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  • TG Donation Programs

    Select the program you prefer


    • TG Site Annual Program - Click HERE
      • exclusive priority for extra game beta or demo keys (list location HERE)
      • exclusive discounts/offers by 3rd party vendors (list location HERE)
      • exclusive IT support from the web team (via TG Sponsors exclusive forum)
      • exclusive signatures making from the web team (via TG Sponsors exclusive forum)
      • exclusive ability to add attachments to forum replies
      • exclusive ability to add attachments to Private Messages
      • exclusive 45 storable private messages instead of standard 20
      • exclusive signature limits 600 x 200 instead of 520 x 120
      • exclusive TG Sponsor title appearing in the Dossier and in forum replies
      • exclusive TG Sponsor medal awarded to TG Sponsors
      • exclusive ability to personalize header on profile page
      • exclusive access to TG Sponsor Discord text and voice chat channels
      • Eternal Love from TG  :wub:
      • TG Sponsors medal (contact your CoC with proof of donation)



    • Discord Boost Program - In Discord, boost as shown below 
      • All these exclusive benefits
      • Eternal Love from TG :wub:
      • Outstanding Contributor Award medal (contact your CoC with proof of donation)





    Read below to know how your donations help.



    Tactical Gaming Sponsor Award Medal


    The TG Sponsor Award is to be automatically awarded to members who have invested in Tactical Gaming financially, in the form of a annual or monthly donation.

    TG Sponsors have made the decision to donate financially to our organization to ensure that the costs of running our day-to-day operations are met, as well as to contribute to the betterment of the community by allowing future improvements to our site which would otherwise not be possible.




    Outstanding Contributor Award


    The Outstanding Contributor Award is to be automatically awarded in the name of Tactical Gaming, to members who have contributed financial resources to ensure the future and growth of TG.


    It is also used as a token of Tactical Gaming’s appreciation for those individuals who are dedicated enough to spend their own money in order to proudly display their affiliation to Tactical Gaming, such as by adding “TG” in front of their gamertag or by adding one of TG's domain (e.g. TGHQ.org) at the end of their gamertag.



    How does the program help?

    Prizes and Sponsorships

    • Provides real prizes for internal tournaments
    • Provides real prizes for internal contests
    • Provides real sponsorships for our competitive players

    Copyright Protection

    • Protects all TG content via a registered copyright
    • Secured the expertise of professionals (lawyer & consultants) in copyright infringements

    Recurring costs

    • All TG domains
    • Game servers
    • Hosting services
    • Purchase costs of various applications 
    • License renewal costs of various applications
    • Web development projects


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