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Final Fantasy XIV Review

Final Fantasy is one of the largest MMO games out there today. Released the 30th September 2010, there are millions of players across the world who play across all different data centers. There are a lot of options to play within this game from being a tank, healer or dps for battle which is exciting and fun. There are lots of dungeons and trials which you can overcome solo, with friends or with new people you meet on the game. There are incredible graphics within the whole entire experience and such a extraordinary story which keeps you intrigued. Just when you feel you can predict what is happening next there is always a new surprise waiting to grab your attention. I have personally played this game from the start and have loved every twist a turn. Everything from the characters who are incredibly well created and have such wonderful personalities some who make you love them and some who do such a great job at being a villain. You also have roles within the game for creative players who love to make and build things from equipment to such things as housing items, Costume glamour outfits and many more. You can gather your own items within the whole game visiting areas and building and levelling classes capable of these tasks like minor, botanist and fisher. There is always something to do here and to suit all talents and skills.

New Content
They are always bringing out new content such as new classes to enjoy and level up. There are also new expansions that bring out new story lines and the ability to level current classes even higher. This next expansion holds exciting new content and will be including two new classes: Reaper and Sage which look incredible and I personally cannot wait to try these out and put these into action within dungeons and trials in game. 
At times throughout the year like valentines day, christmas, easter and many other special occasions they hold an event which can be located in one of the main cities within game and they move these events around to make this more enjoyable and give some change. You can receive free gifts through these events and sometimes an achievement. I dislike that you cannot mount within these main cities due to the population but they do put in place mini aetheryte shards to move around cities quicker to reduce the latency timings. 

This game does hold a cross play option which includes PC and Playstation 4 and 5, although unfortunately does not include xbox yet. Although some challenges can be confusing and require some help from other players it does not make the game unplayable.

There are limitations within game for example, dungeons are 5 players 1 Tank, 1 healer and 2 dps, Trials are 8 players 2 tanks, 2 healers and 4 dps and Raids 24 players split into 3 teams 1 tank, 2 healers and 5 dps. The way  around this without enlisting your entire friend group is by queuing solo or have some friends fill the roles and use duty finder to fill the spaces remaining. I would highly recommend giving this game a try and there is the ability to try this game for free for 30 days or up to level 30 which does hold some limitations as you cannot trade players in game, join a free company or whisper other players until you have purchased a monthly subscription its highly worth paying as you do not require ps plus to play which is great and you don't need to spend any money unless you love what you see and play. 

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