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Call of Duty Recruiting Contest

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The day draws near for the release of the newest Call of Duty Title, Modern Warfare III.  The excitement of diving into a new Call of Duty title is building while we anxiously wait for November 10th release date to arrive. But for Tactical Gaming members, there is cause to have additional excitement with the prospect of winning CoD points to use in conjunction with the new release.  With the launch of the next Call of Duty Title, Modern Warfare III, Tactical Gaming (courtesy of SenileSarge) will be having a recruiting contest! The additional CoD points will certainly be a welcomed prize for those current members who successfully recruit new players to join our community. 


Recruiting during a title release is the most advantageous time to find new players to join a community like Tactical Gaming. So why not invite new players to join TG while also having the opportunity to increase your Call of Duty bank account? The top prize within this contest is an incredible 2400 CoD points for the winner, AS WELL AS a member the winner designates! So recruiting new members will certainly be worth the time and effort.  If questions arise of how to execute recruiting techniques, remember there are resources to assist with the process of recruiting (TG Recruitment Handbook &  Call of Duty Recruiting Handbook). Please see the below announcement for the contest’s particular rules, guidelines and of course PRIZES!!!!  


Good Luck and happy hunting!



Call of Duty MWIII
Recruitment Contest

MWIII is releasing on November 10, 2023.  As we lead up to this date, we are going to open up a recruiting contest for the membership across Tactical Gaming. Your challenge is to find quality members to join Tactical Gaming and help us grow the Division.  You can use the TG Recruitment Handbook or the Call of Duty Recruiting Handbook to help guide you on recruiting folks.

Below are details about the recruitment contest.

General Rules:

  • Recruitment contest will be open from November 1, 2023 through December 5, 2023
  • When a member joins they need to add your name to the referral area or use your link
  • To get credit for the recruit, they must complete at least 4 practices with the squad.  This means, they must be present at practice.  Being excused or AWOL will not count.
  • Call of Duty Staff and TG Leadership will keep a spreadsheet to track recruits as they enter into the organization.  This is a manual process that will be kept during the recruitment contest.


The following prizing will be provided after the completion of the recruitment contest.  Understand that we may delay prizing if the requirement for a member to meet 4 practices takes longer than expected.  Our goal is to provide prizing as quickly as possible.

  • Tactical Gaming members that recruit 5 or more recruits, will get 500 Call of Duty Points (Limited to 5)
  • Tactical Gaming members that recruit 10 or more recruits, will get 1100 Call of Duty Points (Limited to 5)
  • Top Recruiter (has the most recruits at the end of the contest) gets 2400 Call of Duty Points and can pick one other member inside of Tactical Gaming to receive 2400 Call of Duty Points.



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