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Humble Bundle: Overwhelmingly Positive

Welcome to the next instalment of the Humble Bundle Article!

In each week's edition, I'll be informing you all about new bundles, deals, and updates for one of our favourite bundle sites.


Humble bundle has been around now for 11 years, offering the community steal worthy deals in the name of supporting charity's.

Grabbing yourself a bundle for significantly cheaper than RRP, to which proceeds go to the supporting charity of the bundle.

It's just a no brainer, grab games, software and tools in different bundle each month and pay as much as you want! 


In this weeks edition, Overwhelmingly Positive Gems is over on the Steam Store!

Grab yourself a Positive reviewed title!


So, what can you expect in this deal?





1 Item for $0.98 (£0.73

Finding Paradise - Adventure, Indie RPG platform Genre (98% positive on Steam)






3 Items for $10.47 (£7.81)

Huntdown - 16bit Action shooter (95% positive on Steam)

There Is no Game: Wrong Dimension - Point & click comedy Adventure (98% positive on Steam)

+ Including items in the previous Bundle






7 Items for $11.81 (£8.81)

Shadow Man Remastered - Old school 3rd Person Shooter (95% Positive on Steam)

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - Arcade 80's 3rd Person Action (97% Positive on Steam)

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles - 3D Platformer (98% Positive on Steam)

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut - Classic Detective genre (96% Positive on Steam)

+ Including items in the previous Bundle



Please Note: These titles are only redeemable on the Epic Games Launcher, Steam, PC Platform only.


Link --> Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle



But that's not all!

For the next 4 days, you can Build your own Bundle!

Buy 3 or more titles for up to 65% off!

BYOB <-- Click here for more information



Charity: Select which Charity you would like to support with this bundle.
There is a whole host of charities which you can support with this week's Humble Bundle. 

American Red Cross, Childs Play, GamesAid, NAACP, Wikimedia Foundation and Charity: Water.



What will you be picking up?

Let us know in the comments below!

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