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League of Legends Tournament Event Interview

Today, we bring in JaiyoHD, a Competition Event manager, Social Media Team Lead and Assistant Trainer to the Destiny Division,  As Competition Event Manager, he ran a tournament for the entire League of Legends Legion, below is an interview between Wulfie and Jaiyo on the outcome of the tournament


MrWulfie: How do you think the tournament went?


JaiyoHD: I think the tournament was a huge success. We had some issues along the way, for example, a community dropping out with eight teams, but we adjusted the format of the tournament and made it work. I believe most of the TG teams enjoyed the tournament, and I got quite a bit of positive feedback from the other teams and community leaders.


MrWulfie: Would you look to do this kind of thing again?


JaiyoHD: I would love to do this again and hopefully will. I would also like to potentially try and organise these type of tournaments against other communities for all divisions and legions.


MrWulfie: What went well with the tournament?


JaiyoHD: I would say everything went well, once the tournament started. We had to make some adjustments prior to the tournament starting to the format and some squads had to bring in new subs after the deadline, however, once the tournament started it all ran smoothly. All of the teams did a great job of being on time and making sure they followed all of the rules.


MrWulfie: What would you do differently next time?


JaiyoHD: I would potentially try to organise the tournament even earlier so as to find more communities and clans to participate in and to hopefully make it bigger.



MrWulfie: Is there anything in the pipeline in the future?


JaiyoHD: At the moment there is not, I am sadly too busy too organise something by myself, however, if any divisions or legions are interested in organising one of these tournaments, I’m always willing to help and organise one.


Well done on Pandemonium on coming 1st place with TG Trundle in 2nd place and  Militant Ducks in 3rd place

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