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Fortnite 7.4 Update & Season 8 Rumors

Fortnite 7.4 Patch
Fortnite’s season 7 comes to an end on February 27th, 2019 and so will your chance to earn a FREE battle pass for Season 8. Epic recently added “Overtime” challenges that will gradually unlock over the next 5 days. Completing 13 of the 20 overtime challenges will earn you a FREE season 8 battle pass!
Current Overtime Challenges
Collect Coins in Featured Creative Islands Deal damage to opponents with Assault Rifles or Pistols Search chests or ammo boxes at a motel or an RV park Place Top 15 in Duos with a friend Regain health from a campfire in different matches Visit different Named Locations Search a Supply Drop in different matches Revive a player in different matches In addition to overtime challenges, Fortnite has announced a double XP weekend for February 22nd-24th
Full patch notes can be found here
 Season 8 rumors & speculation
With less than 10 days left until Season 8, rumors have been circulating about what will happen with the new season. A source from GamingIntel showed an alleged screen-grab of the Season 8 update which seems to suggest there will be earthquakes that change Tilted Towers and Polar Peak. This can’t be confirmed as the page now leads to a 404 error, but Epic does typically make slight modifications to the map each season. Other changes allegedly include updates to Save The World heroes and the official launch of Fortnite Creative.
What we do know is that the previously snow-covered map has been slowly melting and the defrost has uncovered what appear to be dragon eggs. Could dragons be on the horizon just in time for Game of Thrones?
Fortnite Season 8 release time if we assume the game's usual patch time:
UK: 9am (BST) Europe: 10am (CEST) East Coast US: 4am (EDT) West Coast US: 1am (PDT) What are your thoughts on what awaits us for Season 8? Leave a comment down below!

Anthem - A Rival for Destiny?

Anthem - A Rival For Destiny?
A game that has been in the making since 2012 has been released, under the supervision by Casey Hudson, the same person behind the Mass Effect series. Team play is key in multiplayer and you get to fly around in a sort of 'Iron Man' suit? 
Whats not to like!
Anthem has been released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is a game that has been highly anticipated but currently has mixed reviews. So, upon the first look of the game, it seems to be a futuristic squad based game, working together to kill aliens and creatures. We've seen games try and do this before but not on this scale. Anthem provides players with extremely good graphics and great game play. One of these examples is that you can customise your suit, or as its called in the game, Javelins. You can upgrade the suits defensive capability, as well as its attacking strength. You can also play with the suits flight settings to make your flying more stable, especially during combat,

Anthem is using the famous Frostbite 3 engine, which delivers great graphics while retaining smooth game play. Another feature to this game is the fact you can build relationships with various non-playable characters. It is a trade mark within BioWare games, a good feature that I'm sure fans are pleased is still there. The team at EA have stated that BioWare intended to keep supporting the game by releasing constant new updates and content, in there own words "it will help start a 10-year long Anthem journey".
Big words and a bigger act to follow, but then again EA have said things like this in the past and it has worked. 
I've spoken to some people who play this game and, in general, their opinion on the game is good. One question has been circling around the internet from the players of Anthem and that is, 'will they introduce PVP?' I like to think that in time, the developers will do that to keep the game fresh and make it a much more exciting game. Like most new games, it is still in the early stages and, with any luck, will get better in time. The extreme hype surrounding this game before it was released may not have been justified, but non-stop players of the game believe it is a great game with great potential. 
We,  here at TG, must feel the game has great potential as Tactical Adventures recently opened up an Anthem Legion, and if you play and love the game, the Legion is looking for members. The Anthem Legion has put together some useful information which members in the Legion, and who are thinking about joining, may find useful:  

Do you play the game?   What are your thoughts about Anthem?
Comment down below!

League of Legends Tournament Event Interview

Today, we bring in JaiyoHD, a Competition Event manager, Social Media Team Lead and Assistant Trainer to the Destiny Division,  As Competition Event Manager, he ran a tournament for the entire League of Legends Legion, below is an interview between Wulfie and Jaiyo on the outcome of the tournament
MrWulfie: How do you think the tournament went?
JaiyoHD: I think the tournament was a huge success. We had some issues along the way, for example, a community dropping out with eight teams, but we adjusted the format of the tournament and made it work. I believe most of the TG teams enjoyed the tournament, and I got quite a bit of positive feedback from the other teams and community leaders.
MrWulfie: Would you look to do this kind of thing again?
JaiyoHD: I would love to do this again and hopefully will. I would also like to potentially try and organise these type of tournaments against other communities for all divisions and legions.
MrWulfie: What went well with the tournament?
JaiyoHD: I would say everything went well, once the tournament started. We had to make some adjustments prior to the tournament starting to the format and some squads had to bring in new subs after the deadline, however, once the tournament started it all ran smoothly. All of the teams did a great job of being on time and making sure they followed all of the rules.
MrWulfie: What would you do differently next time?
JaiyoHD: I would potentially try to organise the tournament even earlier so as to find more communities and clans to participate in and to hopefully make it bigger.
MrWulfie: Is there anything in the pipeline in the future?
JaiyoHD: At the moment there is not, I am sadly too busy too organise something by myself, however, if any divisions or legions are interested in organising one of these tournaments, I’m always willing to help and organise one.
Well done on Pandemonium on coming 1st place with TG Trundle in 2nd place and  Militant Ducks in 3rd place

Destiny Doubles

Throughout the history of Destiny, Bungie has released many special week-long events which allow players to earn special rewards which can only be obtained by competing in these events. These events are very popular for example, Iron Banner, Festival of the Lost and the Solstice of Heros. Today is the Tuesday the 12th of February meaning that the weekly reset has occurred however, it is also two days prior to Valentine's day. This means that another popular special event has returned to Destiny 2, Crimson Days.
Crimson Days is an event which is primarily focused around a special crucible mode, Crimson Days, which is a 2v2 player vs player game. However it is not like any other crucible playlist, when you and your teammate are close together your abilities will be charged up faster whereas if you are not close to your partner for a certain amount of time the opposing team will be lead to your location. Throughout this week valor bonuses will be active for all crucible events so it will definitely be a good idea to grind out your crucible ranks.
The first thing you will want to do will go to Lord Shaxx to obtain your exclusive, ‘Fire of the Crimson Days’, emblem. What you will also want to get from Lord Shaxx are the daily and one weekly bounties he has for the Crimson Days event. Although Crimson Days are primarily focused on the PvP aspect of Destiny 2, Lord Shaxx will also have bounties for PvE activities meaning that everyone will be able to gain the exclusive rewards which can be earned from this event.

You earn rewards by gathering ‘Confectionery Hearts’ which can be earned by completing daily bounties, the weekly bounty and by playing the Crimson Days playlist where you will gain 7 confectionery hearts for a win and 5 for a loss. For the above awards you will need:
25 Confectionery Hearts - Tirastrella
50 Confectionery Hearts - Undeterred Exotic Sparrow
100 Confectionery Hearts - The Vow Legendary Bow
125 Confectionery Hearts - Wardcliff Coil Ornament
150 Confectionery Hearts - Flaunting Dance Legendary Emoter
15 Confectionery Hearts - Warmhearted Gift Package
The ‘Warmhearted Gift Packages’, contain enhancement cores, gear, weapons, mods and resources. There are also a set of exclusive triumphs which can only be completed this week to obtain an exclusive Ghost shell, the Sugary Ghost Shell.

Lastly this week you will be awarded a Crimson Engram for every Bright Engram you receive. Here is an image of what you can obtain from these exclusive engrams:

ATO - News Team Lead - TGxLadicius

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of 
News Team Lead

The News Team Lead Badge identifies the highest-ranking position in Tactical Gaming’s News Team.

The News Team Lead's (NTL) main duty and responsibility is to manage all aspects of TG’s News according to TG's standards along with leading a team of talented and active News Team members that are highly motivated to help promote the TG brand and TG Community.

News Team members are assigned based on subject matter expertise and it is the News Team Lead's job to ensure that his/her staff’s daily assignments and workload are being properly managed.

This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders and directions as may be given from time to time by Superiors acting according to the rules and articles governing the discipline of Tactical Warfare.
Given under my hand Tactical Gaming Executive Committee and Public Relations Office on this 10th day of February 2019.
TG SirMadness
Public Relations Head
Public Relations Office

Our Destiny

On the 17th of August TG opened transfers to the Destiny Division for all brigades and all battalions. Sarge joined the Destiny division on the 22nd of December 2017 and was promoted to Brigade Commander just over a month later. For over 9 months Sarge led the PS4 Brigade into what it is today and just over two months ago he became the Division Officer for Destiny and has been expanding the division even more. Today we will be discussing a range of different topics about the game and the division itself.
JaiyoHD: You have been a part of the Division staff for almost a year now for the Destiny division and you have played a major role in expanding the division to what it is today. However, the Destiny Division was not always this big and has faced harder times. Could you maybe describe some of the struggles the division has faced since its creation?
Sarge: Thanks for having me! I would like to preface by saying that I do not take credit for what has been done to our division in the past year. We have an incredible staff who are incredibly passionate about the game and the community, so I owe it all to our staff and members for making it what it is today. 
Not everyone knows the entire history behind the Destiny franchise, but it has always been rocky--controversial, even. The launch of Destiny 2 was welcomed by most, but it quickly became stale as it quickly became apparent that the developers, with Activision influence, had geared the game more toward casual players. This led to a lot of hardcore fans renouncing the game for not respecting its roots. Following the release of the game, we had a new DLC named 'Curse of Osiris' which was not received well by, well, anyone. It is arguably the worst expansion in the history of the franchise. From December 2017 to May 2018, our division was in a very tough place and it was not a whole lot of fun because of the lack of content. Recruitment was stagnant, and we had many, many members go on leave. PS4 Brigade went from 8+ squads to just two, and then finally all that was left was IN. Downsizing was all we did for 6 months. 
JaiyoHD: Since the release of Forsaken, back in early September, how has the Destiny Division changed compared to pre Forsaken release?
Sarge: The main thing I see since Forsaken is that all of our members are engaging with each other more than ever, and we are all having more fun than we've ever had--and that is the most important thing to me. I like to think that the franchise is the best it has ever been since the original release. 
*Here is a review of 2018 for the Destiny game discussing the different expansions and how they affected the players playing them: https://www.polygon.com/2018/12/28/18129269/destiny-2-year-in-review-2018-curse-of-osiris-warmind-forsaken
JaiyoHD: The Latest Destiny 2 DLC, the Black Armory, was released just over a month ago. How have you been enjoying the new content so far?
Sarge: Bungie has introduced a new business model following the release of Forsaken called the "Annual Pass" which for $35, you get a drip-feed of content for the span of 8-months. Black Armory was produced by a contracted company named Vicarious Visions that had previously worked on Warmind. I'll tell you first hand that we have never had this much content--so much content that I think some players got overwhelmed. Overall, it is an interesting new concept and I welcome the change in how content is introduced, although I still like the traditional comet DLC, like The Taken King and Forsaken.
Black Armory itself has been a grind, but enjoyable at times. The Destiny community asked for this, and I think Bungie delivered exactly what we wanted.
JaiyoHD: Bungie has just split with its long term partner, Activision. What do you think this means for the game itself and do you think fans should be worried about this split or excited for better content?
Sarge: It may be a good or bad thing. We don't know for sure until we see the content beyond Year 2 (Forsaken/Annual Pass) DLC. Activision invested $500 Million on the Destiny franchise with a 10-year contract which was cut short just shy of 2 years and it's hard to say how successful Bungie could be without the help and direction from their former publisher. Rumors had surfaced in October 2018 that Destiny 3 began development, and they are going full-on MMO and taking Destiny beyond what it originally sought out to be. Perhaps we'll see what Bungie truly intended with the new game in 2020/2021.
As a 15-year fan of Bungie, I would like to be optimistic of the future and hope they can pull it off and surprise us.
*Here is a link to the announcement: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/47569
*Destiny has announced that nothing will be changing from the Roadmap that they provided for everyone:

JaiyoHD:  Lastly, what are your plans for the Destiny Division? What would you like to achieve in 2019 with the division?
Sarge: Aside from aspirations of growing our division and become fierce competitors, our main goal has always stayed the same no matter what direction we go in--and that is ensuring everyone is having fun. I would like to continue to see members looking forward to going to practices to better themselves and Squad Staff looking forward to pursuing goals with their squads. If we're not having fun, then we're doing something wrong. We've continued to promote a family-like environment where anyone from any division, department etc can come in and game with us at any time and come out of it learning something and most importantly come out of it having fun.
In 2019, I would like to see us engage more with the rest of our wonderful gaming community and make lasting memories. We will face adversity, much like what we faced last year, but if we continue with the mindset of having fun, we will overcome anything that we may face as we have in the past. 
Thank you Sarge for joining me and We continue to lookforward to seeing what you bring to Destiny Division in the future

Destiny Fashion Show!

Eyes up, Guardians!
On the 1st of February, the Destiny Division will be hosting a fashion competition for all of TG to take part in.
We want you to show off your best looking Guardian with the chance to win a game of your choice (with a $60 limit).
All you have to do to enter the competition is to post a picture of your best-looking guardian by the 10th of February in this topic.
Once the deadline has been reached we will not be accepting any more submissions.
A panel of judges will then decide on the top three best-dressed Guardians and then we'll seek the TG community to help us pick a winner.
After a week of voting, we'll announce the winner!
What are the rules?
- You may not retract your submission unless you're withdrawing from the contest entirely. So choose your look wisely!
- A screenshot must be taken from the character screen (example).
- Only one submission per person is allowed.
- Every piece of gear should be unique, as in you should not have two or more pieces of gear that come from the same set.
- You must state what gear you used, and what shaders were used in the making of your submission (we want to appreciate the efforts!).
- This is not limited to any class. You can submit for either a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock. But you may only submit one!
- Ornaments can be used so long as you state what ornament was used.
- You may use more than 1 shader and is preferred for a unique look.
If you have any inquiries, please DM Sarge#7073 directly either on Discord or on the site.
Best of luck to you all!

Sony's December's Top Downloads

Top Downloads for Play Station 4
Recently Sony decided to release the top downloaded games from their stores in the month of December. To no surprise, the number 1 downloaded PS4 game was the newly released PUBG game for PS4, which came into the store on the 7th of December. PUBG managed to beat the game which was most downloaded in November, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Grand Theft Auto V managed to grab the third place spot which is very impressive seeing that the game has been around for almost 5 and a half years. The number one PS VR game was Beat Saber and the number one Free to play game was Fortnite Battle Royale. Here are the full lists of those categories and some additional ones.
PS4 Games
PUBG Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Grand Theft Auto V Red Dead Redemption 2 Battlefield V FIFA 19 Mortal Kombat XL Marvel’s Spider-Man NBA 2K19 Madden NFL 19  
PS VR Games
Beat Saber Job Simulator Playstation VR Worlds Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Farpoint Arizona Sunshine Borderlands 2 VR Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Superhot VR Creed: Rise to Glory  
Free to Play Games
Fortnite Battle Royale Warface H1Z1: Battle Royale Warframe Brawlhalla Paladins DC Universe Online Free to play 3on3 Freestyle Smite Crossout  

PS Vita Games
God of War: Collection PS Vita Jak and Daxter Collection Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - HD Edition PS Vita Trillion: God of Destruction Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - HD Edition PS Vita Mary Skelter: Nightmares Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition P3D & P5D Bundle + Megaverse Costume Pack - Day One Edition Bastion Stardew Valley  
PS4 Themes
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey - New Dynamic Theme The Last of Us Part II Ellie Theme Lightning Night Sky Dynamic Theme @ Home on Earth Dynamic Theme by Truant Pixel Absolute Space 4K Dynamic Theme Legacy Dashboard Theme Hipster Laser Cat HiQ Dynamic Theme LoFi Valley Dynamic Theme Collection Bundle by Truant Pixel Monster Hunter: World - Theme RetroWave City Dynamic Theme  
PS Classics
Destroy all Humans! 2 Destroy all Humans! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Psychonauts METAL SLUG ANTHOLOGY Bully The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga The Warriors Tomb Raider 2  
Did You Download Any Of These Games?   Not Surprised By The List?
Let us know below!

TG Wide Graphics Competition

Tactical Gaming's Public Relations Office and Web Team
A Graphic Design competition for ALL members of Tactical Gaming
The Task is simple if you're up for the challenge:
Create a design with dimensions  800x400Pixels
include either the TG, TW or TA logo  
The Design should include your Favourite Game character doing what He/She/It does best!

You are limited to ONE design per member
Your design must be sent via PM to TG SirMadness (PRH)

Do NOT post your design on this thread
Do NOT include your GT or Text in the image that reveals your position within TG - its supposed to be anonymous 

If your design does not meet the above standards it will not be considered.
Competition ends February 21st @23:59EST
Tactical Gaming provided prizes:
1st Place: $30 Steam, PSN or Xbox Voucher and a year TG sponsorship
2nd Place: $20 Steam, PSN or Xbox voucher and a year TG sponsorship
3rd Place: $10 Steam, PSN or Xbox voucher and a year TG sponsorship
Best of Luck and can't wait to see your designs!!! 
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