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Rockstar and Bungie Team Up. Is it Destiny?

  • TG The Punisher
  • By TG The Punisher

Rockstar Energy Drink have launched a competition with Bungie web for the Destiny community. Commencing October 7, the Open round begins where in game challenges must be met. First up in the opening week is Crucible, the second week will focus on Strikes and week 3 will involve the new game mode introduced with the Forsaken DLC, Gambit. What these challenges involve has yet to be announced, but in order to compete in these challenges, players MUST register their entry (you'll find the link to the details at the bottom of this article).


For the players who meet the challenge requirements, they will progress within their field into the Legendary round on October 28, again starting with Crucible, then Strikes the next week followed by Gambit. But to progress out of this round into the next, whatever challenges are set, the players need to be in the top 200 within that category.


The Qualifier Round featuring those 600 players go into a Gambit event, scheduled for November 25, where they will compete to be in the final 4. Those  4 will get a paid for trip to Bungie Studios where they will compete against the Bungie team, which will go out live on Twitch. 


To see more details on the competition and register your entry, click this LINK

User Feedback

Guest Arikado Genya


Yeah, I assumed it was GTA Rockstar as well lol. Did not know there was another company by that name. 

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