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Our Destiny

On the 17th of August TG opened transfers to the Destiny Division for all brigades and all battalions. Sarge joined the Destiny division on the 22nd of December 2017 and was promoted to Brigade Commander just over a month later. For over 9 months Sarge led the PS4 Brigade into what it is today and just over two months ago he became the Division Officer for Destiny and has been expanding the division even more. Today we will be discussing a range of different topics about the game and the division itself.


JaiyoHD: You have been a part of the Division staff for almost a year now for the Destiny division and you have played a major role in expanding the division to what it is today. However, the Destiny Division was not always this big and has faced harder times. Could you maybe describe some of the struggles the division has faced since its creation?

Sarge: Thanks for having me! I would like to preface by saying that I do not take credit for what has been done to our division in the past year. We have an incredible staff who are incredibly passionate about the game and the community, so I owe it all to our staff and members for making it what it is today. 

Not everyone knows the entire history behind the Destiny franchise, but it has always been rocky--controversial, even. The launch of Destiny 2 was welcomed by most, but it quickly became stale as it quickly became apparent that the developers, with Activision influence, had geared the game more toward casual players. This led to a lot of hardcore fans renouncing the game for not respecting its roots. Following the release of the game, we had a new DLC named 'Curse of Osiris' which was not received well by, well, anyone. It is arguably the worst expansion in the history of the franchise. From December 2017 to May 2018, our division was in a very tough place and it was not a whole lot of fun because of the lack of content. Recruitment was stagnant, and we had many, many members go on leave. PS4 Brigade went from 8+ squads to just two, and then finally all that was left was IN. Downsizing was all we did for 6 months. 

JaiyoHD: Since the release of Forsaken, back in early September, how has the Destiny Division changed compared to pre Forsaken release?

Sarge: The main thing I see since Forsaken is that all of our members are engaging with each other more than ever, and we are all having more fun than we've ever had--and that is the most important thing to me. I like to think that the franchise is the best it has ever been since the original release. 

*Here is a review of 2018 for the Destiny game discussing the different expansions and how they affected the players playing them: https://www.polygon.com/2018/12/28/18129269/destiny-2-year-in-review-2018-curse-of-osiris-warmind-forsaken


JaiyoHD: The Latest Destiny 2 DLC, the Black Armory, was released just over a month ago. How have you been enjoying the new content so far?

Sarge: Bungie has introduced a new business model following the release of Forsaken called the "Annual Pass" which for $35, you get a drip-feed of content for the span of 8-months. Black Armory was produced by a contracted company named Vicarious Visions that had previously worked on Warmind. I'll tell you first hand that we have never had this much content--so much content that I think some players got overwhelmed. Overall, it is an interesting new concept and I welcome the change in how content is introduced, although I still like the traditional comet DLC, like The Taken King and Forsaken.

Black Armory itself has been a grind, but enjoyable at times. The Destiny community asked for this, and I think Bungie delivered exactly what we wanted.


JaiyoHD: Bungie has just split with its long term partner, Activision. What do you think this means for the game itself and do you think fans should be worried about this split or excited for better content?

Sarge: It may be a good or bad thing. We don't know for sure until we see the content beyond Year 2 (Forsaken/Annual Pass) DLC. Activision invested $500 Million on the Destiny franchise with a 10-year contract which was cut short just shy of 2 years and it's hard to say how successful Bungie could be without the help and direction from their former publisher. Rumors had surfaced in October 2018 that Destiny 3 began development, and they are going full-on MMO and taking Destiny beyond what it originally sought out to be. Perhaps we'll see what Bungie truly intended with the new game in 2020/2021.

As a 15-year fan of Bungie, I would like to be optimistic of the future and hope they can pull it off and surprise us.

*Here is a link to the announcement: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/47569

*Destiny has announced that nothing will be changing from the Roadmap that they provided for everyone:




JaiyoHD:  Lastly, what are your plans for the Destiny Division? What would you like to achieve in 2019 with the division?

Sarge: Aside from aspirations of growing our division and become fierce competitors, our main goal has always stayed the same no matter what direction we go in--and that is ensuring everyone is having fun. I would like to continue to see members looking forward to going to practices to better themselves and Squad Staff looking forward to pursuing goals with their squads. If we're not having fun, then we're doing something wrong. We've continued to promote a family-like environment where anyone from any division, department etc can come in and game with us at any time and come out of it learning something and most importantly come out of it having fun.

In 2019, I would like to see us engage more with the rest of our wonderful gaming community and make lasting memories. We will face adversity, much like what we faced last year, but if we continue with the mindset of having fun, we will overcome anything that we may face as we have in the past. 


Thank you Sarge for joining me and We continue to lookforward to seeing what you bring to Destiny Division in the future

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