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Anthem - A Rival for Destiny?



Anthem - A Rival For Destiny?



A game that has been in the making since 2012 has been released, under the supervision by Casey Hudson, the same person behind the Mass Effect series. Team play is key in multiplayer and you get to fly around in a sort of 'Iron Man' suit? 

Whats not to like!


Anthem has been released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is a game that has been highly anticipated but currently has mixed reviews. So, upon the first look of the game, it seems to be a futuristic squad based game, working together to kill aliens and creatures. We've seen games try and do this before but not on this scale. Anthem provides players with extremely good graphics and great game play. One of these examples is that you can customise your suit, or as its called in the game, Javelins. You can upgrade the suits defensive capability, as well as its attacking strength. You can also play with the suits flight settings to make your flying more stable, especially during combat,







Anthem is using the famous Frostbite 3 engine, which delivers great graphics while retaining smooth game play. Another feature to this game is the fact you can build relationships with various non-playable characters. It is a trade mark within BioWare games, a good feature that I'm sure fans are pleased is still there. The team at EA have stated that BioWare intended to keep supporting the game by releasing constant new updates and content, in there own words "it will help start a 10-year long Anthem journey".



Big words and a bigger act to follow, but then again EA have said things like this in the past and it has worked. 



I've spoken to some people who play this game and, in general, their opinion on the game is good. One question has been circling around the internet from the players of Anthem and that is, 'will they introduce PVP?' I like to think that in time, the developers will do that to keep the game fresh and make it a much more exciting game. Like most new games, it is still in the early stages and, with any luck, will get better in time. The extreme hype surrounding this game before it was released may not have been justified, but non-stop players of the game believe it is a great game with great potential. 



We,  here at TG, must feel the game has great potential as Tactical Adventures recently opened up an Anthem Legion, and if you play and love the game, the Legion is looking for members. The Anthem Legion has put together some useful information which members in the Legion, and who are thinking about joining, may find useful:  








Do you play the game?   What are your thoughts about Anthem?

Comment down below!


User Feedback



Great article, personally keeping a close eye on Anthem, enjoyed a lot of what I saw in the beta am just waiting to see what end-game looks like and how substantial. Still deciding between Anthem and The Division 2 for my next looter-shooter so keeping tabs on both for sure.

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Hope they will improve performance till release. On PS4 it did not run that great compared to my PC. But even there you got serious FPS drops, especially in the city.


Visually it was just amazing on PC. But when it comes to usability it had some flaws - they already mentioned to adress till release... time will show in the current Beta selling market of entertainment products :D


The aspect of PVP will be important either, I think. Disturbing "enemy groups" during their loot attempts and boss fights like you can do in the DZ of The Division, woulda be awesome.

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Destiny will live forever 😏



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I don’t usually play these types of games but I played it on other half’s Xbox and I knew I needed it in my life 😂

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