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Battlefield Recruitment Showdown

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Attention Battlefield Division,


In light of a recent push by Tactical Gaming Command to build a culture of active recruitment for the sake of the organization and all members within, we are proud to announce the first-ever recruiting showdown within the Battlefield Division.


@TGxN1ck is challenging every squad within the division to a recruiting contest that ends on midnight, New Year's Eve, EST. The concept is relatively straightforward.

Any squad that can collectively recruit more people by midnight on New Year's Eve than TGxN1ck has in the same period of time wins free battle passes for the current or upcoming season. Only players who recruit at least one individual can receive this prize, even if their squad wins.


If TGxN1ck recruits more members during this period than any individual squad, he will be awarded a single copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (gasp!) and no battle passes will be distributed.


Squad staff within the division are expected to discuss this recruiting showdown with their squads, as victory almost certainly depends on full participation.  Remember that only members who recruited at least one individual can receive their battle pass in the event that their squad wins. 


A successful recruit is defined as one who has not attended any practices before Sunday, November 5th, and attends their first practice by New Year's Eve. A total of four practices must be attended by this member by January 8th to be counted. Non-Battlefield Division recruits will be counted, but it is the responsibility of the recruiting member to ensure that these recruits are counted by contacting TGxShadowghost. A single recruit can only be attributed to a single recruiting member. Be sure to use your individual referral link to ensure that you are being credited for your contributions. In the case that a mistake is made, notify CoC.


Squad totals for individual recruits are counted as the total number recruited by individuals who performed the recruiting while a member of that squad. To clarify, moving squads does not mean your recruit count is transferred to the new squad.


This event is being co-sponsored by TGxN1ck and @TGxShadowghost


Let's get to it!

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