TG SmokeyB
News Team Lead

ATO - Destiny Division

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of these members,
the following position and rank promotions were made, and medals awarded:
Medal Awards
@Dredgen Lust
@TG DatBueno
@TG DatPhoenix
Has been awarded the Tactical Gaming Achievement Award


Combat Operations Award
For outstanding performance and achievement Destiny raids, for ranking TOP 2% in raiding for clears, speed and efficiency. These individuals began their grind with Tactical Gaming from 0 clears and have accomplished incredible things in respects to raiding over the last year, representing the community in the highest tiers of the leaderboards. 
These appointees have displayed exemplary behavior of a direct and consequential nature, carried out in adherence to Tactical Gaming and Tactical Warfare standards, and as evidenced by their superior officers.
Given under my hand at Tactical Warfare this 1st day of June 2019

TG HaloHobo
Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare

TG Kacy2k
Corps Commander
1st Corps
TG Epsi
Corps Commander
2nd Corps

Corps Commander
3rd Corps

ATO - Good Conduct Awards

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of 

 (1) Instance each of the  
Tactical Gaming Good Conduct Medal
The Good Conduct Medal is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity in active Tactical Warfare membership.
It is awarded on a selective basis to each member who distinguishes himself from among his or her fellow members by their exemplary conduct, efficiency, and fidelity throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted activity inside of Tactical Warfare.
Qualifying periods of service include each six months of active duty completed with no derogatory warnings inside of the community
Given under my hand on this 1st day of June 2019.

TG Kacy2k
1st Corps
Corps Commander

Gears 5

Gears 5
The latest instalment in the Gears of War series is coming.. 

Developed by The Coalition company and published by Xbox Game Studios, the third person shooter is due to be released this year, but there is no exact date as of yet. This game will be available on Xbox 1 and PC. The sequel to Gears of War 4 will feature several game modes powered by the Unreal Engine 4, these modes include single player, split screen and, of course, multiplayer.
There isn't much to go on looking at the official Gears of War Twitter page, there is only 2 tweets regarding Gears 5. Click on the statements below to take you to the orginal tweet:
- When you see a Stump, you take cover. Fast #Gears5
- War returns to Sera. This is #Gears5

For those of you who have played the previous games, you will notice some new characters, also some old ones return. The game follows a new character called Kait Diaz, an outsider of Locust descent. You will play through the game to unlock the secrets and origins of her family. Characters JD Fenix, Delmont Walker and Marcus Fenix return to the series, after appearing in Gears of War 4.
Information about this game is been kept quiet for now, but we know by the history of Gears of War series, Gears 5 will deliver a quick paced game play and a great story line. Gears 5 is defiantly a game to watch out for this year.
I have been speaking to @ShepTargaryen (SM, BF) who is a Gears fan and happily answered some questions.
TG SmokeyB: Are you looking forward to the release of Gears5?
ShepTargaryen: I am with all my heart and soul, Gears 5 being announced has had my heart racing and my soul bouncing and my mind thinking due to all the love for the game i have had since the start and the lore behind it.
TG SmokeyB: Which other games in the series have you played?
ShepTargaryen: I have played every Gears game to date, 1, 2, 3, 4, judgement (the pre 1 and after 3) this includes all but 1 DLC which is raams shadow but one day i am going to get the DLC and go back and go ham in that xD 
TG SmokeyB: From currently details released about Gears5, what are you looking forward to the most?
ShepTargaryen: If im honest, im not much of an online Gear fan, i do respect and love the online aspect with multiplayer and horde (and other modes they have done) but i am a sucker for the story line, mainly playing it coop with a friend from the start and even judgement with a 4 coop. I am excited to see where the story now will go and lead us as clearly they will leave it open for another game after with all the traction behind this franchise, and i do love (SPOILER) how they are progressing kait (spelling may be wrong on her name) and how her grandmother is the infamous locus queen and how marcus knows from how he reacts and might be going along in the story as some redemption or maybe a full goal to find out the reality with the locust and how there is a human descendant. 
TG SmokeyB: What is it that attracted you to the Gears of War series?
ShepTargaryen: Well as i have said more domenently throughout the questions it's the lore, story telling, the emotions, the complexity and all out way they have the story. It has so many turns, ups and downs with a fair amount of emotional love and heart ripping moments like Gears 2 and 3 with doms path, going from how he finds his wife to then realising he had to ease her pain from the suffering she has had in the hands of the locus to his emotional and heroic moment in 3 that all gears fans will never forget. Plus it just keeps on giving in the story line even when you think it might be done with. Also, i can't say all this without the love of blood, guts and gore the game gives expecially how the first game set a really amazing standard for how games are seen but that good feeling when you are stuck on a level to then beat it by chainsawing the last guy and having the satisfaction of a release of anger ect on that moment. 
Thank you @ShepTargaryen for taking part in this interview.
You can view the official cinematic trailer by clicking here!

Looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

ATO - Mission22 Charity Stream Awards

On May 25th, The Public Relations Office ran a charity stream for Mission22, A Charity Organisation aimed at providing programs for Veterans suffering from PTSD, trauma and suicide. This Event was spear headed and ran by MissVendetta from start to finish!  The below Medals are a Thank You to all those who contributed time to stream, help organize and participate in the stream as well as those who donated to the cause to reach an incredible amount of money, $260.11 for the cause.
To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of
(TG Mission 22 Team)
@TG Epsi
@TG SmokeyB
I hereby award
 one (1) instance of the Tactical Gaming Achievement Award

The Tactical Gaming Achievement Medal recognizes an individual who has consistently and continuously displayed improvement in all aspects of teamwork, communication, and training skills. Continuously going above and beyond in their assigned duties.
The individual’s contribution must be sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Gaming service.
This award is given by Tactical Gaming Executive Committee only.
One (1) Instance of the Outstanding Volunteer Medal

The Outstanding Volunteer Award is given to an individual who has performed outstanding volunteer service of a sustained, direct and consequential nature, to further Tactical Gaming’s cause.
While there is no specific time threshold to qualify for the Outstanding Volunteer Award, the Chain of Command (CoC) shall ensure the service to be honored merits the special recognition afforded by this award.
This award is intended to recognize exceptional volunteer work over time and not a single act or achievement.


@TG Black Shade 
@TG Shady99
I hereby award one (1) Instance of the Outstanding Contributor Medal

The Outstanding Contributor Award is to be automatically awarded in the name of Tactical Gaming, to members who have contributed financial resources to ensure the future and growth of TG.
It is also used as a token of Tactical Gaming’s appreciation for those individuals who are dedicated enough to spend their own money in order to proudly display their affiliation to Tactical Gaming, such as by adding “TG” in front of their gamertag.
Given under my hand on this 28th day of May 2019.
TG SirMadness
Public Relations Head
Public Relations Office

Tactical Gaming Vice-President
Tactical Gaming Executive Committee


Destiny: World's First Competition

Destiny's World's First Competition
On June 4th, 2019 at 7PM Eastern, a new raid will open its doors to welcome the hardcore raiding community as part of Destiny's annual pass schedule.
The World's First race is a competition to see who can beat the raid first blind; without the use of guides, video help, or any hand-holding, the race is the most challenging activity that Destiny has to offer with only a hand full of teams being able to accomplish this feat on the first day. It's something that Bungie holds near and dear to their hearts and takes it very serious. Winners of the World's First race get a shoutout on their official Twitter, and a real life raid belt that goes along with the title. Have a look at the Twitter post here!

With that said, the Destiny Division raid squads are looking to once more represent Tactical Gaming at the highest levels of competition as they gear up for another formidable World's First race. They are no strangers to these competitions, as they have competed in several races before, claiming several TOP 1% placements in Spire of Stars, Eater of Worlds Prestige, and Spire of Stars Prestige and earning a spot in the coveted Roll of Honor. 
Today, we have an interview with representatives of the Destiny Division for each respective brigade: PC, PS4, and Xbox. Below is the interview we conducted with them to see how they are preparing for the raid: 
Sarge: How is your team preparing for the World's First race on June 4th?
Harkarnan: With only a week into my time at Tactical Gaming. I've been nicknamed spreadsheet boy due to the fact that we have a spreadsheet for our World's First Preparation before I even joined the clan. This includes all of the information on what we can do before the Day like complete bounties and pinnacle weapons, the exotics we need to bring and the plan on the day for the inital grind. We also have three practices away from normal squad practice.
TG HotPhoenix 3: Our team has compiled a list of objectives to complete both in the coming weeks ahead of the upcoming raid and the afternoon before it drops. There are certain things we've identified as essential like certain mods you can only get from the reckoning called minor resist, major resist and boss resist. These mods give you a 15% resistance to the suggested enemy type. So we are spending a lot of time grinding for these as added insurance as it should help with going into this event possibly underleveled. We have also identified Outbreak Perfected and its catalyst as an essential item for raiding with Nerfs to weapons like whisper and sleeper upcoming we've made the quest for this new weapon an essential task to complete each week. We've also started going back to the previous prestige raids like Leviathan to get used to the challenge and mechanic heavy encounters as this will likely be full of those if we're heading back to that dreaded ship.
JaiyoHD: Our team is doing multiple things to prepare prior to the raid being released on the 4th of June. Bungie has decided to release this raid a little differently compared to the other raids that they have released in the past. Usually the new DLC is released on the Tuesday and the new raid is then released on the Friday after. This time however Bungie has decided to release the raid 6 hours after the DLC has been dropped. This means that we only have six hours to get as many powerful drops as possible on three different characters meaning that a lot of us are getting things done now to save up as much time, for example completing Exotic quests so that we can just hand them in, or completing 8 bounties for the Dreaming City and not handing them in, or making sure that we have 6 ballistic logs. These are just a couple of examples of things that we are all doing to prep for the World’s First race.
Sarge: What inspired you to compete in the World's First race?
Harkarnan: As a hardcore Raider with over 300 completions, the World's First race has always been an event I look forward too, even if I can't participate. Not only for the fact that you complete this hard challenge on the first day it comes out but it tests your skill as a gamer both physically and mentally, working out all of the puzzles and mechanics and then trying to execute them while being underleveled.
TG HotPhoenix 3: Well I've been involved in 2 previous worlds first runs. For last wish and Scourge of the Past and when it comes to Destiny, raiding is my thing. I love going into them fighting hordes of enemies, figuring out puzzles, and doing that all with a team of people. Whether it be teaching, learning, for sweet sweet loot, or just to kick it with my buddies and decimate the legions of darkness. Take all that and add the fact that nobody has seen what you're seeing, there's no video to watch, there's no IGN article to outline what you need to do when you get lost. It's challenge in its purest form, and that my good sir is my bread and butter, that's why it was simply a no brainer for me and my guys. I mean that and the leather raid jackets.
JaiyoHD: This is exactly the kind of stuff that me and my team strive to compete in as we are all competitive raiders. These World’s First races are the most competitive events for raiders and we want to show that we are some of the best raiders that there are and that we can compete at this high level.
Sarge: Have you competed before in these races? If so, what was the biggest challenge you faced?
Harkarnan: Yes I have, back in Forsaken and Black Armory with Last Wish and Scourge of the Past. The biggest challenge for me is that it can be a long day, people start to get irritated and it can cause friction between squad members. It takes a certain mentality to be able to do the raid on the first day and if you are not persistent or you have not done the preparation beforehand, it can become a struggle.
TG HotPhoenix 3: I have and honestly the biggest challenge was light level for us, for Last Wish and Scourge, we dropped in at least 30 levels under light. This time it's different. With the new season starting the new max light level will be 750. (From 700) While the new raid will drop with a recommended light of 715 with each encounter raising in light level after that. We'll also have 7 hours to grind new levels before the event begins. So I don't see that being a problem this time. With that being said however Bungie is not known for making things easy, so I look forward to the challenges they throw at us. I think this raid will be very mechanic heavy knowing all of that and to that we say BRING IT ON!
JaiyoHD: Yes I have competed in one of these races before back in May of 2018, when Spire of Stars was released. The biggest challenge that we faced and that we will probably face again for this raid, is figuring out what we have to do to get past the encounters. The second challenge that we will face for this raid is maximising the power level we have in the short time we have prior to the raid being released which is 6 hours.
Sarge: Thank you gentlemen for your time, and the effort you're constantly putting in to represent Tactical Gaming and to Become Legend.
Below is the annual pass calendar for Destiny 2. An updated version specific to Season of Opulence will be released the Thursday before the raid drops. 

Thank you to @Sarge for this great interview and information. On another note, thanks to @JaiyoHD, @TG HotPhoenix 3 and @Harkarnan#2202 for taking part in this interview.
What do you think of this?   Are you interested in the competition?
Let us know in the comments section below!


To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of 
@TG Biggy
I hereby award four (1) Instance of the  
Tactical Gaming Good Conduct Medal

@TG HaloHobo
 (2) Instances of the  
Tactical Gaming Good Conduct Medal

 (2) Instances of the  
Tactical Gaming Good Conduct Medal

@TG SirMadness
 (4) Instances of the  
Tactical Gaming Good Conduct Medal

The Good Conduct Medal is awarded for exemplary behaviour, efficiency, and fidelity in active Tactical Warfare membership.
It is awarded on a selective basis to each member who distinguishes himself from among his or her fellow members by their exemplary conduct, efficiency, and fidelity throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted activity inside of Tactical Warfare.
Qualifying periods of service include each six months of active duty completed with no derogatory warnings inside of the community
Given under my hand on this 25th day of May 2019.
TG KrizZz
 Vice President
Tactical Gaming

Call of Duty's Mobile Version Legends of War game Details!

Earlier on this year, Call of duty announced the development of a Mobile Version of the their popular franchise: Call of Duty, Legends of War .  The Game that is set to be released on both Android and IOS devices at some point this year although the date is yet to be confirmed as the game is still in "Beta Testing".  The game can be downloaded in certain areas of the world such as China, India and Australia. 

Call of Duty: Legends of War is set to include Multiplayer, Zombies and Battle Royale! It combines maps from both Black Ops and Modern Warfare
Multiplayer Maps include: 
Nuketown (Black Ops) Hijacked (Black Ops) Standoff (Black Ops) Firing Range (Black Ops) Crash (Modern Warfare) Crossfire (Modern Warfare) Killhouse (Modern Warfare)  
Multiplayer Modes Include:
Free-For-All (8 Players) Frontline (10 Players) Team Deathmatch (10 Players) Hardpoint (10 Players) Domination (10 Players)  
The Game will include a zombies Map which is yet to be confirmed but should be something from black ops!
The battle Royale map combines both Black Ops and Modern Warfare locations into one massive map that fits 100 players, and includes vehicles and third person mode! 
There are 6 classes to choose from in the Battle Royale mode confirmed so far: scout, medic, clown, ninja, defender and mechanic

Other Things to note and look out for in the release of the game:
Character skins which include Soap McTavish, Alex Mason, john Price and  Thomas A, Merrick,  
30 kill Nukes are back as well as ranked and private matches. Daily Login Rewards, and the possibility of a Battle Pass with in game credit and a Store.
Sign up HERE to pre-Register 
What do you think of Call of Duty on Mobile?
Will you be getting this game on Mobile? 

Blast From The Past: CTR

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

A brilliant game from the past is coming back, remastered and even better. Some of you won't remember this game but for the majority of people, their childhood was spent playing Crash Team Racing. 
A game that was originally developed by Naughty Dog in 1999, it was a side game which based the characters and maps from the Crash Bandicoot series. A game we ALL remember.
This remastered version will have all the original characters, such as: Crash, Coco, Doctor Neo Cortex, Komodo Joe, Dr. N. Gin and many more. The game also features the original maps and weapons. However, there is now the ability to customise and upgrade your cart, making you fast and looking cooler.

The game is due to be released on June 21st 2019, across all major games consoles. The game will feature single player, split screen mode and online multiplayer.
For those of you who spent your childhoods racing your mates after school, you need to pick this game up. 
Need i say more?
You can watch the release trailer by clicking HERE!
Are you looking forward to Crash Team Racing?  Does it bring back memories?
Let is know below!
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