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Who's Who?

Who's Who ?


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Welcome to the second episode of this new series, Who's Who? 


In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions and Legions of Tactical Gaming. This is a monthly series, published towards the end of the month. This interview will focus on the member's views and feelings on gaming. 


Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing an old squad mate of mine, TG Shinji.






TG SmokeyB: First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself? (Such as where you live, hobbies & interests etc..)


TG Shinji: Heya! I am Shinji and I live in Germany. My main hobbies are gaming, football and hitting the gym while blasting heavy metal. My favourite franchise in games is TLOZ, I even have the Hyrule Crest tattooed on my left forearm.



TG SmokeyB: Can you remember the first game you played & what console you played it on? 


TG Shinji: That would be one of the first 3 Super Marios on the NES.



TG SmokeyB: What was it that hooked you into gaming as you got older?


TG Shinji: In the early years probably that the Console / Game was not telling me to shut up 😂.



TG SmokeyB: Can you describe the feelings you get from playing a satisfying game? (Such as enjoyment, happiness, escapism etc..)


TG Shinji: Mainly not being bored.



TG SmokeyB: In your own words, can you tell us what is your biggest weakness & strengths when gaming?


MTG Shinji: My biggest weakness is my biggest strength, and that is being a dedicated rusher :P 



TG SmokeyB: A couple of hard questions now, can you tell us the worst game you've played?


TG Shinji: That would probably be Ghost Recon Breakpoint at launch or one of the FIFA games.



TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us about the best game you've played?


TG Shinji: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently at the top. Story-wise I liked Cyberpunk and Spec Ops: The line, a lot. If we go by hours CS:GO and LoL are in the front. Mario Smash Football, Skyrim, NFS Underground 2 and Terraria have a special place in my Heart though.



TG SmokeyB: What is your favorite type of game? (Such as FPS, adventure, simulation, role playing games etc..)


TG Shinji: I enjoy FPS and RPG's a lot, most of the times it depends on my mood though :).



TG SmokeyB: Have you ever played competitively?


TG Shinji: I have played a few online tournaments with friends and won a local CS tournament.



TG SmokeyB: And just for fun.. You are stuck on a tropical desert island for one month, what 5 items would you take?


TG Shinji: Obviously my Swiss Army knife, my flint n steel, a bedroll, some dried food and a water filtering straw.



Thank you to @TG Shinji for taking part in this interview. Straight to the point with the answer. Short and sweet, no messing about haha.


Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? in another month!

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