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Sea of Thieves Updates

Sea of Thieves: Free Lost Treasure Update


The game studios behind the great pirate game, Sea of Thieves, have been busy with updates.


Official Sea of Thieves Gameplay Launch Trailer - YouTube


As sailors will know, you can now have pets (and even dress them up) and they have added more custom skins for ships and weapons. But that is just the tip of ice burg.... 


Sea Of Thieves Ships Of Fortune Update Is The Cat Update We've ...


Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves are exciting narrative-driven adventures that delve into the stories behind some of its prominent people and places. Nine of these Tales make up the Shores of Gold sequence, while another two arrived in recent monthly content updates The Seabound Soul and Heart of Fire. For people who remember Tall Tales, it can be played at any time, and this month’s update introduces new features to make them easier than ever to seek out and enjoy. They have added checkpoints and little items here and there to make the journey a little easier.


You can now join with other ships to form and be part of collations. Such as gold or just pure fighting and raiding. For single ships on the seas, this can be daunting idea as you see a fleet coming towards you. But if you join them, you help contribute to the over all booty you find, and you get paid a nice fee for helping. 


Rare on Sea of Thieves' radical new Emissaries system and ...


There is a great feeling of banding together and doing missions, or hunting down other pirates and ruining their day.


The SoT servers are a place full of tales to be told and challenges to be faced, never more so than in May’s free monthly update Lost Treasure. which is out now. Daily Bounties and events to rally the most resourceful crews on the seas, there’s a packed month of activity ahead.


There is plenty to do on the open seas, just keep a watch over the stern to make sure you ain't followed!


Sea of Thieves update: Xbox patch notes for Ships of Fortune April ...

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