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League Of Legends Tournament

  • TG SirMadness
  • By TG SirMadness

On September 15th,  League of Legends 2nd Cohort ran a different type of recruitment tournament to promote TG and recruit for TG by showing off what we do best, This tournament was open to all inside and outside TG who played league of legends!

A Brief overview from Magica:
"I think that the event was a success as it allowed our Cohort to come together and have fun while welcoming new members and showing them a positive atmosphere. The majority of our sections took part, with TG Vel'Koz being our winning team. "


Below is an interview with @Magica and @TG Bumblebee


What was the driving factor for this contest?

Magica: My main goal when creating this tournament was to show what our community can offer to potential recruits before signing up, as well as showing that recruitment doesn’t just have to be sitting down and messaging members repeatedly.

TG Bumblebee: This was to showcase TG to potential recruits and show them what we can offer them as a community.


Did you notice any other benefits apart from the new recruits(assuming there were some)?

Magica: I think that it was an event that the Cohort could all take part in, whether in an ST section or IN Section due to how it was structured. It brought people together outside of their usual sections and hopefully sprung some new friendships along the way.

TG Bumblebee: It did bring a lot of people together from all teams and even IN members mixed in with ST members and people got to know each other.


Would you recommend this to other divisions and why?

Magica: Definitely! Although there is a need to start off small with the number of recruits to see what is manageable, it's a really great way to engage potential recruits within the community and show all of your Sections/Squads great qualities.

TG Bumblebee: For sure, it brings people together and gives people the responsibility to grow within the community, events attract attention; either that is TG members or someone new.


How did the contest go? was it successful and why?

Magica: After a few hiccups along the way, it ran very smoothly! Starting it off small with the number of recruits was something that I think helped this a lot, and we brought some of them into the Cohort. Over time re-doing this and growing the size is something I look forward too.

TG Bumblebee: It was successful and I think everyone had lots of fun playing in it, IN members got to play with some ST squads and it helped integrate them into TG,


Thanks Magica and Bumblebee for taking time to answer some questions,   Recruiting can always be a daunting task and sometimes thinking outside the box and trying new things can work. 

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