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Insight into Vanguard Division

Good day one and all, in today's article we take a look into Vanguard Division. 
The goal is to hopefully answer some questions which could be on your mind: what is Vanguard Division, who runs it and are any future goals in place?


I am joined by The Division Officer, @mikepaluso, & @TG Datdamsniper , Squad Leader of the Rocket League Squad Octane (IN).

Between the two of them, they have years of experience here in TG, both having been Division Staff, so they are perfect to answer a few questions.



But, before we get to that, what exactly is Vanguard Division?



Vanguard Division is comprised of various game titles ranging from Apex, Hell Let Loose, Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, Rocket League, and the revival of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

It is the birthplace of possible new titles that TG can support.


In the past, for a new Division to be created, there were various requirements that had to be met in order for a game to be considered as a division, with the implementation of Vanguard Division these requirements have been reviewed and adjusted

to fit for a more streamlined experience for its members and staff to achieve the ultimate goal of that title becoming a fully-fledged division here within Tactical Gaming.


A suggested Non-TG Game is added to Vanguard Roster once there are at least enough recruits for a squad, then the growth can really commence.

Once there are 3 squads filled with Staff and members, then it can be considered to become its own Division.



Q&A with Mike & Sniper


1 - Firstly, can you both please introduce yourselves?

Mike Paluso - My name is Mikepaluso. I have been in and out of TG since around 2008 and am currently the DO for the Vanguard Division.

TG DatdamsniperMy name is TG Datdamsniper.  I have been around TG about the same time frame as MikePaluso,

holding a few different positions during my time from BGC of CoD to BGC of Vanguard.  Currently enjoying building Rocket League as the SL after MikePaluso convinced me to come back and take the lead.


2 - Can you describe what is Vanguard Division?

Mike Paluso - The Vanguard is a division where members can begin to grow squads for games that do not have the needed numbers to become a division yet.  It is also a place where divisions that are dying can get a chance for revival.


3 - Do you currently have any goals set?

Both - We are currently in the process of growing Rocket League with goals to have it become a full fledge division.

 Mike Paluso - We just opened a CS:GO squad, so we are working on learning the game better and then we will be recruiting to have it also become a full fledge division.


4 - Do you have any events planned or in the near future?

Both - Not currently at the moment, but we have had some Friday fun nights before.  We are open to ideas for events!


5 - What games have you seen so far grow into supported Divisions?

Mike Paluso - Arma was the first vanguard game to grow into a division. We also were able to regrow Halo and Destiny back into Divisions as well. 

 While Halo unfortunately is no longer a division.  Destiny and Arma have pushed strong, showing the Vanguard's strengths with games and members TG could have lost.


6 - How can a new game be added to Vanguard Division?

Mike Paluso - A member can suggest a new game in the Non-TG game area of the forums. To open it, it has to meet the requirements including squad size +2.


7 - What would you like to see added?

Both - We would like to see Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, and Star Citizen. We have plans to revive Escape from Tarkov once arena comes out. It is very seasonal and that would add consistency back to it again.


8 - Is there anything else you wish to add?

Both - We are always open to adding new games or new ideas! The Friday fun nights were great for trying out new potential games.  More ideas like that are always welcome and recruit your friends!




Now, there is a CS:GO squad by the name of Inferno (IN) and is led by Sinlow.

It is great to see a title that once dominated TG's Roster returning, in very capable hands of its Staff, we should see it grow and one day, grow into a Division that will be ready for the release of Counter-Strike 2!



If you want to see a title join the Vanguard Divisions roster, have the support of its staff to have the potential to become its own division, you can do so by creating a topic in the Non-TG Games section of the forums.

Be sure to check out the requirements prior to creating the topic which can be located in TG's FAQ.



Please comment below what you would like to see join the Vanguard Divisions roster as a future title.


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