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Operation Quarantine (STREAMING)


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With the current COVID-19 crisis affecting the globe, many are quarantining themselves. As a result, game servers and Reddit are experiencing record high activity. We have an opportunity to spread the word and recruit. We should be hosting events and posting recruitment ads. We should be streaming nightly and inviting potential recruits into games/parties and combing through LFGs. This is a chance to seize the opportunity and bring something good out of a bad situation. If you are not sure how to help, please contact your direct chain-of-command for advice.

-TypicalVeteran (CC)



With that in mind, The PRO are going to Facilitate Streaming on the TG Twitch Channel EVERY DAY at 8PM EST / 8PM GMT

Considering A lot of people are staying at home now, why not take this opportunity to get the TacticalGaming Name out there. 


This will go on for the next few weeks as a large percentage of the world is currently "Quarantined" 

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