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Destiny 2 - The Road Ahead

  • TG SmokeyB
  • By TG SmokeyB

The Road Ahead

Exciting times ahead for the players of Destiny. It will keep the current Destiny veterans entertained and maybe bring in some new players. Lets have a look at what lies ahead, shall we?

December 4th has passed us, and Destiny 2 players should have noticed something new. It doesn't matter if you own an annual pass or you’ve just started playing.

Lets take a look at the Black Armoury Calendar:



So from looking at the calendar above, it looks like a lot to enjoy. But wait, there is more! 

This is what to come for the REST of the year:




It seems the creators of Destiny are producing new and fresh ideas to keep players interested in the game. If would like to know a little bit more on the exciting upcoming events, you can visit this WEBSITE or watch this VIDEO!

Are you a Destiny player looking forward to the future? Maybe your thinking of picking up Destiny 2? 
Let us know below!

Edited by TG SmokeyB

User Feedback

Guest MichellePugh


Destiny 2 game has awesome game graphics and it has a more enjoyable story, with different character styles. It also has a good community with helpful players. Destiny 2 kaufen as it is overall a good game with a decent story and great multiplayer modes, and you can play everything with up to 2 more friends.

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