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Halo Infinite Review

  • ItzKieren
  • By ItzKieren

Were not late to this, we simply arrive in style. Speaking of, if you were a fan of old school Arena battles such as Unreal Tournament or OG enough to have witnessed the classic Halo 2 fabled gameplay 20 odd years ago, this is something that will be up your ally!


Halo Infinite is the latest Halo title to roll out of 343's studio Set on yet another beautiful Ring planet where master chief teams up with a Nervy pilot and a chirpy new AI to battle a reengage group call "The Banished".

Main missions are now threaded through the lush open expanse, comparable of the Far Cry titles where you can tackle side quests such as Hostage rescue and claim bases that allow you to fast travel between.


But enough of me blabbering on about how I think the game is, I asked 3 incredible TG members a few questions on their experience they've had with the title so far. 

Thank you to @mikepaluso BGC of Vanguard Division, @TG Schmitty XO of Vanguard Division and @dustylines SL of Avalanche Squad of HALO in Vanguard Division.



1) - How much Game time have you racked up since it's early release?


Mikepaluso - I have logged about 15-20 hours with the beta/multiplayer. Due to time and IRL its been a little hard to find a solid chunk of time to sit down and play for hours at a time lol


TG Schmitty - According to Halo Stat tracker I have 16 in game multiplayer hours put in so far.


Dustylines  So far I have managed to rack up 40 hours. Which is lower than it should be really but I have been trying to finish of Death Stranding before the Halo campaign is released. I have failed spectacularly.



2) - How does it compare to previous Halo Titles?


Mikepaluso - It compares very well to halo 3 in my opinion. However things that are different are the weapon spawns. They are constantly rotating and you honestly don't know what you are going to get. There are a ton of weapons now. The pistol is definitely not as op as it was in halo 5. However it seems they made the assault rifle more viable in my opinion. The Battle rifle is still awesome. The needler is still as fun as ever. Even the weapons that are new to me are fun to use. Best part is there is a shooting range so you can try everything and learn how to use everything properly and efficiently.


TG Schmitty - First of all, It is just refreshing to have a new iteration of Halo since it has been 6 years since Halo 5 was last released. While this game was designed by 343 instead of Bungie, it plays like the latter titles of Halo 4 or 5 with some of the movements. The Battle Rifle shoots just a little slower than previous titles so it took a little adjusting to get used to and the assault rifle is a little deadlier of a weapon than past titles. I am more of a purist and love Halo 3. I think that was the most complete title in terms of replay-ability. You had an awesome campaign, great multiplayer maps and MLG support as well as endless amounts of designing time using the Forge!


Dustylines - Favourably. It sounds hugely clichéd but it really does feel like a blend of classic Halo and a modern FPS arena shooter. Finally! I think people who stopped being fans after Halo 3 will find the gameplay base very similar. Equal starts for all and no armour abilities. Back to the old school equipment instead, positioned on their spawns around the map like power weapons. Map control is hugely important. Yet it has that ultra modern, sleek feel. Movement is amazing, fast and smooth. Combine that with a grapple or repulsor and there are all kinds of moves to be discovered.


3) - In your own opinion, what could be improved?


Mikepaluso - As of what could be improved so far. First off the aim assist on controller is so op. Coming from me that is kind of an odd thing to say. Especially playing on consoles for my entire life and switch over to KBM.

I find that being a pretty large disadvantage. The major downfall is the season pass tier. It takes forever to level up. Albeit it's all for cosmetics and doesn't effect anything weapons' wise, seems like it is going to take forever to move through the season rankings. 


TG Schmitty - I would have to say the disconnecting issue by far is the most egregious fix needed. Almost every practice someone in the squad will have the game crash in the middle of the match. While we play a lot of ranked matches, there have been no provisions by the developer 343 to allow you to reconnect to the match. Not only do you lose a lot of ranking points, but your team is pretty much assured a loss if it is an objective mode with them being 1 man down. Plus, if this happens to you more than 1 time you will become banned for an unknown amount of time before you can queue up again and play.


Dustylines - There's always room for improvement. This title does an excellent job of helping new players get to grips with the basics and learn the weapons etc. which is pretty essential if you want to encourage as many people to play your free to play game.



4) - What's your favourite aspect of Halo Infinite? 


Mikepaluso - So far I think its pretty amazing. I think it is beautiful and crisp. The controls are amazing. Doesn't seem buggy at all. I am excited to see what the full release and campaign are going to be.


TG Schmitty - I love the fact that we have a new Halo to explore and master. Having played out the other franchise titles over the past 20 years it gets tiresome playing the same maps with the same strats over and over. I like the new challenge of power items randomly occurring in certain matches (such as overshield spawning instead of the camo and vice versa.) I also enjoy the ranked system that allows you to play with others of your skill level and that it also does not necessarily punish you if you lose. The system takes into account your objectives obtained, Kill Death(K/D), assists and what skill levels you went up against besides just winning or losing the match. I have had instances where I had a positive k/d and was matched against diamond or onyx rated players and lost the match but still gained ranking points because I did my part to help the team positively.


Dustylines The same aspect that has been there throughout every Halo title. The ability to pull off the truly spectacular, and have me jumping out of my god tier gaming chair whooping for joy, juxtapose with the frustration and horror as I fall off a map/sticky myself/suicide with the rockets. Infinite really gives you all the tools to enable you to pull off  the former though. Except for my god tier gaming chair. Get your own!!



Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! 

It seems for a free Multiplayer there is a ton of fun to be had! If you not yet checked out the Multiplayer for Halo Infinite, I think these 3 have sold it for us to try it out!


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