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Fortnite Crossplay Tournament

  • TG SmokeyB
  • By TG SmokeyB

Fortnite Crossplay Tournament

Hello TG. Let’s get straight to the point, there is a TG Fortnite Crossplay Tournament currently been planned. Members who want to play need to sign up before 26th October. The tournament will start on the 27th October. Here's some information you need know:


Who Will Be Allowed To Take Part

The tournament will be a tournament available for all TG members and will be a crossplay tournament meaning Xbox and PS4 teams will be competing against each other. It will be CONTROLLER ONLY, no keyboard or mouse.

Game Times

It will be on a Saturday for two hours from 7-9 pm BST and from 8-10 pm EST. In these two hours, two rounds of the tournament will be played every week the first round starting at 7 pm BST/ 8 pm EST and the second round starting at 8 pm BST/ 9 pm EST. Just to make it clear if you cannot make the Saturdays don't worry you have till the Thursday to play out the games you missed.

Tournament Style

Each round in the tournament will be a best of 3 where you win a round by getting the most kills. To make it fair for the NA tournament each team can select a preferred server to play on. This means that one round one team will be playing on their preferred server and the other round the other team will be playing on their preferred server. If there is a third game the team with the most combined kills from the first and second game will decide the server that the game will be played on. If you lose in the first round do not worry there will be a loser bracket meaning that the winner of the loser bracket competes against the winner of the winner's bracket to decide who wins the tournament.


10$ Gift cards will be awarded to each player of the winning teams (NA tournament and EU tournament).


The information above was provided from the tournaments sign up page. If you wish to join to the tournaments and read more about it, you can join up by clicking HERE!

Looking forward to the tournament? Do you think cross play tournaments are the future? Please comment below and let us know!

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