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Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

Uh-oh... seems they finally got fed up! This stings... especially if you're like me and have been piggybacking off of your parents Netflix for years. 


Netflix has never seemed to have an issue with account sharing, but it seems they are testing new warnings for select users. This isn't entirely surprising considering 33% of Netflix users have joint accounts, any company would want to ensure people do not share passwords. 


Costco had a similar issue come up not too long ago with their food court's hot dogs. The hot dog and soda combo for $1.50 has been unchanged for decades. The CEO made the statement, "If you raise the effing hotdog, I will kill you. Figure it out". What he means by this, is that the revenue streams the store makes, is enough to cover keeping the hot dogs at the same price. The solution was to start manufacturing their own hot dogs. This allowed them to not only keep the same price, but make more money, too. Netflix has a similar issue with regards to accounts being shared. Someone is paying for the account, and you can have a maximum of six people share that account. With this, they still make money; however they do lose the potential to make even more. I think Netflix will eventually have to figure out how to keep their platform model the same, but make more money.


Netflix, a household name for most families, might find that they might be better off letting the account owners do as they please with regards to who they let access their account. They can keep streams high, without turning away viewers who would otherwise boycott Netflix for geo-blocking account access.

This seems to be more of a scare tactic than anything else. 


Anyone remember when Netflix sent you DVD’s in the mail? I do; life was simpler.


Regardless, let me know what you guys think about this test warning! Have you gotten the warning yourself?


Sources: Did Costco Founder Say 'I Will Kill You' to CEO Who Wanted To Raise Hot Dog Prices? | Snopes.com



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