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4th Edition of the Monthly Who's Who

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Welcome to the 4th Edition of the new series, Who's Who? 


In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions of Tactical Gaming. This interview will focus on the members views and feelings on gaming. 


Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing the Battlefield Division Officer (DO) @Just An Enigma




TG Sphinx:  Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your gaming background?


Just An Enigma:  My name is Enigma. I’m a life-long gamer, though I fell headfirst into the FPS world circa 2009. I discovered online multiplayer with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which completely altered my gaming trajectory. I’ve been hooked on the FPS genre ever since. In 2011, I discovered a game called Battlefield 3. With a waning interest in CoD (around Black Ops 2 era), and a growing excitement about the more deliberate, tactical nature of Battlefield, I made the switch.


TG Sphinx:  How did you become a part of Tactical Gaming?


Just An Enigma:  I was messaged on Battlefield 4 by a TG recruiter.


TG Sphinx:  What motivated you to become more involved in the community?


Just An Enigma:  I had been involved in gaming groups in the past. But I was greatly unhappy with the rampant sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, and other unpleasantries that pervaded the online gaming sphere – and the FPS world especially. I had all but given up on clans, as I would much rather just play solo than listen to that kind of toxic rhetoric. When I was recruited to TG, I discovered that there was a regulations page, and I went directly to it (I don’t think I was even instructed to do so). There, I found what appeared to be a set of values in line with my own, which was by far the thing that mattered to me the most. This provide me with the encouragement to actually stick around and see if I could make a home here. That was in 2015. And I'm still here.


TG Sphinx:  Can you share any notable experiences or memories you've had while being a part of Tactical Gaming?


Just An Enigma:  There are very few people left who could appreciate this. But the epic internal TDM competition back on BF1 in XB1 Brigade. Those rounds were epic. You had to be there.

I also have fond memories of my first promotion to CoC. I spent a considerable amount of time drafting up weekly lesson plans for my squad as SL, back when we ran drills before public matches (and drills could be very hit or miss). I’m happy to say that they mostly hit. Many times, we had more fun in private servers honing some of our more niche skills than playing in pubs.

TG Sphinx:  Which division of Tactical Gaming are you a part of, and what drew you to it?


Just An Enigma:  I’m a member of Battlefield Division, because Battlefield is my favorite game. I have been in this division for the entirety of my 8+ year tenure in TG.

TG Sphinx:  How does your division contribute to the overall TG community?


Just An Enigma:  We are one of the longest-running divisions in TG, making us part of the backbone of the community. We have consistently served as model representatives of TG and have remained steadfast through many changes.

TG Sphinx:  Can you share any accomplishments or milestones your division has achieved?


Just An Enigma:  Battlefield Division has produced many pivotal leaders in the community throughout the years, all the way to the upper echelons of CoC. We have also withstood a great deal of adversity, both within TG and as a gaming franchise, but we have always stood firm and never closed down.

TG Sphinx:  What inspired you to take on a staff role within Tactical Gaming?


Just An Enigma:  I was approached directly by my PL to take up an SS position. I felt that I had the ability to make a positive contribution to my squad through sound leadership, as well as uphold/cultivate the values of TG.

TG Sphinx:  What are your responsibilities as a staff member, and how do you contribute to the community?


Just An Enigma:  I have held every position in TG from SA up to DO, so I have undertaken every responsibility that these positions entail. I continue to perform administrative duties to varying degrees from the SS up to the DO level, especially in light of limited staffing.

TG Sphinx:  Can you discuss any challenges or rewarding experiences you've encountered in your staff position?


Just An Enigma:  Limited staffing has been an ongoing challenge, but seeing the Division bounce back from one of the most divisive entries into the franchise to date has been a pretty rewarding thing to see.

TG Sphinx:  What are your favorite types of games, and why?


Just An Enigma:  FPS games. I like the competitive multiplayer aspect and the general mechanics. CoD Black Ops 1 and Battlefield 1 are perhaps two of my all-time favorite games.

TG Sphinx:  Can you share any memorable moments or achievements?


Just An Enigma:  The most memorable moments are simply enjoying the company of friends :)


TG Sphinx:  Are there any particular game genres or styles that you'd like to explore more in the future?


Just An Enigma:  Prior to becoming a near exclusive FPS gamer, I had a pretty eclectic taste in games. Everything from RPGs (Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, Pokémon) to sports games (Madden, NBA 2K, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, WWE games), racing games (Gran Turismo, Need 4 Speed), and action-adventure games (Grand Theft Auto, Fallout). One day, when circumstances change, I may broaden my catalog once again.

TG Sphinx:  How do you actively engage with other members of Tactical Gaming?


Just An Enigma:  I am active with my division members by attending practices pretty regularly. It has always been important to me to remain boots-on-the-ground no matter how high I ascend in the CoC.

TG Sphinx:  Have you made any long-lasting friendships within TG?


Just An Enigma:  Yes.

TG Sphinx:  Are there any initiatives or events you've participated in to foster a sense of community?


Just An Enigma:  So many throughout the years. From internal/external competitions to recruitment events and ATC development, as well more special initiatives, such as creating detailed guides to aid in FTLing and general tactics.

TG Sphinx:  How has being a part of Tactical Gaming helped you grow as an individual?


Just An Enigma:  Becoming staff has actually helped me move a little outside of my comfort zone in some respects. As an introvert, I am naturally quiet. But I have had to learn how to push myself to be more vocal, particularly as SS with FTL responsibilities.

TG Sphinx:  Have you acquired any new skills or knowledge through your involvement?


Just An Enigma:  To name a few - managing different personalities, being fair yet assertive when needed, conflict resolution, and facilitating mediations.

TG Sphinx:   Can you share any specific instances where you've seen personal improvement within TG?


Just An Enigma:  My leadership and FTLing skills improved significantly and rapidly upon taking over a squad. I was tasked with taking over the reins of a "difficult" squad back in the XBox 360 days, and successfully turned things around. A sink or swim situation that worked out well.

TG Sphinx:  What advice would you give to recruits joining Tactical Gaming for the first time?


Just An Enigma:  Communicate with your SS, keep a cool head, and enjoy yourself.

TG Sphinx:  How can they make the most of their experience and connect with others within TG?


Just An Enigma:  Play with your squad mates outside of practice if possible.

TG Sphinx:  Are there any specific resources or areas they should explore to enhance their journey within Tactical Gaming?


Just An Enigma:  Take some time to chip away at the documentation (FAQs, ranks & awards, etc.) across the site, as well as the general discussions happening in your division on the forums and discord.

TG Sphinx:  What are your aspirations within Tactical Gaming?


Just An Enigma:  I would like to continue to meet new people and form meaningful friendships with fellow gamers.

TG Sphinx:  Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve or contribute towards within TG?


Just An Enigma:  I would like to see Battlefield, and TG as a whole, grow in size. As we grow, I hope to provide stable leadership and advocate for my members to improve their overall gaming experience.

TG Sphinx:  How do you see yourself continuing to be a part of Tactical Gaming in the long run?


Just An Enigma:  I hope to continue my role as Battlefield’s DO. Again, Battlefield is my favorite game, and this division will always be home to me.






Thank you to @Just An Enigma for taking the time to answer these questions.


Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? in another month!


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