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Hello Tactical Gaming! Moose here with a special request. We on the news team need your help. Because of all the new things happening and increased membership, we need more writers to join our team so we can push out more articles and get more of you reading! I wrote a small piece on, well, writing. It's nothing too complicated, just something for you to consider when deciding if you want to join our cause. 


The act of writing is a very important human function and without writing we would not be where we are right now. Rather than glass towers we would still be living in the trees with the rest of nature. When you really look back and think about it, we have been writing for thousands of years. First on the walls of caves and eventually on digital paper-thin tablets which our ancestors would see as magic. But why? Why did we use the charcoal from our cave fires to draw pictures of our life? Maybe we wanted to share information or experiences with others. Maybe we wanted to help enlighten society and help advance not only ourselves, but others.. Or maybe it was a purely selfish reason, such as sharing a recipe with your mother-in-law because her meatloaf was too dry and tasteless. 


The fact of the matter is that writing is why we currently enjoy our luxurious, western lifestyles. Again, throughout history, things had to be written for knowledge to be passed down from one generation to another. We can all thank the Islamic Caliphates that expertly wrote down records of many things and made copies upon copies of important texts related to math, science and medicine to name just a few. Those books and the limited remaining Roman texts that survived the barbarian invasions helped Europe rise from the crippling grip of the dark ages. This led to great kingdoms and empires rising and falling, all of them using the act of writing to maintain relationships, establishing state control and conducting everyday political business. This helped civilization as we know it advance and evolve. 


Writing, which has helped us communicate through the years, has brought us to this wonderous point in time. We have used the knowledge that writing has brought us to harness technology which gives a community like this the ability to not only exist, but to thrive and grow. It is amazing to see where writing has brought us in the last 15,000 years. It is even more amazing to think about how communication will change because of the impact writing has established on human society. Will we always write things down? Will the sharing of knowledge get to such a powerful point in the future where we will eliminate the need to write? Only time will tell, but just keep in mind that for now, humans need to socialize with each other and if we ever lose the awesome ability to instantly text message someone, a handwritten letter will still do the trick, like it has for thousands of years!


Thank you for considering to be on the News Team. From experience, I can promise you that it will be 100% worth your time. That comes with a money back guarantee so what do you have to lose? 😄 More importantly, you will be doing YOUR part to make Tactical Gaming a better place. If you're interested please contact myself, @XIERNAS or your direct CoC and we will help you get signed up. Until next time, stay tacti-cool TG. 

Moose checking out!

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