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Dual Membership and the Vanguard Explained

Hi everyone hope your day is going well! In this article we are going to focus on what Dual Membership and the Vanguard actually are and why you should get signed up today! 

What is Dual Membership?
In its essence, Dual Membership allows TG members to be part of both TW and TA at the same time. Do bear in mind you will not be able to dual enroll if the the TW and TA practice times clash. You can be staff in both TA and TW as long as your position is not Critical. 

Critical Positions include:

  • Division / Legion Staff
  • Public Relations Head
  • Head Trainer
  • Tactical Warfare Command Staff
  • Tactical Adventures Command Staff
  • TG Executive Committee Staff

If you are in a critical position you may be part of another franchise however you would be limited to the position of member. Something worth noting is that you cannot dual enroll in either League of Legends Legion or Destiny Legion with any Tactical Warfare Title, including TW Vanguard. If you wish to apply for Dual Membership please contact your direct CoC, make sure you had previously checked the PRACTICE TIMES for both franchises before applying to see if there are any clashes. For more information please follow THIS link.

What is the Vanguard?

Simply put, the Vanguard's purpose is to offer a home for players and games not currently represented by any Legion / Division within Tactical Gaming. Any member can propose a title and as long as they have a Squad / Section worth of members to join them, they can play under the TA or TW Vanguard banner. 

To give you an idea of what titles the Vanguard Division / Legion will be accepting here are some of titles that have already been established:


Current TA Vanguard Games:
- Minecraft (Java Edition)(PC Regiment)
- Rocket League (Crossplay Regiment)

Current TW Vanguard Games:
- Hell Let Loose (PC Brigade)
- Bullet Echo (Mobile Brigade)
- Halo (Crossplay Brigade)
- Outriders (Crossplay Brigade)
- Star Wars: Squadrons (Crossplay Brigade)


If you wish to request a game which is not currently being supported by TG you can do so by copying THIS template and pasting your edited version HERE as a new topic. Do check that the game of which you wish to apply for hasn't already been requested by another member.

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