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Our Support Teams Need You!

Are you wanting to become more involved in the community?
Do you have skills in coding, graphics design, writing, streaming, or training?

If so, we have teams for you!


Our Coding, Digital Media, News, and Stream Teams are all positions that you can join in addition to your current position. No need to leave the group of people you are already with!

The Training Office offers game specific positions, so you would be required to leave your squad/section, but you would be able to still play the game during practices!


The following are the current open positions based off of each team, with a little insight from different people in TG. 





Do you have experience with coding? We are in need of coders to help make the website run smoothly! Amount of time needed to dedicate to this position depends on tickets that come in and projects that are going on. 


@TGxMaddawg138 has been with the Coding Team for a few months, but was also with the coding team during his previous stent in TG.

Here is what he has to say about the team:
"So what I like about the team is that I get to work with Biggy and Hobo as well as the rest of the Web Team and being able to figure out little problems when they arise and being able to go and fix them when needed.  Plus I get a cool looking badge on my profile as well!  😆

The biggest thing that I do right now is focus on Web Tickets and work on the backend of the forum software and fix any issues that may arise, such as permission issues, managing different role permissions/limits etc and then whatever tasks Biggy/Hobo decide they want/need me to do.  It also lets me practice more on my coding ability and get better at doing some of the little things that I haven't been able to do as much since I got my Associates in Computer Networking over 10 years ago."


If interested, apply by clicking HERE!





Do you have experience in creating graphics? Do you enjoy being able to be creative by bringing people's ideas to life? We are in need of Digital Media Team members to help create signatures, article images, squad/section banners, avatars, etc. Amount of time needed to dedicate to this position depends on tickets that come in and projects that are going on. 


@Osiris has been with the Digital Media Team a few times during his three years in TG.

Here is what he has to say about the team:

"I enjoy working in the DMT because I like to be able to give back to the community through a creative medium. I run a graphics shop as well. Which even though is fairly new I try to get the turnaround rate in a few days."

Here is a recent signature (resized for the purpose of this article) that he created:



If interested, apply by clicking HERE!





Would you like to write articles, create videos, conduct podcasts about TG or gaming news? Are you interested, but are worried about your writing capability? We have an editor that can assist! We are in need of News Team members to help spread the word! Amount of time needed to dedicate this time is being able to complete two tasks a month. You can write about things of your choosing or we can help give you ideas. As breaking news comes through in the gaming industry, you may occasionally be assigned an article, but most of the time, you get to pick!


@ItzKieren has been on the news team several times during his TG tenures. 

Here is what he has to say about the team:

"I enjoy being in the know, getting to receive the latest gaming related news and to research and share my experience and pass on the knowledge to an amazing community."


If interested, apply by clicking HERE!





Do you enjoy streaming your games? Do you already have followers on your personal account? We are in need of streamers to join our Stream Team! Amount of time required is at least 2 hours per week. TG Rules and Regulations must be respected. 


@TG Datdamsniper has been a member of the team for about 8 months. 

Here is what he has to say about the team:


"I enjoy being on the Stream Team because it allows me to help spread Tactical Gaming in other ways besides just recruiting in game. I find that the Stream Team is a way to put a face to the members of TG especially during the charity events the Stream Team runs as these are always a good time for everyone, and let's us interact with fellow TG members in ways we can't in game while supporting awesome causes!

 I personally tend to stream Rocket League mostly as it is one of my stronger games skill wise,  but being in the Vanguard I also am looking to use the platform as a way of showing off other games in our division and help build them with the ultimate goal of pushing out divisions to help strengthen TG."


If interested, apply by clicking HERE!


All of the above positions are the ones that you can hold in addition to the position you are currently in.




The Training Office requires a lot more time and dedication than the above, so that is why you would be required to leave your squad, battalion, or division staff position to join. The training office does many different tasks. A few of them are: assists with new recruits, ensures current staff are trained properly, assist with creating callouts and ATC's, and many more things. If you like being able to work with others, this could be a great position for you!


@TG RateMyGame has been an Assistant Trainer for just under one year. He started in Escape from Tarkov, but then transferred to CoD.

Here is what he has to say about the Training Office:

"Being in the TO has a lot of jobs. Firstly the TO is the first point of contact for all new recruits upon registering for TG any questions or queries they may have. Most of our work is on the forums, we create and update all the documents needed for the divisions. This includes the Squad Training Manual, Division Map Callouts, and ATC's, I could go on. On top of this we also make sure that all staff within our respective division have completed the required tests for that role as well as assist staff in all matters regarding training. I enjoy being in the TO because it not only challenges me with thinking of new ideas but to work with the wonderful staff within the CoD Division making the division a better place for all our CoD members."


Currently, we have several open positions within the Training Office. If you are interested, please apply:

TW Head Trainer

TW Vanguard Assistant Trainer

Arma Assistant Trainer

Halo Assistant Trainer

LoL Assistant Trainer



If you are interested in any of the positions, but have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to myself (@TG HSquared) for Coding, Digital Media, News, and Stream Team positions. For the Training Office openings please reach out to your CoC or @TG Killswitch. We look forward to seeing your applications!





User Feedback



Fantastic opportunity's await, great to share your passion for a hobby and make it reality for other people.


That's what this Community is about.

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TG Datdamsniper


Would love to see some more faces on the stream team! It is always a great time chatting with fellow members during streams and seeing what games everyone is interested in.

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