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Discord Consolidation Announcement

  • TG Executive Committee
  • By TG Executive Committee

Both TW and TA Vanguards and Apex have moved to the TG Discord, and we are working to finish CoD and OW by the end of the month.


I wanted to share with you some of the results from the Discord survey:



Of 105 responses ~56% were in support, ~10% neutral, and ~33% were opposed. The majority are in support of the consolidation. The ratio stayed about how it is now. At 25 responses, 40, 60, and 80 the ratio stayed about the same for support. I know it may seem like 8 days was not enough time for the 8 question survey, but we got the feedback we needed in the survey. To contrast this against the last TG wide survey that was open for 2 months with 144 responses, we feel we got the majority of the feedback. While there are over 1,100 members in TG, that includes our on leave members.


Most had the concerns around seeing a massive list of all channels for all divisions, pings they don't want, losing their squad or CoC specific channels, etc. We believe all of these concerns have been reasonably addressed, but will work through it one division/legion at a time in partnership with the CoC to ensure a smooth transition and that we address all of the concerns we can.



As you can see, most people use the TG Discord for practice and squad communication followed up by LFG:



It is our hope that moving this function to the TG Discord will allow us to unite the community similar to how it was before all of the division/legion Discords. (Because all of TG was on one TS3 server and people joined each other cross division/legion much more in the model.)



CURRENT (17 Oct 2021): We have built a plan moving 1 division/legion at a time smallest to largest as discussed. The timeline to move is as follows:




OLD: The original timeline is below for reference. We were taking it slow, but based on the success and CoD's request to move before the new CoD Vanguard game drops, we accelerated. 



The plan is just that, a plan. We may run into issues and slow down, or things may be much easier than anticipated and may speed up slightly. So far, we have not encountered major issues and have had positive feedback. 


You can take this as official notice to all members that we have decided to move forward with the Discord consolidation, slowly and deliberately with a methodical plan to get this right. We will continue to meet with staff (as highlighted in the plan) to make sure we are not overlooking anything, and so we can all stay on the same page. While this topic has been in conversation with various levels of CoC for many months now, we wanted to bring this information (most of which was limited to Div/Leg+ until now) to everyone. Please feel free to raise questions and concerns to your CoC.


The high level plan outlined with our Division/Legion Staff in early September still applies:

On 9/10/2021 at 4:47 PM, TG HaloHobo said:

@Division & Legion Staff


As discussed, I am bringing this topic forward for discussion and feedback. I think we have done some solid initial testing and proved the concept can work. There is more to it and if we move forward, it will be done in small steps with the smallest Divisions/Legions testing 1st and we can move back, speed up, or slow down based on any issues we run into.



So here's some high level info on the plan for roles, channels, etc. We are working on a Google Sheet to document the permissions as well.


  1. Each Division/Legion will get a SS, BTN/COH, and Div/Leg role specific to their Division/Legion. 
    • This means that each division will have their own staff channels that only their CoC can see. That means other divisions are not going to see a bunch of channels they don't want and are not going to get the subsequent pings.
    • This means that the BTN/COH and Div/Leg staff will only see the squad channels for their division
  2. Each Division/Legion will maintain their squad specific roles
    • This means that each squad (SS and SM) will only see their squad chat and can continue to use that role for pings
  3. Game roles will be used for general channels. That would mean that non-TG can see the LFG, announcement, general, etc. channels
    • That would mean that non-TG can see the LFG, announcement, general, etc. channels.
    • This is currently done with auto-role assignment as would continue to be done this way. That means TG and non-TG members alike can pick and choose which categories they want to see which reduces the channel count and pings they would get. The goal is to put that in the members hands.
    • Visibility is done with game role as state above, but all BTN/COH+ can moderate any general channels they choose to see which will improve our ability to moderate Discord. 
  4. Voice is handled with 2 parts put together. 1 is you can see the channel with the game specific role and the 2nd is the TG wide SM, SS, BTN/COH, and Div/Leg groups allow the connect, speak, mute, etc. functions.
    • So if you are not both in a game IE: CoD and have the SM role you won't be able to get into voice.
    • This allows all our SM's to join voice with one another any area they choose. If someone wants to join an optional practice, TA/TW playing together where schedules permit for mandatories, etc. Also squads in the same division can easily communicate.
    • Everyone still can pick/choose their game roles and not see what they don't need to see.
    • Each area will have general voice(for non-TG and TG members alike) where only the game role is required
  5. We want to support Division/Legions in porting bots over as desired and will work through the bot specific permission on a case by case basis. Typically bots like stat bots only need access to 1 text channel, news bots post to 1 channel, music bots read from 1 and can join a specific list, etc. 



High level, break it down into a TG only or non-TG open channel and build permissions accordingly. Rather than Division Discord that individually can't benefit from aggregate Nitro boots, non-TG activity, server insights, or a future state where most roles are assigned automatically by a bot.




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