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What It's Like To Be... Episode 10

What It's Like To Be...

Competition Team Member





Hello TG and welcome to the tenth episode of a this series. In this series, titled 'What It's Like To Be..", I will be interviewing members of TG throughout the ranks, ranging from squad member right up to the CoC. As well as interviewing CoC members, i will also be taking the chance to interview certain members in support positions. This series will be published on a monthly basis. 


Today I had some pleasure of interviewing the one and only @Typicalveteran-, Corps Commander but today we are focusing on his role within the Competition Team.




TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to this position?



Typicalveteran: Opportunity really. I saw golden opportunities to set up TG members in Apex for success by creating a self sustaining and self refilling money pool that we could use to run tournaments and keep our members happy. Our guys were begging for tournaments and had the skills to pay the bills for sure. One day i decided to take my talents to South Beach and start creating tournaments. 




TG SmokeyB: You've been in your position of Competition Team Member since September last year. What is the main reason for staying in the position?


Typicalveteran: Every position you enter in TG is a minimum 6 month commitment. Everyone in TG is held accountable for that myself especially. 




TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us the best highlight while serving as a CTM?


Typicalveteran: If we are talking just CTM as the position than i would have to say the tournaments and also the Subsidies 4  Shenanigans event where we raised over 500 dollars!!!!




TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to TG when you first joined?


Typicalveteran: I was playing a lot of battlefield back then. Being in the military i was always looking for a tactical approach even in game. I always preferred to play with adults who used good communication and had a solid attitude. This place was made for me from day 1.




TG SmokeyB: I imagine you are busy with been a Competition Team Member. What is it about being a CTM that you love?


Typicalveteran: The CTM job is great i love hearing the feedback and adjusting fire for the next go round. The best thing about it is that there is always room to improve and that drives me. 




TG SmokeyB: Can you tell me a little more about your TG history?


Typicalveteran: I have never officially left IN lol. I started as an SM in the Battlefield division and applied to be an SA. From there i moved to SL. When Destiny opened i applied for IN SS and when interviewed by TG Halo Hobo he had mentioned to me that he was very surprised that i did not apply for XO. I had never really thought about it. I was very happy to be SS. Long story short i did apply for XO of Destiny and i kept moving up from there. Eventually i became DO and passed Trial Phase. After that i had the opportunity to be head trainer. I really enjoyed that job as HT. After HT i applied for CC and now i just need Hobo to get out of my way for COS lol 😝. Once i became CC i knew i was in a good position to be a CTM for Apex Legends. 



TG SmokeyB: If you could change one thing in TG, what would it be?

Typicalveteran: I think if i had to pick one thing to change it would be our member count. I would Double wait Triple wait Quadruple it!!



TG SmokeyB: Just for fun. If you where having your last meal tomorrow, what would it be?


Typicalveteran: I am a simple man with simple taste. Give me a mom and pop pizza with a large Coca Cola from down the street. No emotional attachment to food here lol .




Well there you have it folks, the man of very few words himself! Thank you Typicalveteran for taking part in this series.


Stayed tuned for another episode in a months time!

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