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TG The Punisher's Career History

11-01-2016 - Initially Assigned into TW\BF\XB1\2nd Battalion\Red Lions (IN) Squad
11-11-2016 - 2nd Corps\BF Division\XB1 Brigade\2nd Battalion\Vikings Squad\Squad Member
11-28-2016 - Changed to LCP
12-18-2016 - Rifle Badge awarded by TG Epsi
02-02-2017 - Changed to SSG
02-02-2017 - 2nd Corps\BF Division\XB1 Brigade\2nd Battalion\Red Lions Squad\Squad Leader
02-27-2017 - Executive Officer Coin of Excellence awarded by TG D X
03-22-2017 - PLDC Gold Medal awarded by TG Epsi
04-06-2017 - Changed to 2LT
04-06-2017 - 2nd Corps\BF Division\XB1 Brigade\2nd Battalion\Executive Officer
04-22-2017 - Vehicle Proficiency Medal awarded by TG Epsi
05-09-2017 - 2nd \BF Division\Competition Event Manager
05-13-2017 - Changed to CPT
05-13-2017 - 2nd Corps\BF Division\XB1 Brigade\2nd Battalion\Commanding Officer
05-26-2017 - TLDC Gold Medal awarded by TG Epsi
06-01-2017 - Good Conduct Medal awarded by TG WAR RELLIK
06-01-2017 - Outstanding Contributor Medal awarded by TG WAR RELLIK
09-25-2017 - Outstanding Recruiter Medal awarded by TG Kacy2k
09-25-2017 - Changed to LTC
09-25-2017 - 2nd Corps\BF Division\XB1 Brigade\Brigade Commander
11-09-2017 - No Position in PRO
Left org: PRO
11-09-2017 - 2nd Department\PRO Division\Admin Bureau\ Office\Gameplay Commentary Team\Team Member
12-01-2017 - 2nd Department\PRO Division\Admin Bureau\ Office\Gaming News Team\Team Member
12-03-2017 - Good Conduct Medal awarded by TG Kacy2k
01-20-2018 - Head Competition Officer
03-28-2018 - Medal of Excellence Medal awarded by TG Kacy2k
04-14-2018 - Changed to BGN
04-14-2018 - 2nd Corps\BF Division\Division Officer
07-06-2018 - Good Conduct Medal awarded by TG Epsi
08-17-2018 - 2nd Department\PRO Division\ Bureau\1st Office\News Team\Team Member

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  • Birthday 07/11/1975
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    United Kingdom
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    Battlefield (obviously), Mass Effect (at least the XBOX 360 trilogy), cycling, rugby, things that go bang we like to call pew pews. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Why TG?
    I wrote a post stating my intent to find a platoon/clan for Battlefield. TG was kind enough to reply but before that I had seen your recruiting post on the forums. After reading it TG seemed like the perfect option as it ticked the boxes that I was looking for in a BF platoon. And after speaking briefly to cudo215, I'm sure that TG offers what I'm looking for

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Boot Camp Medic Vehicle Proficiency Rifle Sharpshooter Sniper Sharpshooter Sniper Marksman Explosives Sharpshooter
Close Quarter Expert
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