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Destiny Members Place TOP 1000

Members Reach Top 1000!


Have you ever wondered what motivates the minds of the most hardcore gamers when completing difficult challenges? Today we have an interview with two members whom have recently reached an incredible milestone in Destiny's Player vs Environment (PvE). TOP 1000 in the world is no easy feat, but to shed some light on why this was an accomplishment worthy of recognition, we must first understand how this is tracked. 


Destiny has a website (raid.report) that tracks the amount of completions of raids and how efficiently you completed it which tracks your kills, deaths, time. There are ranks for these which follows this: 




Tripoc710 and JaiyoHD have both reached the Master ranks for completions and for speed respectively which was no easy task. This was over a year in the making for both individuals whom have made it one of their goals among others to reach these prestigious ranks, representing Tactical Gaming in the highest ranks among many other hardcore players of Destiny. 


Combined, they have over 48 days played in raids, amount to nearly 2 MONTHS of gaming non-stop in raids. 


Now I believe that is enough from me. Let's hear from the gentlemen themselves to answer a few questions: 



Sarge: What inspired you to pursue TOP 1000 in the leaderboard?


JaiyoHD: No matter what game I’ve played or play I always true to play at the highest level I possible can and getting a lot of raid clears wasn’t doing it for me. Speed Runs caught my attention due to the fact that in my opinion this is one of the most competitive aspects of raiding, seeing who can complete the raids the fastest. Once I completed my first speed run for the Eater of Worlds raid I was hooked and pushed myself to complete the other raids in the fastest time possible.


Tripoc710: I just love destiny raids, getting to masters was a great excuse for me to raid nonstop. Plus it looks so cool on raid report haha



Sarge: What was the most challenging aspect in your journey?


JaiyoHD: The most challenging aspect of my journey was probably on days where I did the same raid 5 to 10 times to keep on attempting to getting a better run and would just be completely exhausted. Pushing myself on a daily basis figuring out what load outs, mods and strategies are the most efficient way to complete the raid in, these were the most challenging aspects of the journey.


Tripoc710: The biggest challenge was always new raids coming out. I did a ton of lfg runs and it was always tricky learning mechanics with people who were strangers. I can confidently say that my first 5 scourge runs involved me staying silent and scrambling around with almost no idea what I was doing other than what I could infer based on what my teammates did.




Sarge: What are your next plans?


JaiyoHD: My plans for the future are definitely improving my score as I know I can cut quite a few minutes still on all the raids, however it will take more time and dedication. Other achievements that I plan to accomplish in the future are reaching top 1000 in overall clears, some more flawless runs and lastly some 2 man raid clears.


Tripoc710: I still have quite a few raid goals, two man eater of worlds, three man scourge of the past, flawless spire of stars, and a few speedruns for that double masters rank on raid report. Other than that I'll be working on titles and getting my characters ready for the next season.



Thank you for your time and once again congratulations on the accomplishments, it has been a privilege to watch you two grow as both raiders and members of the community.  


Thank you to @JaiyoHD and @tripoc710 for taking part in this interview. Also a big thanks to @Sarge for conducting this interview.



Well done to the team!  Pass on your congratulations below!

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Congrats again! You guys do us proud constantly. 

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