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Destiny 2 - Free On PC?

  • TG SmokeyB
  • By TG SmokeyB
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Some exciting news fans and players of popular game, Destiny 2.

The base game for Destiny 2 is now a free gift for PC, for all the new players on Blizzard Battle.net.  Until the 18th of November, anyone who does not already own the PC game will have the opportunity to claim it as a gift, you can do this by claiming in through your Blizzard account.

You will be able to claim your free copy of Destiny 2 by downloading it now, remember you only have until the 18th of November. 

Already playing Destiny 2 of PC? Don't worry, Bungie has not forgotten about you. They are also rewarding existing owners, those who already purchased the game on Battle.net will be eligible to receive an exclusive gift of their own: a special in-game emblem marking the game’s anniversary that will be available in December.

You can find out more by visiting this page.

In other news, below is the DLC road map for Destiny 2. Plenty to keep you Destiny players entertained:



Keep you busy until mid next year!

User Feedback

I definitely recommend picking this up, even if you don't own a PC yet. You'll still have it and ready for you when you do have a PC capable of running this. And it doesn't take much to run it either! The franchise is at its best right now.. I could go on forever, but if anyone wants more information on the game, don't hesitate to message me. I have nearly 2000 hours played and it doesn't look like I'll be stopping anytime soon

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