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Community: Putting a "We" in TG

Community, while having a somewhat finite definition, has been used to describe many different things in the gaming world. From forum posts, to discord servers, to clans, the word community has garnered several meanings and subcategories, especially in recent years. For us personally, we describe Tactical Gaming as a community. We have discord servers, forums, and a clan structure. So where do we fall with the subcategories idea? What does community mean in regards to Tactical Gaming?


We are a we not a them. From the moment a member completes their BC, they are a part of our community. They become a part of our "we," which means that whatever they need, whether it is in game help or something on the forums, we are all available and ready to assist. As a we, we have an innate sense of togetherness that many other “communities” lack, and therefore we have strengths there, too. Anything anyone needs can be handled as a group or as a pair. There is no “alone” here. 


Keeping with the aforementioned, it is important to realize our sense of togetherness extends beyond the digital world. Relationships, friendships, and lifelong bonds are constantly being forged here. TG members have met new roommates, new DnD night buddies, people they know they can lean on in their real lives just as much as their virtual ones. This community brings together a patchwork quilt of families and friends, bonds that can never be broken, and that makes us even stronger.


As a community, our togetherness doesn’t stop only in members, but continues on to staff as well. There are constant partnerships; checks and balances all the way up to our President. No staff in Tactical Gaming ever does anything alone. Squad Assistants have their Squad Leaders, Executive Officers have their Commanding Officers, Brigade Commanders have their Division Officers, and so on and so forth. Everyone has someone to lean on and learn from. To grow as a community, we keep this togetherness in all levels.


We are a we. Tactical Gaming means something to everyone here, no matter how big or little it is in their lives. We are a community, and for us community means together. No one here will ever be, or feel, alone. We stand together because we are Tactical Gaming.

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good point on the WE  and very true we all learn from each other here in TG mostly from the older hands that have been here for years good read @TG bionic

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