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Fortnite Patch 7.10 Notes

Fortnite Patch Notes: 7.10


On Tuesday the 8th of January, Epic games released the latest patch, 7.10. Within the patch there were some minor updates and changes towards Fortnite’s 'creative' mode and towards its 'save the world' mode. However the major changes all occurred within the popular 'battle royale' game mode.

The first major addition to the game was the release of the new suppressed sniper rifle. The rifle can be found in epic and legendary variants, the epic variant hitting for 100 to the body and when hitting a head shot with the rifle you will deal 250 damage. As for the legendary variant, a body shot will deal 105 damage and a head shot will deal 262.5 damage. As for where to find the gun, it can be found from chests, supply drops, vending machines and as floor loot.

The next major change which occurred was the removal of the common, uncommon and rare variants of the burst assault rifle. Many players within the community could not believe that Epic decided to vault these variants of the burst assault rifle as it was quite a surprise. Another gun which was vaulted this patch was the six shooter. However there was a pleasant surprise within this patch, the dual pistols have been unvaulted and are back, with players being able to pick up rare and epic variants of this gun again. Other changes to items included the drop rate for dynamite being reduced by 40% and the boom box getting some nerfs. The drop rate has been reduced by 33%, the health of the boom boxes has been reduced from 600 health to 400. Lastly the duration of the boom boxes has been reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds. This has been expected by the whole community as the Boom Boxes were way too overpowered.




Some game play changes which occurred were some minor changes to the X-4 stormwings and to supply drops. The health of supply drops has been reduced to 250 health in solos, 500 health in duos and 750 health in squads. As for the changes that occurred to the X-4 stormwings, they primarily boosted the planes damage to structures and reduced the damage and knock back to players.

Lastly, ‘The Block’, has changed into a ‘Bounce Pad’ paradise created by KojackNumber2.



Have you been able to try out the Suppressed Sniper Rifle yet and if yes what do you think of it, do you prefer it over the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle or the Heavy Sniper Rifle?   

What do you think of the Burst Assault Rifle being vaulted?

Did Epic make the right choice in vaulting the gun or should they have vaulted something else instead?

Have you been to the new Block yet and if so what do you think of the ‘Bounce Pad’ paradise?

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