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Escape from Tarkov Division Recruiting Contest



The Escape from Tarkov Division is hosting a Recruiting Contest!



Now until April 30th at 23:59 GMT or until we hit 20 recruits (whichever comes first)



Everyone in TG can participate



To encourage growth in the Escape from Tarkov division 


What Prizes:

$10 USD for every recruit you bring into TG that completes the Boot Camp Test and is placed into a squad, and attends at least one practice


How do I receive my prize:

These are the items needed for your recruit to count:

1. List your name! This can either be in the "Why TG" section, under the "referrer", or in a message with you confirming that you referred them (you will need to supply a screenshot of the message if it is not listed on their TG profile).

2. The recruit must complete their Boot Camp Test.

3. The recruit must be placed into an IN Squad.

4. You must reply to this topic with a link to the new member's profile and a screenshot confirming you referred them unless your name is on their profile.

5. Prizes will be sent via PayPal by April 30th. If you're from the US or Canada you will be required to have PayPal to receive your prize. UK/EU will be done preferably via PayPal, but other options are available.


Any questions, please feel free to ask them here!!!

*Prizes will be given out up to $200. If we hit 20 recruits before April 30th, this contest will be closed.*

** To receive your prize, you must be in TG when they are dispersed.**

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