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Thank you for your TG service! ~ Razgriz117

  • TGxLadicius
  • By TGxLadicius

In this installment of the 'Thank you for your TG service' series. I am interviewing Captain Razgriz117 of the Ghost Recon Division's PC Brigade, 1st Battalion's Commanding Officer. He and I have served the Ghost Recon division together for quite some time. It has been, and continues to be an honor to serve the GR Division with him.


TGxLadicius: What brought you to our community?

Razgriz117: I was frustrated with the way mainstream shooters were being played by the majority of their player populations. It seemed to me that adventure shooters games like Call of Duty had popularized the run-and-gun approach to shooting games because of their forgiving nature, which was designed to make the games appeal to a wider audience than games like Arma or Battlefield. Eventually, this bled into the shooter genre in general and I found myself longing for a more cooperative and strategic tactical experience. That's when I sought out a group of people to play with and found Tactical Gaming.


TGxLadicius: What would you say has been your greatest difficulty you've had in TG?

Razgriz117: The greatest difficulty I have experienced has taken place during my command of my battalion. It is a combination of my efforts to not just drive my men to recruit members, but also effectively retain existing members by providing a sense of engagement and comradery. It's challenging to do all of these simultaneously, but I think I have my squad staff to thank for how well our battalion has faired and how much it has grown. In the end, they are the ones who have executed the right procedures and instilled their subordinates with a feeling of community and duty. For this reason and others, they are a great source of pride for me as their commanding officer.




TGxLadicius: There are many programs and tools available to us in TG. Which would you say has been the most helpful to you?

Razgriz117: Without a doubt, I think the CPP initiative is the most useful. I believe it is an indispensable tool in ensuring our battalion continues to operate as per protocol (and indeed that all the individual cells of our organization operate similarly) but also in determining in what ways members of our CoC might need assistance from their mentors to ensure that they are serving their men to the highest standards of ethics, efficiency, and effectiveness.


TGxLadicius: What would you say is your greatest moment in TG (to date)?

Razgriz117: Any time I am able to honor my men for their service is a great moment. But perhaps the greatest I have experienced was the moment when 1st Battalion finally grew from one to two sustainable squads. This may seem insignificant to members of larger battalions, but as the Ghost Recon community is smaller on PC than on other gaming platforms, this was a huge milestone for our battalion and indeed our brigade as a whole.


TGxLadicius: What advice would you give to fellow members of CoC? Also, what advice would you offer to other TG members?

Razgriz117: To my fellow members of the CoC: honor your men. Recognize their efforts and value what they do in service of you and our organization, for without them you are nothing. Treat each of them as you would you family and they will follow you to into conflict without hesitation and adhere to your word as law. Be kind to them and they will show you nothing but the utmost respect. To my fellow members of TG: be kind to one another, respect your superiors, adhere to protocol, but don't forget to have fun through it all. If we all enjoy ourselves, our bonds will be stronger and our community will grow.


Thank you for you time in this interview, and thank you for your TG service Captain @Razgriz117!

User Feedback

Let’s not also forget our sisters in all ranks and positions in TG as well. But congratulations Razgriz117 on a job well done!

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Guest Arikado Genya


Thanks for your Service! My CO and SM in LOL division have been very patient with me as I learn the game which has made me love the community so I agree with the quote " honor your men".

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On 9/13/2018 at 11:13 PM, Aaronh0103 said:

Let’s not also forget our sisters in all ranks and positions in TG as well. But congratulations Razgriz117 on a job well done!

I'm confused, sir. My comments were inclusive of everyone in our organization. Was that not clear enough? If I was ambiguous, I apologize. 

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