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Overwatch Division- February Newsletter



Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to have to wait even longer for OW2. It looks like it will not make its debut in 2021. For more information go here.

Blizzconline is still scheduled for February 19-20th though and is a free event!




 Check out January’s MAR for all of the promotions in rank and positions! Congratulations to all of you!

Demon Squad (CP) is still competing in the CGL Tournament. The current season is quickly coming to an end though! Let's go Demon Squad!




The following members have reached these milestones as Squad Staff:

 6 months: @OakOwner & @CrispyTotz

Congratulations! Keep up the great work in your squads!




RareCosmicPepe came to the OW Division about four months ago. He joined our PC 1st bat squad and since then was XO and is now our DO! Pepe plays OW on both PC and PS4. 

I recently sat down with him and asked him a few questions so we could get to know our amazing leader a little bit better!


Squared: "What is one fun fact about you?"

Pepe: "I used to be a professional flying trapeze artist in Japan."

Squared: " I have seen some of these videos, and it is truly impressive! I don't know how you could do it. I would be terrified!"


Squared: "What are your favorite video games?"

Pepe: "Overwatch (obviously), Valorant, Apex, Dota Underlords."


Squared: "If you were to compare yourself to any OW hero who would it be and why?"

Pepe: "Mercyyyyy - she’s very much support. Always flying from person to person offering help when they need it and giving them a boost when they need it to finish the task at hand. Reviving so their teammates can capitalize on a missed opportunity.

Squared: "I can see you as a Mercy too! The flying part- you have lots of experience from when you were a trapeze artist, and you are also super helpful to anyone that you see needs it!"


Squared: "What is your vision for the OW Division?"

Pepe: "I would love to see us grow! We already are one of the best divisions TG has to offer, but I know we can continue to grow and become a bigger family!"

Squared: "I'm here to support you in this endeavor! We have an amazing group of folks here already!"


Squared: " Are you glad that I stepped down, and as far as OW division goes I'm no longer your boss?"

Pepe: "No. To be honest, I did not want to be DO. I wanted to work under you until I left TG, but you're off to bigger, better things and I felt equipped to handle the role. I love what I do, but you left some big shoes to fill and I can only hope I can do so. ☺️

Squared: "Awww Pepe! To be honest, I can still wear kid shoes, so I'm not sure how big the shoes are that you found to fill! ;) You have done great things thus far, and I'm excited to see what happens in the future with you as our leader!"




February 13th at 8 pm GMT/ 3 pm EST- Among Us Night hosted by @c_lakin 

February 19th at 4 pm GMT/ 9 pm EST- PC Prominence Poker Night hosted by @TG HSquared

February 20th at 8 pm GMT/ 3 pm EST- Skribbl.io Night (more details TBA)




February 1- @TOatJa-disang

February 3- @ASH-OOAK626

February 5- @Yimmy

February 10- @Milkaar

February 14- @DeepAnubis

February 15- @tg_cacti

February 19- @Urban_RastaZA

February 21- @Sirdinoman2232 & @trigedalexa

February 25- @Govan & @Starboy


***Any suggestions for the next edition of the newsletter, please feel free to let us know!***

I apologize for the delay with this one!

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