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Foundations - APEX Legends

First and foremost, I am glad to be back in the News Team. The members here are great people, just like others across all of Tactical Gaming. 


Many of us are faced with difficult times. It is during these difficult times, where our community shows it's true colors and comes together in support of one another. In that, we try to do what we can, where we can for members who are facing difficulties.


This article is focused on what Apex has done recently for one of our own. Elk-III has been good for us, I haven't had an opportunity to meet just yet. I am sure that we will cross paths at some point.  


Hearing about Elk's plight, reminds me a lot of how so many of us have gone through our hard times, and we have stuck together through it all.


The Apex division, their staff, and the 3rd CC embodies the ideal TG member. Elk has recently been faced with a hard situation. Apex, 3rd Corps, 1st Army, TA, TW, and TG as a whole came together for a competition in honor of Elk's own.


We are a community of like minded gamer's. "I am here for you." is the sentiment that we all share. 


So, here's to Joyce! May we all be able to be graced by the likes of a woman of your magnitude. Stay safe, TG.

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