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Destiny Doubles

Throughout the history of Destiny, Bungie has released many special week-long events which allow players to earn special rewards which can only be obtained by competing in these events. These events are very popular for example, Iron Banner, Festival of the Lost and the Solstice of Heros. Today is the Tuesday the 12th of February meaning that the weekly reset has occurred however, it is also two days prior to Valentine's day. This means that another popular special event has returned to Destiny 2, Crimson Days.



Crimson Days is an event which is primarily focused around a special crucible mode, Crimson Days, which is a 2v2 player vs player game. However it is not like any other crucible playlist, when you and your teammate are close together your abilities will be charged up faster whereas if you are not close to your partner for a certain amount of time the opposing team will be lead to your location. Throughout this week valor bonuses will be active for all crucible events so it will definitely be a good idea to grind out your crucible ranks.



The first thing you will want to do will go to Lord Shaxx to obtain your exclusive, ‘Fire of the Crimson Days’, emblem. What you will also want to get from Lord Shaxx are the daily and one weekly bounties he has for the Crimson Days event. Although Crimson Days are primarily focused on the PvP aspect of Destiny 2, Lord Shaxx will also have bounties for PvE activities meaning that everyone will be able to gain the exclusive rewards which can be earned from this event.






You earn rewards by gathering ‘Confectionery Hearts’ which can be earned by completing daily bounties, the weekly bounty and by playing the Crimson Days playlist where you will gain 7 confectionery hearts for a win and 5 for a loss. For the above awards you will need:



25 Confectionery Hearts - Tirastrella

50 Confectionery Hearts - Undeterred Exotic Sparrow

100 Confectionery Hearts - The Vow Legendary Bow

125 Confectionery Hearts - Wardcliff Coil Ornament

150 Confectionery Hearts - Flaunting Dance Legendary Emoter

15 Confectionery Hearts - Warmhearted Gift Package



The ‘Warmhearted Gift Packages’, contain enhancement cores, gear, weapons, mods and resources. There are also a set of exclusive triumphs which can only be completed this week to obtain an exclusive Ghost shell, the Sugary Ghost Shell.






Lastly this week you will be awarded a Crimson Engram for every Bright Engram you receive. Here is an image of what you can obtain from these exclusive engrams:




User Feedback



For annual pass owners, if you get The Vow it will be MAX LIGHT. It will be very helpful to those that are underlevel and want a boost! 

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